Teasing your hard cock with my soft feet feels so good

Teasing your hard cock with my soft feet feels so good
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I woke up against my will to the sound of a door opening and then my phone ringing. I looked at the caller id and saw it was mom, so I forced myself awake and pushed talk. "Hey mom, thanks for the wake up call." "Its 10:00 in the morning, you should be getting up anyway, unless you had a late night, hmm?" "Not that late, but lets just say it was worth the lost sleep." "I don't know what to do with you two, well yes I do, but that's not why I called.

I need you and Rita to get started on the chores for me, its really pouring down outside and you know how we hate to drive in the rain, we'll leave when it slows down a bit." "(sigh) Sure mom, but you owe me." "Last time you said that we ended up screwing each others brains out half the night," she laughed. The way she said it I couldn't help but laugh too.

"Glad you're being so modest about it. I'm guessing dad isn't in the room with you?" "You guessed right, I'm downstairs eating the last of the hershey's chocolate pie, he and Lisa are upstairs in bed. I gotta go now, remember, I need you to do the housework, not your sister, I don't want you two banging each other all day, oh and don't forget to wash the dishes, gotta go honey, love you." "Love you too mom, we wont forget.

Tell Aunt Lisa we said hi, and save me a piece of that pie!" I yelled before she hung up. I heard giggling as she hung up, I knew she wasn't gonna save me any of that pie, as much as she watches her weight when she gets a chance to splurge she always capitalizes on it. That conversation woke me up a lot so I sat up and got set to knock the chores out, but intended to split half of them with Rita, I mean we are still brother and sister, and this is one of those times where we act like it.

I couldn't see any tape on her door, but I had a feeling she was still in the house. I pulled the sheets back and turned my legs off the side of the bed, and saw a post-it note stuck to my left leg, it read. "Notice anything missing besides me?" I scanned her room and looked around for anything that might be gone, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I went to my room and did a once over in there, but I still couldn't put my finger on it. I started to go to mom and dad's room since they were obviously still gone, but I figured she wouldn't hide anything or take anything from there.

I decided to give up for now and go get something to eat. I peed and brushed my teeth and went back to Rita's room to grab my clothes to put back on when I remembered I stripped down to my boxers then went to her room. I went back to my room and couldn't find the clothes I took off anywhere.

I was confused, I know I left them in a pile on the floor, but they were nowhere to be found. Mom wasn't here to wash them and Rita doesn't.Rita!

She took them? But why would Rita take my clothes, she never washes our clothes, in fact, the only time I've ever really seen her near the washing machine is when she.ooooooooooooh! I took off down the stairs to the basement and there she was, perched up on top of the spinning washing machine naked.

"I knew you'd figure it out. I just restarted the spin cycle," she said sexily waving me over. "You know I'm gonna make you pay for that," I said walking over to her. "Good.

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Then it wasn't for nothing," she said as she pulled me close to her. "Mom called, she wants us to get started on the housework for her, she said they'll be back in around three hours when the rain lets up." "Three hours huh? How will we ever pass the time?" Rita asked tugging at my boxers. "Hmm, I don't know, I was thinking about going back to sleep." "You can sleep when mom and dad get back, right now I wanna play!" She leaned up and kissed me.

Her lips were vibrating against mine from the washing machine being on spin cycle, and we couldn't help but let out a giggle. Her body was also shaking along with the washing machine as I ran my hands all over her back pulling her into me. I slid my boxers down with one hand and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips.

"You gonna fuck me with that big cock, huh big brother?" "I was thinking about it, but were supposed to be doing chores right now." "Don't worry, I'll make sure we.oooooooooh god!" Rita yelled as I plunged into her. She nuzzled her face into my neck and held onto me as I worked in and out of her atop the washing machine.


The shaking was really adding to the sex as I would vibrate upon entry and exit of her pussy, hence the reason for being on the washer in the first place. She stuck her tongue in my mouth as I grabbed whatever part of her ass I could and pulled her into me as I pushed myself into her. I stood up on my tip toes so I could go into her at a downward angle, thinking that combined with the shaking would make her tight pussy feel that much better, and boy was I right.

She leaned back on her elbows to she could watch me drive into her and stared at me at the same time. "Mmm yeah drive that cock into me big brother, fuck your little sister!" "Yeah I'm gonna fuck my little sister, even though technically were twins." "Oh you wanna get technical? Ok. Fuck me older twin by an hour, keep fucking my little pussy!" I couldn't help but laugh at that, it sounded too funny, even though it was true.

She threw her head back and moaned to no one in particular as I held her legs and pounded away on her on the still spinning washing machine. Eventually I grew tired of my balls slapping against the front of the machine and pulled out and leaned down in front of her and started to lick her pussy.

Since it was already dripping I ran my tongue across her lips and licked up what managed to seep out, then thrust my tongue in her and forced more of her juice out, and quickly sucked that up. When she moaned and pushed her pussy up in my face I quickly grabbed her clit between my lips and pulled on it. She tried to use her hands to force me on her more but I grabbed them and held on to her wrists as I ravaged her clit and licked every inch of her pussy.

"Oh fuck baby, fuck Randy! Lick my pussy older twin by an hour, lick my fucking pussy!" "Yeah I'd rather you just call me big brother, it sounds better," I said still licking her. "Oh god, are you sure older twin by an hour?

I thought that's what you wanted!" "If you want me to go back to fucking you yeah, otherwise I'll just go back upstairs and." "Ok big brother, I like that better anyway.

Now put that cock back in me and make me cum!" I pulled her off the washer and turned her around, she got the idea and lay flat on the top, spreading her legs and pulling her ass cheeks apart in the process. I ran my cock over both holes. I hadn't fucked her in the ass in a while, and when I poked my cock against her asshole she moaned louder than when I put it against her pussy, I knew where I was going. I pushed into her pussy to get my cock lubed up and rubbed the juice over her asshole, then went in her pussy one more time for safe measures, and pushed the head of my cock into her ass.

I heard her suck in air since its been a while since I fucked her in the ass, and slowly made my way in until I was completely inside her. "God, I haven't had you in my ass in a while, I feel so full! Ugh god fuck me Randy!" "No, you fuck me!" She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled as she started working her way back onto my cock slowly. She sat up on her elbows and flipped her hair over her head and moved faster and faster burying my cock deep in her ass every time she pushed back against me.

"Fuck! I forgot how good this feels! I love this fucking cock in my ass!" I grabbed her hair and pulled it as she got off her elbows and used her hands on the washer as leverage to push back into me harder. She moaned louder each and every time my cock drove into her ass, making me let go of her hair and grab her hips so I could fuck her myself. I saw her reach her hand under her and work her clit as I plowed into her as I kneaded her ass cheeks in my hand.

"That's it baby, keep fucking me like that! I'm gonna cum all over the floor!" ""Your ass is so fucking tight Rita, at this rate I'm gonna cum inside you any minute!" "I want you to! Cum inside my ass for me older tw- I mean big brother," she giggled. I knocked her arm from under her and held on to the top part of the washing machine so I could plow her hands free.

I leaned forward a little and fucked her as hard as I could for that little stunt she tried to pull and she kept fingering her pussy and working her clit right along with me. "Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Fuck I'm gonna cum, oh god!" "Me too, I'm gonna cum in your ass!

Fuck I'm gonna cum!" I gave one big push and erupted all the sperm I had into her. She gripped the sides of the washing machine and let out a squeal that let me know she was orgasming at the same time as I was.

Her juice gushed out of her pussy onto my legs like someone threw a water balloon at me. She did that shake that the porn star Cytherea does when she squirts as her legs started to give, but my cock in her ass kept her from falling.

She fell forward on top of the washer and I fell on her back, both of us still in the effects of an orgasm. I felt my cock going soft in her but left it there and brushed her hair out of her face just as the washing machine cut off.

"If I didn't know any better I would think you liked being fucked in the ass better?" "That or I just forgot how good it feels, wow I came so hard!" "Yeah I think we should take a shower and wash away any evidence of foul play." "Good idea.

Go run the water and I'll meet you there, I'll put our clothes in the dryer." I slowly inched my cock out of her ass and slapped her on it for good measure and made my way upstairs to the bathroom.

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I ran the shower and dropped my boxers and got in to wait for her while I washed my hair. She came in while I was rinsing the soap out and took over washing the rest of my body then relaxed under the water as I washed her. We didn't do anything in the shower except kiss and grope each other, not that we needed to after what we just did, but it was still nice.

We got out not even bothering to grab a towel and went to our rooms to get dressed. Once I had cleaned my room and gotten "around the house" dressed I went downstairs to get started on the chores, only to see that Rita had already dusted the living room, washed the dishes, and was sweeping the floor, I don't know how long I was in my room but she was cleaning everything in sight.

"If you keep this up I won't have anything to clean." "You can wipe the table and mop the floor when I'm done, you're not getting away that easy." "Yeah but first I'm hungry," I said grabbing the Corn Pops.

"I could eat too, plus we still need to talk about Chris and Stephanie," she said sitting to eat. "I don't remember about what," I lied hoping she didn't either, I should have known better. "How are we gonna date them and still be totally committed to each other?" I thought for a minute. "Well, to be honest I don't know. We need them to keep attention off of us, but its getting hard because I like Stephanie and I don't wanna hurt her." "I know what you mean, I like Chris too, he's such a sweet guy, but I'm in love with you, and I can't help but feel like we're using them, it feels so wrong." "More wrong than what we're doing?

I feel we're using them a little too, like we're stringing them along. Maybe we should break it off with them, so they can find someone who can be committed to them completely like we are." "Do we have to go that far?

Its not fair to them." "We might have to, I don't want to, but I don't see another solution." "We'll think of something, I don't wanna hurt them, they didn't do anything wrong." "Yeah, not to mention what the parents would do, they would be devastated. We could just control our feelings and not get so jealous of each other, that would solve everything." "Easier said than done, but I don't wanna talk about this anymore, its depressing me." We finished our cereal and Rita went to check and make sure all the windows in the house were completely closed, since it was still raining.

I washed the new dishes, wiped the kitchen down, mopped the floor, and for good measure got the clothes out of the dryer and took them to the proper rooms and folded the clothes on the bed. When I went back downstairs Rita was watching tv so I sat next to her as she cuddled up against me.

A few minutes into Teen Titans (don't judge us, we love that show) mom and dad came rushing in shaking the water off their umbrellas. "Whew, its really pouring down out there, good thing we left when we did," dad said. "Good thing it waited until after we got here to really start pouring," mom added. "We did everything mom, so you two can relax with your two favorite kids," Rita joked.

"Well, I think we'll have to take you up on that, as soon as we get out of these wet clothes." They got to the middle of the stairs when a loud boom made mom jump and fall back into dad and Rita grab my arm, I guess the thunder was really picking up outside. Rita was clinging to me like a scared kitten, and I kissed her to let her know I was there for her and to distract her from the thunder.

"I don't know why I'm so scared of it all of a sudden, I never used to be." "I remember, you only get scared when it gets really loud like it just did, its ok, I'm here." We started kissing again, careful to listen for mom and dad coming down the stairs when my cell phone rang, I pulled it out of my pocket and saw it was Stephanie so I answered it.

"Hey Steph." "Hey you, what are you doing?" "Watching tv with Rita, Teen Titans." "That's funny, were watching that too. Its really raining out there." "Yeah I know, mom and dad came back soaked and it started lightning and thundering here, luckily our power didn't go out, that's how bad its getting." Not even ten seconds after I said that, there was a flash of lightning, a loud boom, and everything in our house went off.

Mom and Rita screamed and she now had my arm in a deathgrip. "Scratch that last part, our power just went out." "Wow really? Is it just your house or is everyone's power out?" I went to the front door with Rita still clinging to my arm and went out, everywhere I looked everything was out, no house lights on, no traffic lights, nothing, just a few car alarms going off and a lot of rain.

"Looks like everything is out over here, let me call you back when we figure out what were gonna do." "Ok be safe, and tell everyone I said hi, bye Randy." I said bye and hung up and went to the kitchen to grab the flashlights out the drawer, it wasn't dark yet but I grabbed them now so I wouldn't have to look for them in the dark later. Mom and dad came downstairs when we sat down at the table, mom was on her cell phone talking to who I'm guessing was the electric company, and dad came in the kitchen and started moving food from the fridge to the freezer (try saying that five times fast).

"We don't know how long the power's gonna be out and I don't want anything to spoil." We helped him transfer all the food when mom came into the kitchen. "That was the electric company, they said our power could be off until next week, a box blew out and they don't know when it'll be fixed, this whole area's in the dark." "So what are we gonna do till then?" Rita asked.

"I don't know, we'll just have to slug it out I guess," dad said. "That's gonna be tough, no power for how long? Man Stephanie and Chris are lucky theirs didn't go out, oh and Stephanie said hi to everyone," I said to no one in particular.

Mom gasped as if she just got an idea. "I have an idea! Let me call the Wilson's." She went upstairs and left us to sit at the kitchen table. We were all in our own thoughts as to how we were gonna get by our little power outage, I mean we didn't use power like crazy but it was there when we needed it.

Going back to the caveman days in our own home didn't sound all that appealing. We passed a little conversation when mom came back downstairs and into the kitchen in better spirits. "Good news, Jim and Marie said we can stay over at their house until our power comes back on." "Are you sure you're they're ok with that?

I mean that's four extra people," dad said. "Yeah they suggested it before I could ask, they said they don't mind at all." Dad contemplated it for a minute then perked up.

"Ok sure, why not, could be fun. Go pack a few days worth of clothes and we'll get going as soon as the rain lets up." We went upstairs and packed our clothes up. I was on my way downstairs when Rita came in my room and sat on the bed looking a little worried, and I already knew what about. "You still feel guilty huh?" "Yeah, I tried to put it out of my head but it keeps coming back.

I like Chris but I can only see myself with you, but I'm dating him, and you're dating Stephanie, how does that make us look?" "Like were confused right now. Don't look at it that way. Since were brother and sister our relationship doesn't count, that's all we'll be recognized as in society, so we don't have to feel guilty about it.

Were not really using them since we do like them, its not like were going out with them to win a bet or something, we actually do care about them, we just care for each other more." She pulled me into a soft hug and kissed me on the lips, then gave me a sisterly kiss on the cheek as she leaned back to look at me. "You always know what to say don't you?" "I like seeing that smile on your face." She leaned back into another hug and held it until her phone started ringing.

"Oh its Chris, let me take this while I finish packing," she said and walked back to her room. I went to use the bathroom then back to my room and looked out the window at all the flashes of lightning, followed by small booms of thunder and heavy raindrops pouring, it was a little calming but if it didn't let up soon it would be forever before we left. I got caught up in looking out the window I didn't notice Rita come back in until she leaned against me.

We didn't say anything, just looked out the window until finally the rain slowed down, and dad was on top of it, yelling upstairs to high tail it so we could go before it got bad again. We took our stuff and loaded it in moms van she bought last month and were off in less than five minutes.

The more we drove toward the other side of town the more it seemed like the storm had already passed through there as it was just light rain coming down. We listened to our parents sing along to the radio like in that commercial with that little boy until finally we turned on their street and pulled into their driveway. It was a little after four when we got there. We each grabbed our own bags (we only had two bags each) and ran to the door to get out of the rain. They must have seen us coming because when we got there the door opened and Chris held the screen door open for us as we ran inside.

"I heard you guys pull up, thought I'd let you in before you got too soaked.

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You can put all your bags here for now, were all in the living room playing Wii." We did as he said and left our bags there and followed him to the living room where they were playing Wii Boxing. They paused the game as everyone said hi to everyone and hugs and handshakes were passed around and they got back to their game as we sat on the couches and talked as we watched.

We took turns playing tennis and baseball for a while laughing at each others mess-ups and talking about nothing in general then went back to boxing so everyone could get a breather (parents mostly). "So how long is your power gonna be out, do you know?" Jim asked. "They didn't say for sure, they just said probably until next week," mom replied.

"Well you're more than welcome to stay here until its back on," Marie followed. "Ok guys, kinda losing my concentration here," Chris said punching with the Wiimote. "Yeah you're probably not that good anyway," I joked. "Oh is that a challenge? You sure you wanna do that? I don't lose at this," he said. "I think I can take you, in fact, why don't we all play, the Stevens' vs.

the Wilson's," I said. "And the losers have to cook and clean, burgers and fries and all the dishes," Jim added. Dad laughed to himself. "Why is it you always throw in someone having to cook Jim?" "Because that way there's a chance I don't have to, I can't help it, I'm a businessman." "Ok fine, first two to lose cooks, the second two washes dishes," Marie said.

"Wait what if were not that good? I just learned how to play a while ago," mom said. Rita grabbed the Wiimote and the nunchuck. "Then you better learn fast mom or you'll cooking burgers and fries for eight. Stephanie, me and you first, if I lose I don't wanna wash dishes." They went for a couple rounds until Rita knocked her out in the second round and did a victory butterfly, but Stephanie took it in stride and did the butterfly with her, until she remembered she had to cook.

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She gave me a quick kiss and went into the kitchen to get the stuff ready. Jim and dad were next, and as expected, it went all three rounds the game allowed and to the cards, which turned out in favor of Jim, so dad had to help Stephanie cook.

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He too took it all in stride, offering a handshake then went to the kitchen to help Stephanie cook. Chris and I took over next, making it to the second round before he TKO'd me after I knocked him down only once, so I was on dish duty. I knew he'd never let me live it down, or give me a rematch. Finally Marie and mom were up. It took them all of the first round to get used to the punching and dodging, but then let loose on each other in the second round.

The last round was a battle as mom was swinging hooks and jabs and Marie was throwing haymakers and uppercuts, both looking like they were actually fighting with the friendly trash talking they were doing. "Not bad Marie, but you're not even hitting me! Too fast for you?" "That's all strategy, to get you tired and go in for the kill!" "I'd believe that if I wasn't punching your head in right now!

Whoops almost got me!" "Oh don't worry, I'm gonna get you, then you're gonna clean my dishes for me." "I don't think so Marie, the only thing I'm gonna be cleaning is your clock!" Mom swung a right hook and Marie's character fell down with 31 seconds left in the final round, and got counted out. "Whoo! Mama said knock you out!

Looks like you're doing the dishes tonight! Man that felt good!" She looked exactly like the lady from the Wii commercial at that moment. When she started to do the Ali shuffle in place we all couldn't help but laugh, she looked so funny doing it with her bare feetpink blouse and blue skirt with her hair swinging all over the place, instant classic moment. Marie was laughing so hard tears were coming out of her eyes.

"Holy god Anna, I'm almost glad I lost now, that was priceless! Where's a camera when you need one," Marie said through tears and laughter. "Right here, recording it so we can laugh at it later," I said as I'd been aiming my phone at mom since they started trash talking.

Even dad and Stephanie had been laughing at them from the kitchen, almost giving me the idea to make it the newest Youtube video. We turned the game off, two wins for the Wilson's, and two wins for us, but it wouldn't be left at that. We changed into some house clothes and turned on the tv to the "My Wife and Kids" marathon and got comfortable on the two couches with Jim next to Marie, Rita next to Chris (unfortunately), and mom sat down next to me.

We had been watching for a while and everyone kept making comments about who on the show looked best, who was the dumbest, smartest, but nothing really about the comedy. Mom and I sat on one couch and Jim and Marie were cuddled up on one side of the other couch and Rita and Chris were sitting close on the same couch but on the other side.

They had no problem kissing each other with Rita and Chris right next to them, but Chris didn't look like he wanted to do that in front of his parents. Mom saw them, ran her hand over the inside of my thigh and immediately started teasing them. "Oh you two get a room! Or at least wait till the kids are sleep like the rest of us!" "That would require us having to wait, which is something that just can't happen," Jim laughed.

"Yeah why should we leave? We'd do it right here if we wanted to," Marie giggled. "Eww mom gross!" Stephanie shouted from the kitchen. "Yeah that is gross, we don't wanna see that," Chris jumped in.

"Don't be a kiss-ass Chris," Stephanie yelled, causing dad to laugh loud enough for us to hear him. "I am not a kiss-ass! Where do you keep getting that from?

You know what, you just messed up, now I'm not gonna. I'm gonna. You know what?" "Wow Chris man you really told her," I laughed sarcastically. "Hey, I did tell her, you were listening," he said as he threw a pillow at me. "And you, make my burger well done with all the fixings, you know how I like it," he yelled into the kitchen to Stephanie. "Yes sir! One burger well done with all the fixings and a loogie on top coming right up!" "I'll have the same thing but hold the loogie," Rita said straight faced still watching the tv.

"All this craziness spurred just from kissing on the couch," Jim stated. "Hey you're the crazy ones, me and my little angels had no part in this," mom joked as she blew a kiss at Rita and kissed me on my cheek, very close to my mouth.

"Ha! Angels my foot!" Marie said as she launched a pillow that hit mom in the head. "OOF, Marie! Did you just hit me with a pillow?" "Looks that way mom, ooooh I know you're not gonna take that!" Rita instigated.

We cleared space as they both stood up, pillows in hand ready to throw down like the college girls they both could easily pass for, but dad ran in with a skillet that had two burgers sizzling in it aiming it at them like he was gonna burn them with it, then laughed and backed off.

"Ok ladies, save it for when we can get a pool of pudding or some jell-o, its dinnertime." They both dropped their pillows at the same time and gave each other a mock staredown as they went to the dining room and sat down, then burst into laughter at their childish behavior.

Stephanie came into the living room and kissed me hard, pushing me back onto the couch and falling on top of me for a second, then got up and licked her lips as she walked back towards the dining room.

Chris was kissing Rita when I sat up and then he followed behind Stephanie. Rita stood up and looked at me like she wanted to tear my clothes off right there, and I felt the exact same way.

"Tonight, when everyone's asleep," she whispered and strutted into the dining room. I felt like Jim and Marie right now, I didn't want to wait, but if I was to keep our secret I had to. We sat down to eat the burgers and fries dad and Stephanie made. Chris actually checked to see if Stephanie spit on his burger and when he was satisfied she didn't he gave her a "you better not have" look and she just smiled it off like it didn't bother her.

The food was pretty good, I guess everyone thought so because we all had consumed more than half our food before anyone talked.

"So what do you guys wanna do after we eat?" Jim asked. " Since its still raining, I was thinking of taking a nap, I'm a little tired," I said. Rita looked over at me and slumped. "Oh come on Randy, you said you would watch the newest Friday the 13th with me when it came on, and that's tonight, or did you forget?" "I didn't forget, but I didn't know it was today. If I promised then I'll watch it with you." She smiled and clapped her hands.

"Yay! I hate watching scary movies by myself." "Ooh I wanted to see that too, but SOMEONE didn't wanna watch it with me either," Stephanie said. Chris sighed. "I had to leave that night, you know that. I'll watch it with you tonight." "Well I don't wanna watch it with you now, I wanna watch it with Randy," she teased. "Fine, then I'll watch it with Rita, I know she wants to watch it with me." We both smiled at them as best we could without making it look like we were disappointed.

Yeah I wanted to have Rita grab me when the scary parts came up, but knowing the situation we were in I knew this was best, besides, having Stephanie cling to me wasn't bad either. "How about some poker? We always talk about it but never play," dad said. "Sure why not, as long as the women are game I'm in," Jim replied. "I'm in, I haven't played poker in a long time," Marie said. "Me too, but its every man and woman for themselves, I wanna keep the money I win," mom said.

On that note we finished eating and everyone shot out of the room, leaving all their dishes on the table and laughing at Marie and I since we had to do them. We gathered up all the dishes and stacked them around the sink as she washed and I dried them and put them away. "So how's life going for you Randy?" Marie asked handing me a plate.

"Its ok, I can't complain." "How are things with you and Stephanie?" "They're going good, she's a great girl, and funny too, always messing with Chris." "Haha yes she is. Speaking of Chris how are he and Rita doing?" "From what I can see they're doing pretty good too." "That's good. Just make sure he respects her, and you Stephanie. Women are fragile creatures. My daughter is a great catch and I know Rita is too, you all can be very happy with each other." "You don't have to worry about a thing Mrs.

Wilson, I only have her best interests at heart." For some reason I couldn't help but feel like I was lying, but another part felt I was sincere. "That's good to hear. If Chris ever gets out of line with Rita you tell me and I'll hold him down while you guys beat up n him," she joked punching the dish water in demonstration. I couldn't help but laugh. "Will do Mrs. Wilson." "One more thing, I know fast kids work these days, and I know you're gonna be, you know, active, but please don't rush things, its ok to wait, and if it does happen, make sure you're careful." "Don't worry Mrs.

Wilson, if it happens we'll be careful. I'll tell the same thing to Rita and Chris." "Thank you honey. You know its a shame we don't get to talk more, this is really nice." "Yeah, but there's always so many people around its next to impossible.

By the way how are things going with you?" "How nice of you to ask. Everything is going just fine, I couldn't ask for anything more." "That's good. You have anything exciting planned?" "Not right now no but there are a few things on the horizon I have planned." "Does that include a small pool of pudding or jell-o so you and mom can duke it out to see who's top mama?

I can't wait to see who wins that," I joked holding in a laugh. She did one of those fake dramatic gasps and flicked some water on me, and I reached back in the water flicking some back on her, getting it on her gold locket necklace and running down her shirt.

Luckily all the dishes were pretty much done because we splashed most of the water out onto each other laughing like crazy as we got soaked in dishwater. When we were done there was water all over the counter and some on the floor, and I offered to wipe it up since I'm nice like that. The other parents came back into the kitchen with the poker stuff and Jim had on this transparent green visor, must be a luck thing.

They shooed me into the living room where the movie was just starting and Stephanie was waiting for me on the couch with a blanket over her, with Chris and Rita already under theirs.

"How'd washing dishes go?" Stephanie asked.

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"Better than I expected, hence the slightly wet shirt." "That's exactly why I don't wash dishes with her," she joked. Before the movie even started she was grabbing onto me as Jason killed someone as the title came across the screen.

She scooted over until she was pinned to me at the hip and encouraged me to put my arms around her, which I did. Rita was sitting with her back to Chris and both of their legs splayed out on the couch. She caught me looking at her a few times and gave me a smile that said she was fine how she was, but she would be better with me, and I felt the same way.

"Yeah! Straight baby! Gimme my mo-nay!" Marie screamed as I'm guessing she won the pot. "Uhh mom were trying to watch a movie in here," Chris yelled into the kitchen. "Sorry honey, its just so hard to be quiet when I'm winning all this mo-nay!" I laughed to myself as Stephanie crossed her leg over mine and turned my head to kiss her.

It started off as one peck after the other but soon we were full on making out on the couch. I looked over to where Rita and Chris were sitting and saw Rita trying not to look at us, but I saw Chris glance our way and frown up, and a second later he and Rita were making out too.

We were careful not to make any loud lip-smacking noises to alert the parents to what we were doing, but the sound was high enough on the tv that we were pretty safe.

I reached up and cupped her breast with my own free will and she put her hand on top of mine and pushed it into her tit more. She was lightly moaning but never took her lips off mine, that was until the girl got stabbed through the head under the dock and both girls jumped.

"That's a shame, she had a nice rack", Chris joked and received an elbow to the gut. As the movie went on there were constant screams and yells coming from the kitchen as someone won a pot, or doubled up, or told a joke. We make out at all the boring parts of the movie and stole grabs of each other under the blanket. I can't tell what's going on on the couch with Rita and Chris, but it looks like they're doing the same thing we are.

It gets to another part where we know someone is about to die because one, they did the stupid "I'm gonna go see if they're ok" instant death talk, and two, they didn't kill the black guy yet. Stephanie pulls me into another kiss but this time she rubs my cock through my shorts, bringing it to an almost instant erection. "Everything ok in there?" Jim asked randomly as if he detected foul play. "Yes dad everything's fine," Stephanie replied as she had to break the kiss.

"Good because its going great in here, flush! I believe these chips are mine!" "They would be, but a flush doesn't beat a full house! Haha yea! I'll take those," dad cheered. Even though she broke the kiss Stephanie never took her hand off my cock, but now slipped her hand under my shorts and slowly have me a handjob. It was feeling really good and I was returning the favor rubbing her pussy through her shorts until she squeezed my cock like it was a banana.

I followed her eyes to the screen and saw why, the black guy was getting chased and caught an ax to the back as he tried to run, which apparently horrified both Rita and Stephanie enough for them to scream. "I can't watch!" Stephanie squealed as she buried her face in my chest. "Neither can I," Rita followed as she covered up on Chris. "Four of a kind! Oh yeah, another hand for mama! I think I'll get me those shoes now," mom boasted. They both stayed like that until most of the killing was done, then turned around to watch the ending of the movie.

I never thought I'd say it, but I was happy when Stephanie let go of my cock, she had been holding it the whole time in her deathgrip and I finally got the feeling back in it. We all had one last makeout session as the movie ended then got up and straightened everything back the way it was.

"It wasn't that bad," Stephanie said trying to save face. Chris laughed. "You were curled up in Randy's armpit so much you probably missed half the movie!" "No I wasn't, but I saw you trying to cover Rita's face, kiss-ass!" "You're just jealous cause I watched the movie with Rita and not you." "You guys really have problems you know that?" I teased.

"Ah were just kidding, she knows I love her," Chris said tagging her arm. They hit each other back and forth and I shrugged it off as we went to the kitchen to see on the parents poker game. There were empty beer bottles, at least eight, sitting around the table they were playing on.

We each went and stood behind one of our parents, boys behind their dad and the girls behind their mom. We watched them play for a while, each one willing a couple hands until they realized how late it was getting and decided to make the next hand their last. They were betting like crazy until the pot ended up at $50 (it was a $2 a bet game) and made their last bet as they were just about to turn the river card. There was a nine of clubs, queen of hearts, nine of diamonds, and a king of clubs, so it looked like it was anyone's game.

Everyone was in and they flipped over the river, which was a ten of hearts. Dad had a nine and a ten, so he had a full house, but we didn't know if it was good enough. "Ok, moment of truth. Marie, show us your cards," dad said. "Three little 9's sitting in a tree," she said and laid them down. "Three 9's?

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Too good for me, I fold," Jim said." "Not good enough for this table Marie, pulled out a straight on the river," mom said as she lay down a Jack and an Ace and then looked over at dad. "So honey, its down to you, what you got?" "That's good, but not good enough to win this game, full house, three 9's and two 10's!" He lay the cards down and got all the chips.

"I love money." "Dammit, the river helped you too? Well I still came out ahead," mom said. "Ok lets clean this up, I'm getting a little tired," Marie said. "Yeah so are we, were gonna go to bed," Chris said scurrying off to leave. "Hold it! Chris you and Randy take your room, and Stephanie and Rita will share," Jim said. "What? Share a bed with another guy? Come on dad!" "Well you and Rita are definitely not sleeping in the same bed." "Tell you what, we play one game of 21, if I beat the house we pick our arrangements." Jim looked around at all the parents, like they had some kind of trick up their sleeve, and they all seemed to be in agreement.

"Ok fine, since you seem so confident. One hand, no redos. I'll deal." He shuffled the cards and turned over the first one, 7. Chris took a hit and got a 3, then another and got an Ace, then one more and flipped a 6.

The house had 17 also and we told him to quit since technically we wouldn't lose, but being caught up in the game he took another hit and got a Jack, bust. "Dammit Chris we told you to quit man!" I said. "I thought I could get the five cards!" "You thought wrong buddy, have fun cuddling up with Randy tonight," Jim joked.

We all beat up on Chris for messing up and helped them straighten back up the table, then we all went upstairs to where we would sleep. Mom and dad took the guest bedroom while Jim and Marie went to their room and we all slugged into our room, trying to drown out the parents laughing at us.

Luckily Chris' bed was a queen and we wouldn't be touching, but just to be sure we used a blanket as a divider. We played his PS3 for a while before we got tired of it and decided reluctantly it was time for bed.

I got on one side and he the other, flat on our backs, making sure we touched no part of each other. "Hey man, my bad I messed up the bet, I should've just stayed." "Its cool, next time one of us will play though, you'd keep going if you had twenty," I joked.

"What do you think they're doing in there, Rita and Stephanie?" "I don't know, they're probably as bored as we are." "Nah man, I think they're in there messing around." "What really? Not them, it took them two months to stop being jealous of each other." "And now there in there making up for lost time." "You have a weird way of piecing stuff together man you know that?" "What do you call what they did at the bowling alley?" "They only did that so they could win the bet, that doesn't count." "Yeah I guess, It'd be hot though if they were doing something." (meanwhile in Stephanie's room.)------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got in Stephanie's bed after we'd finished painting our fingernails and toes and got under her big blanket and lay there, horny as ever.

Stupid Chris for messing up the bet, if he had stopped at 17 Randy's cock would be seven inches deep in my pussy right now. I'll just have to tough it out and wait until everyone goes to sleep, including Stephanie, who just cut out the light and got into bed next to me. "I'm glad you guys came to spend the night, its way more fun when you guys are here, even though right now it feels like were 11 and you're here for a sleepover," she said. "Me too, though I'd rather it not be for our power going out, but still glad." "So how are you and Chris doing?" "Were doing ok, he does some stupid things at times, but its all in fun." "Tell me about it, I'm around him all the time, but hes worth the hassle.

Randy on the other hand is so sweet and gentle, when he kisses me its always soft, not all lip mashing like I'm used to." "Yeah I know what you mean, Chris kinda kisses like that, I try to show him how to kiss softer but he's always so eager, he'll get it eventually." "Yeah, hey quit hogging all the blanket, its cold in here!" We were pulling it back and forth trying to get as much of it as we could while giggling to ourselves.

Eventually I won out, seeing as I never like to give up, and she resolved to get the blanket back by any means necessary, including trying to wrestle it away from me and even pinching my tit.

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"Oh! You little hussy!" I say in fake shock. She starts laughing and covering her face as I play slap her and pinch her back until finally she gives in out of breath and falls back into the bed. We lay there laughing trying to catch our breath, now too hot for the blanket after all that moving around, the only other sound other than us being the rain. "See this is what I mean, even the little stuff is fun." "I guess we just know how to have a good time is all," I said.

"What about yesterday at the bowling alley, was that us having a good time?" I thought back to the kiss she was referring to.

It was really hot kissing in front of everyone like that, not to mention she is a great kisser. "Yeah, that and the easy money we won." "What about back at the cabin, what was that?" It took me a while to remember what she was talking about, but when I did it made me even hornier than I already was.

Before they left that day she came to me and asked for some advice, and I don't know how but we ended up eating each others pussy for a few minutes. While I was not expecting it I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

Damn I could really use Randy right now. I looked at her in the dark and could see the outline of her face looking at me. Before I responded to her question she scooted over to me and kissed me.

It was only then when I realized what her true intentions were, to butter me up with past experiences and pounce. When she broke the kiss she looked at me as if checking my reaction, still stunned I realized what just happened, and ironically it didn't bother me, maybe because I was horny or because I knew what she wanted, either way I smiled at her and she took it as a good sign.

She got off the bed and walked to the door, leaving me to wonder where she was going, but it clicked for me when I heard her lock the door and come back to the bed ready to play.

She climbed right on top of me and kissed me, wasting no time. I kissed her back as we rubbed our bodies together, getting a feel for each other. She broke the kiss and took off her shirt, revealing a pair of titties that looked to be a size bigger than mine, maybe 34C.

I was a little jealous of her, but that went away fast when she leaned down and traced a nipple over my lips like how a woman puts on lipstick, and made a whiny noise until I finally sucked it into my mouth. "Oh yes suck on it baby, your mouth feels good on my hard nipple," she whispered.

I squeezed her free breast with one hand and her ass with the other, it was nice and tight, and a little small, she may have better breasts than me but I definitely have a better ass. She started grinding her pussy into mine, hard and in circles as I switched from sucking one tit to the other. She then used her hand to massage both my breasts through my shirt mashing my super sensitive hard nipple against the fabric, making me completely horny. I knew if I didn't get some relief soon I was gonna die, luckily Stephanie planned to give me that outlet before I could even ask for it.

"Please Rita can I eat your pussy again please? I can't stop thinking about the first time I did." Even though we were taking a big chance with everyone still up, my mind was completely overridden by my need to cum and I desperately nodded my head yes, as worked up as she got me there was no way I was gonna pass this up. "Yes please eat my pussy, I'm so horny please eat me!" She pulled down my short shorts then my panties and threw them on the floor, then locked her eyes on my pussy and licked her lips.

My legs were shaking in anticipation and she hasn't even touched my pussy yet, that's how horny I am. Just when I was about to beg her to eat me she lowered her head and ran her tongue up my slit.

It felt sooooooooooooooo good after all that build-up to finally get some release. I spread my legs wide for her and threw my head back as she licked my pussy clean. "Oh yes Stephanie, oh yes, that's so good, oh god eat my pussy, I love it!" I moaned.

I lifted my shirt over my titties and pinched my nipples as hard as I could as she stuck her tongue up in my pussy.

I don't know how long her tongue was, but it had to be pretty long because she got it a good distance up in me and licked anything it came in contact with. I could hear her slurping my pussy juice up as it seeped out of my hole and I could also hear a faint squishing sound, and I knew she was both extremely wet and was fingering herself.

I was in heaven, I've never had my pussy licked like this before, every movement and touch with her is so soft and caressing, yet it makes my pussy tingle even more, she even kisses it! I lay back enjoying every moment of it and then I feel her grip my thighs to pull my pussy closer to her face, and right away she encloses my clit in her mouth. "Oh my fucking god Stephanie!

Suck my clit baby, suck it please!" My hands grip the back of her head and hold her there as I smear my pussy all over her face, no doubt leaving all my juice everywhere.

The more she sucks my clit the more I can sense an orgasm close to shooting out of me, and it intensified when she shoved what felt like two fingers in me. She fingered me and sucked my clit through the thrashing I was doing until I felt my orgasm fast approaching, and she bit down on my clit and bent her fingers inside me as she fucked me, that did it. "Oh Stephanie I'm about to cum! I'm gonna cum all over your pretty little face!" "You gonna cum for me baby?

Do it, cum all over me, shower my face in it." "Yes, I'm doing it, oh my god, oh my god, I'm cummmmmmmmmmming!" I moaned silently. Just like I said, I came all over her face. It didn't phase her though as she kept licking up everything she could, and kept licking when I stopped squirting. I could hear her still fingering herself and realized that she still hadn't come yet.

I waited until I had enough strength and moved her to her back and replaced her fingers with mine, and my tongue. "Oh god, Rita that feels so good, you don't have to." "I want to, you made me feel so good, now I wanna make you feel good too." I cut her off.

She tasted just as good as I remember her tasting the last time I ate her, like the sweetness of a green apple when you take that first bite. I sucked her pussy like I owned it, and at that moment I felt like I did, and it was my job to make it cum.

I pulled my dripping fingers out of her pussy and put one right on her asshole, and when she gasped, I slipped it in. She was moaning even more than I do as I slowly pushed my finger all the way in and slid it back out and licked her pussy. I knew she wanted to cum, I also knew it wouldn't take that long once I touched her clit, so it one movement, I fucked her ass with my finger as hard as I could and suctioned my lips around her clit and sucked on it as hard as I could, before I knew it she was thrashing around on the bed just like I was not too long ago.

"Oh Rita! I'm cumming! I'm cumming Rita! I'm cummmmmmming!" She wasn't a squirter, but she did leak, and I licked. I licked and licked until there was nothing else to lick, and then I licked some more.

Eventually she had to get me off her sensitive pussy and pulled me up to her and gave me a big wet kiss. "I'm sorry I seduced you Rita, but I just had to. I had to lick you again." "Don't be sorry, I'm not. I completely loved that, I can't wait till the next time." She got a big smile on her face. "Next time?" "Yes next time. You can't do that and then expect me to stop cold turkey!" "I'm so happy you said that, I didn't wanna stop either, not even for Randy or Chris." "Speaking of Randy and Chris, lets go surprise them with a little wake up call," I grinned.

(back over to the other room)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris and I had been laying or our side of the bed talking apparently about what Rita and Stephanie were doing in their room when they came busting in with pillows and jumped on us.

They didn't try to be quiet or anything, they were laughing loud as they smacked us around with pillow shot after pillow shot. After we'd gotten over the shock of it, we fought back with our own pillows, making even more noise until eventually all four parents showed up in robes at the door and flipped on the light.

Mom stepped in the room first. "What's going on in here?" "Exactly what you see mom, PILLOW FIGHT!" I yelled and launched a pillow at all of them. Dad caught it and came in swinging, and the others left and came back with pillows of their own. It was crazy, pillows were flying everywhere, everyone was getting hit, but most of all everyone was having fun.

I got whacked in the head by dad then caught across the face by Marie, but then got em back ten times better when they got jumped on by everyone else. When we were all pillowed out we fell down all over the bed and floor laughing and catching out breath, and realized we had been doing that for over twenty minutes. We all dragged to our feet and fixed ourselves as we put the room back together. "Ok guys, that was fun, but now I'm really tired," dad said.

"Me too. Come on Jim, you guys need to sleep too, up having pillow fights," Marie joked. "Ok, were going to sleep, night everyone," Chris said going over to Rita for a kiss. Stephanie walked up to me and kissed me good night with tongue, tasting sweeter than she usually does. Rita then walked over and gave me a hug and whispered "when everyone's asleep" in my ear and winked as she and Stephanie left.

I watched them leave and got back in the bed, still making sure to stay away from Chris. Funny enough I was actually tired, I guess that pillow fight really took a lot out of me. I said goodnight to Chris and rolled on my side, fighting to stay awake so I can be with Rita, but eventually sleep won out and I was resigned to counting sheep. I don't know how long I was sleep, but it didn't feel like a long time as I was woke out of my sleep by a bright light in my face. I squinted my eyes trying to see who it was, and she put the light on her face to make it easier, turns out it was Rita using the light from her phone.


"Rita you're gonna blind someone with that light!" I whispered. She didn't say anything, she just helped me quietly get out of the bed and fix it like I was still there and had me carefully follow her out the room. "Sorry, I'm just so horny I can't wait anymore!" "What if I was Chris and you woke me up? Would you have sex with him?" "You were in that spot when we came in earlier, I was counting on that still being the case." "Are you sure no one is up?

What if Stephanie notices you're gone?" "I told her if she woke up and I was gone I was freshening myself, you know, there." I nodded to show I knew what she meant as she led me to the downstairs bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. Clothing was easily accessible since she had on a spaghetti strap nightshirt and some short shorts, and all I had on was a pair of regular shorts.

She dropped the straps on her shirt and got me to come out of my shorts and quickly took my cock into her mouth. Since we didn't have much time I knew she was only sucking it to get it hard, but it was fine by me, I was still enjoying it just as much. She sucked on the head and jerked it at the same time as I felt myself grow to full mast in no time.

She deepthroated it a few times and coated it in some of her spit, then stood up and dropped her shorts. "I want you to fuck me hard Randy. Real hard. I wanna come real good," she whispered.

She came up with her back to me and sat down on my cock and started fucking me right away. I was glad the toilet we were on was held tightly down because she was really bouncing on me. I grabbed her hips tight and thrust my cock into her using her own body as leverage against her. Her legs were together and she had a hand on each of my legs sliding down on my cock as fast as she could.

"Come on baby, fuck me. You like it when I fuck you like this? I know you do," she whispered. "Fuck yeah I do, I get to look at your sexy ass bouncing up and down my cock!" I had to admit, the feeling that we could get caught at any minute added to the excitement. She was letting out little moans, but nothing I don't think could be heard outside the bathroom. I stopped her from fucking me and stood up with my cock still inside her and bent her over the sink and started fucking her again.

My balls were slapping off her skin so loud it made me paranoid that someone would hear, but it didn't stop me from fucking her. I watched her ass jiggle as I pounded her hard, just like she wanted, over and over until she couldn't help but let out a almost loud moan. "Rita be quiet before someone hears us!" "I can't help it! You're fucking me so good I wanna scream!" "Well you're gonna have to help it if you want us to stay together." "Fuck!

I hate you Randy, I hate you so fucking much!" "I love you too." We looked up at ourselves in the mirror and smiled at each other. The look on her face as she took my cock made me swell up a little harder, man did she look sexy as ever as she was getting fucked. She constantly had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming, and I wasn't helping either with the kissing on her neck, the nibbling on her ear, and the fucking her senseless.

I pulled out and sat back down on the toilet, and she followed me and straddled me facing me this time and held on to my neck for balance and kissed me as I kissed her and went back to pounding her. We sucked on each others tongues as her pussy tightened around my cock, and I knew she was close. I wrapped my arms around her and really pounded it home, making the clapping sound twice as loud as it was before.

She broke from our kiss and looked like she wanted to moan out at the top of her lungs, but resigned herself to breathing heavily every time I'd thrust in her, which to me is just as sexy.

"My pussy's getting tight around that big cock baby, I'm gonna cum all over you!" "Yeah I can feel it, luckily you were really wet today." "Well baby, the reason I'm so wet and horny is because before Stephanie and I came in your room, she had just eaten me out to an incredible orgasm, and then I ate her," she grinned.

I was reeling, I didn't believe what she just said to me, but I know she would never lie about something like that, so I knew it was true. She got pleasure in the look of shock on my face, and I went into overdrive.

I forced her down on my cock and my cock up in her harder than I think I ever have to the image of them eating each other out. There I was taunting Chris for thinking it and it had actually happened! I was so consumed with lust I drilled her with everything I had, not stopping even when she started breathing erratic and telling me she was going to come.

"I'm cumming Randy! I'm cumming on your big hard cock! Oh my god fuck yes!" I didn't stop, not even when I felt her soak my midsection, all it did was spur me on. She never let go of my neck, but she did lean my head back with hers and kiss me. I fucked her like I was possessed until I had to break the kiss myself and grunt under my breath, which was the sign that I was gonna cum, but couldn't get the words out and tell her, she noticed, got off me and dropped to her knees in front of me.

"Cum all over my face baby, cover my face in your hot cum," she whispered. I stood up and jerked my cock for about ten seconds when my cum shot out and landed all over Rita's face; on her nose, her forehead, her mouth, under both eyes and all over her cheeks. Exhausted, I sat back down on the toilet as she scooped the cum off her face and into her mouth, then washed the remnants of her face clean and put her shorts back on.

"So you and Stephanie have a thing now?" I asked as I got my breath back. "Kind of, I'll tell you about it later, right now we have to get out of here." "Oh now you wanna be careful?" I teased as I put my shorts back on. "Be quiet. Come on we don't wanna get caught." I pulled her to one more kiss, holding her like she was mine as she melted into my arms.

"Ok goodnight, I love you." "I love you too," she said and stole three more kisses as I snuck out the bathroom. I crept back upstairs and noticed Stephanie's door wasn't shut all the way, I started to go in but didn't want someone coming out of their room thinking I was up so something so I let it go, the bathroom door was shut so she was probably in there anyway. I got back to the room and carefully got back in the bed so I wouldn't wake up Chris, until I noticed he wasn't there.

"More bed for me," I thought as I got comfortable and took most of the blanket from his side. I listened to the storm outside and secretly thanked it for knocking our power out, we haven't even been here a day and its already looking up, I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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