Spaß Im Wald Wichsen

Spaß Im Wald Wichsen
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After I woke up the first thing I did was replay the previous night's events in my head. Needless to say that got me hard pretty quick.

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I turned over to see that Tiffany was awake and had spent the night. "Good morning!" she said, "I still can't believe last night happened." "Me either, I think that was the best sex I ever had." I replied " I think we should have a little more fun with her." Tiffany said.

"Well Tiffany, to be honest, Liz is my slave. We can't share her." "Oh… well I really had fun last night and I would like to do it again." Tiffany said, sounding slightly disappointed.

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"Well, I don't know what to tell you." I replied, "I like being in control and while watching you boss her around was fun I think I would like to be in complete control of her." "Actually I was thinking about it and I liked when you told her to do stuff to me.

I want to have you boss me around." "Tiffany, Liz is my complete slave. She has to do whatever I want whenever I want. That is what I get off on.

She is doing this as punishment for being a slut when we broke up.


Unless you want to completely give yourself to me, I'm not really interested." I replied. And then Tiffany gave me the answer that I was looking for. "Well, I guess what I am saying is that I want to be your slave." She stated. I couldn't believe my luck.

Just two days after getting my first slave I had another one practically fall into my lap. But I had to act like I was reluctant to take her on.

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"I don't know Tiffany. I just don't know if you are up to it. I mean, you would literally belong to me." "You don't understand Mike, that is what I want. You're so good in bed and I always have orgasms when I'm with you. I want you to use me as your sex toy because I like feeling like I have to serve you." Tiffany said, getting turned on by her own words.

"If you really feel that way I can draw up a contract and you can sign it by the end of the day." I replied "A contract?" she said, looking bewildered. "Well yeah, just to make sure that you don't go telling people that I made you do something that you didn't want to do." I said.

"Oh well that makes sense," replied Tiffany, "I am really looking forward to this." "Ok, to prove that you are serious lets have a little test right now." I said, still pretty hard from thinking about last night. "What do you mean?" She asked, smiling in anticipation. "First off you must address me as master, understand?" I instructed "Oh, yes master." She said in a playful voice. "Ok, I want you to stand up, strip for me, then get on the edge of the bed and play with yourself until I tell you to stop.

You are not allowed to cum without my permission." "Yes master." She replied With that she got up out of bed, only wearing a thong and bra from the night before and started to dance for me.


Her tits were bouncing as she swayed her hips and turned around to show me her ass. Tiffany had started out as someone to have sex with after me and Liz broke up so until now I really hadn't appreciated her body but it was really something. She had a little bit bigger of a build than Liz but she definitely made up for it with her figure. She had the curves of a goddess. Her boobs were easily double D's and the biggest that I had ever seen in person and she had a slim waste considering how big her ass was.

I always loved girls with big asses because I love grabbing onto something when I'm fucking them from behind. Because I was spending so much time thinking about how much I loved her body I had stopped paying attention to what Tiffany was doing. She was on the edge of the bed rubbing her clit as hard as she could, moaning and pushing her ring and middle finger deeper and deeper into her soaking wet pussy.

"Please master let me cum," she begged, "PLEASE!" "You will never cum before me slave. Now get off the bed and get on your hands and knees." I ordered and she obeyed. "Good. Now crawl over here and suck my cock." She started crawling over to my side of the bed and I realized how much I liked watching a naked girl crawl. Her ass swayed from side to side and her tits did the same.

She looked at me the entire way, knowing that she was turning me on. When she got to me she sat up and started to put her hair in a pony tail.

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As she did I grabbed my belt and whipped it across her tits. The pain brought her back down to her hands and knees. "Slave! I did not instruct you to put your hair in a pony-tail. I told you to crawl over and suck my cock. When I tell you to do something you follow my instruction to the letter.

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Do you understand me?" I said in a harsh tone. "Yes master, I'm sorry." She replied while looking down, sorry that she had failed me. "You are no longer allowed to use the word "I". I is a word for people. You are a slave.


From now on you will address yourself as my slave. Understand?" I said, seeing if she would follow this command to humiliate herself further. "Yes master, your slave understands." She said, blushing in embarrassment and lowering her head even further.

"Good. Now put your mouth to work with the only thing it is good at doing and suck my cock." I commanded. She brought her head up and started to suck my cock. I could tell that she was uncomfortable with her hair being in the way as she started to get precum and spit all over her hair.

All the arousal of ordering my slave around had gotten me pretty worked up so it didn't take long for me to be ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and ordered her to close her eyes and stay still. I squeezed my cock and squirted cum all over her face and hair then pushed her over and laughed at my slave as she lay perfectly still on the ground, covered in my jizz.

"Good job slave. Now I want you to get up and kneel in the corner. You do not get to cum this morning and you don't get to wipe my cum off of your face. Stay in the corner on your knees until I tell you that you are allowed to move.

Understand?" "Yes master, your slave understands." She said, obviously humiliated by having to keep my cum on her face. With that, she crawled to the corner, cum dripping onto the floor and starting to dry in her hair, defeated, she had just became my new slave.