Horny horny girl ass fucking on sofa

Horny horny girl ass fucking on sofa
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I stopped by my house in Preston Hollow, Ellen's car was in the driveway. My caretaker informed she was out at the pool. I grabbed Ellen's wrist as she walked out of the cabana. Ellen inhales sharply, tearing her wrist from my hold. She tries to shove me away but I'm too strong. I press against her body until her back is against the closed door. " Let go of me!" " Nope." I push my knee between her legs and she feels my hard cock against her thigh.

Our eyes met at the same time.

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I didn't have the grace to look surprised, or embarrassed, or a little afraid. I gave her a look as challenging as ever. Ellen didn't think it was imagination when she feels me thrust against her a little. " I knew you were a scumbag," Ellen said.

" And I knew you were a smart woman." She pushes against me but I won't budge. " Let me go." " Nope," I said again. " Not until I've fucked the hell of you." Ellen blinked, not sure if she heard correctly. Then I move purposefully, sliding my hips until my cock aligned with her pussy-- which didn't have the same hearing problem as she did.

It is wet and ready. She practically hears the wetness of her lips separating and rejoining every time I carefully slide between them--even through her dress and my pants. " I will scream," She threatened.

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I gave a low laugh from down my throat and pressed my lips against her cheek. " You know nobody will hear you." My finger skims down the side of her face, across her jaw bone, until it settles in the hollow of her throat.

" We both know you won't. But please keep on saying so if it'll alleviate some of the guilt." I grin. " Plus. it's kinda hot." " How can you be so fucking cocky?! I'm 32! I'm your employee! I loathe you! How the fuck can you be so sure I won't call the police?" I shift away from her body only to grab her hair.

I pull it so hard that tears reflexively came to her eyes.

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" Let's stop pretending. You want to fuck me as much as I want to fuck you again. You can keep up with this charade you've got going--though we both know you're my whore--if it gets you wetter. But I'm done with the Q&A portion of the afternoon." I kiss her neck and leave my lips there for a few heartbeats. " You and I are the same, you know. We both see the bullshit in this world." " I see your bullshit," she pants, turned on and pissed off. My eyes met hers. " Same difference." She watches me as I watch her.

I lift the bottom of her dress up to her stomach. Without directing it to, her hand reaches over to bunch the material up so it is out of my way. I offer her a tilted smile. My other hand dips inside her panties with no preamble. My hand found her sopping wet, of course. I grin when my fingers sweep through her slick lips, though she is sure her arousal is no surprise to me.

Then I'm on my knees and she is staring down at my gray head. She feels her panties slip down her legs and her body sink into the door.

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I press my lips against her soaked pussy, breathing heavily. Ellen pushes her shoulders back and a slow spasm of pleasure rolls through her, lifting her hips into my head and pushing my lips harder against her wet flesh.

" You're a filthy girl, Ellen," I murmur against her. She opens her mouth to protest that I'm the filthy one, that I'm the one that started all this, but no sound came out. I'd already begun to fuck her with my tongue, fast and deep and she is so fucking wet. Her shaking fingers slip through my hair, pulling me harder against her.

I moan as she nearly falls to the floor at the sensation. Her knees give out a little but she can't fall; my strong arms hold her up by the backs of her thighs as I make her my meal.

Then I take one of my hands away to push two fingers into her cunt. Ellen cries out, grinding against my hand.


She rode it hard, desperate for the violent orgasm she knew was coming. " My naughty girl," I whisper. " Such a bad girl, letting her boss finger fuck her. Bad, bad girl." " Oh, God," She pleads. My fingers pick up speed as my mouth returns to her. I lave her clit until she is crying out incoherently. I said dirty things against her pussy. " You gonna let me fuck you?

Hmm? Gonna let me stuff you with my thick cock?" The fiery pressure building until suddenly white hot ecstasy surges from her cunt all through her body. She surges sending bolts through her once, twice, three times until she is shaking and put back together with my lips kissing up her body.

I'd stepped out of my pants at some point and she feels my hard slippery cock running up her thigh. " I'm going to fuck you so hard that you're never going to be able to come without thinking about me." My cock pushes against her pussy just as I nibble on her nipple. My teeth biting her a little as she shudders. I grin wrapping one arm under her ass, hoisting her up between my body and the door. " This is going to be good." I shove my cock inside her in one long, slow thrust. Her eyes widen with every inch I forcefully push in.

Ellen is panting heavily by the time I bottom out, my green eyes are hooded and filled with a quiet pleasure. For all my talking before, I'm silent as I hump her into a puddle of pleasure against the door. I thrust against her in hard, deep, constant, strokes. She shuts her eyes; Ellen can't handle my intense gaze. Then she feels my mouth close around her breast sucking her hard nipple.

Her eyes flew open. " Fuck, John." I continue fucking her, in silence. My hand running over her body, grabbing her ass, pushing against her stomach, positioning her by her shoulder.

" Please," She begs after a while.

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She is so close to coming again. I stood up tall lifting her body higher against the door. Her legs cross over my ass, pulling me in tighter. I grab her breast then slam into her harder than she ever imagined. The thrusts are rough, hard, deep and constant, and nearly too much. My face tightens as I watch her come again.

I groan when her pussy squeezes my cock, pulling me in deeper. She shuts her eyes, unable to handle the expression of naked desire and barbaric intent on my face.


My hand went to her hair, pulling it tightly so that she had keep her eyes on me. Ellen knew it was always meant to be like this again. We were destined to fuck every since we laid eyes on each other in Atlanta. A growl built up from my chest and into my throat. By my frantic thrusts and grunts, it is obvious I'm close. Her drenched pussy gives her another shock of pleasure that she knew I felt.

Ellen is positive she will die coming again. My lips came to hers in a scorching kiss.

Our first one, it dawned on her. My tongue battles her own in a fierce, wet violence that makes her pulse sky rocket. Finally I gasp pulling my mouth away burying my face in her neck. I groan passionately, holding onto her ass with spread fingers.

My heavy body covering her as my cock let go, pushing bursts of cum inside her with each jerk of my cock.

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I sigh, pushing away from her. My cock slipping out, leaving a trail of cream.

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I push her hair back from her sweaty forehead giving her another kiss. It is so consuming that she feels like she is going to orgasm again from it. I move away from her, pulling up my pants in the process. Her fingers let go of her dress as it falls down, covering her ravaged pussy dripping with my cum.

The intimate sound of my fly zipping up made her blush, which is ridiculous considering this is our fourth time together and what we'd just done. I came over to her once I'm dressed grabbing her chin.

" Call me the next time you come here for a swim." I panted, still out of breath from our fucking. Then I'm gone, leaving her pleasure-wracked and completely confused. She had just fucked her boss. Did she feel guilty? Used? Her fingers have a mind of their own. They slip into her used pussy spreading around my cum.

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Only then did she realize she is smiling.