Beautiful multiorgasmic girl with perfect natural boobs

Beautiful multiorgasmic girl with perfect natural boobs
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"Well, I have like 45 minutes to kill," sang the high-pitched, sweet little voice of my chubby Latina friend Gianella, "would you like a sloppy blowjob?" My ears weren't expecting that question, and I swear I must have blushed. Perverted middle-school teens don't get that question often, or at least, this one doesn't.

Or hasn't before at least. Maybe she saw me staring at her C cup boobs in her tight see through t-shirt, or she detected my eyes on her squeezable round butt in those tight jeans a few minutes earlier. Or maybe she was just clairvoyant. Try to sound confident,said the little voice from my brain. Down below told me, don't screw this up for me. "Uh," came out my stupid response at first, "well, uh, I mean -- duh -- what?" I was looking right at her round, bronze face.

her eyes were a dark brown and her lips were full. Gianellas jet-black hair was slightly messy but beautiful never the less. Ok, now try to sound confident, I thought. "Fuck, Gianella, I don't -- I mean, I hope you don't think --" "I can, if you want." She stood next to the big oak desk in my basement that held my video games, her small hand on her hip as her 13-year-old body was cocked to one side.

Her shirt was clinging to her body, and those round breasts (undoubtedly C or D cup, or more).


The bra around them were stretching the material of her top. An inch-long dark shadow of cleavage sat right above to top edge of the skin tight shirt and teased the hot teen tits inside. The girl smiled at me playfully; it was not the grin of a shy virgin. "I'm pretty good." No doubt about that, my horny teen mind agreed.

"Oh, I'm sure a gorgeous girl like you gets plenty of, um, opportunities, to practice." Mental wince; did I just call her a slut? But she was still grinning at me. She kept looking at me with her big brown eyes and toothy smile. She wasn't embarrassed for asking.

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"Oh, if you don't, that's all good, but --" Then, for the first time, she looked a bit shy. Her eyes squinted, her smile grew even larger. "You're just really cute. We don't have to tell anyone." Goddamned, this sexy girl sure knew how to give a guy an erection. "Wow, thanks -- that's really sweet.

And," I winked, "you're ridiculously sexy, but I'm sure a million guys have told you that." The busty Latina rolled her soft eyes at my compliment. "Oh, stop, your so cute." Then I saw her eyes move to my crotch, as I was sitting on my big leather chair in front of her.

And she probably saw a bulge, because my penis had shot to nearly full size in my pants. My feet were apart, knees to the sides, and I only had to lean back by shoving my butt forward a few inches to expose my crotch entirely.

"I can't believe you're asking, I think you were reading my mind." The long-haired teen with the bulging boobs shrugged her slight shoulders as she stepped forward and dropped to her knees. This is really happening, and the realization made me shiver with a satisfying warmth. My eyes tracked her hands with keen interest, as her dainty brown fingers reached forward and slid up my legs.

She was smiling at my face, a very intelligent and amicable stare, then she glanced down just as her fingers traced over my crotch. I moaned softly and she did too, her fingers detecting my huge erection inside my pants and underwear. I watched her do all the work, unfastening then unzipping my pants.

I lifted my hips so my butt cleared my seat, using my hands and shoulders to press against the chair and keep it steady. She had to yank a couple of times, but she got my clothing moving downward. The cool air of my home hit my hot burning erection, making me throb even hotter. That's when the Latina's eyes fell on my lengthy penis, and I am not making this up, her plump lips stretched even wider. "Oh wow," her high-pitched, middle school voice cooed, as she spied my tool for the first time.

She let out an even more convincing exclamation of satisfaction at what she had just uncovered. "Jesus, that's big." My thick, seven inches of glory pulsated on my pelvis in front of her, my pants and underwear down to my knees.

I leaned back more, thrusting my pelvis forward to my shirt hiked up and my cock and balls were more fully on display to her. She looked down just momentarily to remove my clothing off my feet; fortunately I was wearing only black ankle socks and no shoes. She left the socks on, crawling forward more on her knees, pushing my legs open.


Her big eyes returned to stare at my aching dick, and there was no question that she was impressed. "Mmmmm, it's so big!" Her eyes looked up at my face and her long eyelashes batted, and she broke out in a little giggle. "Tee hee, you have a great penis!" I was about to thank her, but her two small soft hands wrapped around my base, and I just couldn't help but groan deeply.

I felt precum stream out of my aching fat cockhead, as her palms closed on the bottom half of my shaft and her thin fingers curled around the rigid wide shaft. She played with my erection a couple of moments, pointing it to the ceiling and using her hands together to squeeze and pump it slowly, just the fat base.

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Her eyes examined my wide head now all messy with clear precum, but she also looked below my big shaft at my large balls which were filling with cum for her. If she kept stroking me like that, she probably could have made me cum in a few minutes anyway. That shadow of cleavage in her tight shirt looked twice as large now, as she leaned forward. I was watching her pretty face with all her jet-black hair swaying around it, but the sight of her tits stretching out her top was too fantastic to ignore.

I almost didn't notice as she leaned forward and opened her lips. "Fuck!" I gasped, as the teenager's wet fat lips surrounded my messy cockhead. Gianella instantly sucked my round soft head in her warm mouth, and I could feel her juicy, silky tongue slide around my cockhead inside that mouth.

She tasted my precum and sucked out a few more drips in the vacuum between her cheeks, while her hands squeezed the bottom few inches of my 7 inches. Her eyes looked up at mine diffidently, the look of a girl in lust with a hard penis in her mouth, then her eyelids closed as she swallowed another inch or so of my erection.

Her mouth was incredibly wet and warm, and with her hands clasped around the bottom of my cock, she had most of my dick surrounded.

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Gianella proceeded to suck the top few inches, bobbing her pretty face slowly, sucking maybe three or so inches into her mouth then sliding back up until just the cockhead remained inside her lips. As her lips retreated up my cock, she left behind slight glistening drips of her saliva.

Her hands on my base pumped slowly, squeezing hard, moving in unison in the opposite direction, pushing the outer skin of my cut cock down towards my balls. Then after sucking the cockhead a second or two, swirling her wet tongue over it, she lowered her lips again and began feeing meat into her mouth, while her hands moved upwards on my fat dick. I groaned when finally her lips met her hands, she had just about all 7 inches of my dick surrounded by her hands or her mouth.

I felt pressure on my cockhead as it pressed against the back of her tight mouth, almost bending my dick to fit inside her mouth. She slurped my engorged erection, slobbering on it, coating it in a thick wad of saliva. I felt her warm breath gasp over my penis as she exhaled, then she began moving upwards again, leaving behind an even more wet cock. This time her lips came all of the way off of my dick and she sat back on her ankles, staring at my long adult cock in her two hands.

She wrapped one hand more firmly around my cock, her thumb trying to reach around unsuccessfully to her palm, while her other hand slipped down to my testicles.

Instinctively I spread my legs even wider, almost hooking them over the armrests of my chair, and the young girl cupped my aching balls in her other hand and felt them softly.

She grinned at me, almost looking embarrassed at her curiosity, but her eyes were focused again on my rigid wet erection sticking straight up.

Her hand began to pump me slowly, riding almost to the top, then pushing down to the base. Very slowly and deliberately, working me, feeling how hard and hot my cock was. "I love your cock," the teen giggled amorously. I couldn't stop a cheesy reply.

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"It loves you." The Latina giggled and leaned forward, her pink tongue sticking out. She cupped her hand around the topside of my shaft, exposing the soft underside, and she planted her warm tongue on the base of my dick down near my balls. Then in one slow, maddening motion, she moved her wet tongue northward up along the soft underside, going all the way to the top. I almost cried out with pleasure, and my hips rose an inch to keep her tongue on my dick just a bit longer.

She laughed at feeling me move my dick to follow her small wet tongue, then as her tongue neared the top of my erection, she rose up on her knees to position her head directly above my cock.

Her long silky black hair spilled down, falling on my naked thighs, as she stuck her tongue down and slurped it in circular motions around my soft bulbous helmet and the sensitive ring underneath it. Her fist on my dick continued to pump me up and down, spreading her saliva around my shaft as lubricant.

Then I felt even more saliva dripping down my penis; Gianella was drooling over my cock, getting it extra-wet. The girl sat back on her heels, admiring her handiwork. Her small brown hand was pumping my long aching cock, and saliva was smeared all over my dick and her fingers and palm.

I could feel her hand gliding now on my dick, and little squishy noises filled the room along with our deep breaths as her fingers and palm stroked my drenched dick.

Her fist moved a little faster, up and down. She smiled past my cock to grin at my face, and she blew me a precious little kiss. "You like?" "Fuck yes," I slurred, in a trance. Looking at her pretty face and feeling her hand stroking my lubricated erection was making my balls want to explode. "You're really fucking good, making me so fucking hard." "Mmm, good," purred the little girl, leaning forward again.

She wrapped her lips around my cockhead and sucked it hard, licking the precum off again, then she held my dick upright and for a second time licked just the sensitive underside of my shaft.

Her lips descended to the fat base, and my wet erection momentarily pressed against her cheeks and nose, getting her face a little damp. Her fist grabbed my cock again and this time pulled it back, and her wet young mouth moved of my hairy balls.

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I pulled my knees back very far now, my hands under them to lift my legs over the armrests, and I must have let out a little yelp that made her giggle.

She sucked my fat balls into her gentle warm mouth, expertly rolling them between lips and tongue, slobbering on them too.

"Fuck that's good," I moaned, my eyes rolling at the insanely delicious pleasure I was feeling. I knew I was going to erupt with one huge orgasm, but I was trying to hold it back as long as I could.

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Her mouth suckled my balls a few seconds until my thick dark hair was matted with saliva, then she moved her tongue and lips upwards again, to the cockhead.

Her fist wrapped around the base and just held it tightly, fingers and thumb wrapped in a circle around the base directly where it protruded from my balls. With my dick pointing upwards, she stuffed two or three inches of cock into her teenage mouth and continued to suck it while washing her tongue all over it. I throbbed hard inside her mouth and felt her saturating my erection with a bath of warm saliva.

It was an amazing feeling and undoubtedly the best fucking blowjob I could ever ask for. Gianella was moaning over my penis, pushing as much into her mouth as she could until my cockhead was against the entrance to her throat. I wondered if she'd deep-throat me, but she wasn't trying to. Instead she just sucked the top part of my stiff erection inside her mouth while her hand worked the lower part, gliding noisily up and down the base as it pumped and squeezed.

Each time her fist pushed down, the bottom of her hand pressed into my balls slightly, drawing a series of little pleasured groans from the boy she was blowing. After sucking my penis deep in her mouth for a couple of minutes, she suddenly popped off, sitting upright and sucking in air.

Her thick puffy lips were drooling with saliva, which was dripping down her chin and cheeks. She looked really sexy, with her big brown eyes full of lust. "I love your cock," she repeated, her lungs heaving while her fist continued to squeeze and jerk my wet erection. Her deep breaths were making those hot tits heave, and my eyes were glued to them.

I couldn't resist. "If you really, really, really wanna make this the hottest, best blowjob I've ever had," I moaned, although lying because it probably already was, "would you, maybe, let me see those incredibly hot tits of yours?" I winced as I asked, wondering if I was crossing some kind of line. I had always assumed the young girls were giving out blowjobs. So I wasn't sure if it was proper for a girl to strip for a blowjob; and I didn't want her to think I was angling for fucking, because she hadn't offered it to me.

But Gianella grinned politely and almost proudly, my request obviously indicating my pleasure for her shape. "Sure, if you want." She immediately reached to her waist and grabbed her shirt, and moments later she was pulling it off of her head and away from her long flowing hair.


She had a purple bra that was barely containing her mounds. Gianella didn't move slowly, she reached around to find the hook of her bra, and as soon as it unsnapped she pulled her top off. I whistled, because those teenage tits were divine. They were not quite as brown as the rest of her, a bit of a tanned cream color; perfectly smooth and soft and just big and fucking around. Her areolas were deep reddish-brown were round, and her nipples were hard, and stuck out almost an inch.

My eyes were glued on sight. She sat back on her heels, arching her back to show off her rack, and I could see her eyes smiling when she saw my reaction to her bust. She didn't have to ask if I liked them. Gianella let me stare at her boobs a couple of seconds, then she leaned down to suck my dick again.

Her hand grabbed my wet cock and she began licking her tongue around the cockhead, kissing my tip time to time. Pumping my shaft was making my balls ache, and I could feel something building inside of me. I could smell her feminity, not only her sweat from her exposed naked top but also the sharp, distinct scent of wet pussy. She was obviously wet in her panties or whatever she had on under her tight jeans, and the idea that I was making an 13 year old girl wet was getting me ever closer to cumming.

I put a hand on the back of her head, feeling how soft her long hair was. "Oh fuck yes, baby," I grunted, pushing my dick up against her tongue, encouraging her to take it into her mouth. She did, wrapping lips around it, sucking my top few inches of my cock into her warm, wet mouth again. I wasn't pressing her head down but just feeling it bob, as her head made little up and down motions with her tongue swirling around my cockhead inside her tight closed lips.

She had a single ring formed by one finger and her thumb, pushing down my shaft to press into my balls, then she's move her hand up to her lips and form the ring again and push her finger and thumb all the way down once more; and over and over she did that, while her lips and tongue worked on my cockhead.

My cock was getting so close to cumming, and I wanted it to last, at least so It wasn't faster than the boys at school she sucked. I had no idea who's cock got inside this Latina mouth, but she surely was getting a lot of practice. To stall the inevitable, I leaned up and reached a hand down, under her, to feel one of her boobs. The moment my hand wrapped around it, my fingers cupping it and palm brushing her hard nipple, I let out a little grunt. It was like the perfect tit, teenage and perky and big and soft.

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Gianella pushed her fingers down my shaft one last time and licked my drenched cockhead with a last flick of her tongue, then she leaned up on her knees between my legs, bringing her chest higher. I could now cup her other tit, and I immediately began groping and fondling those twin boobs anxiously.

Fuck they were so soft and pliable, but so big. Her skin rolled around my palms, and I traced her rock hard nipples with my thumbs, teasing them in rapid movements as my thumbs rotated around those bumps. Gianella smiled up at me, arching her back for me. My mouth watered as my eyes and hands enjoyed her breasts, and I went for it.

I leaned down, mouth open, moving to suck one of those melons. Gianella''s mouth intercepted mine, maybe she thought I was going to kiss her.

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I moaned in surprise, but smelled then felt the teenager's face directly under mine. Her open mouth slammed into my gaping mouth, and her tongue thrust forward. I hadn't expected it but I didn't argue. I let her tongue invade my mouth where my lips closed on it, and my tongue began licking her mouth. I tasted cock in her mouth, and actually, it was exciting. She moaned in a high-pitched whine, sucking in air through her nose while we began French kissing madly.

We were humping each other's mouths with our tongues, our tongues licking each other and then darting around each other's mouths, licking teeth and cheeks and gums. Gianella kept a hand around my shaft, more holding it than stroking it, while both my hands fondled her boobs and lovingly pinched her rigid nipples time to time.

I loved how the teen kissed, it was so erotic and horny, way better than my girlfriend. Our lips parted and we both had our tongues stuck out in the air between our faces, just our tongues touching, licking each other. I couldn't help but groan at how sexy it felt, and I heard Gianella squeal too at the playful dancing of our tongues over each other. We both began making sensuous moaning noises with our jaws and lips open, just lapping each other's wet tongue lustfully.