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Sexy twinks having hardcore gay sex gay porn
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Warning The following story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to anybody is purely coincidence. This story is also intended for mature adults only, so reader's discretion is advised. If some of the following content could offend you, it is not the author's intent. The author's intent is to give to readers a good distraction and a good entertainment, whatever the story's circumstance is going or the character's behavior could be.

The following story is not intended to influence or provoke any violent situation, as physical, sexual, psychological or emotional abuse. The following story doesn't have any violent situation. It has only several scenes of erotic and explicit sexuality. The author's intent is to wish to readers, a good reading!

Good and positive comments are welcome. The story of Franck Sysco, an artist who became tutor of two orphans, and developed a relation with some babysitters and some colleagues is his life. The story of Franck Sysco, part 1 The tutor Since almost one decade, I am still a well known comic standup in Canada.

I appreciate my career with my average income of $10,000 per week. With more than 150 sold out shows in Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec city and Toronto, my career is still active and I can put money on the side for my old days. Dating girls is not so obvious and difficult, I'm 30 and attractive. I'm a star, actor in some comic strips on Canadian television, radio host on a daily show on FM stations and here in Canada, we don't have paparazzo like in L.A. Well, the good life for being famous without having all the photographs around you, your children and the girls you wanna date.

Whatever you're famous, a NHL player, a CFL player, a French-Canadian actor who was at the Oscars, or the even Prime Minister, you're in Sheraton hotel room near the airport or you're at your ex wife chalet, you wanna fuck with a date, a college girl you met on Facebook, or even your ex wife niece's, close the light through the window, lock the door, and no one will piss you off.

People respects your private life, just do it at home. That's my life, I'm now a millionaire, and I like that.

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My name is Franck Sysco, and I'm an artist. I started my career in bars and comedy clubs in Quebec, even in gentlemen's clubs, when I met many girls.

I was born in 1982, and at 18, I started up to work as a boss boy and a door man at Chez Maurice, Chez Pare, Club Downtown and at Wanda's, in Montreal. Then at the age of 20, my friends found out that I had the talent to make some comic standup, so I started up 3 short shows of 20 minutes 4 nights a week, with an income of $800 per week, plus my door man salary.

In 2002, I met a girl whose name was Valerie. She was a stripper. I use to have sex with her, even if I known that I wasn't maybe her only fuckfriend, that's why I putted a condom every time I fucked with her. Valerie was one the calendar girls you don't wanna lose. She was so pretty: two years older than me, 5'6, completely tanned, with blue eyes, black hairs, and 34CC breasts with two lovely suckable silver dollar nipples. No matter how many times I fucked with her, I never had any sexual diseases.

In 2004, I started up few shows as "New Beginner" at Halifax Comedy Fest, Montreal's Just for Laugh, and Valerie got pregnant. It was her second pregnancy, and second children.

She had her first kid, Catherine, the day of her 18th anniversary, on October 15th 1998, with an unknown father. She told me once that she had no idea who was the father of her second child. Was that me? Or one of my colleges at the gentlemen's club named Club Downtown?

Who knows? On October 27th 2004, Valerie gave birth to Genevieve. But a drama occurred hours later, when a heart failure happened at the hospital. Valerie never came back from a coma, which kills her on November 1st, 2004. Catherine and Genevieve are now orphans, Valerie had no family, no parents, and except a sister who went working has a hooker in Las Vegas. The next day, a notary came to my apartment to tell me that I was on her testament to take care of her children.

Well, I was heir to her will and I inherited of $168,000. Damn, we weren't even engaged. We were good friends; we were fuckfriends, that's it. How have she made all that money? She started stripping at the age of 16, with an income of $100,000 per year, for eight years, and she played in 12 porn movies.

But she knew that her heart was sensible to heart failure since her last attack in 1999, so she took insurance for her children.

Good girl, Valerie. With my annual income of $86,000 and the heritage of Valerie, I took care of the children, and I buy a house in a north suburb of Montreal named Saint-Eustache. It was a beautiful bungalow, with a basement, a first and second floor, some beautiful cedars hedges and a swimming pool in the backyard. Then finally came the summer of 2006. I was on my first Canadian tour, at 23, and I needed a babysitter. Catherine was 7 and Genevieve was 1 when I posted a new advertisement in the local newspaper of Saint-Eustache saying that I was looking for a babysitter.

With my new income of $5,000 per week, I decided to pay the babysitter for the summer $750 per week. I had twelve candidates to give interviews and I retained Roxanne and Gabrielle.

Roxanne was 16 at the time, born in January 1990, with long curly blond hairs, green eyes, 5'2, 32A breasts and a weight of 95 pounds.

She was the best candidate and the most responsible, and for being honest, the most pretty. She finished her 10th grade in high school when I hired her in June 2006. Gabrielle was 16 at the time, born in December 1989, with long dark brown hairs, brown eyes, 5'8, 36C breasts and a weight of 120 pounds.

She was the other best candidate and she was pretty too. She finished her 10th grade in high school when I hired her in June 2006. Roxanne and Gabrielle babysat 4 days and 3 days, each other, and alternate week after week. During ten weeks from the last of June to the last of August, I was on scheduled shows coast to coast from St.

John's in Newfoundland to Nanaimo in British Columbia. In alternating the babysitting, Roxanne and Gabrielle could have 3 days off, so they could see their family and friends, instead of working 7 days in a row at my house. Also, it would be great for Catherine and Genevieve, especially Catherine to see somebody young to babysit them 24 hours a day, when I was home only three nights a week when I was on comic standup shows between Ottawa and Montreal.

And Roxanne and Gabrielle are already friends at school, what make things really great. So Roxanne took the 4 first days, living at my house.

She took with her, clothes, tooth brush, swimming suit, books and movies, to entertain herself. I told her that she can swim with the kids, as long that she can watch them and that she can also make some sunbathing, the cedars hedges were too high for the neighbors to nose into my backyard.

I told her also to not open the door to friends, her friends or my friends, to any strangers, but only to her relatives. I told her also to change the diapers of Genevieve, to make sure she got all the food she needs in the fridge and to respect the bed time for the kids. She could sleep in my bed if she wants. If there was any problem, she could call me on my cell phone, or the one of my assistant. And I told her, sometimes, Catherine was still missing her mother, since her death 20 months ago.

So she needed to sleep in my bed with me, and maybe she would ask her to sleep with her. I left the house on last Sunday of June, while Catherine was really sad, and I told her I would call her every night after my show would. That's what I did. I came back home on Wednesday night around midnight, after three shows in Quebec City, I went upstairs in my bedroom, to found out Roxanne who was sleeping with my lovely Catherine. My lovely Genevieve was already asleep in her bed, downstairs. Roxanne was in a white camisole and in white panties while Catherine was nude on her.

Those girls were really beautiful together. I took a look and I remarked that those girls have tanned and make some sunbathing, maybe especially nude sunbathing, because I didn't found any trace of bikini or bathing suit around their skin.

Whatever! It wasn't sunburn. And I hope at least they were alone at home. There was just a light on the backyard gallery to light in the bedroom with a nightlight in my bedroom closet to take a look of those angels in my bed. Finally, Catherine woke up, jumped out and hugged me: "Daddy Francky, you're home!" "Yeah, sweetheart, I'm home, for one day." "Have you bought me something from Quebec City?" I pick up from my suit case a souvenir bag.

The first gift inside the bag is a teddy bear from the Quebec City Zoo, and the second one is a doll of the Bonhomme Carnaval, from the Quebec City Winter Carnival. Catherine was excited: "Daddy, thank you so much, I miss you and I love you." "I love you so much, sweetie." Then Roxanne woke up: "Hey, you're home. I'm glad to see you. Babysitting Catherine and Genevieve is heaven. How were your shows?" "Great. The shows were great, the audience too was great.

I'm glad to see you too, Roxanne." I hugged her too, and then I told them my entire trip to Quebec City, all my gags and all the comic standup comedians I was working with. Then after, Catherine told me all about the shows and the movies she saw on TV with Roxanne and her lovely sister Genevieve.

Then, Catherine was getting back asleep, and I put her back in her bed, with her wish to keep sleeping comfortably nude, like she did that night, with this 94 Fahrenheit degrees temperature.

Then I went into the kitchen to take a Corona, and I offered one to Roxanne: "Would you like a beer, Roxanne?" "Well, hmmm, are you testing me?

Because I didn't took one during your absence." "Roxanne, you're 16, not 12. And in Canada, everyone knows that Canadian 16 year's old girls are doing what American 19 years old are doing.

Exchange rate is not only about Canadian dollar and American dollar. It's about age too." Roxanne laughed about this joke. "So yes, Roxanne, you can have a beer, it's a Corona. Or else, you can have a Stella Artois or else another beer from Belgium; Hoegaarden." "Franck, a Corona will be ok." I opened our beers: "Cheers, Roxanne." "Cheers, Franck." "So…" I took a moment with an intriguing smile. "So, what's up, Franck?" "How were the pool and the patio?" "It's was a big fun.

We had big time, with big sun, with 100 degrees Fahrenheit." "And how was the sunbathing?" "Ah, Franck, come on…" "No, Roxanne, tell me how was the sunbathing." "Look, we were alone, is that what you wanna know?" "That's cool. Keep going." "So you allowed me to do some sunbathing on the pool deck, Genevieve was in the baby park in the kitchen, and after checking if there was no neighbors spying on me, I went topless in first moment, and then I took off my bottom.

I was full frontal nude, and I started sunbathing. Then, Catherine asked me if she could join me for sunbathing and I said yes." "I stop you there, don't get uncomfortable, I'm not mad at you.

She uses to do it before with her mom." "That's what she told me." "Anyway, Roxanne, if I allowed to you to sunbath in my backyard, of course Catherine would have seen you.

At least, there is no sunburn on her, so you put suns cream on her skin. Thanks, many adults had forgot to put suns cream on skin in past." "So she went topless and full frontal nude with me, and she put suns cream on my back and on my buttocks." "Look, Roxy, you allow me to call you Roxy, Roxy? Or sweetie?" She laughed. "Yes you can. Can I call you Francky?" "Yes you can sexy candy." She laughed again. "Look, with me, you and me, you can be off the record.

There is no authority to watch what you do or what you say. Do you know the seven dirty words?" "No, I don't know all of them." "The seven dirty words are: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits. You can use those words with me. Even more, cum, fag, pig, bitch, fat ass, nigger fucker, fucking nigger, former ex wife, step dad, step mom, and even fucking douche bag who doesn't a respect date written in the agenda." "How could you be so vulgar with an underage girl like me?

(She said with a smile) How dirty you are." "Look, sweetie, it is called intimacy, trusty, and confidence. Roxy, do you have a boyfriend?" "I use to have one last winter, but he dumped me because… because I have no freaking, no fucking tits." (She said it with a beginning of tears in her eyes) "What a fucker! Roxy, no matter big or small your tits are, you're special. You're special for me, for Catherine too, look, she already likes you. And you got Gabrielle as a friend.

Ok, you're skinny, and you're tinny, but you're also… can I say it, Roxy?" "What is it, Francky?" "Forget that fucking son of a bitch of ex boyfriend, you're fucking pretty. With the angelic face you got, I don't understand why you have no boyfriend or fuckfriend. I was scared to come back home and to found out you fucking with someone around the house.

But I know you don't have a bitch behavior. Jesus, you are an angel who's protecting my kids." "Thanks, Francky, thank you so much. (She said in tears by hugging me again) "Well, do you know the story about her mom?" "Yeah, I heard from the people at school. You took two orphans from a friend who died and the story was all across Quebec." "Well, she and I use to be fuckfriends, but I wasn't the only one who fucks with her.

So speculations in gentlemen's club started about me being the father of Genevieve, and after passing DNA tests, I am not the real father of Genevieve. So nobody knows who the father of Catherine and Genevieve is." "Who knows?" "Who knows?" I hugged her back, and I touched her skin that was so soft to me.

I felt an emotion was passing between me and her. She was still in camisole and panties. Time was 1:30 AM, and I don't wanna see her going home. I cannot let her go home with some sadness in her soul. I offered her to stay home for the night. Then, she offered me this surprise: "Francky, would you like to come with me and swim in the pool?" "Swimming in the pool, yes, sure, why not?" I thought she would go in the bathroom to change herself, but instead of that, she opened the kitchen door to go on the pool deck by the gallery, and back to me, she took off her camisole that she put on the deck table, and finally, she took off her panties and put it on the deck table too.

The tan of her skin was beautiful. By leaning herself to the front of her, I saw her vulva without any pubic hair. Her buttocks were round and beautiful.

She was totally nude, and then she dives in my pool. Fuck, she was beautiful! "Francky, keep the lights open in the kitchen, turn the lights off on the gallery, and turn the lights on inside the pool.

Don't bring a towel; I have already put some towels on the deck. You see, I dive everyday in the pool with the kids, so…" "So you want me to dive into the pool with you, right?" "Yeah, take everything off." "Everything?" "Everything, Francky." I took my shirt off by detaching it by placing it on the deck table, and then I took off my shoes and my sox to put them on a chair near the table.

Roxanne was in the water since three minutes ago, since she asked me to switch every light. The lights inside the pool revealed me the precious body of the babysitter. The waves of the water surface gave me a mystic illusion of her breasts and her nipples through the water.

"Roxanne, you're lovely hot, my dear." "Join me, baby." I took off my pants and I realize I had no underwear. I was full frontal naked, going to dive in the pool with an underage girl.

But who cares, the age of consent in Canada was 14, until 2007.

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And who cares, legal drinking age and legal fucking age were always just some suggestions. So I dived. I made a splash. "Cheese, the water is hot tonight. What's the temperature?" "90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the same temperature since Monday." She was staring at me. I'm 6'0 tall, with brown hair, green and blue eyes, with some muscles and hair on the chest with 180 pounds.

I was 23, and she was 16. We were getting excited of being nude together. "Sexy candy, from how long do you make sunbathing?" "Well, let's say since I was 8 years old." "From how long do you make full nudity sunbathing?" "12 years old." "Sexy candy, from how long do you make full nudity sunbathing with my lovely girls?" "It's only with Catherine, since Monday afternoon." "Did you make it with some people before?" "Just few girls, especially Gabrielle, who's gonna be there tomorrow." "And, sexy candy, from how long do you dive naked with other people who are naked or not?" "Since tonight, sexy Francky." As I was all in the water through my neck and as I was lean on my elbows on the deck, Roxanne jumped herself out of the water, so the water surface from around her neck was around her belly.

Her body was wet, and her boobs were hidden by her long curly blond hairs. I was boning; my dick was 7 inches rock hard, and she remarked it. We came to hug each other when I asked this question: "From how long do you fuck, Roxy?" "Since now.

(She closed her eyes) This is my first time. Please, fuck me, Francky." We hugged each other while our lips entered in contact with each other, and then we French kissed during two long minutes.

Her hands were around my shoulders, while mine were grabbing her hips and her buttocks. Then, I started kissing her neck while my hands were grabbing her tanned belly. My boned penis was touching her thighs. Roxanne was starting to breathe harder: "Franck, kiss me, I like that, take me higher!" "I'm gonna make you cum. I'm gonna make you wet." Roxanne laughed again while she was excited. "You're so funny, Francky!" I putted away her long curly blond hairs, which were hiding her nipples, and I discovered her little lovely tiny nipples which were looking like Life Savers to me.

I grabbed those tits and I kissed those nipples. "Francky, how could you? Hmmm, keep kissing, keep licking. Oh yeah, it's so fucking good." She was breathing harder. "Oh man, hmmm, oh fuck, my nipples, my areolas, they have never been this hard, Franck." "My dick is fucking hard now, and no one is sucking it…" "Francky, you want that I suck your cock while you finger me?" "Sure, honey, it will make you joy maybe more than tit sucking." "Franck, Catherine is watching us through the window of the kitchen door and she still totally naked." "Keep going, Roxanne, she'll learn about real life." I sat myself in the pool steps to make sure my erected cock was out of the water.

By leaning herself in front of me, I grabbed her vulva without any pubic hair. Her buttocks were round and beautiful. I could reach them, and I started up fingering her with my right hand. Fuck, she was already wet! Then, she grabbed my cock with her mouth and she started sucking. Fuck, it was so good! "Roxy, man, this is so good, honey.

(I was breathing hard) Is that your first ah blowjob?" "(She was breathing hard) Yeah, sweetie, keep fingering me, it's so… good!" As Roxanne continued to blowjob me, in the pool, Catherine came out on the gallery, naked with a smile and without lighting on the deck lights.

Then, she came 3 feet from us and she whispered this: "Daddy Francky, Roxy, are you making babies?" I laughed a little bit and I answered her: "No, sweetie, we're making love." "Can I sit and watch you? It's so funny to watch you playing with each other's genitals." "Yes, sweetie, you can watch us, oh God, Roxy… suck my balls too, sexy candy!" Roxy took a breath by getting out my long 8 inches cock from her mouth and said in an exhausted voice: "Franck, you're a God.

You're a God of sex. Please, take my virginity, take it now." "As you want your wish, sweetie honey." I stood up myself out of the water and I grabbed Roxanne's buttocks and thighs. I putted my penis next to her vulva and in less than five seconds, I penetrated her tight vagina.

I started a slow "come and go" to not hurt her and to keep the rhythm of my fingers she had a moment ago. Damn, it was so good, fucking her was so great. She was breathing harder and faster. Although she was wet, I could see her sweating because of her upcoming orgasm. She leaned herself by putting her head behind her neck, so I could grab her ass with my right hand and I could grab her tits with my left hand, so I could suck her nipples. Catherine had the good idea to spread some towels on the deck, so I could lay Roxanne on the deck to finish penetrating her until I could cum.

Roxanne was still in my arms when I deposed her on the towel, her back next to the deck. I placed myself to the missionary position, so Catherine could remark my penis getting into Roxanne's vagina and going in and out, with my left hand inch on her clitoris. Roxanne was getting really close to have an orgasm. Hearing a girl's enjoyment was music for me. So I told Catherine: "Thanks, sweetheart, thanks to put some towels… it is very kind from you.

Oh… Roxanne, your vagina is so tight… your skin is so soft… your skin is so tanned… your little tits are so beautiful… your nipples are so hard and erected… your face is so angelic and beautiful! You're an angel who's giving me her virginity!" "Oh… oh… hmmm… Franck! Why… why should I have waited all those years to get laid with you?" As those words were said, I went back kissing her tits and her nipples as I keep fucking her again.

"Oh… Francky… are you clean? Had you any sexual disease?" "I never had, sweetie honey." "Well, load your cum, load your cum inside of me! Please…" Roxanne turned her head on left side and said this to Catherine: "Yes, you're a kind girl for spreading those towels, Catherine. I hope your first time will be excellent as this. Oh… It is such good, to be with you… your arms… your muscles." "Roxanne, what is a sexual disease?" "I'll tell you later, Catherine.

(She was breathing harder)" Catherine was sitting on a long chair on the patio 5 feet from us with a big smile. She had lain herself on the long chair and she started touching herself with her left hand on her vulva and her right hand on her nipples.

She closed her eyes and she accelerated the rhythm of touching herself and her nipples were hard. Then, she found out how to masturbate by letting in a major finger in her vagina. "Daddy Francky, the sensation of touching me is some kind of funny. And it's some kind of weird. But I'm not shy, and I like this. I'm having fun where you are having fun… hmmm… ohm!" "Don't be shy, baby, just do this at home. It's call… fun. It's natural and it's normal… (I was sweating and breathing harder) Keep fingering yourself, you'll like that, sweetheart." "Oh my God… Oh my God… (Roxanne was coming to cum) Please, cum inside of me!" "Oh my dear God… It's so good!

I'm gonna cum!" I ejaculated a load of cum inside of her.

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One first jet of cum, then Roxanne and me, we French kissed together during some seconds, when a second load of cum was upcoming. She opened her mouth to show me that she could swallow it. I took off my cock from her vagina. One second jet of cum ejaculated in her mouth when my erected cock was at 7 inches of her mouth, and then the rest of the sperm was spoiled all on her chest.

Meanwhile, Catherine stopped masturbating, stepped up from the long chair and came next to us. She leaned herself and licked almost all cum on Roxanne's chest and shoulders. "It doesn't taste bad.

(She made a grimace after swallowing cum) It's white as mommy's breast milk, but it's not milk." Roxanne and I were both laughing. "When I caught you and mommy making love, I didn't remark that milk was coming out of your penis." Roxanne and I were still laughing, and then I explained a little thing about sperm and milk.

"Catherine, honey, it is not milk, and it is cum or sperm…" "So that is the famous boy's liquid to make babies into girl's vagina." "Yeah, you got it. You still remember what I told 2 years ago with schemas and diagrams. I'm proud of you, sweetie. Roxy, she asked me about where the babies were coming from. So I was honest, and I didn't tell her the Babylandia theory or else the FedEx delivery guy at the wrong address as an excuse." Roxanne was laughing during some 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, Catherine started to suck Roxanne's nipples during some 80 seconds, while she had laid herself, her belly against the towels, on my right side and on Roxanne's left side.

The babysitter was getting back excited and was breathing faster again. "Nope, there's no milk coming out." Roxanne and I were both laughing one again. "Hey, young lady, keep doing your job. You're doing it well, keep sucking my nipples." Catherine went back with her lips kissing Roxanne's nipples, which has excited sexually once again the babysitter. For me, I was excited again by this lesbian scene that my cock was erected and hard again, ready to fuck Roxanne, but my partner showed me that she was tired a little bit and that she needed a soft break.

So I masturbated myself with my left hand, while I started a sensual massage on Catherine's buttocks and thighs with my right hand. Roxanne, on her side, she caressed Catherine's vulva with her left hand and she masturbated herself with her right hand.

Then, she showed me that it would be good for Catherine to be touched equally as Roxanne was touched tonight, so I fingered Catherine just a little bit, just to say that I touched her. I had to protect her hymen. I told her also that Catherine wasn't even old enough to have her first time of fuck, because my cock was a way too big for a seven years old girl. Enough morality, my cock was about time to load all cum that those girls had provoked.

I said this: "Ah… Girls, get ready, I can't retain all the load of cum whose coming. So get ready, get on your knees." "Where would you like to cum? (Roxanne was putting herself on her knees as Catherine did)" "Right in your mouth, both of you, ladies!" "Stop masturbating and caress our head, both of us. We'll finish masturbating until you jeez into us." "Ah… dear God… to fucking Christ sake… here come the damn cum!" I ejaculated a load of jeez in Roxanne's mouth which was glued to my cock, and then she passed my cock to Catherine mouth which was also glued to my cock.

I also spread a load of cum in Catherine's mouth. Another load of cum was about to come. Roxanne was masturbating me with her right hand and Catherine was masturbating me with her left hand. Roxanne was on my left and Catherine was on my right and I was standing up. The girls were looking at me right in the eyes and were smiling. Then, they opened their mouth. These girls were the most beautiful girls in the world because all the stars of the sky were in their eyes. And a big load of sperm bigger than the first one was spread in Roxanne's mouth, and when I went to spread a load of sperm in Catherine's mouth, this last one was a bit bigger and longer than her last one or the ones that Roxanne absorbed.

Then, it was time to swallow, and they did it with a smile. They stood up and they both French kissed me, starting with Roxanne for one minute long and to show to Catherine. Then I did it with Catherine, she French kissed perfectly; she learned the good way. "It is 3:00 AM, I really hope I didn't disturb the neighbors with the fuck we got, because I would be in deep fucking shit.

They would put me behind bars, and they could put me behind bars for what I did." "Don't worry, Francky.

Catherine, the sexual things we did tonight, nobody should say a word outside of the house, because whatever the fun that you and I we had, society doesn't see it this way." "I understand. They just don't have any fun in their life, so they wanna break others people's fun. Like Daddy Francky said on his last one man show: "Get a life, loser, before you break mine." They're loser." "That's my girl." "Daddy Francky, your excitement won't wake the neighbors because the Tremblay are gone in South Carolina, the Leblanc are gone in New Brunswick, the Gagnon were gone in Quebec City to see your show and they won't be back before Saturday, and the Boswell are living behind the house and they never wake up for even a police siren.

So don't worry, Dad, we'll keep the secret." "Thanks, sweetie that gives me a break." "Let's go, Franck, we're all getting tired. I'll stay home until Gabrielle will arrive at noon. Let's go sleep." We took the towels to make sure we enter in the house dry, and we all took the direction of my bed to go to sleep.

We all slept together nude, with Catherine behind us. At 10:00AM, I had to wake up, to change the diapers of Genevieve, and to give breakfast to the kids. After giving breakfast to them, I and Catherine did a little bit of fighting and tickle, before she went in the basement naked, watching some cartoons on Teletoon. The temperature was 116 Fahrenheit degrees. It was fucking hot, so I started the air conditioner.

I went upstairs to see how Roxanne was. She was waking up herself, and she asked me to fuck her again. This time, I didn't wanna take a chance; I took some condoms I got in my drawer. I didn't wanna put Roxanne pregnant. So we did it two times; it took me two condoms that I put in the bedroom garbage after. We did experiment more positions like the cavalry and the doggy style. After we hugged each other, and we took a shower, together.

Believe it or not, we did it a third time, this time in the shower. Instead of have a condom, I fucked her in her ass, and I spread cum in her mouth. We were drying our self with towels when somebody knocked at the door. We were searching for a bathrobe in my bedroom's closet, when Catherine had put her summer dress in front of me because a moment ago, she would open the door totally naked.

She open the door, it was Gabrielle at 12:02PM. I remembered what I saw downstairs; a beautiful girl with long curly brown hairs, brown eyes, 5'8, 36C breasts and a weight of 120 pounds, dressed in a black camisole, especially more a sleeveless shirt with spaghetti straps, with a deep cleavage. I could see her navel due to camisole that was really short and due to the low-rise shorts she was wearing. She entered the house in the living room whit a sports bag.

"You must be Catherine, right?" "And you must be Gabrielle, right?" "Yeah, it's me. You look cute in your sundress." "Thank you." Roxanne and I were coming downstairs for our bathrobe on us. Roxanne kissed Gabrielle and hugged her while her bathrobe was widely open from the neck to 5 inches downer of the navel. So we could see her inside side boobs easily. When Gabrielle deposed her sports bag, she leaned herself and I saw totally her cleavage with her rack.

She had no bra or bikini under her tank top, damn that her breasts were firmed. "So that we know each other, would you like to visit?" "Yeah, sure. Thanks, Mr. Sysco, I mean, you told me to call you Franck or Francky." "I'm just 7 years older than you, call me Franck or Francky." "Ok, Francky…" "By the way, I'm sorry to receive you in this bathrobe.

I can't be sorry for Roxanne; you know her much more than me…" "Francky, it's not the first time she missed the way how to wear a bathrobe." We were all laughing.

"Last time I interviewed you both, it was at a restaurant. So, would you like to visit?" "Yeah, sure." "When you get in, on your left, you got the living room.

In 20 feet, you got the kitchen, and on your right side, my office which is to the front yard, and the exercise room, which is next to the backyard. In the basement, you got another living room, Genevieve's bedroom and Catherine's bedroom. And upstairs, you got my bedroom, with a bathroom. Oh yeah, there is a bathroom on every floor." We went upstairs to show her what was going to be her bedroom, while I could be absent, instead of taking the coach bed in the living room.

Then, the intimacy envelope of Roxanne and I was wide open: "Forgive my curiosity, please, but I think you had fun this morning. (She was pointing the condoms box on the bed table) And here is the proof! (She was pointing the condoms in the garbage with a smile)" I said: "Yeah, condoms were opened." Then Gabrielle advanced: "To be honest, it smells sex upstairs." Roxanne started up: "I'll be honest with you.

Hmmm…" "You did it for the first time? With him? I'm so proud of you. Don't be a shame!" "I did it for the first time, last night, on the deck pool, with… my lovely Francky (I was shy)…" "Roxy, Francky, don't be shy. Both of you deserve each other. You're both beautiful and sexy." "Well, thanks. And to finish our story, Franck and I did sex twice this morning in that bed and once in the shower." "So that's the reason, Roxy, you still wet?

It's all Franck's fault? (We were all laughing)" I completed this subject: "So, I hope you won't judge any of us." "Nope, I don't judge love, sexuality, and pleasure.

I judge hate, abstinence, and chastity party crashers." "Gabrielle, can I call you Gabi?" "Yeah, Francky." "I already like you." "Me too, I like you" "So, Gabi, you got all you stuff?" "Yeah, bathing suit, flash lights, Musk oil against the bugs, movies, Sudoku magazine, suns cream." "You can swim with the kids, just watch them.

You can also make some sunbathing; the cedars hedges are too high for the neighbors to nose into my backyard, and they're all gone in trips. Girls do it since Monday. Don't open the door to friends, even mine, to any strangers, only your relatives or Roxanne. Make sure you have all the food you need in the fridge and respect the bed time for the kids. If there is any problem, you call me on my cell phone, or the one of my assistant. The numbers are on the fridge. Sometimes, Catherine still misses her mother, since she died 20 months ago.

So she needs to sleep in my bed with me, and maybe she would ask you to sleep with her. I'm leaving in 10 minutes and I'll be home tonight around 1:00AM. The air conditioner doesn't go under 91 Fahrenheit degrees, I'll check it up." "My uncle repairs air conditioners, if you want, I could call him." "Really? Because I don't have any time to call a reparatory." "I could call him today or tomorrow, if you want…" "Thanks, Gabi, it would be better tomorrow.

At least, it's not wet in the house, it's just hot. And today, I've got 2 shows to prepared, but only one tomorrow. So tomorrow, I'll have more time for repairs." I putted my clothes and I was getting ready to leave, when I took my suitcase.

I hugged my girls, I French kissed Roxanne, and I hugged Gabrielle with some intimacy, because we're all getting intimate. I held her hips with my hands on her pale soft skin, while her big pale boobs were under my face in her tank top. "Francky, I think that I'm turning you on. Am I wrong? (She said with a smile)" "With these eyes brown eyes, this angelic face, these firmed boobs, this naked navel on your sexy belly, this soft skin, this angel next to me with her skin naked from the neck to her low belly under one of my bathrobe, I'm boning right now." "You're boning right now?

Well, let's go upstairs." We went upstairs, me, Roxanne and Gabrielle, especially in my bedroom, with her sports bag, in which she carried all her weekend stuff. Gabrielle closed the door to the three quarters, and then she detached slowly Roxanne's bathrobe, so her pubis and her vulva were naked before her breasts.

Roxanne opened slowly her bathrobe that her nipples were hard when she took off totally her bathrobe and putted on the bedroom's chair. My dick was boned. Then after, Gabrielle and Roxanne started to caress each other while they were watching me; they grabbed each other's boobs.

Gabrielle's breasts were grabbed by Roxanne's hands through her tank top; Roxanne's tits were grabbed by Gabrielle's hands as she licked and sucked her nipples.

My dick was hurting me in my cargo pants. They finished hugging each other and they did a French kiss. Roxanne was totally nude when Gabrielle was one foot in front of me; she pulled up and took off her sleeveless shirt with spaghetti straps, with a deep cleavage.

Her breasts were naked; her nipples were hard and were pointing to the top. She was looking like the Russian model Emily Bloom, as face, body, chest and skin.

She putted her camisole on the bedroom's chair. Then, she came in my arms and French kissed me during one long minute. I lifted her body by holding her buttocks while her skinny arms were around my shoulders. Then, I kissed her neck, her shoulders and I sucked her nipples. Roxanne started to give tricks to Gabrielle, to make sure we can have good sex: "Gabi, lean yourself to the back, to make sure Francky can suck and kiss your breasts.

Francky, kiss her from her mouth to her navel. I'm gonna sit next to you on the bed and I'm gonna finger myself." Gabrielle's low-rise shorts were just 6 inches long, so it was easy to grab her buttocks and her thighs at the same time. I was kissing Gabrielle's belly when Roxanne detached my cargo pants and had it lain on the floor.

My cock was 7 or 8 inches long and massively erected. Gabrielle who was breathing hard said: "Lay me down. Me and Roxy, we'll fucking do a blowjob you won't forget, even if it's my first. Get ready." Gabrielle and Roxanne had laid them self on their knees. Gabrielle was on my left and Roxanne was on my right; both of them were grabbing my cock with their both hands, while they were kissing my gland penisI detached my shirt which had 6 buttons, and I deposed it on my bedroom's chair.

"Girls, it's so fucking good, and even if I'm gonna be late for work, I wanna fuck both of you." Gabrielle and Roxanne had started to blowjob me, and then Gabrielle had these words: "You wanna fuck me?

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Fuck me, I'm yours, and I'm a virgin. (Passing my cock to Roxanne's mouth)" "You girls were virgin already yesterday.

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How could you suck so good like two porn stars today?" Roxanne answered this: "Well, our day as come to cum! (Passing my dick to Gabrielle's mouth)" "Ohm, hmmm, this is fucking awesome for a blowjob! It's fucking amazing to be sucked by two angels." "Francky, can I make you a tit job, like, putting your cock between my boobs?" "Yeah, Gabi, I wanna tit fuck your tits." "Gabi, when you put Francky's cock between your tits, I'm gonna detach the button and the zipper of your low-rise shorts, so I'll lay it on the floor and I'll masturbate you.

(Gabrielle said yes by a head sign)" By getting started of being masturbated by Gabrielle's boobs, I saw in the last quarter of the open door a shadow getting behind the wall; it was Catherine who pulled up her sundress to caress her vulva, she was getting sexually excited.

I could see by watching her closing her eyes and opening her mouth to breath longer. Her sundress was orange and was finishing 6 inches higher that her knees. Then, she pulled up totally her sundress and took it off to put it on the bedroom's chair, she was finally nude. While Catherine approached us, Roxanne detached the button and the zipper of Gabrielle's low-rise shorts and masturbated her with her right hand while she masturbated herself with her left hand.

My cock was really hard between Gabrielle's boobs. My second babysitter's nipples were getting really hard and her shorts were getting down. Like Roxanne's vulva, Gabrielle's vulva hasn't any pubic hair. The two babysitters made a smile to my lovely Catherine, they were enjoying her presence and they understood that it was her initiative to ask for sexuality. Catherine, at 2 feet from me, started up to touch her tiny nipples by making some round circles with her fingers.

Roxanne and Gabrielle were sexually excited and they were breathing harder and faster; they had few fingers stocked in their vagina. They were getting wet. What more can I say? Except my cock was boning like I never bone before with that fucking big dick. Then, the girls had stopped the tit job.

They were getting back to the blowjob. Gabrielle asked Catherine to lay herself on her knees and to be next of them. Catherine was on my left, Gabrielle was in the center and Roxanne was on my right; all of them were grabbing my cock with their hands, while they were kissing my gland penis.

This blowjob was a different, they all had one hand on my penis, while they were fingering them self with the other hand. They were all closing their eyes, and they were breathing faster. Gabrielle stood up for a moment and took off her shorts, then she had lain herself back on her knees. Roxanne was masturbating me with her left and was masturbating herself with her right hand, while Gabrielle was masturbating me with her right and was masturbating herself with her left hand and Catherine was masturbating me with her right and was masturbating herself with her left hand.

They were all getting extremely excited. Their head was next to each other's one. Roxanne was blowing all my cock in her mouth for one minute long, before she passed my dick to Gabrielle's mouth to blow it all as deeper as possible can be.

Gabrielle sucked my penis for two long minutes, while the other girls were kissing my balls. Then, she gave my cock to Catherine that she could put my gland penis in her mouth: "Can you put a major part of Franck's dick in your mouth, even if it's smaller than mine?" Catherine answered: "Yes, I can and I want it." Catherine blown 3 inches of my cock in her tight mouth, I didn't force her to go deeper, even she did her best. It was a fucking good feeling to be cock sucked by his lovely girl.

To encourage her, I touched her sweet little lovely nipples, and I did a massage to her tiny arms, covered by a starting sunbathing tan. "Catherine, thank you so much, thank you for the feelings you gave me." "It's my pleasure, Daddy Francky. I love you so much." "Ohm, hmmm, Catherine, this blowjob is so wonderful.

Once you'll be older, I'll take your virginity." "You promise me, Daddy Francky? You promise me that you'll take my virginity?" "Yeah, sweetie, when your vagina will be big enough to introduce my verge, I'll take your virginity." "Hmmm, (Catherine was still sucking my dick) today, will you at least share your verge with me and Gabi and Roxy?

Will you also caress my genitals and kiss my tanned flat chest and my little tiny nipples?" "Of course, I will. I will treat you as a lady, and also as a chick, a sexy young tanned chick who will be deflowered by me. Hmmm, honey, your lips are so sweet.

Your hand on penis, your hand on your vulva, your tanned shoulders, you, looking at me with your blue eyes while you suck my… cock, this is so good!" Roxanne and Gabrielle were still masturbating when they kissed Catherine's shoulders.

She said to them: "Who wanna grab Franck's cock? I need a break for my mouth and for my hands." Catherine gave my dick to Roxanne in first time, before she passed it to Gabrielle. Catherine was in my arms, waiting to be hugged and kissed. I lifted her body by holding her buttocks with one hand while her skinny arms were around my shoulders. Then, I kissed her neck, her shoulders and I sucked her nipples. "Daddy Francky, do you like my flat chest? My breasts aren't growing yet, but my nipples are the size of 25 cents, and they're erected.

But I like when you kiss my tanned body and when you caress my thighs.

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Would you French kiss me again, while the babysitters will keep sucking your nice cock, Daddy Francky?" Catherine and I French kissed again during two long minutes, while I was holding her buttocks and her thighs with my left hand and I was caressing her navel and her belly with my right hand.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Roxanne were still sucking my 8 inches cock at the same moment that they were fingering them self. They were getting ready both of them to be penetrated, just by hearing them breathing hard. "Daddy Francky, I think that Gabi is ready to give you her virginity. Will you fuck Gabi?" "Yes, Catherine, I will fuck Gabi." Gabrielle said those words: "My time has come?" "Your time has come." I deposed Catherine on the floor after kissing back her little nipples.

Her soft skin was so sweet for me. And then, I lifted Gabrielle in my arms my holding her vulva over my penis. Her thighs were in my arms and I finally penetrated her with my penis while I was kissing her lovely nipples.

Her virginity was over: "Oh, Francky, oh man, on God! How could you? I love you, oh, fuck me, I'm all yours, fuck me!" Gabrielle's boobs were a little bigger; her nipples were also already hard. She was sweating a lot, like Roxanne and Catherine, which were fingering each other. My cock was going in and out of her tight vagina; a good "come and go" was on his way. Her skin was so soft, as Catherine's skin and Roxanne's skin. I went back to kiss Gabrielle's tits, while she breathing really harder.

Meanwhile, Roxanne and Catherine were now kissing and licking their tits and their nipples. It was a golden lesbian scene. "Oh, Francky, it's so good! Sex is so good, fuck me, and fuck me tight. Grab my ass, kiss my boobs." "Oh… Gabi, your vagina is so tight… your skin is so soft… your boobs are so beautiful… your nipples are so hard and erected… your face is so angelic and beautiful!

You're an angel who's giving me her virginity!" "Ohm, Francky, I wanna fuck, hmmm, fuck me harder, I don't care about being after Roxanne…" I interrupted her: "Girls, ohm, my God, it's so fucking good!

Girls, I'm in love with all of you. You're so sexually open, that I love you. Why don't we start a harem, with you, girls? Would you agree of being in couple with me?" Roxanne answered: "Catherine, it's so good when you finger me. Ohm, oh my God! Gabi, you're not after of before me when you fuck with Francky. You're with me, and I'm with you; let's be a foursome with Francky and Catherine, it's gonna be so amazing. Catherine, you lick my nipples so good, would you like to be in couple with us?" Catherine answered: "Being a foursome with Roxy, Gabi and Daddy Francky?

Sure, it will be great? What about Genevieve?" I answered this: "Her time will come in the next years." Then, Gabrielle started up another French kiss, while we were still fucking together as we were sweating a lot.

My buttocks were surrounded by her knees as my shoulders were surrounded by her skinny arms. Her nipples were still pointing to the top, erected enough that her sweating was getting cut by both sides of her nipples. I licked them back; it was too fucking good. I discovered that we were now closed to cum.

Roxanne started up: "Gabi, Francky is clean; he never had any damn sexual disease." "So, Francky… cum inside of me! Don't be shy!" "I'm gonna cum, Gabi, I'm gonna cum, honey!" "Oh… fuck me tight, Francky, fuck me tight!" "Here comes the cum!" "Ohm… God… you motherfucker!" I ejaculated finally one big load of cum in Gabrielle's tight vagina.

"Hmmm, all that cum, inside me. Francky, I love you so much. Thanks for this orgasm." Meanwhile, Roxanne and Catherine were finishing fingering their tight vaginas that were getting so fucking wet. Roxanne was finishing fingering Catherine when she laid herself next to the floor. And then, Catherine finished fingering Roxanne by kissing and licking slowly her lovely navel and her tanned belly. "Catherine, you're so wicked.

Oh, my dear God, you're so precious and you're so soft. You fuck me really well, sweetie. With the tan you already have, the boys will play with themselves, and I hope those guys will jeez off of their cock, because you're so beautiful. Francky will be honored to take off your virginity." I deposed Gabrielle on her feet.

Then, she leaned her head and her angelic face next to my chest. She was shaking due to the orgasm she just had two minutes ago. She finally lost her virginity in my arms. Two underage 16 years old girls lost their virginity with my 23 years old cock, in less than 24 hours.

That was amazing, and it was more amazing when Roxanne did a massage on Catherine's shoulders while Catherine was sucking softly Roxanne's little nipples. And then, Catherine laid herself on Roxanne's body, all covered of sweat. On our side, Gabrielle and I did another long sensual French kiss, at the same moment that I did a massage on her thighs and her buttocks, before I grabbed her big gentle breasts to kiss them and lick them.

We all stood up, and we all went in the bathroom, next to my bedroom, where we took a shower. It was also amazing to see the two babysitters washing their boobs and their genital parts with soap when Catherine was washing my penis by masturbating me with her small hands. She also cleaned my urethra to make sure that there was no resting piece of sperm or any cum inside me. Catherine had the tan of the Hungarian model Eva Shine, as today she's even more tanned; today, she could look like the Czech model Caprice.

By masturbating me, she started up another erection. My boner was now 7 inches long, this time. Gabrielle was sucking Roxanne's nipples at the same moment that she grabbed her tits. They were laughing more than they were excited, but on my side, Catherine excited me, once again. That's the way they used to have fun. My cock was next to Catherine's tanned chest, when I was about to ejaculated, once again, but this time, right on her flat chest.

Damn, my step-daughter was so beautiful with her blue eyes and her black hairs, like her mother.


She had the same smile, the same regard when she was masturbating my penis by leaning her head to my cock before raising up back her head to look at me right in the eyes.

She was tiny, and she was skinny too. All the soap and the shampoo were sliding all over her soft skin, like for the babysitters as it was on their skin. I couldn't make any difference about the shampoo bubbles and the little bubble in Catherine's navel. But damn, her belly, her flat chest, her erecting little nipples, her shoulders, her tanned skin, her angelic face with her damn fucking beautiful blue eyes, with all that, I couldn't retain my cum, and I ejaculated on her lovely flat chest.

I spread a load of cum, just right over her breasts. Then, the water of the shower was sliding all over her body and her chest covered of my sperm. Meanwhile, Roxanne and Gabrielle were taking off all the shampoo and the soap bubbles all over their skin. We ended up our shower and then, we took some towels to dry ourselves just before I had to leave, because I was late to prepare two shows that day.

Several minutes later, I was ready to go. I had all my clothes on: some cargo pants and a white t-shirt, the temperature was 118 Fahrenheit degrees outside. I kissed them all on their mouth, and as I was getting out of the house, they were getting on the pool deck to make some topless and nude sunbathing by just taking off their towels and their bathrobe. The girls were putting some Hawaiian Tropic lotion all over their boobs, their shoulders, their back and their belly, after they grabbed some water bottles.

I went in my Volkswagen Passat and I putted some music; it was "How soon is now", from The Smiths, "Rain will fall", from I Mother Earth, "Fallen", from Sara McLachlan, "White Flag", from Dido, and "Ice Cream", from Sara McLachlan.

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It was very relaxing during the time I was going to the Saint-Denis Theatre in Montreal. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, and we were only two days before Canada Day, which is on July 1st. On my way for Montreal, I lighted one Benson & Hedges cigarette while I was looking what time it was; it was 1:50PM. I was supposed to be there at 1:30PM, so I called my assistant, Melissa, to tell her I was going to be a little bit late, but it happened that everyone was late, that day.

So, I was so less stressed, and I maintained my speed on the highway between 70 to 75 miles per hour. It was a little Thursday afternoon, with no traffic because of that hot weather. And by the way, it was two hours before rush hour. While I was approaching Downtown Montreal, I had visions of my step-daughter Catherine making full frontal nude and topless sunbathing and my step-daughter Genevieve being in the baby park safely in the kitchen.

I had visions of the girls trading their hands to put some suns cream on each other's ass. I had also visions of the girls trading their hands to put Hawaiian Tropic lotion around their nipples, which would make them much puffier.

I couldn't believe that I was starting a foursome with three gorgeous angels, a harem with three underage girls, which were around my neck while two of them gave me their virginity, in less than… twelve hours! I deflowered Roxanne and time was just before 3:00AM; I deflowered Gabrielle and time was like a little bit past 1:00PM.

It's amazing to see that they also already declared their love to me, even to Catherine, which is 7 years old, but pretty as an angel. I arrived several minutes later in the Saint-Denis Theatre's backyard parking, and then I putted my parking vignette. I entered by the backstage door, and then I went to the third floor where my backstage dressing room was. Some other comic standup comedians and personalities were arriving in the next minutes after me.

Melissa, my 18 years old assistant was there, preparing my scripts for today's two shows; the one we had at 5:00PM and the one at 9:00PM. Melissa was 18 at the time; born in November 1987, she finished her one year course in college in show business when I hired her in April 2006. She had long red hairs, green eyes, 5'10, 34C breasts and a weight of 125 pounds, with some pale skin. I was making this year an income of more than $147,000, and my production team was giving her an income of $49,000 per year.

She was the youngest assistant I never had, and she was also the best one I could never have; she was the most professional and the most productive assistant I ever work with. Her name is Melissa Parsons, and today she still works for me. This female remains to be so present; she was present for most of the interviews, but she was absent to met Roxanne and Gabrielle.

She was there to help me on my first Canadian tour, and she was going to cross the country during summer with me and all the production team. She was so fucking good and operative, that I decided to tell my producer to raise her income to $56,000 for the next year; mine was going to be raised to $167,000 for 2007.

Our second and third night in Quebec City, which was Monday and Tuesday night, we past the evening at the Loews Concorde's bar, a big hotel in Downtown Quebec City.

I was with most of my production team, and it was between 11:30PM and midnight, when after few drinks, Melissa and I decided to take a walk and to explore the Plains of Abraham and the Battlefields Park.

I was without Benson & Hedges cigarette, so she gave me one of her Old Port cigars. We took a walk through the Plains, which were next to Downtown and Saint Lawrence River, and then, she started talking about her ending relation with her boyfriend Matthew.

She was with him since almost one year ago, and the relation wasn't going very well.


To be continued in part 2