Surprising Amateurs NaturalBreasts Are Beauteous

Surprising Amateurs NaturalBreasts Are Beauteous
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Chapter Eight "Easy Street" My eyes opened slowly as the incessant ringing of the phone continued. It was Rita.


Her return flight was on a definite hold. The airlines had suddenly stopped the route. I quickly copied her address and said I would see her soon.

Hanging up, I lay on my back and cupped my nude tits and pondered my thoughts. Damn! First there was Jay, and now Rita. That left Carlo and Alan. I had given the thought of leather being used on my skin. Yes, that would be something! Could you imagine being stripped and then whipped? Ohhh! And Carlo had said something about whipping me between my legs! That thought alone made my thighs open and tingle. Lying back, I cupped my slit.

Umm! How good it felt as I slowly massaged the opening. Pushing down on the top with my palm, I sent one, and then two fingers up my juicy twat. My channel had tightened up and I could just feel a big fat cock pushing its way up me. I knew my meat would wrap itself around the intruder and caress it as it moved back and forth. Starting to bring myself off, I stopped.

No! I would wait. Maybe there may be something new I would come across. Maybe. Finally rising, I showered and slipped on a thin summer dress. The sun felt good as I walked around town and window- shopped.

I looked at my reflection in a window and was impressed with what I saw. My body had really blossomed with my bed antics. I did look good!

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No wonder the men gave me a good look. Since leaving the states, I had been exercising. So what if most of it was when I was being fucked? It was still exercise! Plus I had been watching my eating. Humph! No wonder I looked good! Continuing on, I saw a couple of men that made my snatch twitch.

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I mean, hell, it had been four days! I mean, hey! Like what's a girl to do? That afternoon, I had just returned from shopping when the telephone rang. It was Paul. To make a long story short, he asked for a divorce. He realized that we would never get along, so he was willing to make me a very handsome settlement. His lawyer would fax the papers to me and I would be single the minute they were signed.

Readily agreeing, we then wished the other good luck and hung up. True to his words for within minutes, there was a knock at my door. It was a hotel attendant with the fax. I looked it over, signed it, and the hotel sent it back. Free! I was now free! Six days later in the afternoon I was sitting on the balcony enjoying a Gin and Tonic.

The sun was almost down and the shadows began to reach out. I had to compliment myself. I had been spending some time in the spa and felt great.

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My first check had already been deposited from Paul and on top of that, Jay had wired me a very nice sum. He had made some investments and they paid off almost immediately.

When he learned that I had become divorced, he made arrangements that would send me a handsome monthly sum. Just from the interest alone, I could live very, very comfortable for years. And by then, my account would be even larger. In other words, I was set for life. I could see no reason to join the work force. I had decided to spend some more time here.

The weather and surroundings appealed to me. The people were friendly and with the money I now had, I could live like a queen. The more I thought about it the more I decided to pursue the thought. That afternoon, I was strolling and passed a building with pictures of property for sale. Pausing, I found interest in one that had a gorgeous home with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Inquiring, I was given a tour and by six that night, I was the new owner.

********* Edith was cooking dinner while Alan and I fucked. He had already taken me early this morning before he left for school. And now as he continued to jackhammer my willing cunt, I wrapped my legs around his buttocks to be able to derive every sensation, and every tingle.

When he drew back his cock to the lips of wet pussy, I knew he would then drive his sweet length of cock-meat as deep as he could.

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I also knew it would make me gasp with pleasure. And I knew that I would also love every minute of it! And YES! Her it comes! Oh my God! How great life is! I had just finished showering when Marie came in from school. Slipping on the same robe I had worn at the "Establishment" I greeted her with a sweet kiss. We spoke briefly about her classes and she then went in to see her mother and then off to her room to study.

Stepping out on the balcony, I took in the warm dry sun and pondered my thoughts. Since coming to this beautiful part of the world, I had been blessed by good fortune except the death of Jay. He had been killed in an accident while oil drilling.

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Edith had consoled me greatly and even accompanied me to Jay's funeral. He had left me all his holdings and even the lawyer had marveled at them. I was now considered to be one of the richest women in this area. Edith advised me and I was impressed with her knowledge. That was why I talked her into living with me. She had no qualms about me and her children. For the three of them enjoyed each other frequently. Her and I had a long talk a few days back and I now decided to implement some of her ideas.

The first was Pablo and Cortez. Both were handy with their hands and I now needed someone to maintain the grounds, and act as guards. Last but assuredly not the least, was to protect me while laying under them with their nice fat cocks up me!

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I enjoyed sex with the men and since moving in, Edith and I had them stay many nights with us. The next was to build onto the house so that everyone could have total privacy. Then Edith could select a couple of maids that could double as cooks.


A room for each would be added to the new house construction. That way, she and I could have a different cock at least three times a week. The other four days, we could enjoy each other! Oh, oh, yes!

Life is great. All these thoughts of sex heated up my cunt.

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Reaching between my legs, I eased my middle finger up inside and exhaled heartedly. Damn! I needed to come! Hmm, Alan was studying as well as Marie. That left_! Going inside, I pulled my robe off and headed quite quickly, to the kitchen. Edith smiled when I entered.


She smiled broadly at my nudity as I approached her. Taking me in her arms, she smiled and kissed me as her hand moved in between my thighs as I explained what I wanted to do.

Her eyes lit up at the mention of Pablo and Cortez. Taking me by the hand she led me to the living room and eased me down on to the sofa. Opening my legs, I uttered a sigh when her lips locked onto my nether ones. Life was great!