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Milch undichte Tölpel
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Guys - my apologies. This is another chic story, again my retelling of an event from the female's point of view, just like "Marie's Nipples". In fact, this girl is another woman from the same movie. If you people like adult movies with a quality story line I recommend anything by the French director Catherine Breillat. I've seen four of them on DVD. "A Real Young Girl" was made back in 1976 and not showed here for 25 years. The girl's supposed to be 14. The actress was probably under 18 so the Gustapo here would have thrown Ms.

Breillat and the producers in jail. Such is life in the USA. Anyway, I liked "Going Places" very much, and "Romance" is my favorite Breillat move. Both of these are fairly recent and can be found in some rental stores. Love and kisses, Cathy --------------------------------------------------------------------- My apologies to the producers of "Going PLaces". If you've seen it you know this French movie follows the adventures of two petty thieves.

The girl they hit on several different times during the movie is the sterotype bimbo taken to an extreme. But even bimbos are people and deserve a chance to tell their own story. --------------------------------------------------------------------- A Virgin Boyfriend --------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a bit fucked up.

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In fact I'm very fucked up, as much as possible. I'm not bright, but I am pretty. From the time I started growing tits it was obvious to everyone including myself, that I'd be useful for one thing in life. With my body and face I'd have made a great whore.

I even love getting fucked. In fact, I guess I pretty much want every man inside me who wants me. Encores are fine. First times are even better. About the only man I'm not crazy about fucking is my boss, maybe because he does it every day, sometimes twice and treats me even more like trash than most men do.

I'm not a masochist. I don't like being hurt and I don't like being emotionally mistreated. But when you're a slut, an easy lay, dumb as a doornob and unresponsive, it sort of goes with the territory.

I think that's why my lovers are all so nasty to me. I don't respond. Don't misunderstand. I love having prick inside me. Preferably in my cunt or mouth, but even in my heinie if that's where he wants to put it. I love getting a prick up my behind if the alternate is no prick at all. I'd be pathetic if I wasn't so pretty.

I am pathetic inspite of the fact that I'm pretty georgeous. I wish I could learn to make myself responsive the way I learned to take care of my body to keep myself beautiful. It's funny.


Guys tell me I'm unique. If a guy asks or, even better, demands it, I'll immediately strip, spread my legs and open my pussy. I don't care where or when. I let him decide if we should wait or go somewhere more private.

I let him decide if we shouldn't do it in the middle of a busy street. I've never met a guy who didn't act like he was smarter than me so I always leave every decision to my lovers. Actually, I'll pretty much do anything a guys tells me to do, even when it doesn't involve sex. I never take responsibility for anything. I leave things like responsibility up to other people. It makes life very simple. After a couple of abortions I don't have to worry about getting pregnant again either.

Before the operation when they fixed things up down there, I was always forgetting to take my pill. Now I don't have to. Just as well. I'm not cut out to be a mother anyway. When a man sticks his dick in me I go straight to heaven.

Somewhere along the line, however, my body forgot about passion. I just go totally limp. It feels wonderful, though everyone tells me having orgasms is much better, especially for the woman. Most guys get turned off when I look like I'm turned off. I mean they keep fucking me, fortunately. And typically, they make themselves cume, wherever they want. I have a slight preference for either my cunt or mouth. But if the guy wants to ejaculate in my fanny or on me anywhere, that's fine too.

I get most of my thrill just knowing he's had his climax. It's too bad I'm incapable of showing my pleasure. One day these two guys show up at my door. I don't bother chaining it because it would do no good. If a guy tells me to open the door I will.

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Most times I even leave it slightly ajar indicating I'm home. It's not uncommon for a guy to walk in, lead me to the bedroom, use me and leave without even saying thank you. If it isn't his first time, neither my willingness nor my lack of response will come as a surprise.

The local whores don't even care that I give it away for free. Guys pay them even though I'm prettier because men like this responsive business. The two men at my door were petty thieves, probably wanted.

They'd had a run in with my boss, and I'd gotten sort of stuck in the middle, kidnapped, maybe held hostage. They needed help from a friend, and used me for payment. The guy first thought he was getting a good deal, since I look like a walking bombshell.

But after he'd used me he felt he'd been used. I tried to tell him I loved it, but after the fact he didn't seem to care much about me anymore.

I'd seen it a hundred times. Actually, more than a thousand. The whole world has been fucking me since around the time I turned sixteen. After fucking the friend they let me go home. I guess by then they'd realized how unlikely it was that my boss would care one way or the other what they did with me. But here they were at my door again several months later.

The first time I'd met them there'd been this shoot out and the younger one got his balls clipped. Nothing serious except to his sex life, and even that was only temporary.

He was planning to use me the way most men did. He was there to test out his equipment and also find out about my boss. They were pissed when I told them he'd sold the car. Apparently they'd done something to it and now the new owner would suffer. Well, there was also this other reason they were there.

They quickly verified what their friend had learned two months earlier and my whole street knew. Willing and unresponsive.

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I even had to wake up somewhat to tell them that I was fine and liked what they were doing to my vagina. Sex puts me in a sort of trance. If you talk to me while you're fucking me I can answer. But if you stop talking I slip into autopilot.

Since I do anything a man tells me, especially after he's been inside me, I didn't even complain when they told me I'd be helping them rob the shop where I worked as a shampoo girl. I let them in, showed them where the cash was, stood by while they trashed the place and was ready to leave with them. It occurred to me that being an accomplice deserved a little more thanks than I usually got for sex.

Which was none. I insisted at least one of them kiss me. Hell, I have a beautiful face. Why not get kissed? But they were too busy! In the end they spent a lot more time tying me up than had they simply kissed me and taken me with them. Of course, being a slut and deserving it, they left me tied up naked. I suppose they knew I'd like that part. They weren't really mean men. Maybe even nicer than most. When my boss arrived he was pissed. He didn't even have the decency to admire my naked body. But saw me naked so often that I think for variety he liked looking at me in a sexy dress better.


He slapped me across the face. Guilty by assumption. He knew how I was with men and that I'd given these men no resistence. Why should I? I should fight to protect his damn store when I gave away my body freely without even being asked most times? He left me tied up while he inspected the store for damage. He knew the cash would be gone since I had known where it was. The other two full time employees arrived even before he got around to calling the police.

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No one seemed surprised that I was still tied up and naked. Both of them knew perfectly well that the naked part wouldn't be bothering me, and maybe the boss thought untying me would disturb the "crime scene". I wasn't saying much. Another woman would have been demanding someone untie her. Eventually the boss decided to untie me because I didn't deserve the thrill I'd get if the police did it.

He fired me, of course. But since my services were always available, I was soon hired as a receptionist by another man who owned a small business. The pay was the same. And the situation with my new boss was easy, since he was already one of my dozen or so regular guys. At least I no longer had to waste any time with my old boss. It's possible I might have even not enjoyed it. Of the few men in this world I don't love, he's the one I least liked having sex with.

But it was really his choice.

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We didn't see each other, and he didn't want me enough to come looking for me. When the two thieves showed up so that the younger one could use me to test out his equipment, they weren't nice.

I got slapped, and my nipples pinched hard until I'd say what they wanted me to say. It didn't really hurt, only got me excited.

And I'd have said what they wanted anyway once I knew what they wanted me to say. Some of the worst things I can imagine are things I've said about myself after being told to do so. Guys seem to love making me degrade myself even more than doing it themselves. I don't like being hurt, but a little sexual pain is about the only thing that seems to get me the least bit excited.

So I liked having my nipples pinched. I pretended I didn't so they'd keep doing it a bit longer. The problem is, I only get excited before intercourse. Once the fucking begins, the prick in my pussy is like a sleeping pill. I didn't work at my new job for more than two months before my two thieves showed up again and told me to come with them and pack a bag first.

I'd never been abducted before. The hostage thing had been spur of the moment and I'd been only held overnight. The boss hadn't even reported my abduction. I always went with guys anywhere they wanted. The two men took me to this delightful, abandoned country house next to a canal.

I cooked for them and had sex with them every time they were willing to do me. Eventually they stopped trying to make me respond and did what other men did, used my vagina for masturbation. I didn't really care except they seemed to want me to respond. And I would have liked to have given them what they wanted. -------------------------------- Then one day my life changed. It was around two in the afternoon. That morning my thieves had gone off to meet a young man being released from a boarding school prison.

He'd been in so long he'd grown to manhood inside the walls. But his worst crime seemed to have been choosing a criminal for a mother, a woman who herself had been recently released and then celebrated by shooting herself fatally somehow eventhough she'd stuck the muzzle up her vagina. My two lovers had been in the next room and were the first to see her body.

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It still gave them nightmares. The young man was as strange as one would expect of a man who grew up in prison. He was also a virgin, which we might have expected but didn't. When they showed him around they showed him me and told him that here everything was shared including me. I just smiled. I could have laughted at their "generosity". What they didn't tell him was that I was available to any man and had been for seven or more years. The man was obviously interested. Most men are until thet discover my lack of response.

But that didn't stop me from wanting him like I always do. My two thieves wandered off down to the canal. One more man fucking me was no big deal, not even as interesting as fishing. But then something strange happened. Some things that would only have happened with a virgin. He couldn't do it. Sure he had an erection.

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But he exploded all over my face before I could even get my lips in place. I may not seem to be responding, but I really do like having a dick inside me. So I finished undressing him. I'd been nude when he entered the room which was certainly why he exploded. He'd never even seen a naked woman.

And in the looks department I'm more than competitive. So I thought, cuddle and in an hour he'll be ready again. He's young enough. So I started to cuddle and he came all over my stomach. God! If he'd only put his dingus inside me that one could have hosed the insides of my vagina! In fact, even after two climaxes he still looked and felt rock hard.

I rolled on my back and tried to pull him on top of me. But it was no go. He didn't seem to have the foggiest idea where to put it. Maybe he didn't even know anything about female anatomy. I couldn't believe this! I'd never told or even suggested anything to a lover. I couldn't tell him how to fuck a woman! Where were my lovers? Someone had to show this man how to do me. Anyway, I couldn't seem to even get him on top of me.

So I let him lay on his back. After two fast ejacuations he certainly needed rest. But his shaft was still hard. I bent over to look at it. I usually didn't get a good look when I was giving head. Guy's generally got frustrated, grabbed my ears, and fucked my throat like it was another vagina. About all I ever did was relax my throat open. Sometimes I remembered to suck. But junior was doing nothing, just laying there his dick pointing straight up. It looked like it could go off and hit the ceiling.

Considering the first two ejaculations I wouldn't have been that surprised. This boy was letting off ten years of steam. So I sat on his chest my thighs on each side if him. I knew he should have liked the view. He did. Climax three didn't quite hit the ceiling but I felt some of it all the way up to my neck. When I wiggled my way down over his hips until I felt his manhood he wasn't exactly rock hard any more.

But he was still harder than a lot of men are when they push themselves inside me! I squirmed my way around until I could feel the tip touching my eager pussy lips.

So I held myself there waiting for him to buck himself up inside me. No big deal. I had everything lined up ready for him. I suppose I'd still be waiting. But after a while I started to feel excitement. His tip touching my lips felt nice.

I moved around a bit making it wipe back and forth between my lips. Also good. I pressed myself down onto him, and for the first time in my life felt myself do the fucking.

As I lowered myself around his thrice used pole I felt, really felt, the man inside me. It was quite something. I'm not used to being in charge. Never before had I concerned myself with how long it was taking. So I don't know. At some point I discovered I was sliding myself up and down his shaft.

If anything it was even getting harder again. Up and down, lean forward so my nipples rubbed his chest. Then it became back and forth. I felt myself bottoming out, my lips wrapped around his manhood, pressing against his pelvis. I felt myself! I felt him! I felt something happening inside me and realized I was about to find out what a orgasm realy felt like.

When it came I exploded. What more can I say? The most wonderful feeling I'd ever experienced and half the women in the world already know about it? They're right about everything good they'd ever said about it! During all this the boy laid there not moving, not touching me anywhere with his hands. Only his penis inside my vagina.

Of course he exploded when I did, his fourth time. I felt it inside me but saw nothing on his face. Hell. I didn't care about his fourth orgasm anyway. It was mine that I was wild about. I jumped up off his hips, feeling his member pop out of me. Even my sudden decoupling did nothing to change his expression. I got off the bed and ran out the door cheering. I didn't care that I was naked.

I just wanted to share my joy with my two lovers. But they'd heard me screaming and were already coming to see for themselves. I jumped into their arms dying to tell them, wanting to share my happiness much more with them than the stiff still lying inside on the bed.

I was surprised that they weren't overjoyed. But nothing bothered or disturbed my euphoria. Even the second time they threw me into the cold water I still wanted to tell them everything. Anyway, as one of them said, I did need to cool off. My thieves might not have been overjoyed that I'd found happiness with some third man. But later they were delighted when they discovered that the new orgasmic me was ready to respond to any man.