Asian pornstar pets fucky one happy man free porn video

Asian pornstar pets fucky one happy man free porn video
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Kat was in her car trying to get the old thing to start. The two guys had gone back to their truck saying they had guns. She twisted the keys in the car engine. The engine spurred and whirled but it beared no fruit. She cried out again cursing at the car with tears streaming banging her hands against the steering wheel. The beating from the music of the house bearing audible.

Suddenly her head swiveled to her left hearing gun shots. Silence. Kat turned her head around having to adjust a bit. She saw, from the line of cars, a single arm laying out on the ground unmoving. The arm then flinched once, then again, then it slowly was pulled out of view. Kat gasped in horror as more tears began to roll down her cheeks and she gave barely audible high pitch scream.

The young French maiden wore a not so appropriate cat outfit complete with ears and a tail. It was a tight fabric that was light a one piece swimsuit. She was also wearing fishnet stockings fishnet gloves reaching to her shoulders. A corset that lifted her cleavage. It was supposed to be a treat for the guys but now it seems it was a waste.

Then again her mind wasn't on that. It was more on the fact of survival. She twisted the key again as the engine turned and fired again. "Com'on!" She shrieked in her heavy french accent, not noticing a tall man in a pinstripe suit standing next to her window. Kat turned the key again as she stomped on the pedal with her high heel knee high boots. Her make up being black line making whiskers on her face.

She stopped everything. Goosebumps crawled all over her flesh as her breathing became shallow and a knot formed in her stomach. Her head notched an inch left, then turned again and again little by little. She didn't want to look but as much as she didn't want to she felt she had to.

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She finally took the last few inches it took and looked over to her window. She saw the monster of a man outside her window. She screamed in terror and fear as she crawled to the other side of the car.

She pulled the door handle pushing it open with her other hand as she screamed out for help. The Grinning man stared at her through the window, bending low.

His grin never leaving but got a little bit wider seeing under her skirt as she crawled out. A shivering sound came from under the brim of its top hat that covered half his face.

The only thing that was seen was his toothy smile. His teeth razor sharp in a V shape with no lips and red lining his gums. With a sharp chin the pale man in a black pin stripped suit stood straight as he began to walk around the car.

Kat was running through the grass. "Run little one." He said snapping his jaws together with an audible ominous click. Kat ran into the woods a dear mistake that many before her had made.

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She thought the trees and the darkness be her friend. The Grinning man thrived in this environment. Kat ran behind a tree, her chest heaved up and down as her cleavage grew and shrinked pressing against her corset repeatedly. Her breathing was rapid as the young French maiden closed her eyes wishing she could just wake up. A crack came that ceased her breathing as her eyes shot open and she stared ahead steadily. She swallowed hard as she slowly began to turn around.

One high heel being placed gingerly after the other. She peeked out every so slightly with buggy eyes. She could only see twenty feet into the woods at most before the trees and darkness concealed everything.

Then she saw something move in the darkness. Barely, but never the less she saw it. She looked around spotting a rock on the ground. Slowly she got down as she picked up the rock. She then whipped it into the forest. She heard the hollow clunk of it hitting a tree and then to the ground. A tall pale man slowly crept down the tree above her as she put her back against the tree looking around. *click* Her heart stopped. It started beating so hard and slow she felt like it would leap from her chest.

She slowly looked up seeing the tall pale man staring at her, his large toothy grin beaming at her. She screamed a cry of pure terror as it dropped from the tree. She threw herself forward in fear as it landed in the spot she once sat. "Please, don't hurt me! I vill do what ever you wish." She said as another tear streaked down her face. The evilly grinned man crawled On all four towards her with incredible speed, his head next to hers rubbing her face up her neck and face taking a deep whiff of her prickled flesh.

Fear ruled second in her mind. For she was after all French. Survival was first and foremost and her mind looked for anything to help her survive. Suddenly her mind went to how she had awoken the monster. She offered her body provocatively. "Do you like zis?" She said calmly even though her face showed only fear as her finger popped a button on her corset. A wave of slight relief came over her seeing his grin grow wider. She unbuttoned another as her breasts jiggled a bit from the relief of pressure.

The Grinning Mans eyes slowly raised to her face. His face still covered by the hat but his fingers knew what they were doing as one of his long sharp finger nails, the bases lined red, poked her taut plump lips, "Do you like my pouty lips monsieur?" She asked, her tongue slowly extending across her top lip slowly. "They are quite breath taking my dear fräulein. " *click* It kind of scared her when it used a German word like that.

"They can do what ever you desire." "Such as? *click*" the Grinning man asked in a curious tone. She slowly unzipped her captors pants, her hand slowly reached in grasping the already hard member out as she slowly got to her knees.

The creature gave a low feral hissing growl as thick saliva began to leak from between its teeth, thinking she would try and bite it off. She would be in for a surprise however. Her wet lips slowly kissed the head of his large pale phallus. Her lips slowly began to envelop the member as she leaned forward.

Her tongue slipping around his member slowly. The creature stopped growling as its smile softened and became wider. It looked into the air with its mouth wide open and giving a gentle sigh. It felt its member venture deeper into her soft wet mouth. Her jaw relaxed as as its member slid down her throat slowly. She pulled back out slowly as strands of saliva hung out on her pouty glistening lips and its head.

She took it back into her mouth faster this time taking the cock all the way into down again. It made her throat a bit sore but she learned the best way to deep throat was to relax the jaw and slide it back. It worked. She sucked as her tongue made a tip and slid under its phallus back and forth.


Her head moved back and forth slowly and firmly as she gave a small moan, her eyes staring up at the very thin man. His grin extremely wide. She suddenly felt his hands in her hair pulling her forward. His dick was all the way down her throat as he shot his large thick load into her mouth.

He pulled out of her mouth. She looked up at the Grinning Man slowly extending her tongue with sticky wet jizz bowled on her tongue. She slowly brought it back into her mouth swallowing the load. She saw the creature was still hard however. She turned around slowly walking towards the tree behind her placing her hands on the tree she arched her back.

"Come my monstrous lover. I vant your dick in me zo badly." She said knowing he was going to rape her cunt anyway. Her pussy was sweet, and a virgin pussy. She always said she was waiting for the right man. Monsters apparently fit what she was looking for. The Grinning Man took a few steps forward looking down at her hour glass shaped body. He lifted her skirt slowly seeing her white thong that put a smile on his face were there not already one.

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His stone cold hand grasped one of her smooth ass cheeks as her face went red, her breath was easy to see in the night. His hand slipped under the thong slowly pulling it down as the woman's pelvis rounded in its face. Its long snake like tongue slithered out, and starting from her twat the tongue worked its way up to her ass, slowly sliding it into her asshole.

She moaned fiercely feeling the cold wet and slimy tongue slip further into her ass. She clawed at the bark of the tree feeling the tickle of it, the sensation of pleasure. Her nipples burned wanting to be squeezed and pulled, her pussy was on fire dripping a bit. The tongue pulled out slowly going down slithering into her pussy quickly. It tasted her sweet virgin juices soaking into her pallet.

It tasted so good, its mouth salivated grasping both ass cheeks firmly as its tongue viciously lashed her young cunt. She moaned with a wide smile, her mouth open in loud moans, orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

He slowly pulled its tongue from her flowing pussy. It stood straight, his phallus between her quivering thighs. It pressed its shaft right above her slit sliding it back and forth slowly. She moaned more wanting to feel the monster inside of her. She also knew it was going to hurt. A lot. But something inside of her made her want this beastial creature. Something in her core drove her to crave its flesh inside of her.

The monster pressed its member forward. It spread the girls soaking slippery slit. It slowly slipped in as Kat shut her eyes in pain. The sensual burning had turned to searing pain that felt like ripping. She didn't want it to stop though. She wanted the large phallus to keep going. She wanted it to penetrate her, violate her, make a little slut. It was now half way inside of her loving the feeling of her untouched pussy being spread over its long hard dick.

It was soon all the way in. The creature pulled out slowly, only half way before giving a quick thrust back in. She gave a gasp that was pleasure induced.

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It thrusted forth again this time a bit harder. The grinning man started thrusting faster and faster as the girl began to moan feeling the large dick inside of her. Pointed finger nails scratching up her thighs.

Her tight virgin pussy of silk felt amazing on its long hard dick. It rammed her from behind like a savage beast. She cried and moaned like a bitch in heat. It pulled out of her pussy turning her around it lifted her, putting her legs on his shoulders it pressed her body against the tree reaching over awkwardly it tore open her corset nailing her to the tree savagely.

Kat had her arms barely up as the beast took her savagely. Thrust after thrust it pounded her against the tree. Drawing elated moan after loud moan. Her breath was nearly taken with every thrust. She felt as if she would faint from the overwhelming waves of orgasms that coursed through her body.

It slowly pulled from her soaked vagina. Moving its member down slowly to her tight untouched asshole. "Eez so good monsieur." She felt its head press against her small little hole. Her voice came up extremely light as she gasped. It pressed forward stretching her asshole. His grinning face inches from hers, his shark like teeth created an unholy grin as he slowly went forward staring at this writhing babe try to accommodate his large member, her eyes closed, her breath hot in the air.

Perhaps she wasn't ready for anal. She had been so nice to him maybe it would spare pain just this once. The Grinning Man slowly began to pull out starting to raise its member to her pussy again when it suddenly felt her grasp his dick.

Her eyes staring at him directly. "You do not get off zat easy. Stick eet back in my ass you fucker." "Whatever the lady wants." *Click* it said with a devious grin, placing its member to her ass again. This time ramming forward hard. Immediately she screamed as loud as she could in terrible pain. Moments later she was screaming in a mixture of pleasure and pain.


Her hands at its shoulders raking them harshly as she felt the large member going in and out of her ass. It was so tight and slick the Grinning Man loved ever moment of it. The creature looked to the air and screeched an ungodly roar into the air, releasing in her asshole. She slumped to the ground exhausted. The Grinning Man looked at her. "I like you, perhaps we shall meet again young Frenchian." It left her returning to the party.

Leaving its pussy cat in the forest brutally tamed. A group of teenagers pulled up in front of him. The driver laughing. "Look at this fuckin' guy yo'! He is wasted! You want a ride man?" He asked, "That is such a kind offer, I shall indeed accept." *click* It climbed into the back of the truck platform.

There were two football star, a girl in a slutty devil outfit, and a slutty librarian. How it loved this holiday. "So what are you man?" "Oh I go by many names. Der Ritter, to some, "He Who Devours Our Young," in this land. Commonly confused with a Wendigo." *click* They all started laughing, "Dude this guys fuckin great!" He yelled laughing harder. The only one who wasn't smiling was the librarian.

Her eyes were wide staring at it. The grinning man leaned towards her.

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"You know what I am." *click* "An educated girl." *click* "I like that." *click*