Busty latina teen Charley Chase gets spanked and fucked by the school dean

Busty latina teen Charley Chase gets spanked and fucked by the school dean
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Jenna and Jake - Part 1 Jenna awoke to the sound of her alarm going off.

She looked at her bed clock and saw she was already late. She jumped out of bed, and ran to take a quick shower and dressed in a cute plated skirt and jersey. She ran straight out the house as she had no time for breakfast, she found her mom Ruth standing in the driveway speaking to another woman. She could see a truck behind them, and furniture and appliances were been unpacked. It must be the new neighbours moving in she thought to herself. As she ran to her mom to say good bye, Her mom Ruth introduced her, "Hey angel, glad you up.

This is Susen Smith, Our new neighbour".

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"It's nice to meet you Mrs Smith, but I have got to run, I'm late for school" She said and then kissed her mom good bye and left to walk the five blocks to school. The school year had two more days left, then she would be a Senior next year at High School. She could not wait, she meet her best friend Jane on the way to school, a block from her house.

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They had been best friends since middle school. The school day went without any problems, and Jenna thought about going shopping with Jane. She knew she needed to earn some money by finding a summer job. Her momwas not well off, she had raised Jenna by herself, and Jenna did not think her mom knew who her father was. On the walk home, Jenna and Jane spoke about all fun they would have this summer, and how it would be nice if one of the boys from school would ask them out. They got to Janes house, they said good bye and Jenna walked the last block home.

She could still see Mrs Smith and a boy who must have been around 12 years' old busy unpacking boxes. She waved as she walked past and then went into her house. She did her jobs for the day, sweeping the house and dishes. Her mom arrived home after work and made dinner for them. Ruth asked Jenna how her day was and what she planned for her summer vacation. Jenna told her about what Jane and her had planned, but she would need to find a job for work first. "Oh that reminds me, Mrs Smith asked if I knew any baby sitters that could help her with her son Jake.

I said they you could do it. What do you think, " Ruth said. "Its for the whole summer during the week from when she goes to work until she comes back." Jenna could not believe her luck, she would have enough money for the whole summer, and still be free to go out with Jane in the evening. Jenna went over to the Smith house and knocked. The boy who must be Jake opened the door.

Jenna asked if his mom was home.


He looked at her and then went off to call her. "Hi Jenna" said Susen. Jenna said hi back and explained that her mom had told her of susen offer and Jenna wanted to know when she could start. "how does tomorrow night sound, from 7pm, I have a dinner I need to be at, will be home by 11pm". Jenna said that it sounded perfect and she would be there. She said good night and left to her home, soon as she was in her room, she called Jane to tell her what had happened, and that she would have a lot of money for summer.

The next day went as normal, Jenna and Jane skipped the last class so they could go swim at Janes pool. Around 5pm, Jenna left to go home to get ready. She wore a cute miniskirt and tight top with guns and rose shirt, she had recently started to listen to them and her mom did not mind what she wore.

She rang the bell and Susen opened as she was leaving, "Hi Jenna, I left money for you to order a pizza, see you later". She kissed Jake good bye, and a hug, It seemed to Jenna that Jake was squeezing his moms DD tits.

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But it was so quick, she was not sure. Susen left and Jake went back to playing PC. Jenna went over to Jake and introduced herself, "Hi I am Jenna, ill be looking after you during the summer." Jake barely looked at her focusing on the game, "Ya, mom told me, I'm hungry can you order the pizza." "Sure what topping you want?" "Make it BBQ and Ribs." Off she went, and to order.

She turned on the TV to watch as it seemed Jake did not need her attention. About 30mins later the pizza arrived, she called Jake to dinner and they both ate in near silence. Jenna got the feeling that Jake did not take much interest in her.


After dinner she went to the bathroom, and while she was looking into the mirror, she thought to herself, "Why Jake is not even looking at me". She knew that the boys in her class found her hot, she had red hair, few freckles and big D tits. Her mom kept on telling how much an ".asset it was." She went back down to the living room and found Jake loading a disc in the DVD machine.

"How about a movie Jenna he asked?" Sounds good she replied, she did not mind what they watched, least he was talking to her. She sat down, and Jake said this was one of his favourite movies. Jenna asked if she should make popcorn and Jake nodded as he struggled to get the disc to read. Off she went to the kitchen. She just started when she heard sounds coming from the living room, it sounded like moaning, she thought Jake might have hurt himself, so she ran to the room.

She found herself looking at the TV screen with a Guy getting head from a blond girll, she was deep throating him. As she stood there in shock, she turned to see Jake on the sofa with his cock in his hands.

There was a 12yr old boy with a 9inch cock.

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She had never seen a cock before, but knew how the girls at school talked, that 9inch was big. "What are you doing, Why are you watching this?' she said in disbeliefs.

Jake turns to her and says in a matter of fact kind of way, "Chill, my mom knows about this, she got me the dvds. Im horny so I jack off." as he continues to masturbate. Jenna looks back at the screen, and they guy had started to fuck the girl. She had only recently started to masturbate after hearing about it from Janes older sister. Jenna felt that she started to get wet between her legs, seeing the fucking on the TV and Jake playing with his big cock.

She sits down, lifts her skirt, moves her pantie aside and starts to rub her pussy. Jakes sits with a big smile on his face as he sees Jenna start to finger fuck herself. "Jenna, have you ever touched a cock?" he asks. All Jenna can do is stammer no as she dreams of feeling what the girl was on the TV. Jake stands up and walks over to Jenna, His cock bobs in front of her face… she looks at how big it is… the starts to put out her hand but stops and looks at Jake as if asking for permission.

Jake nods and she begins to feel his meat. She gentle touches it; she feels its heat and wonders how it would feel deep inside of her, pumping her like she guy on the TV. She shudders as she cums while she fingers her own pussy and stokes his cock. She bends over and starts to lick his cock, he guides her, and it seems to her that he has done this before.

He gently brushes her hair aside so he can see her devouring his 9inch monster. She does not miss a beat as she rides her own hand.

"Fuck your easy Jenna, Im going to add you to my harem. You are going to be my personal slut, do you understand?" She nodded knowing he was right, she had never felt this way and she wanted more.

He lifts her up and starts to suck her tits, they both hear the screams of the woman in the DVD as she is anal fucked but the guys. Jenna watches this as Jakes explores her body, she shudders as he rubs her clit bringing her off again.

He takes her to his moms room and lies her down.

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"Take off your cloths". Jenna scrabbles to take them off and lays on the bed holding out her hands for her now lover. He strips and mounts her, driving his huge cock into her tiny pussy. First all she feels is pain as her virginity is taken, but it is soon washed away by pleasure as he drives his cock deep into her, almost splitting her. She comes again just before Jake does one last push and then busts a load of cum deep in her womb.

He collapse on her, and they fall asleep. An hour later, Jenna awakes and finds she is cuddling Jake with her head on his chest. She feels suddenly guilty, but then remembers that he had started it. She tries to get up but Jakes pulls her back.

"Where are you going? We are not finished… I am not stopping till I get you pregnant." She could not believe what she was hearing, not only had he planned it but wanted to get her pregnant. He started to rub her tits and lick them, the more Jenna said no, the bet he made her feel. He started to rub her clit and she started to ride his hand. "I don't want a baby, please don't do this." Jenna begged. "Your my personal slut, Now what are you!" "I'm your personal slut!" "And what do guys do with their personal slut?", Jake continued to finger her deep using three fingers.

"Anything they want." She stammers as she cums. "Good now beg me to get you pregnant, beg me to fuck you deep". "Please fuck me, knock me up, give me you bastard." Jenna begs, he flips her over and starts to fuck her pussy … this was an insurance fucks and he was going to make it count.

He pinched her nipples as he fucked her, slapping her ass calling her a slut and whore, how filth she was and that he could not wait till he saw her swollen with his child… Jenna kept on coming like a roller coaster… her body shook from the waves of pleasure ripping through her body until he again emptied his nuts into her cunt.

Afterwards, she crawled up next tom him, holding him close.


"I am your slut forever she whispers." The End What happens when Susen gets home? If there is enough interest, Ill write part 2.