Brunette with huge tits handles cock

Brunette with huge tits handles cock
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My name is Ahmed and I have recently joined in a company which is situated in Las Vagus. So I had to move here leaving my lovely Chicago. The company has branches in almost every state in the country and a few important cities in the world outside the USA. I am the chief managing director of this gigantic company.

Though I am very young but my tremendous career and excellent past records helped me a lot to achieve this. I work in the head office so the owner of the company also use to visit here to check everything is working fine. The owner is a multimillionaire business tycoon in this country and she is one of the 10 richest persons in this country. I could not get her appointment for 1st 1 week then her PS called me one night and told that she (the boss) wanted me to meet her and inform about the current business status.

I was a little bit tensed all through the night and the next morning I got a phone call from her PS and she said that a car has been sent to my house to pick me. I dressed well and within a few minutes I was on the way to her home.

The PS led me to her drawing room I was waiting for her. It was a gorgeous house better call it a palace with so many costly decorations! I was stunned. After 5 minutes I heard her foot steps and she entered the room.

At first I could not believe my eyes watching her. She is 6 inches tall, busty, healthy with bright golden skin, pink eyes and long straight reddish-black hair.

What a beauty! My heart began to pump so hard that I could heir it. Her personality is so dominating although the conversations I felt why she is one of the leading business person in the country. Well she liked me too for my working style and detailed information that I gave her.

She gave me her cell phone number and advised me to inform her anything I need. I came back to my office room and I could not concentrate my mind as her beautiful voice is ringing my ears again and again and her physical beauty is breath taking. I cant understand how a woman can be so beautiful! She has everything a girl dreams to have. What a height!

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What a healthy body! From my colleagues I learned that she was the only daughter of her multimillionaire father. After his death she expanded the business by her own merit.

She is still unmarried yet she has a daughter of 20 years old. The father of that girl is still a mystery. She has no boy friend so far and she likes to stay alone with her daughter in that house. When I heard that she is now a woman of 35, I was so strange as she looked like a 25 years old lady on that day.

Her name is Elizabeth and her daughter's name is Merry. Soon Elizabeth and I got closer and closer and almost became friends working for months after months together regarding business. But I still feel very much stressed when she is around me may be because she is too much beautiful like an angel or it's the fragrance of her body that make me uncontrollable. She guessed that and I think she enjoys making me nervous. When she sit beside me to discuss something I feel the warm of her body and I feel dizzy for a while.

But she looks so normal, smiles so innocently all the day. We became so close that I used to call her Angel out of office time.

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The following day was a weekly holyday so I went to bed lately after watching TV programs. At 12 AM I got a call from Elizabeth and surprising enough she was crying. I asked again and again why she is crying but she only said, "Ahmed, would you please come to house?

I feel so lonely." I got dressed quickly and rushed to her house. After entering the house she almost jumped into my chest and started crying again.

I asked her servant Linda about what happened she said that Elizabeth use to see nightmares sometimes. This is might be something like this.

I took Elizabeth to her bed room and sit on the sofa with her. She still put her head on my chest and her eyes were closed. She was wearing a tiny blood-red nighty which is attached very loosely and most of her body parts are exposed.

I put her hair away from her face with my gentle hand and asked her softly that I am by her side, not to worry, not to be afraid. She requested me not to leave her alone gain and again. I decided to stay her house that night. I prepared some light foods for her and feed her. She was sitting like an innocent Angel and took food from my hand with her mouth. After a few while she fell on sleep and I lifted her with my two hands and let her lied on her bed.

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She was quiet heavy but very soft like cotton. I closed the door and decided to sleep on the sofa. Linda the maid servant brought some night dresses for me and I chose a tiny soft red half pant. I put off the light and changed my dress and put on the red dim light. Then suddenly she woke up and called me, "Ahmed, would you please sleep beside me? I am feeling so scared." I replied, "Sure!" Then I lied beside her and she grabbed me with her hand and fell in sleep putting her head on my neck.

I understood that gradually I am becoming weaker and weaker to her. At that moment I forgot that she is my boss. I also dragged her on my chest.

She began to feel comfortable. At mid night I found her sleeping quietly just beside me. I put off my pant and became completely naked. We were both under the blanket. I started kissing her cheeks, her eyes and all over her face gently. She was in deep sleep and didn't wake up. At 7 O'clock I woke up on her bed opened my eyes. I felt something heavy on abdomen.

I found her huge naked thigh is over my upper abdomen and her hand grabbing my neck and she is sleeping deeply. My eyes were just flashed with shock seeing her huge beautifully curved buttocks were partly exposed and her nighty was loosen completely. I gently called her, "Elizabeth! Are you alright?" But she didn't respond. I saw some sedative pills and probably she took those while I was changing my dresses last night.

She was looking so innocent and suddenly I felt enormous passionate love for her. I began to kiss her lips, throat, neck, upper chest but was not brave enough to kiss her secret parts.

During violently kissing her, her nighty was dropped and her gigantic busty juicy breasts have become completely exposed as she didn't wear any bra but she was wearing a red string panty.

Her body fragrance was so heavenly sweet and she was so cotton-soft and gorgious! Soon she grabbed me like a side pillow with her arms and massive thighs and I was totally submerged under her giant milky white busty juicy body.

My cock was fully erected and it was 10 inches long, 2 inches in width and it's warm under surface was touching her clitoris. I carried on kissing on her lips for long 45 minutes. Then a surprising incidence occurred and I would never forget that in rest of my life. She was in sleep and I was kissing her then because of violent rubbing of her clitoris with my cock undersurface, all on a sudden, she started peeing!

A huge gush of hot stream of her urine began to flow all over my cock, testicles, my thighs, belly etc. The whole bed became a little ocean of her pee. But I was stranged that her pee flavor was so sweet! After a few while I fell into sleep in that warm pee-flowing bed and when we both woke up 3 hours had passed.

She gradually opened her eyes and looked at me. She made a lovely kiss on my lips willingly and said, "O! Ahmed, what have I done? I am so sorry. I have a tendency to release pee in bed since my childhood. Linda knows it and she cleans my bed every morning." I said, "My Angel, don't feel sorry.

I didn't mind. Its ok." She went to the bathroom and took a bath. Me was sitting in the bed naked. Then busty Linda (a 38 years old gorgeous mature woman, Elizabeth's housekeeper) entered and she said, "O sweet!

I wish both of you two passed a lovely time together last night. But why haven't you been cleaned? Come on, darling! Come with me.


She led me to a lovely little bathroom in the house and the whole way I was walking naked behind her. She closed the door of the bathroom and put on the shower. Water was dropping from all over the place and both Linda and me become wet.

She cleaned me with soap and rubbed all over my body except my private parts. Suddenly she put off her wet dresses and stood in a tiny two piece yellow string bikini infront of me. She looked careless about being half naked infront of me. Me also didn't asked her anything.

Her busty body and 34HH breasts were hardly covered by those string bikini.

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She was so healthy and gorgeous! She said, "Honey, let me clean your cock. Now tell me have you made an intercourse with Elizabeth?" I replied, "No!" She said, "But your cock is full of cum now it need a fuck." She said nothing wrong.

I was silent and she said, "Don't worry. I am here just like your mommy and mommy needs kisses in her breasts and a hot meat in her vagina now." I understood that observing me all these days she became blindly attracted to me and got jealous watching me having sex with Elizabeth. After making sex with Elizabeth I was so crazy I really needed a violent fuck.

My cock was fully erected and it was 10 inches long, 2 inches in width. It became so hot! Linda dropped her bra, panty and stood shamelessly and said, "Rape me. Fuck me as along as you want." I became completely uncontrolled and jumped over her giant body and started vigorous kissing on her breasts. She fell her head back and was moaning loudly. She lied down on the floor and water was dropping all over us. After kissing and sucking her breasts for 1 hour I pushed my massive fatty cock into her vagina.

Oo. it was so juicy warm inside! Cotton soft fleshes around her vaginal wall gently pressed my cock and when I entered my whole cock gradually she moaned loud with pleasure. Then I started intercourse with her. I gradually increased the speed of fucking and it she was saying. "Oo.mommy loves your cock.mommy loves you so much.Ahmed, please rape me.fuck me hard.O.fuck me.fuckk!!! fuckk!!! fuckk!!!" I intercoursed her for five thousand times continuously and it seemed she cant take more and I started fucking her.

I fucked her with 12 strokes and her vagina was filled with cum and it started to came out her vagina like milkshake. I felt so tired and fell beside her. She kissed my lips and sucked my cock cleaned. Then we entered a dressing room and Linda dressed me with a nice black half pant.

I was thrilled watching that Linda is so careless though she was completely nude!

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She was moving so comfortably and shamelessly! Probably she use to remain naked in this house. Elizabeth is very kind I guessed. Then suddenly Elizabeth entered and she was in a wet red panty only. Water was falling from all over her body. Probably she has just finished her bath. I took a towel and said, "Angel, you might be cold. Come to me." I rubbed her whole body with that towel and she was standing like an innocent little girl.

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She requested, "Honey, would you please change my panty?" I replied, "Sure!" I dragged her wet red panty down and she was standing completely naked on the floor. I looked at her completely nude body for the first time. I felt dizzy. I took a deep-blue colored string bikini for her and she forwarded her legs to me so that I can lift the panty through her legs and put them over her pussy.

After wearing the panty she directed her hands upwards and I put the bra on her breasts. She kissed me in my cheek and said, "Thanks" sweetly. Elizabeth then smiled at Linda and said, "O Linda, you are too much sweet.

You look gorgeous when you become undressed." Linda replied, "Thanks." Elizabeth told me that she was going to the massage room and I told her that I was going home and would see her soon.


I couldn't sleep at night thinking of my dream girl Elizabeth. I couldn't believe that we both slept naked hours after hours together grabbing each other in various nasty positions.

Still feel her clitoris rubbing against the undersurface of my fatty cock. She didn't call me for 1 week. I was very much eager to have her call. Then one morning she called me saying, "Honey, come to my house.

I am feeling lonely." So I went to her house and after the door opened she came close to me and made a lustful kiss on my lips. She led me to a room. It was a very large room. There were four highly configured computers in one corner of the room on huge wooden desk.

A large bed was situated in another corner of the room. She led me to the next room which was full of luxurious dresses and suits. I asked her, "Why have you led me to this beautiful room?" She said, "Honey, from now, you will live here in this house. This is your room. I feel so lonely and I cant live without you. Have you liked the room? I prepared this only for your comfort." I was surprised and said that I was grateful to have that nice room and I have no problem to live there.

So I took all of my baggage to her house. We took lunch together. She was wearing a cream colored gown. After lunch we both were watching the tv suddenly rain came. It was almost storm outside and she felt cold. I grabbed her with my arms and dragged her on my chest. A romantic movie was going on and the actor and actress were in French kiss then. I touched my lips on her lips and hanged in there. She moaned with pleasure.

I told her that we should go under blanket as the weather was getting colder. She went to the bed and entered under the blanket.

I also followed her. I took my pant off and became completely nude under the blanket. She also removed her gown but wearing blue string bra and panty. She was so huge in size and I felt grateful to God again and again to have her. Soon she came over me and I became submerged under her body. My 10 inch long fatty cock was directed upwards and her lower abdomen was touching its undersurface.

Soon she became warm in contact with me. Soon we fell into seep. I marked that whatever the situation she was very much careful not to be fucked. I always dream that one day I will intercourse her for 3 consecutive days and she will be the mother of my children.

After 2 hours, we woke up and she kissed my lips for 5 minutes. She asked me, "Honey, I have a problem in my body since my puberty.

Profuse milk is produced in my breasts everyday and when it fills I feel pain in my breasts. When someone sucks my breast milk then I relieve for one day. Last 1 year, Linda sucked my breast milk everyday. But I would like you to drink my milk. Won't you help me honey?" I saw tears in her eyes.

She looked so adorable and I couldn't but kissed her lips again and hanged in their for a few seconds and said, "I will never let you feel sad." She dragged me under her chest and gradually loosed her bra strings. The breasts were so enormous and fully filled with milk that they slowly came out like two large fully water filled rubber balloon. They were so heavy, pinky and juicy!

My cock became fully erected.


Both of our bodies became hot. She put her two massive thighs around my hip and grabbed me like a side pillow. She firmly pressed my back towards her body with thighs and her two hands.

My face adhered to her chest between her two breasts and I couldn't breath. My head was pressed with her breasts from two sides. Then she asked from which breast I would like to drink milk first.

I chose her left one. She hold the undersurface of her left breast and pushed it towards my face. The bright pink nipple touched my lips and I couldn't resist myself but sucking her nipple violently. A gush of milk flooded my mouth instantly.

I tried to taste the milk delicately in my mouth. Mmmmm. so sweet just like honey-milkshake. I swallowed and I felt I drank the tastiest drink in my life. I felt my throat and stomach were flooded with warm, thick, sugar syrap. I became mad to drink more and sucked her nipple violently and was swallowing gulps of milk one after another.

After drinking approximately one liter I couldn't take more.

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My stomach was full and I was feeling pain. She realized and said, "O, my Honey. take some rest. Then start for the my right breast. I fell into sleep and she too.

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When I woke up my stomach was empty again but my bladder was full. She woke up and said, "Are you alright?" I told her the situation. She called Linda. Linda entered and smiled at us and said, "Dear princess, what can I do for you?" Elizabeth told Linda the situation and Linda said, "Don't worry princess! I am going to solve it now. She put her hand between my two thighs and grabbed my cock.

She brought her face towards my anus and twisted back my cock and put that into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure and released my pee. She started to gulp loudly and I continued for 3 minutes and Linda drank it all.

She even sucked the last drop and put my cock back into position and we both said thanks to her. After she left I started to suck Elizabeth's right breast nipple. Mmmmm. same taste, same feeling. Elizabeth moaned with pleasure and started to rub her clitoris against the undersurface of my 10 inch fatty cock.

So soft her clitoris was! Just like grape! Though I couldn't fuck her but I felt my cum slowly dribbling out along the shaft of my cock and rolling down. After drinking half a liter of milk, I felt a very sweet fragrance just like black roses. Her panty was in contact with my belly now and I felt it was oozing fluid in a rhythmic way. I became mad with sexual arousal after that smell entered my nose. I guessed the smell has something that makes a man sexually violent.

I told Elizabeth that I couldn't but release my cum now. She called Linda again and said, "No single sperm should be wasted in any place other than inside us!" Linda was probably waiting for this as she entered the room in a black string bikini and lied down on the floor. I pulled the strings instantly and threw the bra and panty away. She became completely naked and was lying shamelessly with her lusty, busty mature white body. I became out of control and violently began to rape her.

She was moaning loudly in pleasure and within 5 minutes I intercoursed her for complete one thousand times and it was almost as hot as red coal inside her vagina. Then I started fucking my cum with 12 violent jerky strokes. Soon her vagina was filled with my cum and it was rolling down along the inner side of her thigh slowly. She put my cock inside her mouth and cleaned it. It was a great orgasm and Elizabeth was watching it from bed.

She clapped with joy and called me to take rest under her body. I went to bed and Elizabeth came over me and it was all soft warm flesh around me and I fell into sleep soon.