Cute asian babe likes taste of my hard cock smalltits and brunette

Cute asian babe likes taste of my hard cock smalltits and brunette
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From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 9 re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Posted Wed 5th of December 2012 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature.

This version was modified by Geo.Venereal as editor working with joan Introduction: This is about the adventures I enjoy behind my husband Paul's back.

From End of Chapter 8. "Don't just sit there guys." I said walking to the couch and putting a hand on one of the muscular men's thighs and my other hand on the muscular black man sitting beside him.

I worked my hands over to the outline of their big hard cocks out-lined in their tight jean shorts. Now. Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Chapter 9. I continued massaging the outline of his growing cock until I reached the top of his jeans. I undid the top button and pulled down the zipper with my left hand, which wasn't too easy since I'm right handed.

I was massaging the big bulged jeans on the other side of me and at the same time I reached up and undid the top of his jeans. I pulled his zipper down and felt his hard cock. He wasn't wearing any underwear either. Now I had a hard throbbing cock in each of my hands. One of the men beside me had reached over and unbuttoned my blouse all the way to my waist and felt up my breasts as they came bouncing out. The other man unbuttoned the side of my skirt and pulled the zipper down.

He pulled at my skirt until it rode up to my waist. I heard him whisper. "Fuck your pussy looks hot bitch." "Mmmmm. Thanks! I answered. I pulled my arms out of my blouse and pushed my skirt down my legs while standing up. "Come here big boys." I said bending down and getting on my hands and knees. The two hot young muscular men stood up one on each side of me. I grabbed their hard, long thick cocks while opening my mouth wide.


I enveloped the big throbbing cock with my left hand first then fisting the big thick cock in my right hand at the same time. I saw his thick hard cock pressing against his jeans. He didn't have any underwear on either. I pushed my hand into his open jeans, wrapped my small hand around it and pulled it out.

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His cock head was huge, mushroom shaped and a deep purple color. A thick glob of white pre-cum popped out of his cock head and dripped on my hand. That's when I noticed the thickness and length of his cock.

It had to be at least eight and a half inches long and as big around as a pop can. I licked my lips and turned my head to the other side of me. "Fuck you have great lips bitch." The six foot three black muscular teenager moaned.

"You have to feel these lips around your cock Teddy." I pulled my mouth away from the delicious huge mushroom shaped, purple colored cock head, turned my head toward Teddy's huge cock head. I glanced around at the other eight nude black muscular teenagers and my hot Italian Vincent.

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I heard myself moan. "Don't just stand there all you hot black studs, one of you get behind me and ram your big cock into my hot pussy." Reaching up with both hands taking two black cocks in my hands after I pushed my ass in the air like a bitch dog in heat.

I opened my mouth wide and took Teddy's huge, mushroom shaped, purple colored cock head in my mouth.

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Teddy grabbed my hair and pushed forward. Half his nine inch cock slid in my mouth and entered my throat. My throat must have become used to being fucked because I didn't even gag.


With another shove Teddy's cock was down my throat and his huge black balls were slapping my bottom lip. I felt two huge hands grab my hips and a big cock pushing my puffy pussy lips open. His thick cock entered my wet pussy pushing against my hard clit at the same time.

I felt myself orgasm and the guys throbbing cock wasn't all the way in me yet. I moaned around Teddy's cock and balls at the same time. I wanted to yell. "Ram that big black cock in my pussy!" But my mouth was full. I knew it was a black guy pushing his big cock in my wet pussy because the only white man in the room was Vincent and he was standing just behind Teddy massaging his big hairy balls and stroking his long thick cock. "I'm being greedy Phil." Teddy said as he pulled his cock out of my throat his big cock head making a loud pop as it came out of my mouth.

I licked my lips and opened my mouth ready to take Phil's huge cock head in my mouth. Phil grabbed my head between his large hands and pushed forward pushing his cock head in my mouth and half way down my throat. He pushed again and his big balls slapped my bottom lip. "Oh that feels good." Phil moaned above me.

I looked up and saw the gleam in his eyes. He pulled his cock out of my mouth until only his huge cock head remained in my mouth. Then he rammed his entire cock down my throat again. "Fuck yes." He moaned throwing his head back. "I'm sorry Teddy but I have to finish this off.

I'm just too fucking horny to stop now." Phil pulled his cock out of my throat holding my head between his large hands and rammed it back down my throat again. Behind me the black stud rammed his big cock all the way in my pussy the same time Phil rammed his cock back down my throat again. "Fuck that bitches hot pussy hard Stan." I heard another black man say from behind me. "I claim that pussy next." "It's all yours as soon as I shoot my hot cum in her Kim." Stan moaned as he pulled his cock out of my wet pussy until only his cock head remained in my pussy.

Then he rammed his thick long cock back in my pussy again. "I don't know about her fucking pussy but her throat is the best. I never had a woman swallow my entire cock. In fact every woman I showed my cock to backed away. The last woman I showed my cock to said. "I'm not letting that ugly long, thick thing, with that huge purple monster head, in my mouth." Phil moaned ramming his cock down my throat again with his big bloated balls virtually bouncing against my bottom lip.

"I know what you mean Phil." Stan moaned loudly. "The furthest my cock has ever been in a pussy has only been half way.

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This bitch unbelievably is taking my entire cock. Fuck bitch you're going to make me shoot already." I wished I could yell. "Yes, fuck me with your big cock. Fuck me hard Stan." But Stan was ramming his cock back down my throat again.

I heard Phil grunt and shout. "Fuck I'm Cumming. Fuck Cumming." I could only feel Phil's thick cock vibrate and grow thicker in my throat and knew he was shooting his load into my stomach.

He was shooting his load directly from his cock directly into my stomach. I felt Phil's grip on each side my head gripping tighter and I was afraid he'd squeeze my head right off. He pulled his cock out of my stretched mouth and shot a big load on my tongue. I loved the flavor of his thick salty cum on my tongue.

His cock spurted another load across my nose and forehead after closing my mouth to swallow Phil's delicious load. Just as I swallowed Phil's load I heard the door between the kitchen and dining room open then close. "Fuck you look hot bitch on your knees with two big cocks one in each of your hands, a big black cock rammed up your juicy cunt and your face plastered with thick white cum.

Are you ready for more?" One of the black construction workers yelled when he walked in the room. You said before we went downstairs with that stupid husband of yours you'd make one of your hot holes available for us. I see your fucking mouth is available." "Stand in line buddy boy. I had to wait until my buddy Phil shot his load. But the slut's pussy is going to ready soon. Am I right Stan?" Phil asked. "Fuck yes. Oh, fuck, take my load bitch." Stan was yelling holding my hips in his big hands.

"Shit bitch take my load." I felt Stan's long thick cock expand in my pussy. Then he pulled out spraying a big load across my back and yelled. "Who's next?

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I got her all hot for more cock. Am I right bitch?" "Yes, yes, I did promise my husband's apprentices I'd make myself available when they came upstairs." I moaned. I looked up to see the apprentice that had come upstairs out of the corner of my eye. He was at least six-three. He had pulled his T-shirt off already and was undoing his top button of his jeans.

I opened my mouth to say something but as soon as my mouth opened Teddy rammed his big, mushroom shaped, purple colored cock head in my mouth holding my head between his large hands. "Don't you want to know my name before I ram my cock up that hot pussy of yours'?" The tall black, muscular teenage construction apprentice said while walking up to me and pulling down his jean zipper asked.

I tried to nod my head but Stan had a too much of a grip on my head to move my head. "It's Steve. I'm surprised your looser husband didn't hear you getting fucked. He just came back from using the washroom up here or I would have been up here sooner.

We drew straws to see who came up here first. Guess who won?" Steve asked. I knew Steve didn't want an answer. It was obvious who had won. I felt hotter than ever knowing that Paul had been upstairs with only a door between me whoring myself to ten tall, muscular, black huge cocked men. I was so hot. I wanted to rip Steve's jeans off him.

Steve pushed his jeans down along with his dark blue briefs containing a huge bulge. He bent down pushing his jeans down his muscular legs and kicked them off his bare feet.


He slipped his thumbs inside each side of his briefs and pushed them down. His thick black cock pushed out and sprayed his thick pre-cum across my cheek. Damn his cock looked good. I pushed my ass in the air as much as possible trying to show Steve I wanted his big cock in me.

No I didn't want his cock in me! I needed his big cock in me. Stan gripped my head and rammed his entire cock down my throat with one thrust. "Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Your throat is hot. Fucking hot, you were right Phil she can really swallow cock." Stan moaned.

Steve pushed his briefs down his muscular legs and stepped out of them. He slapped his big cock across my face beside Phil's cock lodged in my throat. Get ready bitch because I want your ass not your cunt. Think you can take my beer can thick ten inches in that ass of yours?" Steve asked walking to one side with his throbbing cock waving from side to side splashing more pre-cum through the air as he walked.

I wanted to yell. "Yes Steve I want that beautiful thick ten inches shoved in my ass in the worse way. Please ram that rod in me." Stan was still holding my head between his big hands as he pulled his cock out of my throat until only his big cock head was still in my mouth. I felt him sliding his big hand along my back as he walked behind me giving me goose bumps of anticipation of having his big black cock in my ass.

Steve's hand continued along the side of my back until I felt his hand against my ass cheek. Then I felt his fingers pushed into my pussy.

"Mmm. This cum should help get your ass hole ready for my big cock." Steve said. I wanted to yell. "Just fuck me Steve." Steve pushed his fingers into my asshole hard. "Wow your ass hole feels hot." Then I felt what must have been his huge mushroom shaped cock head pressed against my ass hole.

I could feel my asshole twitch with anticipation of feeling Steve's cock pushed in its entirety deep into my ass. The end of Chapter 9. This had only been the beginning of another all-night fuck. I'll be working on Chaptert 10. Right now I have to find some black men to fuck me.

I really need huge cock in me in the worse way. My husband is still in the basement like usual.