Cocksucking daddy doggystyling asian twink

Cocksucking daddy doggystyling asian twink
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Well here's a good place to start. Hey there my name is Andrew (but everyone I know just calls me Andy) I'm 16 with light brown hair which I like to keep looking messy (stylish messy); skinny, shaven, tanned and toned body which I love and the bit you're probably most interested in my 7" uncut dick. I never do weights so I am relatively weak and easily controlled. Ever since I was about 10 I knew I liked guys more than I liked girls I don't know why I just did. It wasn't till I got slightly older (14 15) I focused on a particular type of guy; an older guy, particularly one in a suit.

It was that reason why I loved going to school most of my classes I would just sit and watch my male teachers and not take anything in. My imagination would go crazy I would picture my hand slowly taking down their trouser zip and slipping my hand in and give him an amazing hand-job to begin with then sucking his dick followed by taking down all his cum then I would slowly drift back into class learning about how the atoms bond or learning about the best basket ball strategy.

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None of the teachers noticed it, they just thought I was concentrating in my work or learning in my own way, none of them noticed it except one. It was the usual Monday morning and as normal I was late and as usual I had to serve my detention after school. It wasn't that bad it straight after lunch I had English with Mr Thomson (the one who noticed).

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Mr Thomson was 42 and he was the second tallest teacher in the school (about 6ft 4") and by far the hottest. So let's start from the top Mr John Thomson had military short brown hair that towards the last week before he got it cut again he would put some gel to spike it up a bit.

Running down from the hair he had side burns about 2inches long that went well with his masculine face and his beautiful blue eyes.


His body was amazing I loved it. During the warmer months he would wear a shorter shirt that should his amazing strong arms and he had a beautiful torso (well from what I could see by his shirt) he didn't have a huge hanging belly but a nice solid build.


His shirt was always tucked in perfectly (today he had a blue one on with a nice bold red tie). I would mostly stare at his belt it was a simple black leather belt, he would always take it in to the 3rd of five notches.

I used to pretend that he would tie me up with it or spank me with it. My fantasises with him were getting stronger, darker and more mind consuming.

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He kept standing right next to my desk like really close like if I was to turn my head, his head (and not the one sitting on his shoulders!) would be about 5inches away from me!

I slowly brought my phone out and put on the camera. The camera was on my back of my phone so I had to estimate were my camera was. My heart was pumping I was so nervous all he had to do was look down and I would be caught so took the picture only to hear my shutter tone go off.

I shat my self I knew I was going to be caught out but maybe I wanted to get caught.

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"Ah I see someone was just so excited they could wait to text their mates about Macbeth" He said very calmly and I quickly hid my phone. The bell went and I suddenly remembered my detention for being late. I was in detention room D which was shit I wanted to go home and wank over my photo of Mr Thomson. I went in wondering who would take me.

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I was in the room alone staring at the wall thinking of him I went into such a deep fantasy it felt real - Mr Thomson walked in and it was just us. oh no wait it was FUCKING real! His beautiful face pulled a cheeky smile when he seen me. "Come on lets go up to my room I have some stuff you could do for me" As I walked into his room he handed me a pile of tests and told me to add up the marks on them. Honestly its not what I had in mind.

As I started counting up marks I noticed him put his hand under the table and checking out my young body. "So did I look good in your photo" He asked me.

"What?" I said very nervously. He stood up with his hand still playing on his crotch. He looked straight at me and sternly said; "Get over here now boy!" I walked over keeping eye contact.

I ran my hands up and down his chest then he grabbed my hands and told me to get down on my knees and suck his dick. As I got down on my knees my head was pulled into his crotch then he let go and told me to suck it and suck it good.

I took out his uncut cock and it was huge at lest 9 inches! "Shit John your cock is huge I'm goin…" And before I could finish my sentence I was kicked straight in the gut so hard it knocked all the wind right out me.

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He put his foot on my head and pressed down hard. "Who the FUCK do you think you are I am not your friend, do you think because you are sucking my cock you can call me by my first name!

You will address me by Sir understand?" "Yes Sir" I replied I got back to my duties and started sucking his cock. It felt so good in my mouth.

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His strong hands were pulling my face in and I managed to take it all even though it was my first time (bananas do more than give you one of your 5 a day :) ) He was breathing deep and I knew what was about to happen he pushed me down on to the floor and sat down on my chest so I couldn't move he used one hand to hold my arms down and the other to jack himself off. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH BOY!" I opened my mouth as wide as I could knowing if I spilt one drop he would hurt me bad.

I felt the thick salty cum hit my tung covering all my taste buds. "Don't swallow boy I want you to keep it there" He put his finger in my mouth swivelling his cum about in my mouth. "Now swallow!" Without thought I did as he said and I loved the feeling of the cum slowly making its way to my stomach.

He put his finger back in my mouth to make sure I got all the cum. "Be a good boy and put it away" I took his cock and put it in his boxers done the button and then zipped his trousers back up with a smile on my face. "Now listen boy we need some rules -: 1) I am your master 2) You do as your told 3) This weekend you will come to my house and you can be fucked in my dungeon I looked at him as he slowly bent down to kiss me then he left me I guess he would give me the details about meeting up for some hardcore fun tomorrow…