Sweet brunette gets morning fuck

Sweet brunette gets morning fuck
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Shit Fucking Shit! I screamed over the top of my morning alarm, which was ringing for the fourth time this morning as I frantically tried to get myself as presentable for the monotonous shithouse that is my job.

I work in tech support, I know what you're thinking, why haven't I committed suicide yet? My answer to that is in a single name. Eliza Silvey.

Eliza was literally the only reason I got out of bed in the morning, the reason that I sit through thirty minutes of thick peak hour traffic to and from work. Seeing her angelic face was enough to keep me positive that I would rather work as a telephone operator for idiots than flip burgers at McDonald's. Signing in at the front desk, I catch the fragrant smell of Eliza's familiar perfume and turn around just in time to admire her from head to toe, her long blonde hair framing her gorgeous face, which complimented the generous amount of cleavage on display, her tits were a perfect D and being showed off in a tight black dress that also wrapped around her ass nicely and ended just above the knee.

She looked as sexy as ever today, and I felt the need to tell her so. Her heels clicked straight past me as I waited for the right time that never came and before I knew it, I was watching her delicious behind continue down the corridor. "Ahem" Blocking my view, a person stepped in the way of my vision.

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Looking up into the face of a demon, I realised it was my boss, Greg. "Hi Greg, just signing in" I said. "Why bother? You're almost 20 minutes late, you may as well go home" Oh trust me, I would if I could, "Sorry boss, won't happen again" "It better not". Offering him an apologetic smile, I so much as ran to my desk hoping to avoid him at all costs today, tomorrow and the rest of the week. The day went slowly, as usual.

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My lunch break didn't come quick enough, walking through the rows of identical desks, used by the same looking people to get to the coffee machine in the kitchen.

The hot steam of my coffee warmed my face as I hung my head and enjoyed the silence. Only it wasn't silent. Through the wall that divided the kitchen and Greg's office, I could hear the unmistakable sound of a woman's moaning. As I listened closer, I could also hear Greg grunting and the rhythmic sound of two bodies fucking only a room away from me. Then, to my horror Greg cried out. "Oh Yes Eliza!" There was no way I could stay there anymore, I had to leave quickly and get very far away.

I ran back through the desks, down the corridor and past the secretaries. Storming through the front door, I chose to turn left and head to the nearest bar. I needed a drink. It was barely 11am and I needed a drink.

I remember ordering beer after beer, until it was 6pm and dark. I realised I needed to go home, the only way I could ever get the image of an angel like Eliza with my disgusting pig of a boss would be to fall into a deep, deep sleep.

So as I fell onto my bed, I did not expect to be awoken again in an hour. "About time you woke up." I groggily opened my eyes only to realise that I couldn't see anything in the darkness. "who are you. I mean." "Shh. I've been waiting for this for a long time," the most sexiest voice I could possibly imagine finished speaking and then I felt someone lean over me, and kiss me deeply, on the lips.

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We stayed like that for a least a couple minutes, her wonderful scent lingering over me, her moist lips against mine, her shapely body plastered to me. Finally, she pulled her lips off mine. I was stunned beyond thinking.

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"I need more," she said against my lips. "I need." she reached down and grabbed my full hard and I sharply took in a breath. I hadn't realized I had a boner. I figured it was about time I did something, but as I tried to push away the hands of this mysterious woman I realised they were both tied with intricate knots to each bedpost.

Now I started to freak out. Who was this woman? Was she a psycho? Was I going to be murdered tonight?


Before I could scream out, the woman started to explain. "I am The Gronk, I have come to molest you tonight, you will obey me until I say so or else punishment will ensue." "A-are you going to h-h-hurt me?" I stuttered "Oh God No! ahahaha.

Not if you obey me. I aim to please you see, Mmmm" I felt two soft, warm globes, topped with hard nipples slide over my chest and face and soon smelt the heady scent of the Gronk's sex.

"Eat me out, boy" I heard her say, just before I was near suffocated by the pussy of a complete stranger. I slowly started licking the lips of her pussy and she moaned loud, her juices flowed all over my hand. I then started massaging her clit with my thumb, and put one finger halfway inside her, then all the way. Then I put in another, and slowly, twirled my fingers around while my thumb rubbed her clit.


"Oh Yes Baby!" She cried out as her pelvis started to grind over my mouth. I then flicked my tongue out and pushed it deep inside her pussy, making wide circles with it. This elicited an even louder moan from the unknown woman. "Ahh Yea!

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I'm so close! Don't Stop!" Her screams of excitement encouraged me and I started to make long strokes of my tongue between her pussy lips and up just before touching her clit. I kept building up the pressure as The Gronk let out frustrated groans.

After a while of doing this, I plunged two fingers deep into her pussy whilst I latched onto her clit and sucked hard. I instantly felt the walls of her pussy clench around my fingers and she let out an almighty squeal as she rode out an orgasm right over my face. Then, as if by magic, everything disappeared. My arms were free, I could breathe in fresh air. The mysterious Gronk was nowhere to be seen, heard or smelt. All that was left was my very hard member and my confusion.

This was my first encounter with The Gronk, and I would soon realise that it would not be my last. Would I ever know the real identity of this witch? Only time will tell…