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This is my first story here and I've had the idea in my head for a while. When I started to write I did it in first person for some reason.

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I dunno. Anyway, enjoy. There's a girl in the year below me at school, Emily, and I want to do her.

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I decided after her thirteenth birthday I'd need to learn properly first, so I started to go through every girl I found hot and fuck them senseless, the first was Charlotte. Charlotte's in my science class, and sits in the row behind me.

She's 14 like me but is probably only about 5'4'', with small but delicious tits. I'd been trying to work out how to fuck her for several weeks when I finally got my chance. We were doing an experiment in science, something to do with foam when it all exploded everywhere. For some reason the teacher made Charlotte and I clean it up during lunch and drew the blinds down over all of the windows and doors so that we wouldn't get 'distracted'.

Pfft, teacher's and their arrogance think they can stop us from getting 'distracted'. Charlotte and I found another way entirely without them being open. About half-way through the teacher had to leave for some meeting or another and so left me and Charlotte on our own. We started playing with the foam and her top got soaked. Now we were good friends before this, and so she decided to take it off and leave it on the radiator to dry because clearing the foam up would take us all lunch, by which time her top would be dry.

Seeing my chance I walked up to her and flicked her bra un-done, and pulled it off of her before she could realise what was going on. "What are you doing?!" She yelled, putting her hands over her tits. "I'm keeping this dry, because eventually it'll get wet and you'll have to take it off so I'm saving you the time." I responded, and while she glared she eventually relented and removed her hands.

"You should take your trousers off too." I commented, which caused another glaring session but she eventually relented, slipping them off and taking her down to her panties. I also stripped down to my boxers, trying to make sure she didn't see my six inch boner.

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We started to clear up the foam again but it quickly degenerated into playing, again. We stopped for a bit and she turned around while I slipped my dick out of the hole in my boxers.

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I walked up behind her and started to feel her tits, rubbing my dick up against her half-concealed buttcheeks.

She turned around and started to complain but quickly started to kiss me instead, pulling her panties off and pulling me behind the desk. Charlotte lay down on the floor and I went on top of her, a little awkwardly. I started to thrust into her, quickly breaking her hymen and getting up a good pumping speed.

Since it was her first time, it wasn't long until Charlotte came. Luckily she wasn't that loud and nobody noticed, hopefully. It was a few more minutes before I also came, grabbing her ass and cumming deep inside her. Either she was on the pill or we got lucky, either way nothing happened. We fucked a couple more times after that but then she got a boyfriend and so we had to stop. Leah was my second target.

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She was… casual about sex. Not a whore or a slut, just a little bit casual. If you asked her, she would probably say yes to a quickie somewhere private. She had 32C breasts and black hair, and was about 5'5''. I didn't get my chance until a couple weeks after Charlotte, after a low turnout in hockey club we were the only two walking the outside route. Nobody else was there so I seized my chance, running up behind her and massaging her tits through her coat.

Leah groaned slightly and leaned into me, slipping her hand inside her trousers and started to lightly finger herself. I put my hands inside her coat and down her top and started to feel her breasts directly.


I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra at all. "This happen often?" I asked, pulling my hands out of her top and turning her around. "You'd be surprised." Leah grinned. "Let's go in the music room." She continued, pulling me along by the wrist while her other hand stayed inside her trousers as she continued to pleasure herself. Leah pulled me into the room where there was private instrumental tutoring and in 30 seconds had stripped herself off. She un-zipped her coat and pulled off her shirt with a practised action, showing her 32C tits and then un-did and dropped her trousers, stepping out of them almost instantly.

Leah's pussy was already wet from her repeated fingering and she continued to pleasure herself while she waited for me to undress. I pulled off my trousers on a chair and went to get up but Leah pushed me down and impaled herself on my dick while I was still sitting down.

She raised herself up and then flopped back down, bouncing slightly on my base.


Every time she came down I licked and sucked her tits which caused her to moan in pleasure, and after a few minutes of this I came, which pushed Leah over the edge as well and we came together. Not giving me a moment's rest Leah grabbed my still-hard dick and stuffed it up her ass, cum acting as lubricant.

She raised herself up and flopped back down like before while I massaged her tits with both hands as she fingered herself. "Oh god yes. It's been a while since someone's done my ass." She moaned, moving her fingers from her pussy to her tits, rubbing them hard. I came quickly because we'd already been for one round and Leah came as well, putting her hands back down to her pussy and quickly fingering herself to an orgasm.

We did it several more times after that one but I'd already moved on to my next 'target'.

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