Matured guy assfucks his sexy babysitter

Matured guy assfucks his sexy babysitter
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Goddammit! She was going to be late for school again! One would think she could set an alarm and get the hell out of bed when it went off but Willow would slap it off and roll over for another few more minutes sleep. He hurried down the hall to her bedroom and threw open the door then slammed to a halt, the shout of "Get up!" stuck in his throat. His daughter was lying on her back, uncovered by blankets, as nude as the day she came into this world. Her eyes were closed in sleep so she didn't see her father gulp a deep breath then scramble back out of the door.

He closed it quietly then knocked loudly, "Willow! You're gonna be late again, get the hell out of bed!" His daughter smiled then opened her eyes. She looked at the closed door and snickered to herself about the way her father had reacted.

She had heard him coming so she kicked the blanket off, closed her eyes to a slit then waited for him to come in. He thought her eyes were closed but they weren't.

She wanted him to see her with nothing on, she wanted him to see that she was more woman than girl, she wanted to watch his reaction to her nudity. She wanted to get his mind working about her, for her. He stood outside her door, his chest slowly deflating from the deep breathe he had been holding. Holy hell, what was that? He hadn't seen his girl nude since she was maybe six and hadn't realized that in the twelve years since then she could change so radically.

She was his baby for Christ's sake but the young woman he just saw was far, far, from childhood, she was ready for childhood. He turned from her door still shaken from the sudden exposure to Willow in the buff and went to calm the inner turmoil with a cup of coffee. He was divorced. His ex wife had left them both, husband and daughter, to live with a fucking lowlife Accountant, the same fucking lowlife that used to handle their taxes.

Well now he was handling his ex and not the taxes. Willow's mother decided the girl was too much of a burden so she not to subtly abandoned her also. For the last three years father and daughter were a team, paired to each other by kinship, circumstance and the failed family life.

In that time Willow suffered through the twin agonies of high school and puberty. Her dad did his best to keep the passage through the years smooth but she suffered some rough rides along the way. In the last few months as her physical maturity peaked and the hormonal insanity of puberty weakened it's hold on Willow she began to feel more womanly.

The burgeoning woman began to yearn for intimacy: male intimacy. Willow was getting horny more often, more intensely as her childhood slipped rapidly into the past. She knew what she was feeling but she wasn't yet ready to venture into a relationship with a young man. She'd been paying attention to the antics of the teen boys in her social group and didn't want to subject herself to the reckless, heedless capers of any of them.

She felt ready for sex but she wanted it on her terms, not some hormone flooded boy's. In two years she had dated five guys but remained chaste to them, her only intimate companions were her fingers and a fist sized torpedo shaped vibrator she stole from her mother on one of the rare occasions she went to visit her.

But recently something new began to bubble her blood, tickle her mind. Willow wanted to experience real sex, but only at the hands of a skilled man, her father. She wasn't sure what was happening to her, why she felt what she did, thought about her father that way but if one could delve into her sub-conscience they would find that the closeness they shared along with the intimacy of a coming of age female living with a handsome virile man was a strong factor.

Over the past few months Willow watched him with increased sensual awareness, she had begun to find ways and reasons to see her father intimately.

Her curiosity caused her to sneak the bathroom door open to watch him behind the frosted glass while he showered. Twice she 'accidentally' barged into the bathroom while her father was standing at the bowl peeing, catching quick glances at what he held before he shouted at her.

She went to his bedroom while he slept to admire the breadth and thickness of his muscular chest.

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His stomach was flat to a narrow waist and he had jogging toned, well defined, muscular legs. Since he slept nude often she was several times treated to the full exposure of his body. On those occasions her leg muscles would shiver, her chest grew warm while she inspected his cock and balls. But the most intense feelings happened when she would sit outside his bedroom door when his girlfriend Molly spent the night, she could project herself into Molly's body and feel what her father was doing.

She wouldn't go to him, she didn't want to be obvious, she didn't want him to think she was a horny little slut. She wanted him but he would have to take the final initiative. She was hoping the closeness and companionship the two shared in the home might encourage her father to broaden his sensitivity toward her, his awareness of her, that he might develop yearnings that would become action.

She determined to keep from chasing or physically seducing her dad but there were some things she could do to earn his interest. Lying nude on the bed was the initial foray into a world of provocation and passive seduction without revealing her intent.

Willow got off the bed to prepare for school, her lips curved upward as a small smile, she was pleased at what she had done, what her father had seen. Her father's girlfriend was an accomplished professional, a gynecologist, a woman's doctor, but also Molly was pretty, sweet and in her mid thirties, still hot.

Willow wasn't jealous of her, quite the contrary, she liked her and thought her father and Molly were a good couple. The three often went to dinner or movies or the beach and parks. She knew Molly and her dad were fucking and accepted it as normal. She also intuited that a man can make love to more than one woman, that men often dated two or more women at the same time.


Willow didn't think of a relationship with her dad as an all or nothing affair, she could share his affection with Molly.

But she had to get his attention, to get him thinking about her as he did his girlfriend. Ironically she went to Molly for advice on how to seduce a man but not be transparent. Molly delighted in giving advice, she knew Willow had never before taken any boy serious and was happy that the girl had come to her to learn how to capture a man's attention.

They began with physical appearance; hair, make-up, and clothing. Molly spent days with Willow teaching her how to apply cosmetics so the attractive features of her face were played up. Her eyes, brows and lips became subtly more appealing under Molly's tutelage. The girls dark blonde hair was cut shorter and streaked with trendy soft colored highlights, styled to frame her face, to draw focus on the pretty countenance. As Molly guided the girl, Willow's desire to attract her father intensified, her body became more aware of him when they were home alone.

Molly went shopping for clothing with Willow. It took most of a single day to buy garments that the girl could wear, clothing that would dare a male to look at her, to desire her. A skirt that rode well above the knees. A silk blouse that buttoned but revealed the girl's provocative cleavage, an open collar exposed the graceful curves of her neck and shoulders, the bra beneath offered the slightest hint of nipples. Heels were bought that caused Willow's lower legs to stretch, to define the delicate shape of her ankles and calves.

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Dark stockings enhanced the mystique of her legs, causing men to watch them as she walked. Molly didn't have to teach Willow how to move, walk or gesture. As the girl grew more confident in her appearance the beguiling woman within began to reveal herself. The teen girl had completed maturing physically, now she was maturing mentally and sensually.

When Willow arrived at home that Saturday after her final stage of transformation her stomach was fluttering with angst. Would her father notice, what would he say, would he see her as a young woman, not his daughter? She stepped to the front room to greet him. She entered the room not knowing what to expect but was pleased when he looked up at her and his first words were, "Where are you going?

You have a date?" Her heart soared, he noticed! "Uh, no, not unless you want to take me out, why?" The sight of his daughter sent a sharp ripple of electricity from his eyes to his heart, "I'm not sure I've ever seen you look so made up, you look ready for a night on the town, what's the occasion?" She beamed, she preened, she pirouetted but didn't answer the question, "You like it dad?" He wasn't sure how to answer her, she was his little girl and in some ways he didn't want her to grow up but his daughter standing in the short skirt and nylons topped by a form revealing blouse couldn't hide the fact that Willow was more woman than many, even those years older than she.

As he studied her face and hair his nuts shivered and he had to admit, "Yes, you are very alluring." Her breasts rose slightly more as she puffed with joy, "Alluring? That's a daddy word. Can't I be hot or seductive?" Those were terms he didn't want to associate with his little girl but he relented, "Okay, you win, if I weren't your dad you would be hot. There, happy?" Aglow with satisfaction Willow put her hands on his broad shoulders and kissed him quickly on the right cheek, "What are you doing tonight?

Going out with Molly?" "No, she called and waived off tonight so I thought I would catch a TV movie." "Well, you asked me if I had a date but I don't unless you take me somewhere. Would you mind dating your own daughter?" Willow's heart was thudding with anxiety because she was following through on the mission she started weeks before. She wanted her dad to not only notice her, but seduce her. They started with dinner at Marcelo's Little Italy then ventured out to find something else to do.

When they left the restaurant he asked Willow, "Now what, you're in charge, it's your date, what do you want to do?" The first thing that popped into her head was 'get a room' but that was quickly squashed by a more rational thought, also a daring idea but one that kept her clothes on a bit longer.

"Would you buy a bottle of wine then we can go to Evergreen Park and sit. It's a nice night and I want to look at the stars." "You want me to let you drink wine? Need I remind you that you are old enough for alcohol?" "Come on daddy, you let me have wine before, last Christmas, remember when I got tipsy, or on Molly's birthday?

You're my escort so you can be sure I'm not out getting drunk with some guy who has six hands." Willow didn't give him a chance to refuse, she took her father's hand and led him down the street toward a Wine and Spirits shop. The cashier eyed the middle aged man accompanied by a pretty young woman and felt a shiver of envy as he bagged the bottle of expensive wine. A rich sugar daddy for sure to have the company of such a stunning girl.

They parked at the bottom of a large hill in Evergreen Park then again hand in hand walked the trail to the top where they found a place to unfold the blanket her dad kept in the car.

The old spread was for nights he and Molly fucked around without the benefit of a bed. Willow wasn't supposed to know it's purpose but she did and was sure it was cum stained and that thought sent light tingles through her stomach.

They sat under a large Elm tree and enjoyed a view of the moon rising above Lake Kilborne, the path of moonbeams across the lightly rippled water shimmered in her eyes and allowed enough light to see her father.

Willow's body was preparing, she was shaking with anticipation, her breathing deeper, her womb was warming. She was almost ready to be seduced.

He opened the bottle of Merlot but had no glasses so he tipped the bottle and took the first sip then handed it to his daughter. Willow's hand was shaking as she gripped the bottle and put it to her lips. She filled her mouth, tasting the wine then swallowed it. Quickly she took a second drink then gave it back, "Wow, that's good." "Well don't get used to it, you're not legal. If you get drunk and some damn cop shows up I'd have a hard time explaining what we are doing." "What do you mean?" "I mean I'm sitting on a blanket in a park at 9:30 getting a stunning young woman drunk." 'stunning young woman' rang like a bell in her ears, "I'm a stunning young woman, not your daughter?" "Yes sweetheart, tonight you are a very stunning young woman.

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You may be my girl but I feel lucky to have such a lovely representative of the feminine side of our species beside me." Willow chirped with amusement, "Feminine side of a species?

Oh boy, special me to get such a compliment! I bet you say that to all the 'feminine representatives' you know" she snickered audibly. Willow took another hit of wine then laid back from her sitting position. She folded one arm up so she could put her head on her hand then moved her feet up, raising her knees.

The skirt which was short to begin with slid even further to reveal more of her thighs. She raised her eyes to his face and saw him looking at her from feet to breasts.

Her eyes were on the stars but her focus was on him, she saw as his eyes flickered up and down her body and took a sharp involuntary breath, a reaction to the thrill that exploded through her nerves.

He was not looking at her like a father would look upon a child, his posture, his aura was of a male drawn to a female. The father grabbed the bottle then looked away from his daughter and took a long pull of wine. He set the bottle aside then went to lie next to Willow, on his side facing her, his head propped up by an arm bent at the elbow. She rolled to face him, they were scant inches apart. Using her arm as a pillow she rested her head then smiled at him, her heart was slamming as she asked, "Daddy, if I weren't your daughter would you be attracted to me?

As a woman I mean?" She was beginning to feel the wine and his nearness. As minutes passed she was warming more, her pussy was beginning to itch, her voice damn near cut off by the strain of forcing air past the lump in her throat. Willow was getting turned on like never before, her body was preparing. The only barrier was his reluctance, she needed to get him past that and into her.

He hadn't answered the question so she prodded again, "Dad?" "Willow, you're barely out of little girl clothes and I am at the high end of my 30's.

No matter what I think or feel that age different would keep me from messing around with anyone less than half my age. I mean it would be flattering as hell to think a teen girl would get under blankets with me but I have to face reality.

I'm too far ahead in life to be screwing around with someone so young." Willow noted immediately that age was the only issue he voiced, he did not mention the bothersome fact she was his offspring. "Oh come on, haven't you ever heard of May December relationships? I mean being older doesn't mean you can't get it up does it? Or is Molly just hanging around you because you have a job?" Her father was bewildered by the direction of her questions.

He was having an adult, suggestive conversation with his daughter that should be better left to a woman that he might seduce. He was wondering if Molly or her mother should talk to Willow about life, sex and adulthood. He studied her briefly, accepted her questions, then grinned, "I'm not that old, how about an April October relationship?" he teased.

Willow sensed she didn't have his full interest yet, his attention for sure, but not his complete intimate interest. She stepped closer to the edge of daring, "Daddy, I think I'm ready to go to bed with a man. I never did it before but I get really strong feelings when I'm around someone special." She locked her eyes on his, "Do think I should?" He damn near swallowed his tongue he gulped so hard, his chest was vibrating from the rapid slamming of his heart, his prick reacted to the sexy girl looking at him with deep inviting eyes.

She was his daughter for Christ's sake, what the hell was he doing on a blanket with her alone in the night with a bottle of wine to loosen his morals and maybe her legs??

As he trembled with fear for what he was thinking one thought came through clearly; a question, a feeling. Was he being seduced? Did the vexing young girl set this whole evening up by the way she dressed, the fresh new hair style, the enchanting way she made up her face, the boldness of her words.

Clarity of thought returned and he sat up next to Willow, "We have to go home girl, it's getting late." Disappointment clouded her mind but she recovered quickly, "Yeah, maybe we should, this ground is hard, my bed is a lot more comfortable." Wham!

Those words put the idea back in his head, she just invited him to her bed? Of course not, she was his daughter, she was voicing an opinion. He backed the car out of the parking spot then as he started the drive home Willow turned sideways, leaned back against her door and curled her legs up so her feet rested on the seat too.

She adjusted the skirt so it fell evenly across her thighs, uncapped the bottle then they sipped wine for the 20 minute drive home. Few words were spoken but the interior of the car became more enclosed, cozy as Willow fortified her courage with the Merlot and her father paid more attention to her legs than the road. By the time the garage door closed he had grown a full strength erection and a nut full of lust for Willow.

She led into the house, his eyes held prisoner by the swing of her hips as she walked.

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He was not following his daughter any more but a woman he was about to bed. He felt her, she was radiating sexuality and lust, he was so in tune with his daughter he knew what she wanted and her desire for him became the final blow that collapsed his reluctance to screw her. No more words were needed, no more seductive poses, no more suggestive words or covert moves.

Willow knew he would follow her to her room, she knew he wouldn't say good night and leave again. Her heart was slamming violently, she was shaking with latent energy but she did not waiver, when he followed her past his own room her knees turned to water.

She did not turn on the light but stepped to the bed and stopped. He came up behind her, put his hands on her hips then bent to kiss the nape of her neck. She leaned her head forward giving him more neck for his lips, when she did her ass pressed back against his groin.

She could feel his erection and had to suppress a moan at it's touch. Up until he kissed her neck he was wary in spite of what he felt or thought, when Willow accepted the kiss and bumped his erection there was no more uncertainty. She was going to let him fuck her. He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her tighter against his body then put his mouth to work on her neck and shoulders. Willow swooned at the feel of his hot moist lips on the sensitive nerves in her skin. Hands moved from her stomach to cover her breasts where his fingers caressed the points of her bra, her nipples grew erect under his fingertips.

Her head was getting light, her knees began to tremble with the effort to stand, she put her hands back and grabbed his hips for support then pulled him even closer. When his erection pressed into the crevice of her butt her breath stuttered. He began to open her blouse, from bottom to top. When it fell apart he slid his hands up to push the bra off the firm standing mounds of flesh.

Willow shook her head and rocked her hips, rubbing her butt against her father's arousal, "Uh, uh, daddy, god daddy" she whispered. She never in her life felt as hot as she did just then, not even when she was abed with a fever. She needed to strip, to shed her clothes, to try to cool off. Willow turned in her father's arms, put hers around his neck and clung to him, her breasts flattened against his chest.

They stood quietly, building more passion then he pushed her back enough he could pull his shirt off. As it hit the floor he pulled her against him again and Willow felt the strong muscles of his chest on her bared tits. Not knowing how he would react but with a need driven by lust the girl lifted her head and put her mouth over his.

She kissed her date and he kissed her back. While her lips slid wetly against his he moved his hands to the catch of the skirt and opened it then pushed it down her legs.

Willow had an open blouse, the bra around her neck, skirt on the floor but still covered by hosiery and panties. She was panting out her fever when she stepped back and put her hands at her father's waist. Fingers fumbled at the belt then her father stood still when she pushed his pants to the floor.

Willow looked at his groin and shook again, his cock had tented his shorts, a large wet spot marked the head of it under the cloth. She shook the blouse off her arms, he removed her bra then put fingers under the band of the pantyhose and pushed her undergarments to the floor.

It took two long erotic minutes for the pair to strip each other of clothing, preparing. He looked into her eyes "Have you ---------?" Willow was so attuned to his mind she knew what he was asking, she assured him "No, but it won't hurt," she had taken care of that months earlier with the dildo. He pulled his daughter to him then they clutched tightly again only this time there was no material between them.

His skin was rubbing on her tight smooth body, his erection pressed firmly against the junction of her legs. Willow flexed her back, caressing his cock with her loins then released her father. She stepped back until her legs bumped the bed then she folded backwards pulling him with her.

Without thought her legs moved wide, opening the space between them. He leaned over Willow, put his hands on the bed on each side of her shoulders then dipped his hips, the head of his erection pressed onto, then into the split of her body. The girl's heart soared on wings at this intimate touch, she sipped a breath then released it as a sigh of bliss.

He put a hand between them to hold his cock then gently, ever so slowly pushed into Willow. Her eyes were wide, locked on his when he entered her.

Even though she had no barrier she was tight and felt her body resisting him but he was being cautious. The time for surreptitious seduction was past so she boldly encouraged him, "Daddy, do it now, don't hold back, don't worry, I want this." She pause for two moments then added softly, "I need to fuck you." In all her years her father had heard the girl say 'fuck' only twice and both times shocked him.

Her words, "I need to fuck you" acted like a switch that turned off any lingering reluctance. He slammed deep into the girl then set a rhythmic pace of sex.

Willow reacted with a moan; a smile. Her hands lifted to his shoulders then she raised her head to watch her father's cock thrusting and pulling in and out, making a woman of the girl. She had been wanting, dreaming, of this moment for weeks and now the reality of him, the feeling of his erection added fuel to the fires burning in her womb. For most of the day Willow's lust had been simmering, growing warmer as the evening passed but now with her father's erection stroking her that lust began to boil.

It didn't register that she had just lost her virginity, it didn't register that she was committing incest or they were breaking social and moral laws, it only registered that a long last she was living a dream. He pushed up and away from her and when she rocked her hips up she didn't feel him, she gasped, he was gone!

Why did he stop? His hands went to her waist to pull her up to lie on the bed then he came back to her. He rolled her to her side, lifted her leg then penetrated the girl again. His lips went to her neck, one hand cupped a breast and his groin was slapping gently against her ass.

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Willow submitted completely and wantonly and in just a few more minutes her body could hold no more passion. She convulsed, she cried out, she came in a series of contractions.

Her father didn't hold back, when his daughter began to climax he reacted by injecting her with seven strong surges, filling her with cum. She was lying face down, her head turned toward him, watching as he gulped cool air. The draining of his hormones brought her father to his senses, he tilted his head to her, "Holy hell girl, what did we just do!?" Willow grinned tiredly, "You don't know, do I need to get Molly over here to remind you?" Her eyes fluttered shut briefly as her body shivered with a sexual aftershock, her cunt tingled deliciously.

"Don't be factious girl, you are my daughter and what I just did is way beyond okay." She rolled to her side facing him, put hand on his chest then corrected him, "What I did daddy. No one in the world will know what just happened, no one will ever guess or have any reason to suspect we had sex.

I wanted this, I wanted to go to bed with you and let you be my first." Her admission continued in a quieter voice, "I've been seducing you for weeks, I've been dreaming of this for a long time.


It's is not wrong daddy, not between you and me in this house." Her fingertips caressed small circles around his right nipple, "And I don't want this to be the only time." He looked at his daughter, the pretty teen aged woman, then pulled her against him. They bonded by arms then lay quiet, solidifying the moment, silently agreeing to a pact of incest. He pulled his head back, kissed Willow then began her second experience with a man.

As her father slipped a hand between her legs she vowed silently to ask Molly to prescribe her birth control.