Redhead gets fucked in the Ass

Redhead gets fucked in the Ass
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Chapter 2 Tracy lazily slid her foot down the Great Dane's flank and under him, rubbing her instep up and down the length of his huge prick. Her dark eyes widened with delight when she felt how hard and hot his cock was. She had been thinking that she had ought to jerk the doggy off to relieve his frustration, but now she realized that playing with such a big, shapely prick would be fun, as well.

Major squirmed and wriggled, humping his cock out against the girl's foot. His big head dipped down for another slurp at her cunt, then rose up, jaws dripping and amber eyes gleaming like a wolf standing over his prey. Tracy leaned down and kissed the dog on his damp muzzle, tasting her own cunt-juices. He licked her face and she sucked his cream-soaked tongue into her mouth, French kissing the dog, adoring the combined sauce of doggy slobber and pussy-cum all blended together.

She reached under the big brute and folded her delicate hand around his cock-shaft. The doggy yelped and his iron-hard prick vibrated, thrilling the dog to the core. Tracy had given hand-jobs to plenty of boys in her time, but this was the first that she had held a throbbing dog cock and the naughtiness of it really turned her on.

Her well-tongued cunt began to simmer again. The lips opened like the petals of a flower and her clit stiffened and shot out, tingling. The Great Dane woofed and inhaled, then dipped his head down to her groin again, obviously eager to tongue her some more. But now it was his turn to cream. Tracy let him lap at her cunt for a few moments, then pulled his head from her groin and twisted around beside him, so that she could see his cock as she fondled it.

That huge prick looked as good as it felt. Tracy even wondered what it would taste like! Her tongue slid across her lips automatically. She loved to blow guys and she could just imagine how frantic and enthusiastic a dog would get if a girl mouthed his prick. But she wasn't sure if she was ready to do something as really naughty and depraved as sucking off a dog -- not quite, not yet.

The dog humped through her fist, whining. Tracy slid her hand back and cupped his swollen scumbags, squeezing them gently and lifting them in her palm as if weighing his cum load.

They were heavy and huge.

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She could feel his jism sloshing around inside the inflated bags as she jiggled them in her palm. She pulled her hand up his cock-stalk. His hairy sheath curled up over the ledge of his naked red cock-head like a wrinkled carpet. Then she skinned back toward his balls and his cock knob loomed out, flaring. Tracy sniffed, inhaling the musky, gamey aroma of that overheated cock-meat. The girl was still licking her lips, not even aware that she was doing it. The naked slab of his angry red crown looked so delicious that Tracy's mouth had started to water -- the natural reaction of a born cock-sucker even though she didn't intend to blow the brute -- not yet anyhow.

Major was always available, and Tracy had a pretty shrewd idea that, now they had started fooling around together, they would be enjoying lots of mutual pleasures in the future. "You like that, boy?" she whispered, as she gave his prick a slow push-pull. The big doggy whimpered, his flanks rippling as he shoved his cock through her hand.

His piss-hole opened wider and a glob of frothy pre-cum came oozing out, all pearly on his red cock-knob. Tracy rubbed the slime into his smoking hot cock with her thumb.

"Oooooh," she moaned, softly, when she felt how hot and thick his spunk was. What a fucking thrill it was going to be when all of his steaming slime load came spurting out from his throbbing cock! She held his balls in her left hand and began to stroke his cock-shaft steadily with her right hand, eager to milk the brute off.

She leaned closer, staring at his bloated cock-knob.

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More preliminary fluids oozed out and Tracy whimpered. "Wanna cum, Major?" she rasped, huskily. "Want me to pump your fuck-juice out, boy?" Paws scrambling frantically on the tiles, the Great Dane humped, throwing his cock through her caressing hand.

The knob loomed out toward her, dripping. Her fist skimmed him on his own lubrication, moving faster. The girl squirmed closer, arching her back. "Shoot on my tits," she moaned. "Yeah -- yeah -- cream all over my tits, Major!" She thrust those fat tits toward him as she pumped his prick, eager to feel all that hot doggy jism splash on her tit meat.

From the violent way that his iron-hard prick was jolting in her fist, Tracy knew she wouldn't have long to wait. The dog's head was going up and down like a rocking horse as he screwed through her fist. Tracy skimmed him lightly, then tightened her grip and frigged more firmly, pulling his sheath up and down around the core of his rock-hard cock-rod. More pre-cum bubbled from his pisshole, slathering his knob.

Her fist pumped back to his balls, then stroked up to his cock-head, her hand working in counterpoint to the dog's frantic humping. "Oooooh -- cum, boy -- shoot on me!" Tracy moaned. Her tits were tingling for his cum, the nipples standing out like little pink rockets.

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Tracy was panting and jerking and her cum was smoldering and flooding. Her face was a mask of desire, radiant with passion as she pounded steadily away, beating the brute's cock with vigor. "C'mon -- cream me, Major!" she whined, her lips trembling. "Give my tits a bath!" His cock-head ballooned into a massive wedge of naked red meat as he humped out toward her. Tracy could feel the heat of his cock-knob waft over her tits. His dribbling pisshole was wide open now, lathering his fat slab.

Her hand was all slippery and spunky as she tossed him up and down and his cock-shaft was so hot she thought it might blister her hand. His cock-head was swelling so big and fat it looked ready to burst. Major yelped frantically. "Oooooh -- hose my tits -- whitewash my tits!" the naughty girl wailed. She was gasping and gurgling with the thrill of dog-frigging. She inhaled his gamey scent, staring with intense concentration at his cock knob, anticipating the joy of seeing his fuck-juice come squirting out.

She jerked and jacked, pumped and stroked, pulled and pushed steadily, bringing the big brute surging toward the crest.

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The dog yelped again. His whole massive body was trembling violently. Tracy felt his scumbags explode in her left hand.

She frigged down his cock-shaft, feeling his fuck-juice as it rushed up that pounding prick. As her fist pumped back to the root of his stalk, skinning his cock-head, his jism came shooting out in a geyser. "Oooooh!" she squealed.

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His first squirt fell on her fat tits, all thick and creamy and heavy as quicksilver. He shot again, on the recoil, as she pulled up his cock shaft. His jism spurted onto her nipples and bubbled into her cleavage.

Tracy was gasping with joy. No human prick had ever creamed her so abundantly. She pushed back and the Great Dane plunged forward, his cock-head spilling more spunk onto her tits. A creamy torrent skimmed up into the hollow of her throat. "Ummm -- keep it up, boy," she whimpered. "Drown me in the fucking stuff!" Her tits were awash already. Cum dripped from the rosy tips and slathered the upthrust globes, all milky white on her suntanned flesh. She looked down at her slimy tits, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled the starchy aroma of his jism, then gazed at his cock-head again, as another creamy spurt cascaded out.

The potent pet kept on creaming, spraying the cum-juice out with every stroke of her hand, fucking the girl's fist with savage energy. His cock-head pulsed in and out and his balls inflated then diminished as he spilled more scum out -- then swelled with another load. His vitality seemed endless, his balls bottomless, his energy boundless.

Tracy leaned closer and the doggy hooked upward through her fist. Another jism jet sped from his cock-knob and juiced her on the chin. Tracy wailed. She turned her face away, then turned back.


Her trembling lips parted and the tip of her tongue slid out. She jerked another spurt out right onto her mouth. The succulent slime foamed on her lips and frothed on her tongue, driving the teenager wild as the flavor registered on her taste-buds and she found that dog cum was even more yummy than it looked.

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Her head tilted back, dark hair tumbling. Trembling, Tracy pumped more spunk into her open mouth. Like a fluid rocket, the dumb brute's fuck-juice flashed from his knob and doused her lips. Tracy leaned closer and opened her mouth wider. She frigged his stalk and a slimy rope of cum skimmed over her tongue.


She savored it, moaning, then swallowed. The sweet stuff warmed her belly like a fine cognac -- and whetted her appetite for more. She kept on pumping and the dog kept on spunking.

Then, whimpering, Major faltered, his dynamic creaming coming to an end. His humping became erratic and jerky. His head hung down and his flanks heaved. He stood over Tracy as she milked out the last precious drops from his cock and balls.

She bent closer, all of her inhibitions melted in the heat of her desire. His slippery cock-head loomed right in her face. Her tongue slid out and she tapped the tip against his soaking knob, whimpering. The brute's cock-meat, all slathered with his fuck juice, was scrumptious. Doggy cock was delicious, and Tracy knew that, right or wrong, naughty or not, she was going to be giving the brute plenty of head from now on.

She flicked her tongue all over his gooey cock-knob, gathering up his slime and bathing his cock with her saliva. Major whined at his new sensation. Tracy tongued him thoroughly, then kissed the tip of his prick and let her lips slowly part around it, feeding the naked slab of his cock-head right into her mouth and sucking on it.


"Ummmmm," she purred. Her cheeks hollowed in as she suckled. She slobbered down his hairy cock-rod, inching more of his cock into her mouth, her lips sucking and her tongue playing against the underside of his fat cock-head.

She coaxed another drop of juice out from his pisshole, rolling the gooey glob on her taste-buds and then letting it slide down her throat. The insatiable little minx was already wondering how soon the dog would be ready to cum again. Leaning back, she smiled, thrilled by her own depravity. She felt deliciously naughty, so excited that she knew it would be hard to keep it a secret. What would her friend, Jennifer, think if Tracy were to make a confession?

It might prove interesting.