Interracial gay kissing and fucking bareback Alan Parish has a lot of

Interracial gay kissing and fucking bareback Alan Parish has a lot of
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Date Night; Secret Agent's Helper 1-8-2018 The bar was busier than June expected, but then, the hotel was busier than usual this weekend too. It looked like there was some sort of artist convention and a wedding reception both being held in the hotel itself.

From the entrance coming from the hotel lobby, she scanned the crowded bar. There were several large groups obviously from the artist convention / show, decked out in their 'I'm making a statement clothes' and the like, boisterously talking trash about the art world in general.

Most of the other tables were taken by small groups from the wedding. Women dressed in wedding casual pants suits or pencil dresses. The men had jackets with polo's shirts and khakis.

Most looked like they were knocking back one or two drinks before heading out for some more fun in the big city. She didn't spend too much time studying the groups. None of them were who she was looking for. For fun, she would study some individually and wonder about them. She thought she'd start with the only two single women there. One was sitting at the bar, the other sat at a table near a window. The woman by the window was obviously waiting for someone. She kept looking out the window while nursing a drink in a tall glass.

She hadn't taken off her jacket and she checked her phone every so often. The woman at the bar was also obviously waiting for someone, although it seemed equally obvious to June, that she didn't have anyone in particular in mind, who she was waiting for.

She had a dark skirt and a tight top with a plunging neckline that, coupled with the way she sat, showed off her deep cleavage.

Should we say a working girl? 'First come, first served,' June thought with a smile. There were a handful of single men, although they all seemed entranced by the sports channel or their smartphones at least for the moment. Except for him. It didn't take June long to realize there was something different about him.

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He was sitting at the bar, a tumbler of dark amber drink in front of him. His finely-tailored charcoal suit and crisp white shirt fit him perfectly.

His features were chiseled, his haircut short. Yes, he looked fine, but it wasn't just that he was handsome that made him stand out. There was something about the way he carried himself the look in his eye. Unlike the other men in the bar, he seemed to have a clear purpose for being there. He wasn't just killing time uncomfortably waiting for something to happen.

It was already happening whatever it was. June smoothed down her short pencil 50's style skirt and pulled her thin tight sweater down to make sure it hugged her curves just right. With confident strides, she made her way to the bar. She purposefully made eye contact with the other woman at the bar and let a small smile cross her lips. Little Miss Cleavage was sitting about 5 or 6 seats away from the gentleman at the bar and June took a seat in between them. As she mounted the bar stool June had the satisfaction of catching the glare of annoyance from the other woman.

Without even a glance at the handsome man sitting only a few feet away from her, June flipped her hair and caught the attention of the bartender. She was about to order when she felt a presence behind her. "She'll have a Sweet Heat," a quiet, smooth, but commanding male voice said behind her. He had a hint of a foreign accent that June could not place. The bartender, a young man, cocked his eyebrows at June to gauge her reaction to the man's attention.

She smiled, shrugged her shoulders. "I'll take a Sweet Heat," she said to the bartender. "Thank you," she directed to the stranger who was already moving his drink and taking the seat next to her as the bartender brought her a cocktail glass filled with a yellowish drink and garnished with what looked like slices of ginger and a hot pepper.

"You will love it," the stranger said. "It is sweet, of course, with notes of ginger, but underneath is a definite fire. Very spicy. It will suit a lady like you well, I should imagine." June took a sip. She appreciated the strong ginger flavor one of her favorites. The underlying kick from the hot peppers was subtle and not as unpleasant as she feared.

"It is very good," she said after taking another sip. "Again, thank you." In response, he raised his glass to her slightly before taking a swallow, never once taking his eyes off her. His stare was laser focused. "I'm June, by the way." "It's very nice to meet you, June. I'm Maykop, Penza Maykop." "Are you here on business, Mr.

Maykop?" "You could say that," Maykop looked past June, his focused eyes quickly sweeping the room. "There's a gentleman I was hoping to meet here tonight." June moved to get up, "Oh, I'm sorry, Mr.

Maykop. I didn't mean to intrude on your evening. I'll leave before I interfere with your plans." He placed a powerful hand gently on hers. "Don't be silly, June. The gentleman I'm looking for is here already, has been for nearly an hour. He knows I'm here. I know he's here. Our paths will cross soon enough." June looked intently into Maykop's serious eyes.

"What line of business are you in, exactly, Mr. Maykop?" "I work for the government, June," Maykop said as he twirled the drink in his glass slowly before taking a swallow. "I'm a problem solver." "What sort of problems?" June leaned in closer to him, letting her hand brush against his arm.

"Problems the government doesn't want you to know they have." He nodded slightly towards someone behind June. "Problems like our friend over there." June slowly turned to get a better view of the tables behind her. A few tables away, sitting alone, was a swarthy man wearing a light orange button up shirt. The collar was open showing a tuft of thick chest hair. "You mean that man in the coral shirt?" She asked as she turned her attention back to Maykop.

"Yes, he's the one." Maykop says, taking another casual swallow of his drink. "He's the man you have business with? Who is he? What's his name?" June asks. "His real name is classified information I'm afraid, so I can't tell you". Maykop said. He pauses and gives the bar another look around. "But in my circles, he's known as Agent Surgut." June tried to hide a smile by taking a sip of her drink.

"Don't laugh, June," Maykop leaned closer and lowered his voice almost to a whisper. "He's very dangerous. Not to be trifled with. Just so you know his name is Biysk Kazan Surgut, I just like calling him Surgut." They were very close to each other, with him leaning into her.

June liked the way he smelled. His cologne was light and smoky. He casually reached up and gently brushed the hair away from her eyes. She noticed, with satisfaction, that his gaze drifted from her face down to her breasts. "And he's up to something," he said, his eyes going back to Agent Surgut.

"What? What is he up to?" "I don't know exactly. That's what I have to learn. And then I have to stop him." "Is he dangerous?" June's voice was barely a whisper. Maykop smiled. "I wouldn't be involved if he wasn't." Suddenly Maykop's eyes flashed. "He's on the move. I've got to go." The sudden change caught June off guard.

She looked around, a bit confused. Agent Surgut was getting up from his table. Their eyes met across the lounge and for a brief moment, they stared at each other.


Agent Surgut cocked his head slightly, quizzically and narrowed his eyes a bit, perhaps a bit confused about why this woman was looking at him. He looked from June to Maykop and back again before breaking off the gaze, collecting his things, and heading towards the exit.

Meanwhile, with fluid, confident motions, Maykop placed a large bill on the bar next to his drink, caught the bartender's eyes, and stepped away from the bar, his eyes following Agent Surgut's retreat.

June caught hold of Maykop's arm. "I'm coming with you," she said as he turned to look at her. "No you are not," he said matter-of-factly. "This is far too dangerous. I can't risk getting you involved." "Like hell," she shot back with a cocktail of bravado and fear. "I'm already involved. He just looked at me. You should have seen the way he looked at me. His eyes. You said he knows who you are, well now I'm connected with you in his eyes.

I'm not going to wait around here for him to come back for me to eliminate the threat." Maykop looked back at the door to see Agent Surgut disappear through it as he headed out towards the hotel lobby. Maykop looked down at June's hand on his arm, her thin fingers clutching the fabric. Then he looked into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

"Let's go," he said at last as he took her hand and pulled her towards the door at a brisk pace. A large group of rowdy wedding goers was coming out of the elevator and congregating in the hotel's lobby as Maykop and June emerged from the bar. Maykop scanned the large lobby quickly. There didn't seem to be any sign of Agent Surgut. "Do you see him?" June asked as she looked towards the large revolving doors at the front of the lobby. "Do you think he went outside?" "This way," Maykop said without looking at her or acknowledging her questions.

He walked with long, confident strides across the lobby. June struggled at first to keep up, but soon the heels of her black, strappy shoes were tapping smoothly on the tile floor keeping close pace with Maykop. They weaved among the groups of people and past them, leaving the lobby behind and heading down a quiet side hall.

June gripped Maykop's hand a little tighter, their fingers were intertwined and Maykop lazily stroked his thumb along hers as they walked. Their pace slowed a bit in the empty hallway. They walked past darkened meeting rooms, a business center, and some restrooms. As they went further down the hallway the boisterous sounds from the lobby became a muffled murmur.

Maykop suddenly stopped and put his finger to her mouth in a shushing motion. He looked one way down the hall and then the other. June tensed, squeezing Maykop's hand tighter and moving closer until she pressed lightly against his side. They stood motionless and silent for a few moments. June thought she heard a whisper of water running in a sink, but she couldn't be sure.

Then she heard a door opening somewhere further down the hall. Maykop's muscles tighten as he sprang into action. "This way," he hissed between clenched teeth. He led June into a small, dark room some kind of a storage closet. He pulled the door shut leaving a small crack so they could see out into the hallway. There wasn't much room for the two of them.

Maykop's back was pressed up against a cart and June's back was pressed up against Maykop. They both leaned forward in order to look through the crack in the door to see what was going on out in the hall. He wrapped an arm around her and pressed forward, squeezing her lightly against the door. His breath was warm against the back of her neck.

She heard him breathe in deeply and she smiled. She knew he was breathing in the scent of her hair, she was sure of it. Very slightly she pushed her body back against his and was rewarded for her efforts when he, very slightly, pulled his arm more tightly around her waist.

His cologne, which was intriguing in the bar, was intoxicating in this dark enclosed space. His muscled arm was sure and strong against her waist and she placed one of her own hand on his.

She let her other hand fall to her side and then slowly and lightly stroked his leg through his suit pants with her fingertips. "Look," he whispered into her ear, as his own fingers began to lightly play across her waist and belly. Through the crack in the door, she saw Agent Surgut emerge from a restroom across the hall. He looked about nonchalantly while he tucked in his coral shirt and then took out his smartphone.

Casually, he leaned against the wall and began flipping through his phone. Maykop's hand moved slowly, but purposefully up June's body until he was cupping one of her breasts. "Don't make a sound," he whispered as he nuzzled into her neck. For a moment she held her breath but was forced to exhale as he began to gently fondle her breast with his firm hand. She wasn't wearing a bra, and it didn't take long for Maykop to feel her nipples harden beneath his palm.

Through her sweater, he rolled her distended nipple between his thumb and finger. He kissed her neck as he gave her nipple a gentle twist. June pressed her body harder back against him, giving her ass a little wiggle as she felt his erection growing in his pants. She moved her hand up his leg, hoping to give him some encouragement, but their positioning was too awkward for her to get very far up certainly not as high as she wanted. Instead, she brought her hand up to his the one toying with her tit.

She placed her hand on top of his and urged him, by example, to fondle her breast harder. He obliged and soon the two of them were squeezing her tit roughly in tandem. This whole time, she kept her eyes glued on Agent Surgut, who was still focused on his smartphone only a few yards away.

She was trying to be quiet, but her breathing was coming out ragged and her heart was pounding. A pressure was growing deep inside her an itch that desperately needed to be scratched. Her pussy was getting wet and her nipple was starting to ache. She wanted to turn to face Maykop, to kiss him, or to feel his tongue on her nipple instead of his fingers. Maykop had his own pressure building.

He pulled June tighter against him and pushed his hips forward, rubbing his manhood against her ass reveling in the way her curves moved in sync with him. He kissed his way up her neck and nibbled and licked her earlobe. He loved the way her hair smelled soft and delicate, with an earthy hint.

Agent Surgut coughed loudly and cleared his throat. The two in the closet stopped moving stopped breathing their bodies tense. They watched through the door as Agent Surgut put away his phone, adjusted his shirt and headed down the hall towards the lobby.

Once he was out of sight, June spun around in the tight confines of the closet, forcing Maykop back against the cart.

She kissed him hungrily, her tongue flicking into his mouth. Her hands cupped his ass and pulled him closer into her grinding her hip against him. "Oh god, Penza," she moaned into his mouth, but then whimpered curtly as she felt him pull away. "June, I have to go after Agent Surgut," he said huskily, obviously struggling to catch his breath. "It's clear he's just been transmitted his final instructions and now he's on the move.

If I don't intercept him who knows what mayhem he'll cause." June nuzzled into Maykop's neck kissing along his strong jawline. "June, he's getting away.

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I can't let that happen." She abruptly pulled away from him and studied his eyes. He stared unflinchingly back at her for a moment. She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the storeroom and back into the now empty hallway. The two of them walked quickly back towards the lobby, smoothing and adjusting their clothes.

The lobby was quiet now. A young desk clerk worked at her computer. The sound of traffic floated in from outside. Agent Surgut was getting onto an elevator. Maykop and June watched as the door slid shut and the elevator started to go up. It was one of those glass-enclosed elevators that seem to hang off the wall. They could see Agent Surgut look down at them as he rose up away from the ground floor. Maykop took June's hand.

"This way," he said leading her to the stairs. He took the stairs two at a time and June had trouble keeping up.

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After the first two switchbacks, he stopped at the landing and began speaking into the cufflinks on his left wrist. "This is Agent Double Eight reporting in," he said as June made her way up to the landing. "I am closing in on the rat's lair. Repeat, I am closing in on the rat's lair." When June reached him he didn't wait for her to catch her breath but grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs with him. She squealed softly in protest as he quickened his pace, but somehow she managed to keep up.

At the next landing, they exited the stairwell and found themselves on the second floor of the hotel. The elevator door was closing it was empty and a familiar coral shirt was disappearing into a large room. The pair hurried after Agent Surgut. The room they entered was one of those large meeting rooms hotels have that usually setup for company banquets or awards presentations.

This one was currently being used for some sort of art show, probably related to the artist convention being held in the hotel, June figured. The harsh fluorescent lights were off and instead the windowless room was lit only by the tightly focused spotlights illuminating the various sculptures and paintings scattered throughout the room. The effect was dim pools of yellow light in what was otherwise a dark room.

There were a couple of people slowly wandering around the large room, taking in the art pieces. Occasionally someone would cough or make a quiet comment about a particular painting. Maykop spotted Agent Surgut standing alone on the left side of the room, looking at a portrait of an old woman hanging clothes to dry. Maykop gave June's hand a squeeze and motioned slightly with his head in Agent Surgut's direction. She looked and nodded her head.

Then the two of them started slowly walking among the art pieces on the right side of the room, keeping one eye on Agent Surgut the whole time. Agent Surgut seemed listless. He didn't stay long at any one piece of art some he walked right past with hardly a glance. Maykop and June kept pace with Agent Surgut on the other side of the room as the three of them all made their way towards the back of the exhibit. In the back corner of the room, Agent Surgut stopped at a sculpture of a nude nymph bathing.

She was holding what looked like a stone jar that she was filling from a stream or pool. Maykop and June watched out of the corner of their eyes as Agent Surgut examined the statue closely. He slowly walked around it, apparently taking in the beauty of the marble piece. Maykop and June were stopped near a large, but mediocre, painting of a fruit bowl.

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After a minute or so, Agent Surgut abruptly left the statue and headed back towards the exit. As he briskly walked out he took his smartphone out of his pocket. Maykop and June quickly walked across the room towards the nymph statue.

"This must be it," Maykop said as they approached the marble nudes.

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"There's something about this statue that's the key to Agent Surgut's plan." The couple studied the statue for a moment, June admired the artist's fine attention to detail. It looked like the nymph was crouching on a grassy stream bank covered in fallen leaves. A few leaves hung suspended in the nymph's long hair that cascaded around her bare shoulders and down to her pert breasts. But the wings were most impressive. They were small, like butterfly wings attached to the nymph's back.

Somehow the artist had managed to make the stone wings appear ethereal, almost see through. While June examined the front of the statue, Maykop walked around behind its pedestal.

He examined the statue's base looking for any clues. He studied the walls near the statue. Suddenly, something caught his eye. "June, I found it," Maykop hissed from the shadows behind the statue. "Come to stand closer to the pedestal." June obeyed and stepping nearer to the statue and towards Maykop voice. "What did you find?" she whispered. June jumped slightly as she felt hands on her legs.

She looked down to see Maykop, crouched in the shadows at the base of the pedestal, his hands slowly creeping up her legs. "What are you doing?" June whispered. "Just look at the statue," came the soft response from the shadows. "Don't draw attention. I just need a few moments." Then under his breath, he added, "And your panties." "What?" June said incredulously.

"Just look at the statue." June forced herself to study the statue, willing herself to ignore the tickle as Maykop's strong hands began to slowly, lightly, but purposefully trace a path up her legs. Calves, shins, knees, thighs, Maykop left a trail of heat as his fingertips worked their way up under the hem of her skirt.

When his fingers began tracing along the bottom of her boy short panties she parted her legs slightly and then looked around to make sure no one was watching. The other people in the exhibition hall were engrossed in the art and didn't seem to notice what was happening in the dark back corner. Maykop ran his hands up June's butt cheeks, lightly squeezing the round mounds. June could feel Maykop's warm body pressed close against her legs and crotch, his face was pressed provocatively against her belly button.

June's breath caught in her throat when she felt Maykop's fingers slip under the waistband of her panties and begin to pull down. He ran his fingers along the waistband, exploring through the top wisps of her trimmed pubic hair. He slowly pulled the panties down over her hips and the tops of her ass cheeks, teasing and worrying each inch of newly exposed skin with his fingers as he went.

She shifted her hips and wiggled her bottom to help him as much as she dared, but was painfully conscious of just how close the other people in the room were to her. She was equally conscious of how wet she was getting and how sensitive she was becoming. Her flesh prickled every time Maykop's fingers explored some new region. When his fingers found her mons and lightly explored her slick cleft she gave out a quiet whimper. Her legs buckled a little under her own weight when he flicked across her clitoris and then quickly inserted a finger partway into her sopping pussy.

She moved her hips to rub against his hands, but the contact was fleeting as he continued to pull her panties down and too soon managed to get them down past her thighs. He gently urged her to carefully step out of her underwear and then his hands were gone, her flesh left cold and wanting more as he quickly disappeared again into the shadows behind the statue taking her panties with him.

She closed her eyes and sighed, but was shocked back into reality when a quiet voice spoke to her from behind. "It's a lovely sculpture, isn't it?" a woman's voice said. June turned to see an older woman standing a few feet behind her admiring the nymph sculpture.

"Yes, it's very striking," June managed, although her words caught in her throat a little. She was very aware of the musky scent of her own arousal and wondered, a bit embarrassedly, if the other woman was aware of it as well. "I particularly like the way the artist managed to make the water drops feel so fluid even though they're carved from stone," the woman said as she came up very close to June and dropped her voice to a whisper. "See there, on the breasts especially." June hadn't noticed the water before, but the woman was right.

There were drops of water seeming to cascade down the nymph's breasts. One of the nipples, a taut bud begging to be teased, had a drip of water dangling precariously from it. It was amazing, June admitted, that the stone could be shaped to give such a vivid impression of movement.

"It's wonderful how the moment has been captured, a moment of ecstasy," the older woman continued in a hushed whisper. "I almost feel guilty, like I've stumbled on an intimate scene no one was meant to see." The older woman placed a hand lightly on June's butt cheek and giving it a little squeeze. "Oh well," her voice lightened as she smiled at June and winked.

"Enjoy the rest of your night." "I will, thank you," June managed to muddle out as the other woman slowly walked away and rejoined what must have been her husband who was mesmerized in front of a field of flowers painting set in a rainstorm on the other side of the hall. "June," an abrupt whisper from Maykop made June jump as she moved around the statue into the shadows her heart was pounding in her chest.

"What is it?" she asked rounded the pedestal to find Maykop standing against the wall, reaching up for something over his head. "I need your help," he said without turning to face her. She could see he was fiddling with her panties and something that looked like a small pipe or conduit climbing the wall in the corner of the room.


"What can I do?" she came up behind him and placed her hands lightly on his muscular back. "And what are you doing?" "I discovered Agent Surgut's plan. This gas pipe has been rigged. It's leaking deadly gas into the hotel. We've got to stop it." "How?" she said all business. "My belt, I need my belt," he said through gritted teeth as he continued to struggle with the panties.

"We've got to stop the leak. I was hoping to tie your panties around the pipe to shut off the gas, but I can't get it tight enough. My belt should do the trick. I need you to take my belt off and hand it up to me before this leak gets any worse." June pressed up close behind Maykop and reached with both hands around to his front.

Up under his suit coat, she ran her fingers down along his shirt to his belt buckle. Her left hand sliding down until she found his still rock hard cock pressed against his pant and gave it a good squeeze.

Her right hand slowly unfastened his belt, the jangle of the buckle making what seemed like an incredibly loud sound in the quiet hall.

Leaving his belt dangling open, June traced an outline around that bulge in his crotch and was delighted when it began to stiffen more and grow under her fingertips. With her fingers and palm, she gently massaged up and down the hardening bulge, gently, but firmly, squeezing his package again and again.

She heard Maykop swallow a lump in his throat. "Hurry June, I need my belt," he coughed out. While her left hand continued to massage and explore the cock now obviously straining against his pants, June used her right hand to pull his belt free. The belt whispered against the fabric of his pants as it came free from around his waist.

She handed it up to him, he got to work wrapping the belt around the pipe in an intricate lashing He then stepped back to admire his work that's when June moved around to the front of Maykop. She gave him a lingering kiss, then crouched down. With manicured fingernails, she quickly unzipped his fly, reached into his pants and fished out his cock. A little persuading got it all out from his pants. She held his erect member in her hand and tentatively licked the head, that forced a small groan from him.

Maykop took a break from working on the pipe and glanced down at June, who smiled up wickedly at him before wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking greedily. Maykop flexed his hips, pushing more of his cock into June's wet, warm mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and stroked him leisurely with her hand as she sucked hard. June lost herself in what she was doing.

Was it minutes or hours she'd been pleasuring Maykop? She didn't know or care. But she was suddenly brought back to reality when she felt his hands grab some of her hair. She reached around with her hands, grabbed his firm butt and pulled him closer to her as she sucked him in farther. Maykop was in heaven, watching this gorgeous woman give him one of the best pleasurable moments of his life.

He could feel the pressure building in his balls as a familiar tingle started moving down his legs.


He wanted to cum, but he knew he couldn't. Not here.

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Not yet. He pulled harder with June's hair, there was a popping noise that seemed to echo in the gallery as she reluctantly let go of him.

Maykop pulled her up to her feet. She pounced at him, her lips searing his with a passionate heat. "We've got to go, June." "Why, Penza? Let me finish you off," she said in between kisses. "We've got to get out of here before Agent Surgut figures out what we've done," he said, pushing her gently away from him, putting his cock back inside his pants and readjusting his clothes. "Who knows what that dirt bag would do to you if he found out you helped me foil his plan.

I can't risk that. I've got to get you safely out of here, now!" With one last quick, hot kiss on her lips, Maykop took June by the hand and led her back through the art gallery. When they reached the exit, he led her straight toward the elevator. As they stepped into the elevator, Maykop pressed the button for the 27th floor June saw him.Agent Surgut was walking straight toward them, fast. Their eyes met and she felt a slight twinge of panic.

She quickly pressed the "Door Close" button several times in quick succession willing the elevator door to close. It seemed the door was closing in slow motion and as it narrowed, Agent Surgut picked up the pace, raising his hand to try to catch their attention. As the elevator doors closed, leaving Agent Surgut out in the hallway, they heard him say "Hey!" Then the elevator began to go up.

The only sound was the humming of the elevator's machinery. June and Maykop looked at each other with relief. Then the passion swept in for each other and they were soon kissing feverishly, hands exploring each other's bodies. When Jane broke off the kiss forcing Maykop to nuzzle June's neck she asked him, "Where are you taking me?" "We can go to my room, it will be safe there," he mumbled from her neck.

"No," she said as she punched the button for the 26th floor. "We'll go to my room. I'm sure Agent Surgut knows exactly what room you're staying in. Why wouldn't he? That's probably the first thing he found out when he learned you were on his tail." Maykop broke away, "You're probably right," he said as he then went to nibbling on her ear and ran a hand up her skirt and cupped her naked ass. "We'll go to my room. That will be safe," June said.

When the elevator bell dinged the two of them straightened their clothes, as the door opened they casually, but quickly, walked down the hall to room 2618. June used her key card to unlock the door and led him inside. He closed the door and immediately peered through the peephole. "I think we're safe," he said. "I don't think he followed us." As he turned around, June threw herself into his arms, pushing him back against the door hard.

Taking some wind out of Maykop, her mouth hungrily devoured his while her hands began tearing at his clothes. He joined in on the frenzy and soon they were both naked, their clothes scattered across the floor. He pushed her back onto the bed.

She fell with a squeal but didn't have time to catch her breath before he buried his face between her thighs and began lapping at her pussy lips. She closed her eyes, arched her back and raised her hips slightly off the bed to give him better access to her hot center.

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Maykop made long, slow licks up and down her pussy, flicking out at her tender clit every time he reached the top of her sex. His hands kneaded her inner thighs and ass cheeks, pulling her closer into his mouth, hungry with need. June cupped her own breasts and began squeezing and working her nipples.

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Her breathing was coming out in shallow gasps as Maykop's tongue continued to play across her pussy. When he slipped a finger inside her and focused his oral action on her sensitive clit, she let out a cry of ecstasy.

"Oh, just like that Penza. Don't stop. Whatever you do, don't stop." He didn't. His tongue flicked back and forth across her nub while his finger twirled about inside her tight cunt. He could feel the tension mounting in her body. Her face was scrunched up, her hands were roughly squeezing her own tits. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Then she let out a cry, squeezed her thighs tightly against the sides of his head and pushed her pussy hard against his mouth as she came.

He kept licking her until her body began to relax under him, then he flipped her over onto her stomach, her legs spread and her ass slightly raised off the mattress.

He stood behind her, admiring the view of her pussy, open and inviting, capped by her small ass hole, winking up at him like a small unopened bud. With one hand he massaged her ass cheek. With his other, he guided his cock into her hot slick pussy. He pushed in all the way in one stroke and then began slowly fucking in and out of her. While he did he pressed his thumb firmly against her ass hole, just a little pressure, massaging her bud in small circles.

He felt her tighten beneath him and heard her give out a soft moan of pleasure. He pressed his thumb a little harder and fucked in and out of her pussy a little faster. It didn't take long for his own release. With one final stroke, he pushed into her as far as he could and gave out a grunt as he came hard.

She felt his hot seed empty into her and she clenched her pussy tighter around his cock. He collapsed on top of her, kissing the back of her neck and rubbing his hands up and down her body.

"Oh, June. That. Was. Amazing." he said at last. "It certainly was Maykop. Penza Maykop." The next morning, June and Maykop got dressed and walked hand in hand to the elevator, down to the lobby and up to the hotel's front desk.

A chipper young man greeted them. "Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Walker. It's good to see you again. How was your stay this time?" "Great, as always, Jimmy," Mike said. "The rooms you got for us were just perfect." "How's your sister doing, Jimmy?" Jane said as Mike fished out his credit card from his wallet.

"Is she liking college?" "She is, Mrs. Walker. She's having a great time at school. I'll tell her you said hi." Jimmy ran the credit card, handed it back and called for a bellhop to help them hail a cab. "Will we be seeing you two again soon?" he asked as Mike and Jane walked towards the doorway. "You can bet on that Jimmy," Mike said.

"Probably in a month or so." "Should I schedule your stay now?" "No, don't worry about it. I'll call when I know the dates." And with that, Mike Walker took his wife's hand and led her out of the hotel to the cab waiting outside.