Pretty slutty brunette and blonde chick

Pretty slutty brunette and blonde chick
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("Listen.)…he said…I got a sexual charge in my pussy&hellip.because of the risk that I was taking, the chance of getting caught doing it and the ultimate thrill I was having at the moment. This caused my heart to pound so hard…I even felt it in my tits. I put my hand to my mouth to quiet the gasp for air I had to have. My hand froze in place, as I dare not move while my son and I listened to identify the sounds.

&hellip.Let me say that I don't have anything against my husband. He's older and is a little set in his 'ways'.

I understand that&hellip.but…a woman has needs that come up and I had opportunity to fulfill one.


I had never jacked off a man and I wanted to. More things came up that my husband just 'didn't do'. He was a good man, but I had a chance to go for a sexual thrill I only dreamed about.

Standard sex was as far as it went with him and&hellip.I wanted more. -------- Mike&hellip. &hellip.I guess it first started by accident. I had a bad case of sore full balls…or 'blue balls', or 'stone ache' as it is sometimes called. My first real girlfriend and I couldn't have sex. I had met Jill and we had to sneak around and make out, kissing and a little feeling only, because of her dad. It was summer and her bedroom window was always open, but with a drape over it.

Her computer was right next to the window and a quick move of the drape and there I was.

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We kissed and each night we did a little more. About 10pm, her folks went to bed, and they played soft music all night while they slept. .By 10 she would change into her pajamas. She liked to pull the drape back just a crack and let me watch her change her clothes. She would put on a sexy show as she did it. She knew how to tease and blocked my seeing her nipples and pussy. She would turn her back and hide her front and look over her shoulder at me and smile. She had a wonderful body with nice tits.

She had long light brown hair and smooth long legs. …We both waited for an opportunity to get to be together and alone.


This was just what her dad 'didn't' want. She had a girlfriend that she would do sleepovers with. Her dad would call the girls parents to verify this every damn time. Her mom was cool and even knew about me and said nothing to her dad. …Jill found out her dad would be out of town for a week on business. She planned a 'sleep over' but…it was in my bedroom. Her mom was in on it and was our look out if anything went wrong. Her dad knew he could call her cell phone at anytime…and did, like a some sort of daughter cop.

He had her on the pill, so what good was that, if he never let her have sex? …Jill and I were all horny looking forward to our private time to have sex for the first time. At her window at night, it was crazy as felt her wonderful tits. She said I made her so wet she could hardly get to sleep.

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…I was walking in the house at home when my mom noticed my walk. A careful walk as not to jar my full sore balls. Mom knew right away what it was. Mom was so cool and a very good looking sexy woman.

She came up to me and put her arms around me …carefully… and said quietly. "Mike, don't you have wet dreams to take the pressure off of you?" . I said: "Mom, I've never had a wet dream, and If I try to jack off, I can't cum." She said getting with Jill should take of it&hellip.maybe.

I'll come to your room late tonight and I think I can fix it for you." I figured she would give me a cold pack or something to make them stop being sore. &hellip. I heard mom come into my room. She had on a sheer night gown and that was all. My night light let me see her great body. Nice full tits and a dark bush between her legs. Mom thought… …let mom take care of this for you Mike, it's ok for a mom to do some 'first aid' to a son. …This was the first time I had ever done anything like this and I was mega excited.

For some reason he doesn't have wet dreams and the cum builds up in his balls. They get sore and I hated to see him in pain. &hellip.I quietly walked over and sat next to him. I whispered and ask him how he was doing. He said no change and said he couldn't sleep. My hidden urges came forward and I found my hand rubbing his stomach.

He said how good that felt, and how that really helped. I was getting massive tingles in my body. His warm skin on my hand was driving me to want to touch him more. .It was dark but when he carefully pulled back the sheet, I got to see his cock go from a normal size to a full erection. It was my first time to ever see this. The thought that I was causing it to get so erect, sent a wave of wonderful feelings thru my body.

That meant he was thinking about me sexually. That was the first time I got a special thrill that actually caused my pussy to contract.

My hand was mere inches from his erection. His balls were big and full looking. I looked at him and his eyes were closed. Without even thinking, . I leaned over and whispered: (".let mom take care of this for you Mike.") All he did was nod his head&hellip.and then he put his hand on my leg. I felt a jolt of good feeling in my pussy I didn't expect. It was very a special orgasm that cause me to moan to myself. I actually had an orgasm while feeling my son's stomach and watching his full beautiful erection.

I hoped he wouldn't notice my suppressed twitching&hellip.but who was I kidding…he had to have felt me shudder a little. His hand went just barely back and forth on my leg.


The feeling from him doing it was like a strange electric shock. &hellip.I think&hellip.he wanted to cum and relieve the pressure so bad, he was using my leg but thinking of rubbing Jill's leg. I stretched out a little to let him rub more of my leg.

He gave out a tiny moan of pleasure. I wanted to make him cum to take away the pain, but I was secretly enjoying this more that I ever expected. &hellip.I carefully let my fingers drift around his full erection, just letting my finger tips brush around it. I got a stronger pussy contraction this time, and it felt wonderful.

I know he felt my breathing go up as I noticed his did too. His erection stood straight up big as I continued to fondle it. I heard a tiny moan from him.

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I knew his balls were begging for relief. &hellip.There was no other way, I had to make him cum and relieve the pressure…the fact that I was getting a thrill like I've never had before&hellip.well…I smiled to myself …that just comes with it. …I knew the girl that was causing all this cum build up was Jill. … As I thought… I let myself picture one girl that caused my heart to jump. I got a hot flash and gasp for air. My ego said&hellip.'.maybe he's fantasizing about YOU, … &hellip.

He probably thinks it's wrong to jack off while thinking about having sex with his own mom…wouldn't you say?" …My ego was making sense. I hoped it was true. My own son jacking off while thinking about have sex with me was a new thrill I had never experienced before,&hellip. and I liked it. … I quickly figured if he did start jacking off while thinking of having sex with me, that would end my getting to fondle him as I was doing right now.

I wanted to keep this going…yes!…In my mind I said 'let mom do it for you Mike, I knew he enjoy it. I must act now. &hellip.I took that big step and I let my fingers wrap around his erection and slowly and carefully started jacking it.

His moans told me he approved and was loving it. I had visions in the future of making him aroused, and then relieving him by jacking him off. How could he refuse an offer like that. &hellip.Now to complete my task. His erection was warm and very full. It was real hard, but the skin was soft.

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I gently started in trying not to disturb his sore balls. My heart was beating fast, and I was getting hot flashes as I slowly jacked him. This first time had my pussy really wet. His moans sent more tingles thru my body. I watched my own hand jack him. . It was off the awesome scale in sexual excitement. I was sitting beside him watching him twitch as I jacked. The head of his erection got so full looking,&hellip. I wanted to&hellip. …New urges started to form.

I now had a strong urge to put his erection head in my mouth. I thought…someday I may just get to do that. &hellip. I was jacking a little faster now and I felt what I heard about. An pre-climax feeling building up.

I thought a woman only got them during actual sex. I had never had one big like this, but I knew one was coming by the feelings in my wet pussy. &hellip. This jacking Mike was full of thrills for me.

We both got real tense and then he moved his hand up on my leg pulling up my nightie with it. I felt we were close to him cuming. His hand moved over and rested on my pussy. He began to buck and strain. His hips raised up&hellip.I pushed his hand down on my wet pussy.

&hellip.It happened…he shot way up in the air and he tried not to moan. I got that climax jolt like no other time. We squirmed as our muffled moans were like two people tied up and gagged. Our left hands were rubbing my pussy as I squirmed and I just kept jacking him my other hand.

I'd never see a man cum this much. Each shot made him jump and me too. Cum went everywhere. My shaky hand was covered with it and all around it. I kept slow jacking him as his erection jumped in my hand. I could feel my new climax squeezing my pussy on his wet fingers. We slow rubbed my sensitive clit and pussy. My pussy was soaking wet and twitching. I had a selfish thought hoping he was going need relief a lot in the future. &hellip.We heard a noise.Mike said, 'shhhh.I think dad's coming.' I got up, pulled my nightie down.

Mike rolled over pulling the sheet over him. I went to Mike's doorway and looked just in time to see Mike's dad go in the bathroom and sleepily close the door. I quick went to my bedroom. We had separate ones.

I slipped in my bed, trembling inside. Then we heard the wonderful sound of&hellip.a flush…a bathroom door open&hellip.a light go out and his dad go back to bed&hellip.whew…that was close. My heart beat hard but it was exciting at the same time. &hellip.I could still feel Mike's fingers on my pussy as I smiled and slowly fell asleep… Mike&hellip. &hellip.I thought of all the things my dad would do to me if he had caught us.

I choose not to think about it, as it was over. I wanted to think about the wonderful relief I was feeling&hellip.although it was nothing compared to the thrill of having mom jack me off as I fingered her clit. I could feel still her warm hand on top of mine as we both massaged her pussy.

This is what triggered me to finally cum. I found myself…wanting more. Mom&hellip. &hellip.I was counting the time when I hoped Mike would get sore balls again. I wanted to take our sessions further…a lot further.

I didn't know how he felt about all this but so far it was good. &hellip. He looked at me differently now, and I responded when it was safe. Three days later he whispered as we were in the hall…("…mom, that was so beautiful, can we…I mean could we do that…a…more when dad goes away this weekend?") I whispered back: (".are you full again Mike?") This is what I had been wishing for as he stammered his speech.

("…a…a…oh yeah, full again mom …and&hellip.sore…yeah sore.") he said. …("…tomorrow night we can& a…relief for you, that's when dad leaves. Can you wait that long?") I said. &hellip.I watched his nervous smile as he nodded his head. He looked all around and grabbed me and hugged me. We both instantly lost our breath. I pushed my pussy into his already hard erection. I put his hands on my tits as I wasn't wearing a bra.

I wanted to put some fuel on this fire and go for a lot more tomorrow night. I loved seeing him gulp and feel his trembling hands feel my tits. I separated us and walked away to the bathroom to feel my pussy privately. It was happening. Mike… &hellip.A million things raced thru my mind a I checked the clock over and over. I said bye to dad and then raced to my room. A quick shower and into bed I went. I had a big tent waiting for mom as I could hear her shower.

I waited. She came in the room in a black short sexy nightie. It came down just past her dark bushed pussy. She smelled wonderful.

.This time she laid down beside me. Her warm hand started in rubbing on me. I reached out and felt her soft tits. She took her nightie off. Wow she was so hot looking naked. I was naked under my tent. She carefully removed the sheet over my hard erection.

She told me to close my eyes. I felt her start kissing down my chest and stomach. I wasn't expecting this. She turned and now her sweet aroma pussy came up to my face. She moved her pussy right over my mouth.

. I just had to started licking it as she moaned and squirmed. I felt her tongue carefully go up and down my rock hard erection. I knew I was going to cum big. She could somehow tell as I was close to cuming.

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I licked her pussy faster and I felt her warm mouth go over my erection. Wow…she got my whole erection in her mouth. I felt her head go up and down on it and I couldn't stop the pull on my balls at I was going to cum. I sucked on her clit as my world exploded. .I felt my cum shoot and fill her mouth full…again,…and again as she moaned.

Juice came out her hot pussy. I'd never heard mom moan like that before, and it was hot sounding…I kept shooting as I felt the pleasure of relief and a whole lot more.

We both made sounds of moaning as euphoria was happening. She just kept jacking and sucking on my erection as she moaned…and moaned&hellip.

…the weekend was just starting…&hellip. it was to be the best weekend of our lives&hellip.