Nikita Bellucci Has the Fuck of Her Life Outdoors

Nikita Bellucci Has the Fuck of Her Life Outdoors
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My School Project MOM! Terry was going to be sixteen in three months. He could not help watching is mom at every opportunity, as his friends said she was a MILF. Sharon or Sherrie as her friends called her was 40 years old she had long brunette hair, a tight ass and 38DD breasts.

Terry sat in his room talking to his friend Louis, "yeah man I'd love to fuck her but theirs no way it can happen". Louis was the only black kid Terry hung out with and to say his was conniving was an understatement. Louis was telling Terry about a hypnotist he had seen on TV, the guy got people to do all kinds of stupid things and then they couldn't remember any of it.

Now Louis explained to Terry a plan to get Sherry to fuck and suck them. "Here how we do it bro, you tell her it's a class project then you try it. If it works you tell her every time you say a certain word she goes back to the hypnotic state, we can fuck her whenever we want". Terry thought about it for a few moments, "listen Lou it sounds like a great plan but I have to try it when my dad will be gone for a few days".

"Why the hell do you have to do that"? "Because if it works I want to fuck her several times and get a video while you're fucking her". "Then I have the other and oblivious issue of whether or not I can do it". After a long pause, finally Louis spoke "call me when you try it and let me know how it worked".

It was Thursday and as the three were having dinner his dad told his mom he was going to the convention Saturday morning and would probably not be back till Wednesday. Terries mind was racing as he had to read up on how this work and get to see if he could actually do it.

He gulped down his dinner and headed to his room to study his computer for info and how to instructions. For the next three hours he read all he could find about hypnotism and how to do it. Around ten his mom stuck her head into his room, "Hi honey watching porn"? "Mom please I'm working on my class project". Sherrie was surprised at his answer; she entered his room and stood there for a moment silent finally she spoke. "What is your project about"? "Hypnotism was his reply". "Well let me know if I can do anything to help, I'm off to bed." She kissed him on the forehead and headed for the door.

He watched her ass sway under her robe, as she got to the door she stopped looked over her shoulder winked at him and left.

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Friday at school Terry and Louis discussed the plan; the two best methods for hypnotizing someone were a candle or a pendant. The pendant in their face swing back and forth seemed best. They both agreed the pendant was the best idea. School ended and Louis told Terry he'd be over at 7 PM to see the results, he wished him good luck as he exclaimed "I'd love to have her lips sucking me off." Terry got home; Sherrie was in the den watching TV when he arrived.

"Hi mom what's up?" "Nothing hon." "Just watching a stupid game show, hungry?" "Yeah I'm going to get some cookies and go to my room to work on the project", he said with a smile. He headed to his room with thoughts of total humiliation if this failed and she knew about it, but his dick was already semi hard at the thought it could work. At around three forty five he left his room to put the plan into action. From the top of the stairs he called "Mom do you still have that big silver pendant grandma gave you"?

From the den she answered, "Yes baby give me a minute and I'll get it for you." Five minutes later she passed his room on her way to find the pendant.

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It took ten minutes but she now was standing in the doorway to his room with the large gaudy pendant. "Why the hell would you want this awful looking thing anyway?" "Mom I told you about my class project right?" "Yes you did." "Well this is an important part of the project." She shrugged and handed it to him; she turned to leave the room.

"Mom you said if I needed help to let you know right?" "Yes sweetie what do you need?" "I need someone to work with me." "How do you mean?" "Well sit down at my computer screen." She sighed and walked into his room she smelled wonderful and even in sweat pants and a baggy top she looked great. "OK now I want you to just stair at the pendant, block out everything else but the pendant and my voice." "Honey it will not work on me I'm too stupid for it too work." "Please mom." For at least five minutes she stared at the pendant while his voice kept repeating the same phrase.

All of a sudden to Terries surprise he eyes close and she appeared to be under. It took Terry several moments to believe what he was seeing. Now what went through his mind was she was faking to make him feel better. He needed a test to see, "Mom you will open your eyes but are still in the trance" now open your eyes." Her eyes opened, now for the test. "Mom go down to the bar make me a vodka and cranberry and make yourself a double and bring them back up here." She rose and headed for the bar.


Two minutes later she was back with their drinks, as she entered he told her to sit down, she did. He tasted the drink it was a real drink, he tasted hers, it was a very heavy poured drink. Still he wasn't sure "Mom go put on the white shorts you bitched about last week that had shrunk too small for you to wear." She stood up and within five minutes was back in his room.

To Terrie's surprise she was back in the shorts, they were so tight you could plainly see the outline of her pussy lips.

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Terry got his camera and took three shots of her standing their. "Mom look sexy." She smiled seductively for him. "Mom go back to your room, put on a very sexy outfit with stocking and heels and come back in here for a photo shoot." "Oh mom as you are getting dressed your pussy will start to get wet as you are hoping you will get fucked after the pictures." She left his room; he called Louis and told him to get over the house soon. When she came back into his room his mouth dropped open, there she stood in a pink bra and thong panty, black garter belt, stockings and heels.

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"Mom you look great, how about some very sexy posses." Terry took four pictures of her in sexy posses. "Mom take off your bra." Without hesitation she did six more pictures.

"Mom lets see some bush." He took at least 12 shot of her spread wide showing her hairy pussy. Terries cock was rock hard the sight of her pussy with moisture on the lips was making him crazy.

"Mom do you like to suck cock?" She looked at him with a big smile. "Yes I do and I really enjoy swallowing a big load as well." "Well get over here and suck my cock." She walked over to her son dropped to her knees and swallowed his cock as best she could. His cock was eight and a half inches so it would take some getting use to, but after a few sucks she swallowed it down to the base. She was gagging but kept it in her throat; he could feel her throat contracting on his cock.

Finally she pulled back and started a slow bobbing motion. "Mom no hands let your mouth do it, if you want rub my balls with your hand. After three minutes of the best cock sucking he had ever had he grabbed her hair and started to cum gallons in her mouth.

She swallowed every drop. "Mom did you like that?" "Yes I did very much." He rubbed his cock all over her face and in her hair. It was only five thirty so now for the next part of the plan.

"Mom I want you to put your bra and panties back on, then you will go into your bedroom and come back here in your sweats and baggy top." She picked up her clothes and headed for her bedroom, several minutes later she was back in his room.

"Mom please sit." She did "Now I'm going to snap my fingers and you will wake up, you will remember nothing of this. You will smell the cum on your face and the taste in your mouth.

You will not wash your face. Whenever you hear me say dingbat you will go back to this state, do you understand?" "Yes" Terry snapped his fingers her eyes blinked, "see honey I told you I'm too stupid to be hypnotized. Now I'm going down stairs to start dinner". Louis showed up at 6 pm.

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"Hi Mrs. R how are you?" "Very Good Louis, you?" "Great where's Terry?" "Upstairs in his room, do you want to stay for dinner?" "Sure why not." Louis got to Terries room in a flash, "did it work?" "Damn right it worked she gave me the best blow job I've ever had and she swallowed every drop of cum." "Wow that's cool so know what?" "Well leys eat I'm hungry then after diner well go in the den and see if it works again." "Hey look at these pictures." The two boys looked at the photos with a renewed lust for her.

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Sherry was preparing burgers; she smelled cum and had its taste in her mouth. It made her hot thinking about warm cum flowing into her mouth but how did it get their. She dismissed it as her husband being gone to long. After dinner she cleaned up the kitchen, she stuck her head in the den where the boys were playing a video game, "honey I'm going to my room to read, is Lou staying over tonight?" Terry smiled at her yes he is dingbat.

Instantly she went into a trance. "Mom go to your room and put on the outfit you had on for me, fix your hair and makeup in a slutty way and get back down here." Tem minutes later she was in the den in the outfit, Lou stood their staring at her. "Wow Sherrie you look fantastic," "Thank you Louis." "Sherrie would you like to see my 11 inch cock?" "Yes I would." Both boys stripped immediately. Louis had his cock in his hand before Terry was naked, his cock as still soft but growing quickly.

Sherrie do you know what I'm going to do with my cock?" "No Louis what are you going to do with it." "I'm going to put it in your tight pussy" "Oh that sound great, please be gentle its huge I'll need time to get adjusted to its size then you can fuck me blind with it." Terry took her hand and they headed to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom Terry told her to strip and sit on the bed with only stocking and heels still on. Terry had set up the video camera so they were ready.

"Mom why don't you and Lou make out for a while, the after a little bit suck his cock and get it wet for your pussy." Sherrie smiled, her and Louis started tongue kissing and groping each other, it went on for ten minutes until she was very hot.

"Louis can I suck your cock please?" "Sure Sherrie suck away just no hand mouth only." She sucked his cock, her one hand was gently messaging his nut sack while her other free hand was working her clit which was rock hard.

"Louis please fuck me now," she whispered.

Then she got up and opened a night table draw, she took out a rubber, "Would you like me to put it on for you?" "No thanks Sherrie tonight were going in bareback." "Louis I'm not on the pill this could be a problem if I," "Mom forget the rubber." Sherrie dropped it on the floor and lay down next to him. "Louis please go slowly your cock is huge", "have you ever had a cock this big before?" "God no but I really want to try." Louis got between her legs; she spread as wide as she could he rubber the head at the slippery entrance of her pussy lips.

With one gentle push she felt the head go in, she moaned and gasped at its size. He kept a slow gentle pressure downward as he wanted to get all of his cock in her. A little over half way in she looked into his eyes, "honey stop for a minute your cock is deeper in me then any man has ever been. It feels wonderful just let me get accustomed to it then well go for the whole thing." Louis pulled out and started stroking her pussy with slow in and out movements.

"Now baby I want more black cock please," Louis now pushed in deep, past her cervix. He was balls deep in her their pubic mounds grinding together. She wiggled her ass in small circles, he could feel her pussy walls contracting around his cock, it was the most incredible experience of his life.

She started digging her finger into his back as a low guttural man came out of her, "baby my cunt is cumming Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" He felt liquid coming out of her; she pulled his face close to hers "deeper baby deeper!" He pushed down and she pushed up several more times and again she had a second and third orgasm.

She kept moving her ass in small circles to create a friction in her pussy for his cock. His body stiffened, he pushed down hard and she pushed up as he cock let go with a torrent of warm cum. As his cock spewed out its second load of cum she convulsed and had another screaming orgasm. They both laid their breathing heavily for a few minutes.

Louis pulled his cock out, it plopped as it came out, immediately followed by a river of warm cum. Terry had all of this on video. "Mom put on you panties and go down stairs and get up some vodka." Without a word she stood put her panties back on and headed for the bar.

"Well how was the pussy bro?" "It was great can I get more?" "Sure my dad isn't due home till Wednesday." "You are going to get the pussy now?" "Not me I'm getting her ass." Just the she entered the bedroom with three drinks. Louis looked at Terry look at the front of her panties man they're soaking wet." "Lou my bro that's all your cum." "Mom have you ever been ass fucked?" "No, honey never." "Well your going to loose your virginity tonight." "Get me some lube and get those panties off." She got the lube and lubed his dick completely; he then took the lube and squirted some in her ass.

He worked his finger in there for several minutes, "ready mom?" "Yes baby please go slow it's my first time. Terry pushed his cock in; once he was in he held it in place for a minute for her to get use to it. "Ok baby fuck my ass!" Terry started pounding her almost immediately; she was moaning, rubbing her clit and pushing her ass back to meet his forward thrusts.

She couldn't believe the feeling deep in her pussy, my god she was going to cum. His pounding kept up for several minutes while she had two screaming orgasms, then he stiffens and for the first time in her life she felt hot cum being pumped deep in her bowels.

For the next two hours both boys fucked her in every hole. The entire event was captured on video. It was almost midnight; they were completely drained of cum. Every drop they had in their bodies was now in her.


"Mom lets get some sleep, in the morning when you wake you will remember nothing of this, now got to sleep.

The boys cleaned her up as best they could but she would be leaking cum for at least two days if Terry was right.