Con mi amorcito bello de yakima wa es mi amante

Con mi amorcito bello de yakima wa es mi amante
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PLAYTIME PART XV POST-EXERCISE Eating fries and chili at Wendy's, Mary met John for lunch. Not surprisingly, he'd ordered the same -- increasingly on the same page. "Such a treat, dear," said Mary, "to meet you for lunch…" "Well, you know, we've done so many different things lately. I thought maybe I'd take the initiative for once&hellip." "What do you have in mind, you sexy man?" said Mary with an devilish glint and hoping for the best. "Are you wearing any panties under that pretty dress?" "No." "See that guy over at the other table?

He's been staring at you when he thinks you're not looking. In a minute or two, uncross your ankles and spread your legs give him a real good beaver shot." She giggled. "You lecherous goat." And then a minute later, she did just that. Caught the fellow staring and locked eyes.

He hastily jumped up and left the area, embarrassed. They laughed at the success of their game. John tore open the cracker and smashed it, dripped it into his chili. He looked at his wife as he picked up a fry, dipped it into the ketchup, and brought it to his mouth.

Slowly and lasciviously inserting it, he said, "When you get home tonight from your Curves session, don't shower or take off your exercise clothes. Keep your tight black Spandex leotards on, and wear a tight tubetop." "But I'll smell like a pig!" "No, you'll smell sexy. I like a woman who works out and sweats." Mary knew he liked her "normal" smell, not the hand lotion or the body lotion she used regularly.

And she realized that her husband was turned on by an energetic "fit" woman. A little sweat was fine. A lot of sweat was better. "Do you want me to bring anyone else over Kelly?" "No, I think one lusty whore will do," he said.

"Oh baby, you know I'm an A-Number One Whore," said Mary. "I'm counting on that," he replied.


HE TAKES THE LADY John arrived home about 8 pm. He knew Mary would come home an hour later. With an hour to prepare, he showered and then to surprise her, he shaved off his pubic hair. Together, they had shaved her, inspiring him to heights of fantasy and some hot sex, and this, he thought, should do the same for her.

John changed the bed sheets, lit a vanilla candle in the bedroom, turned down the lights, and changed into his sweats. Out the door, down the road, he jogged easily for a ten-minute run, a deliberately-calculated sex ploy.

He knew that Mary, like him, was turned on by a sexy, sweaty body. It was something about being fit, the pheromones drive you wild. As he came to the house, he saw a familiar jogger coming from the other direction their alternate running route.

He jogged in place, watched his wife come toward him. Her compact breasts bounced as she ran with an economy of motion learned over time and a number of ten-K races. She saw him, pulled herself to a stop. "You're already here!" "Yes. And now you, too." "What timing&hellip." "You know I've always been good at that, right?" "You bet." Running shoes, black skin-tight Spandex, and the tight tubetop he had requested.

Mary stood with her hands on her hips. Sweat glistened on her forehead. "Wanta go for a run together?" He moved closer to her, two hands beside her head. He moved her head down to his chest, and she smelled his sweaty body. He lifted his tshirt. She tasted his chest, lifted her lips to his nipples, sucked.

Hard. In a surprise move, she moved her mouth to his armpit, inhaled and licked. "Oh god, you turn me on," she said. John had prepared. He knew it was usually Mary who initiated sex, but now he had decided it was time for him to take the bull by the horns.

He was reminded of W.C. Fields' witticism "It's time to take the bull by the tail and face the situation." He was fully prepared now to take the bull by the tail, or the head, or whatever! And facing the situation was what he wanted to do. Mary raised up and brought John's face down to her breast.

She reached down and felt below, surprised to find him already hard. "Carry me, Galahad," she said. He lifted her in his arms. Carried her into the house, upstairs and to the bedroom. Soft candlelight glowed. He laid her gently on their bed.

"Be my devil," she said. John knew he was in charge this time. He said, "I love your smell. Nothing like an exercising bitch to turn me on…" He looked down at her on the bed. "Tease me," he said. Oh my god, this is gonna be fun, she thought.

Attack him? Strip? She knew both approaches were very familiar to her husband and would be nothing new, so what to do? Mary took the straight shot, went with words. "John, darling, over the last thirty years, you've seen me naked and had me in every possible position. In the last month or two, you've seen me suck another man's dick, watched him come in my mouth, watched him fuck me in my ass.

I've sat on another man's face naked.

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I've eaten out another girl, and let her eat me, too. There's nothing I can do that I haven't already done to another man or woman. You've joined in this, too.

What do you want me to do?" He looked at his wife lying on the bed. "Watch me…" he said. John stripped off the damp sweatshirt. He undid the sweatpants strings, pulled them down and off. His cock already bulged out from his jockeys. "Spread your legs, bitch," he told her.

Dirty talk between them, in private, was now stock-in-trade, a major turn-on. As she did this, his hand snaked inside his shorts, stroking himself.

Mary simultaneously rubbed her crotch, licked her lips and smiled with a sensual leer. John knew this as her newly-developed "come fuck me" look.

He climbed onto her chest, gave her a taste of his fingers, and brought her hands to the top edge of his shorts. "Take a look at what's inside," he teased. She pulled the waistband down, popped his dick out, all solid seven inches. Instantly she saw he had no hair! "Holy smokes, now you're bare-naked there, too!

You shaved it all off for me?" "Just like you, babe. Now it's truly skin-on-skin." He stood up over her, removed his shorts, dipped down to put himself briefly in her mouth.

Pulled out, despite her complaints. He laid on top of her.

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Mary was fully dressed still, John naked. He slid his erection between her legs. "Close your legs on me," he ordered. He began pumping in and out on the slick leotard material, trapped between her thighs and crotch.

"It's been a long time since I've been fucked with my clothes on, baby," chuckled Mary. John moaned, lost in the friction of the clothing. It was a static-sex-charge, rubbing the satiny material. Mary squeezed hard with her thighs, loving this pleasurable new sensation with her clothes on and both of them smelling so sexy sweaty.

She knew she was wet. He suddenly pulled out from her legs "Geez, I'm gonna come if I don't stop!" he gasped. "Hey, that's alright by me," said his wife. "No, we've got more to do, and if I come now, I won't be up for more." John slid down to his wife's belly, lifted the tubetop and began kissing her damp stomach.

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Her hands went to her breasts and rubbed over them as he teased down below. John's mouth slid down to the point where her legs met. The smoothness of her leotards met his lips and the aroma of her exercising hit hard it smelled like raw, naked animal sex. "Darling, you're never gonna get into me with these clothes on," she chided. John slid off the bed, stood. He stood naked at the foot of the bed. His hairless crotch featured a long, stiff dick in the glow of the candles. "Come fuck me, bitch." It was still the dirty-word-game.

"No, you fuck me, cocksucker…" she replied, catching on instantly, as most women do. "You're the cocksucker," he replied.

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"Yeah, I've seen you suck James' cock," she said. "And I've seen you suck off Kelly AND her girlfriend, and James, too." Mary let him win "Okay, you win. James and Terri and Kelly have been in my cunt and my ass and my mouth, so now it's your turn to take whatever you want! What do you want from me, Mr. Big Hard Dick?" John thought for a minute. He was totally and absolutely turned on by his sexy, aromatic wife lying on the bed, talking dirty to him.

He was naked, she was still dressed. He knew she was saying these things to turn him on, and he was deliberately goading her to say them, too. It was a mutual sexual uprising between them, a game they'd learned over the last few months since they'd started their "new" sex life.

Mary looked up at him standing naked, his cock hard as his hand wrapped around it, stroking, teasing. "If you want me, then take me like a man, instead of just standing there like a fucking wimp," she taunted.

John smiled, and then laughed. He knew exactly what she was doing, and this was a fun game. "I'll tell you what, my cute whore I liked the shows you put on for me several times already. You're my Number One porn actress. Put on another one for me masturbate while I watch, and if you do good, then I'll reward you with a big load of whitehot come, wherever you want it." He just amazes me, she thought.

Used to be I'd have to almost force him to fuck me once every three weeks or so, when I was ready to get my period. Now, he's a devil. I'm gonna suck him off so hard before this over, he'll think his dick fell off. "Oh, you're such an appreciative audience, okay, as long as you keep beatin' your meat. I like the audio-visuals, too." She sat up, stripped off the tubetop and tossed it at him.

He put it to his face for the aroma and the warmth. Her breasts now freed, she pinched the nipples to tease him and pop them out. Now she lay back, rolling the leotards down her legs, shedding the light blue panties. Her moistness was visible, and reddened.

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Opening her legs wider, she looked at him and said, "Like the view, Mr. Man?" "So show me what you can do with the little toy," he taunted from the foot of the bed, yanking his cock. He was very appreciative of the naked pussy since they'd shaved her. Mary reached over to the nightstand where the candle glowed. She picked it out of the holder, and still lit, inserted the bigger end into herself.


It slid in easily, and she used it to screw herself for a minute or two. John was mesmerized by her daring, as well as by the glowing fire at the opposite end. He noticed the drips of wax on the bed between her legs. Mary appeared lost in the act. She pulled the candle out, replaced it.

"Did you like that?" she laughed. "I always love watching my whore play with her cunt," he said. John felt like climbing on her right now, pushing it to her, make her squeal and moan&hellip.but he really wanted to watch her do herself. It was like a movie, only this was real flesh and blood, real wierdness just inches away from his eyes and dick, and he wanted to watch more.

"C'mon, baby, fuck yourself, come for me…" She responded with vigor. Both hands pressed into her legs, fingers sliding in and out, fingers massaging her clit furiously. Raised her legs, rubbed everywhere she could reach. She rolled over onto her belly, legs splayed, and snaked a hand up underneath to her pussy, rubbing, inserting. Another hand came around the outside, slapped her butt several times, slid inside her for the wetness and then a finger crawled into her ass.

John watched her manipulate and tease both entrances, again had the urge to take part, to stuff something in somewhere! But no. Continued to take care of himself. "That's it, be my hot bitch, fuck yourself everywhere." He loved to see her pussy lips open, down below her asshole. Doggy-style. Fingers going in and out. The moans from his wife, and the squishing noises were making it difficult for him.

He was ready to blast. "Oh baby, you are such a fucking whore…" he groaned. Mary flipped over again onto her back, rubbing her clit hard. He could see it standing out from the hood of her vaginal lips, like a baby penis.

She pinched and stroked it, rubbed in circles, and occasionally dipping fingers into herself, two, and three fingers pressing into herself. "Oh John, that's your cock in me, and that's your lips sucking my clit…I can feel James' cock pushing into my ass&hellip.It's Kelly's mouth sucking my cunt&hellip.her tongue is all the way up inside me…ohgod John, come fuck me now, I'm gonna come!" John immediately dove onto her, drove his cock hard.

Her legs were spread wide, and they both hardly noticed the direct skin contact, with no hair between them. He pumped hard, she gave up scrubbing her clit to reach behind him, grab his ass, push it harder into her. She felt the bones push against her mound, his penis engorging her. "Rape me, you big cock, do it hard!" she cried, thrusting and bucking up into him.

Suddenly, she pushed him out "Ohgod, John, I'm gonna come, quick, sixty-nine me, ohgod eat me, I want your dick in my mouth!" in a rush of panting and groaning. He slid over her nakedness, recalling watching her Toy James sixty-nine her, and also seeing her and Kelly in the same position. Now it was definitely his turn and boy, was he ready! His knees astride her head, he jammed his cock into her mouth, oblivious of care and caution.

He wanted it hard, she did, too. He fucked her mouth hard and deep, and she brought her hand to his dick to stroke and control it. He felt the suction and knew he was ready. His mouth sucked the smooth skin of her pussy, tongue fucking her, then hard suction on her little penis as she moaned and grunted with her mouthful of his cock. At once, he groaned and shot a load of come deep into her mouth, pulsing as she sucked and swallowed; it pushed her over the edge, and Mary's legs pushed her crotch hard into his mouth as she bucked into his face again and again with each spasm.

They were a matched team, each fucking the other's face, coming hard and long, until finally the orgasms quit and they collapsed in place, his mouth on her pussy, her lips around his cock. John spread her pussy lips with his fingers, plastered the opening with his warm and wet mouth.

Mary felt the warmth and pressure and his probing tongue, responded with gentle sucking on the head of his dick. A few minutes later. He lay on his back, Mary astride him and his cock, half-limp, firmly embedded inside her. She lay on his chest, content, well-fucked and couldn't be happier with her piece of ass. God I love this man!

John snuggled tight against her as they slowly drifted away in the night.