Long dong disappears in a blonde babe

Long dong disappears in a blonde babe
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"Have fun down there?" my brother said smirking, after hearing me and his friend Ray having sex in my basement.


"Shut the fuck up," I replied, shaking off his comment. "I made ray stay here this weekend for you. He came out to me and told me he liked you, asshole." he said "Whatever, go to sleep." I said shrugging him off.

I knew my brother didn't care if I was gay or who I had sex with, and that he was looking out for me, but I still shrugged him off. We are best friends, but even to this day I'm the alpha dog in our relationship and we only talk about what I want to.

I knew one day I would have to address me fucking his friends, but not that night. When I got into bed, I dozed off for a few hours, but at about 3 o'clock I was tossing and turning with a rock hard cock, thinking about Ray's sexy ass sleeping downstairs. All I was thinking about was his beautiful smile, sexy hairless abs, and long hairy athletic legs. He was so hot and I just knew I needed his sexy ass right then and there.

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It was a little after 3am when I got out of bed and headed down the stairs. At this point my brother was fast asleep and snoring, so I knew we were good (besides it didn't really matter now anyway). I headed down the stairs in nothing but black and red checkered boxers and fuzzy green socks I wore a lot in the winter. When I got down there, Ray looked so adorable sleeping on the couch. He was wearing only solid blue boxers and sweat socks with his blanket on the floor.

The only light in the room came from the TV, and when I walked over to him I noticed right away his rock hard 7 incher in his boxers.

He had to be dreaming about what we had done earlier that night. I put my hand right on his cock and leaned in and kissed him right on the lips. In a matter of seconds he was up, and returning my kiss. Ray and I started kissing heavily and exploring eachothers bodies again. He was groping me shortly until we switched positions. Now I was on the couch laying down, and he was on top of me. I stopped kissing him to bite his neck.

"Hey," he breathed into my ear "Back for more?" "I couldn't wait til morning." I responded "Good thing you came down, because I was going to get you soon." he smiled and kissed me again. Soon he stopped kissing me to bite my neck, and make his way down to my nipples. He licked them and sucked them making them hard as a rock. Ray licked his way down my stomach to my bellybutton and soon he was at my crotch.

His tongue and mouth explored my cock through the fabric of my boxers until he pulled out my 7.5 inches of solid dick and started sucking it.

After the blowjob earlier, Ray really got the hang of things.

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He took my boxers all the way off and I knew he was my little cock slave. He shoved the whole thing down his throat and licked the entire shaft and flicked the tip with his tongue while playing with my nipple and balls.

After about 7 or 8 minutes I exploded into his mouth. He tried to swallow it all, losing some of it out of the sides of his mouth. I pulled him up to an intense kiss.

I took over control at this point, and flipped him over. His knees were in the couch, and his arms were holding onto the edge of it with his ass up in the air.

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I got behind him and started to go to town on his ass. I felt his muscular ass and started to lick his hole and stroked his cock. Ray started to moan and exhale heavily.

"Shh you're gonna wake up my brother." I said "I can't help it!" whispered Ray. To be honest, I didn't care that much so kept on licking and jerking.

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In a minute or so Ray let out a moan and jizzed all over my hand. I still wasn't done, and neither was he. I put my knees on the couch and got behind him in a doggy style position. I teased him by rubbing my cock all around his ass. "Fuck me already!" he cried out. Just then I guided my cock into his hole. I started off slowly to get him used to it, but quickly I started to pound his ass.

"Uhhh o joey umphh umphh OOO UHH!" he moaned. His moans were getting so loud I took a pillow and put his face in it. He was bascially shouting in pleasure in the pillow as my balls smacked against his ass. I pulled him up and made him kiss me as we continued to fuck. Soon he wanted to change the pace, so I layed down flat on the couch and he got on top of me.

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It was so hot he guided my cock into his hole and started to ride me. He had one foot on the couch, and because of his height the other foot was flat on the floor guiding him. We were in heaven fucking. I told him I was going to cum soon, so I moved us to the floor. He got on all fours in a doggy style position, and I rammed my cock into his ass.

We we're both about to cum, and I was pounding his ass extremely hard and holding onto his shoulders for support. His asshole clenched and I saw him shoot his cum all over the carpet. Soon after I came and filled his asshole with my boy seed. We stayed in that position for a while catching our breath as one person before separating.

We made out and decided to share the couch that night. We were way to big, but we didn't care we needed to be together on that bed. We had a great night and fell asleep in eachothers arms, but not before I blew him and swallowed his load once more. With one more night at our house ahead, we had so much more fun to come.