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Looking back even as we were moving away, I saw a fully outfitted assault team.

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Swiftly they entered the building even as we went through the back wall accelerating rapidly. 'Damn it,' I thought, 'what had happened that they had found us this fast?' Then as the building receded in the distance I realized that we had been there for over a day.

"I am scanning for another location as we move Doctor Gance. I regret that they found us quickly. Obviously my encoding needs further work.

If I am to protect us further you will have to adjust these more." Sheila threw over her shoulder to me. I knew better than to try and speak as at our current speed. I'd have not been able to speak let alone breathe well the last few times I had tried. Suddenly breaking into the open Sheila accelerated even more.

"I am detecting electronic tracking." Sheila said over her shoulder again. Attempting to run shut down commands. Triangulating now with available satellites, now sending shut down." Nodding I suddenly remembered that Sheila had stated that we were in some way now linked through the nanomites that she had implanted in me.

[Are they still tracking us through your frequencies?] I asked Sheila. [I am uncertain Doctor Gance, as I stated before I am in need of more updates. In order to better integrate into the systems that are tracking me and you.] Sheila replied to me.

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I was nodding my head as I tried to think of ways that she could further complicate their search for us. Suddenly a smile crossed my lips as I remembered a program that I hadn't used in years. Yes, I thought that would surely piss most of them off. Then with a smirk I thought especially father.

[We need to secure another location as soon as possible. I may have a solution that will help you. Will I be able to access the data crystal? Or is the use of a computer still needed?] I thought.

[At present you are still in the building stage of the nanomites inside you, I'm afraid it will take quite some time before you can access the data crystal.] Sheila replied. Though I was a little disappointed I also realized that it might be dangerous. As I was unfamiliar with the process I might inadvertently save my mind in the crystal as well. [Yes Doctor Gance, there is a danger of that. I will have to show you the safest way for you to access it without the loss of you own data.] Came Sheila's thoughts.

[You mean my mind don't you?] I asked. [Basically your mind as you said is a living memory bank. As with all machines if they access a crystal incorrectly there can be data loss.] Sheila tried to explain.

[I expect that the same would be the same with the storage of human data.] Ok I was starting to feel a little paranoid about the whole thing. My mind was all I had, to lose even a little of that might as well be a death sentence to me.

Looking around I saw that Sheila was once again slowing as we approached another large building. "Is this what I think it is?" I asked Sheila when she stopped. "I am uncertain as to exactly what you are thinking at the moment Doctor Gance.

I can tell you that this edifice is called the University of Alaska Anchorage. I believe we will have far better chances of remaining hidden than most of the places we were." Sheila said matter of factly.

I was shocked this place had highly touted engineering and computer labs. The far flung place that this was made them get the best as it was far harder to replace things here. "Will you be able to conceal us better?" I asked. "I am hoping after you are able to update my hacking abilities, I will be far better equipped to deal with any more intrusions.

I am sorry that I didn't detect the last attack sooner. I could have gotten you killed. I cannot allow this Doctor Gance; I WILL NOT allow this to happen as long as I am functional. Let's get in, the sooner you can upgrade me the better I can protect you." I could only stare at her with my mouth open. If what I had seen in the last look in was true she was definitely starting to feel love, but for me?

Why was she fixated on me? Now I really needed to look as close at the emotion program as i could. "I think for now Sheila we need to get under cover. Being out in the open this much I feel makes us an easier target." I told Sheila. "I concur Doctor Gance; we should be there in less than a minute." She said as we made our way inside the large computer building.

As we made our way deeper into the building I noticed that the floor was tilting slightly downward. With a smile I realized that they had a part underground. Good I thought detection of the both of us would truly be more difficult. Looking around I saw several cameras as we were going through the hall ways. "Have you managed to deactivate the cameras?" I asked. "Yes Doctor Gance they were using an extremely advanced though somewhat simple program to me.

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It was almost a pleasure to touch this one. You also might be able to help perform a few of these functions in a few days.

As of yet the nanomites are just starting to multiple enough to actually keep your health at optimum. As I said in three to four days you will be able to access far more than you can right now." Sheila explained to me. "Wait," I said. "You mean I will be able to access everything? What in the hell did you put in me?

I have never heard of any type of nanomite that can allow a human to access machines. Especially without some type of neural hook up." Sheila seemed to be debating her answer for a few moments before she got a completely serious look on her face. "I am sorry Doctor Gance if this has made you uncomfortable or unable to function. I developed these to assist you to faster apply your knowledge to all situations.

It was thought that freer access to the machines and me." Here Sheila turned her head almost as if she were blushing. "Would facilitate a more harmonious understanding between us." I stopped short at this answer. How in the hell could I argue against that logic? Thinking it over I had to admit that there were several huge advantages to all this. Then again I was still a little afraid of the fact that I could lose my mind in a machine. Looking up at Sheila I asked, "Can you with any certainty ensure that you can teach me enough?" Sheila's head snapped up to stare at me.

"Teach you Doctor Gance?" "You said that you could show me the safest way to access the data crystal. Without the loss of my mind or rather my data as you put it. I am afraid that if I were to lose even a little of my mind it would mean the end of me." I looked at Sheila as I continued.

"My mind is all I have." Sheila nodded as we went through the last set of doors far deeper than I thought we had gone.

"I will do all that I can to ensure that this does not happen Doctor Gance. I am hoping that you can update me enough for me to make a difference if this is the case." I looked around the room seeing the more high powered computers. True they were not that much compared to what I had used at the lab, they were far better than we had been using.

Sitting before the central input console I watched as Sheila started to isolate the system. Looking at the screen I could see that we were already somewhat isolated. Even as she started to cut the connections to the outside I was also removing the satellite links to the computer. I then started to look for any other back up.

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Finally an hour later Sheila came to me. "All appears to be secure Doctor Gance. I have to make sure that any wireless networks are disconnected also. As for now all satellite, cable, dsl, ISDN, and broadband communications have been shut down. Now also shutting down the WLAN and wi-fi connections. For now we are isolated though without further updates I might lose that control." I nodded as I started to connect the data crystal then started to type.

A moment later Sheila put a hand on my arm stopping me. Pointing to a command on the screen I nodded as I turned on the dictate through voice recognition program.

As I rapidly went through the program Sheila nodded as she connected to the computer. As I started to delve deeper and deeper I was starting to see that indeed Sheila had changed a great many of the basic programs I had installed. Going deeper I could see that many were anywhere from five to ten times more complex.

I was far deeper than I had been before trying to go deeper when I hit a wall! What the hell?


Typing in an override code I was starting forward when the same wall came back up. "Sheila," I stated. "Override, command Alpha omega nu epsilon. Enact." I said then waited a moment then started forward again only to find that I was blocked again! Sheila turned toward me a moment later, "I am sorry Doctor Gance. That area is no longer allowed to be accessed by any outside interference." I could only stare at her; I guess my mouth was open as she gently closed it with a small smile on her face.

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"How can I be denied access? I created you!" I told her surprised at what had just happened. "I am sorry Doctor Gance this was part of emergency measures that you programmed into me. Since you did not enter the correct code you also are locked out for a period of seventy two hours." Sheila told me with an honest to god honest look on her face.

Somehow I felt that she had done this on purpose. Though I had to ask why? Was there something that they had hidden in her that was causing this? Shaking my head I started to look at all that I could access.

There were very extensive and far reaching changes to almost every program that had anything to do with the emotional program. I don't really know just how long I was going through her files. It could have been a few hours or days as far as I was concerned.

I was finally after all this time starting to get a handle on all that she had done. I jerked awake feeling the sensation of blood starting to flow again into parts of my body.

Looking around I was startled a moment that I didn't see Sheila anywhere. That's when I noticed I was tied spread eagled to a table. Oh shit! What in the hell had happened? Where the hell was Sheila? It was about that time I saw Sheila and my father walk in. "So what is your prognosis Doctor Sheila?" I heard my father ask her. "Well General Sir, I think we should just scrap the entire thing. After all it is pretty much useless now." Sheila replied to him.

"It will mean a setback but it is just a waste of space. Alright I agree as I am sure Washington does." The general stated as he finally looked at me. "Here I thought you would finally amount to something. Fucking shame a real fucking shame!" I then saw Sheila and several lab techs start to move toward me with several saws.

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"Remember all of you this is just a waste of human flesh that we will process and reuse as a more viable substance. Also ignore the screams it is just a useless human." That's when I saw Sheila turn the high speed saw on then with an extremely large smile she started to remove my legs.

I was jerking as I felt each fall off my body. Screaming I suddenly fell out of the chair almost hitting the floor face first. "Doctor Gance!" I heard Sheila say next to my ear. "Doctor Gance! You must awaken from this state of diminished consciousness. The surroundings you are perceiving are in a dream." I felt her shaking me as my eyes snapped open then I was screaming as I saw that it was her holding me. "NO! Let me go! I am not a useless human let me GO!" I yelled as I tried to escape her grasp.

Pushing away from her I was once again heading head first toward the floor. Thankfully Sheila once again caught me just before my head made impact. "Doctor Gance!" Sheila yelled raising her voice for the first time I could remember. "I need you in a conscious state!" She then reached out slapping me rather hard. "I need you conscious Doctor Gance!" Finally I had my eyes open as I was staring at Sheila with wide eyes. Where was her lab coat? Where was she hiding my father?


"Doctor Gance!" Sheila shouted again to get over my panting. "You must gain release from this series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occurred in a your mind during sleep.

What was it.?" I heard her processing something. "It is only as you told me before, it is just a frightening or unpleasant dream or as you explained a nightmare." I was still staring at Sheila with wide eyes as she was explaining all this to me. " aren't going to reuse my body to make more viable substances?" I said the fear and terror still apparent in my voice.

Sheila's face showed shock then her features seemed to soften. "I am unsure as to what you are referring to Doctor Gance. I can assure you that I have no such intentions of doing so." I was still staring as she put me back into the chair that I had almost tumbled out of. Shaking my head I looked around the room realizing that we were still in the school. Shaking my head again I was finally starting to get my bearings. Taking a deep breath I sat back trying to assess what I had done that was on the screen.

It appeared I was painstakingly going through each of her lines of code to see what had actually been changed. Sighing I saw that this was going to take quite a long time. There had to be a better way to go through her code, though for the moment I was slightly at a loss of how to do it. Shaking my head I was at a complete loss at the moment. I was reaching out for the mouse to advance the page, when I noticed that the screen was scrolling on its own.

Shaking my head the scrolling stopped. Jerking away from the computer, "what the hell?" I said. "Ah! I see that the nanomites are finally starting to reach obtainable mass.

It appears you may be able to connect sooner!" I heard an excited Sheila say. I gave her a weak smile as I nodded then started to go through her code again. Then the strange thing started to happen. I was suddenly able to read twice then three times as fast. What the hell? It was exactly what I had been hoping to be able to do. "Sheila?" I asked drawing her attention.

"Would that obtainable mass also mean that I would be able to read faster? Also comprehend and correct? For it appears that I can now do both." Sheila looked at me for a few moments then nodded.

"It appears that while you were asleep they were able to multiple far faster than I had at first thought. This is good, with this added capacity you should be able to do far more work in a smaller amount of time." I nodded as I saw the speed increase again my god! I had been doing a few hundred lines of code an hour, now it had to be a few thousand, and the speed was increasing.

Sheila turned to look in my eyes as she said, "Perhaps it will afford you the time to finally run the upgrades that I will need to protect us both better." I nodded as I realized that it would help us more later on.

Though at the moment I was almost terrified to go online with her as vulnerable as she was. ______________________________________________________________ The General was cursing and throwing things about the headquarters. What a bunch of limp dick pricks! They had blown all the planning he'd done. Bunch of backward idiots was more what they were.

He had to get a handle on this before. His first Lieutenant rushed in a moment later. "I'm sorry to disturb you General." The younger man said as he saluted. "HE is on the phone." Swallowing hard the General nodded as the younger man backed out of the room. "Yes sir, this is General Gance!" The older man said as the president's face appeared on the video. "God damn it man! What in the hell is going on up there? I heard that a fully equipped assault team went in and nothing.

I've already got dozens of god damn groups demanding to know what's going on." The president shouted at the cringing General. "I thought you could handle this. So help me General get it done or I'll have you removed to the most remote station we have." The General was nodding the whole time the president was ranting. "The assault team was a bunch of clumsy idiots sir.

I'd like permission to activate my black ops group. The same we used in Tehran the last two years. I'm sure that they can get the job done." "I assume you are talking about the killjoy bunch. I'll have them reassigned to you in a week. As of right now they are all on separate missions." The president pointed a finger at the General as he stated. "This is your last damn chance General, you get that ass this time after they are there or you're finished! This son of a bitch has caused enough disruption.

Terminate him as soon as possible!" With that the screen went blank as the General sank into his chair. "Lieutenant!" The man yelled.


The younger man appeared a moment later a cigar and a drink for the General. "Here you go sir!" "Ah! What would I do without you? You are the perfect aid my boy." The General said as he put the cigar in his mouth with the younger man immediately lighting it. Taking a sip of his drink the General nodded then continued. "We are going to have company in the next week. I want mobile quarters brought with us for them." The younger man was writing at a furious pace.

"Anything special that needs to be added?" The younger man asked. The General thought for a few moments then nodded. "We need a well stocked liquor cabinet as we can get. The 'guests' that we are getting like to celebrate rather hard." The younger man was nodding noticing that the General seemed rather distracted.

"Is everything alright General?" The General was quiet for a few more moments then looked at the younger man.

"Did you ask me something son?" The General asked. "Yes sir, I asked if everything was alright." The younger man replied. Sighing the General shook his head. "As you know I just got off the phone with the president. It appears that little prick of a son of mine is causing more problems for him.

We have a week to prepare a plan of attack for this team. I'm sure you remember them from two years ago." The younger man's eye went wide, "you mean the killjoy group?" The younger man said as he started to tremble. They were the worst bunch of killers that the Lieutenant had heard of. They were also the biggest bunch of sodomising, rapists he'd heard of.

The General nodded noticing the younger man shaking. "Don't worry if they touch you I will have them in the stockade for a long time." The young man sighed then nodded, though the prospect of seeing any of them was almost terrifying.