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Sexy brunette whore sophie dee dreams tbecome a pornstar
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Harry awoke the next morning to Hermione apparating into the room. "You had better get up stairs before Mrs. Weasley comes in." Hermione told him. Harry jumped up with a little "plop" when his dick left Ginny's pussy. He grabbed his clothes and apparated back up stairs to Ron getting dressed. Harry threw his clothes on and packed his trunk. He made sure his cloak was in his back pocket and grabbed his trunk and Hedwig. He followed Ron down the stairs and the scene this morning was calmer.

Only Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione were setting out for Hogwarts. A ministry car pulled up outside the house and they all piled in and were off for the train.

They arrived at platform 9 3/4 with half an hour to spare. The four of them stowed their luggage into the last compartment and came back to Mrs.

Weasley to say their goodbyes. They then piled onto the train right before it started to take off. They all were changed into their robes right away. They sat down and waited for the lunch trolley to come by. Harry bought them all snacks.

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After eating their chocolate frogs (Ron still has not finished his collection) and cauldron cakes they cuddled onto the two benches. Harry and Ginny started making out followed by Ron and Hermione. Harry reached over and pulled the blinds to the compartment closed so they could have more privacy. Harry then moved his hand into Ginny's robe and felt her breasts.

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Her nipples were hard and erect. Harry then opened up her robe, took one of her tits into his mouth, and sucked. He took her nipple into his teeth and slightly bit it.

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Ginny moaned a little which made Ron and Hermione break apart and look. Hermione reached her robe and spread it open and asked Ron, "So what are you waiting for?" with a big smile on her face.

Meanwhile Harry's mouth was getting tired so he lifted Ginny onto her legs and lifted her robe.

Harry then pulled his cock through a hole and guided her onto it. They were facing each other as she sat down. They kissed as Harry plunged his cock in and out of her. Harry looked around Ginny and say Hermione and Ron was doing the same thing. Harry reached into Ginny's robes and started playing with her tits. "Were not disturbing you guys are we?" Harry heard a dreamy voice coming from the door of the compartment. Luna and Neville were standing there holding hand with Neville staring at Ginny.

"When did you two start going out?" Harry asked them. Luna grabbed a hold of Neville's robes and opened them up. "Since I found out his dick is 9 inches long." Luna told them. Neville just went beat red. Ginny and Hermione just stared at it with their jaws on the floor.

Harry gave Ginny a little playful slap on the ass and she came back to reality.


Neville sat next to Harry and Luna sat right on top of him like everyone else. Harry took his wand and said, "'Muffliato" at the door so no one could hear them.

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Harry just looked around and smiled, "I wish this could have happened last year. It would have made things go much faster." Harry thought to himself. Harry grabbed Ginny's waist and continued sliding his cock into her. Ginny gyrated her hips to get the best felling she could. Harry then heard Hermione squeal so he looked over at her and saw Ron fucking her from behind.

That gave Harry and idea as he picked Ginny up and set her down on the floor on all fours. Right next to Hermione, Ginny looked into Hermione's eyes and smiled while Harry got behind her and put his cock into her ass. All the girls were panting and moaning by now with smiles on their faces. Harry heard a grunt from Ron and new he came into Hermione's ass because he pulled it out. Hermione was not through yet though, she lay on her back underneath Ginny and sucked on her tits while Ginny reached over and sank a couple of fingers into Hermione's pussy.

"I'm going to cum." Harry said aloud. Ginny pulled his cock out, turned around, and took it into her mouth. It only took a second and Harry shot his load into her mouth.


Ginny swallowed it all and did not waste a drop. Meanwhile it sounded as if Neville had finished to. The three boys were spent but the girls were still in the mood. Luna joined Ginny and Hermione on the floor for some aftermath fun.

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Ginny laid down on her back and Hermione climbed on top of her face with her ass on Ginny's nose. Luna got down in between Ginny's legs and stuck her tongue into her dripping wet pussy.

Luna pulled out a rolled up copy of the Quibbler, which in Harry's opinion, looked waterproof. Next thing he saw was amazing. Luna shoved the magazine into Ginny's pussy and then she inserted the other end into her own pussy.

Luna and Ginny's pussies looked as if they were glued together at the pussy.

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Hermione meanwhile got up; it looked as though she was done to. Ginny sat up, her and Luna started kissing which was the most erotic thing Harry had ever seen.

Ginny and Luna were grinding their hips together moaning into each other's mouths. This just turned Harry, Ron and Neville on, they all became instantly hard. Neville this time went over to Hermione and placed his cock into her.


Harry meanwhile wanted to know what Luna's pussy felt like so he pulled her apart from Ginny. He lay on his back and placed Luna on top of him. Harry grabbed her hips and started pounding away into her. This time Luna was yelling as loud as possible, her pussy was probably being fucked raw and she seemed to be enjoying it.

Harry heard Ginny moaning and was wandering what she was doing considering the only guy left was.Ron was on top of Ginny pounding her pussy raw. "I've wanted to do this ever since you started growing tits." Harry heard Ron whisper in Ginny's ear.

Harry smiled and turned his attention back to Luna who had her eyes close and was moaning. Harry reached up and grabbed her tits in which were the same size of Ginny's. "We will be arriving at Hogwarts in five minutes time." they heard over head. Everyone picked up their rhythm and it seemed everyone came at the same time including the girls. After a couple minute rests, everyone got up and dressed. Hermione cleaned all the cum left behind with a couple of well-placed spells.

They felt the train come to a halt and emptied into the corridor like everyone else. It did not seem as packed as usual; some kids probably did not come back after Dumbledore's death. Even though there was still a lot of students that came back. The six of them climbed of and saw Hagrid standing there, calling for all the first years to follow him. After a quick hello to him, they all piled into a carriage. Harry saw the Thestrals standing all around as he climbed in with Ginny by his side. To Be Continued.