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Hot Lüstern Kristina Rose Großen Nassen Hintern Brazzers
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"Have Massage Table, Will Travel" reads the card of a man. I'm in my late forties. Healthy and interested in staying that way. So I'm in good shape and like to ride my bike, walk, hike, workout at my home with weights, stretching and Martial Arts. I learned massage from the local community college to try something different after 25 years in the computer industry. Unmarried but happy, I had retired early and was enjoying finding fun and interesting things to do.

Purchased a nice second hand table with all the attachments. Assembled a collection of lotions and oils in a little black bag, and placed an add in the local papers and magazines to try massage work.

The add simply read, "Have Massage Table, Will Travel" and included my number. After a few regular massage appointments I felt confident in my practice and was looking forward to new clients. I now had a regular client and no wild events since the first two. It had been some time since my first crazy massage. That appointment with Rod and the following appointment with George while exciting had me wondering about my adds and who was reading them. So, I was glad to hear a message on my answering machine from a woman named Jessica.

She had a quiet alluring voice and was hoping for an appointment in a couple days. I didn't hesitate to call her back and set up a time. Everything was pretty normal until she ended the call saying I had been recommended by Rod. I wasn't terribly concerned but felt a little hesitant and curious about what or how Rod had recommended me. We hung up and I let it go. On the day of our appointment I arrived at her smallish home in a quiet neighborhood not far from Rod's.

The area was nice and her yard was well cared for. I rang the bell and she promptly answered the door with a smile and a sultry 'Hello. Won't you come in?' She was wearing a dark colored robe that was tied at the waist. Underneath it looked like she was only wearing a tank top and thong underwear. She was curvy, small, with little breasts. I could see her nipples poking her robe making little bumps on the otherwise smooth material. As she turned to show me into the living room I watched her purposefully wiggle her ass around the thong which was as obvious as her nipples.

I shook my head and cleared my thoughts. It's just a massage, I kept telling myself. I started to set up the massage table where she indicated when she handed me a sealed envelope with my name on it. I finished setting up and covering the table with a warm blanket. Jessica had gone to the bathroom leaving me to set up. That's when I opened the envelope. It was from Rod. It simply read, "Enjoy.

Rod" I was staring at the note when Jessica came back into the room. She was naked except for her white thong underwear. She posed for a moment at the end of the hallway displaying herself to me.

"Is this alright?" she asked. "Beautiful, I mean yes. Shall we get started?" I stumbled. She blushed and wiggled herself to the table. She groaned a little climbing up onto the table as she was a little short and I had the table set for my height.

I told her to start face down and covered her with a sheet.

The massage went along normally until I noticed she was groaning every time I got near her waist. I could also smell her scent and thought I could hear something. Trying not to break my concentration I leaned my head down.

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I turned my head from side to side attempting to discern what the sound was and where it was coming from. It was near her waist that it was the loudest. During one massage I placed my hand on her backbone and could feel a vibration. As I moved away from her waist it faded.

'Is she wearing a vibrator of some sort?' I thought to myself. Suddenly she quivered and groaned. "Is everything alright?" I asked. She waited a moment before responding.

I kept massaging in my usual fashion. "Rod said you were a handy guy. You seem very kind." she started. "Thanks. That was nice of Rod to say." I replied wondering how much Rod had told her of those events.

I continued massaging. During my next press up against the table I could feel her hand squeezing lightly. I thought nothing of it until I pressed up again and her hand grasped my growing hard-on. I froze. "I hope that's OK." she said. "Rod said you like girls. Do you like me?" "Yes." I said quickly. She wiggled her ass on the table as she squeezed my now obvious cock.


I was now wondering if this was a set up or if she was acting of her own accord. "Can I suck on this?" she asked gripping my dick. "Umm, sure." was all I could say. I hadn't been able to move since her first grasp.

"On the table next to the lamp is the remote. I think you'll want that." she said not looking up from the halo. I reached back and right where she had said was a small shiny remote with three buttons. "And this is for.?" I asked. Press it. Any of it." she said urgently. I pressed the middle button and suddenly she jumped and twitched on the table.

"Oh yah! Mmm. Bring your man meat over here." she said turning her head to the side. I walked over to the head of the massage table and she wrapped her hand around my waist pulling me towards her waiting mouth. She started chewing on the lump in my pants and gasping as she thrashed around on the table. I pushed a different button on the remote and she cried out. "Take off your pants, now!" she groaned. That's when I realized the remote controlled the vibrating sounds coming from her waist.

I dropped my pants and my underwear with a feeling of urgency. Her excitement was catching and I was now stiff. Her hand massaged me as she kissed and cooed my dick head and shaft. She put the head in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. I shook and pushed a little more in. That's when I pushed another button on the remote. She groaned and let go. Her body was shaking as it appeared she was having an orgasm.

I pushed the stop button on the remote. "Oh wow. That was good. Don't stop now." she said between gasps. I pushed the select button. Her legs spread and hips wiggled. She sucked me back into her mouth and reaching around my waist pulled me in half way. She groaned around strokes and slurps. Her hips still moving up and down by themselves. I threw off the cover sheet and could see now that she had soaked through her thong underwear.

Sliding my hand down her buttocks I found the string of the vibrator hanging from her wet folds. Her body urgent against my touch twitched as I touched her there. She pulled me deeper into her mouth every time I touched her ass and her pussy lips. I pushed the center button on the remote.

"Oh, oh, oh!" she cried as she pulled off my hard cock in response to the new setting on the vibrator. The vibrator was now going full on and full off in cycles and she was crying in time. She latched on to my dripping cock and shoved herself down in time with the cycles. I was getting close to cumming already.

It was all very exciting; her body, the vibrator, the blow job. I pushed the power button to put a stop to it. I didn't want to just cum in her mouth right then. Something stopped me. She just laid there with my cock deep in her throat. I mean as deep as I can be for my size. She was breathing heavy through her nose when she slowly slipped off and put her head down.

"That was awesome.


Rod was right. You are a handy man." she said catching her breath. I slid my hand out from under her thong not knowing where to go from here.

I watched her catch her breath and figured I would continue the massage. "Do you like my body?" she said finally. "Yes. Very nice. Do you like your body?" "I've got mixed feelings. Some men just use me for my body. It's hard to have a romantic relationship. Most think I'm too serious. They all like that I enjoy sex. But, you didn't answer my question." I returned to massaging and thought about what I know of her.

She was recommended by Rod, she isn't shy about enjoying sex, it sounds like she is relying on others for her self-image, she does have a very nice body. "You have a very nice body." I stated "You're not just saying that because I sucked your dick?" she pointed out turning her head to look at me.

"That was nice too. But, it's the whole package." "Why aren't more men like you?" she said rhetorically. I was continuing the massage when she asked that I turn the vibrator back on or at least give her the remote.

I kept the remote, slid it into my pocket and started it back up. She just melted back into the table with a soft moan. My mind kept wandering as I worked through the massage routine. She was working up her breathing again so I reached in my pocket to the remote and pressed another button. She gasped a little and tightened her legs and buttocks multiple times.

I kept massaging. After a few more minutes of this she was wiggling around again. Her hips twisting slowly. "Most men just want to fuck." she said on her way to another orgasm. Mmm, hmm." I responded. "Don't you want to fuck me?" she moaned through her spasms. I didn't know what to say next. Sure I could fuck her. I'm excited enough. Her smell was driving me mad and she was obviously ready for a good fuck. "No offense, but what did Rod tell you about me?" I asked.

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"He told me you were nice and didn't take advantage of people. He also said you were straight and open to sexual encounters." He was right about that. I still wondered what else might have been passed on. "Do you two fuck?" I inquired.

"Yes. But he's a bit too big for regular use. If you know what I mean." she said with a snicker. "I know." I said then caught myself, "He's got a big dick that is." "I like yours." she responded, bolstering my ego. "Thanks. You smell really good." I replied. "Now, would you like to fuck me?" she insisted. By now I was about done with the massage and I was still itching between my legs.

What the heck, I thought.

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She obviously loves sex, she smells great, her hair and skin, the whole package was attractive. "Right here, or what?" I blurted out. "However you want it. I'm used to men just taking me once they realize I like sex. You're different." she said. "I like making the woman happy. I like to smell and taste her. Don't men ever treat you like that?" I asked. When I said smell and taste I could tell she was hanging on those words.

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She twisted her hips and made an oow sound. She put her hands between her butt cheeks and pulled them apart. Then she squeezed them together and rubbed them together before pulling them apart again thrusting her hips up and down.

"Would you like to do that to me?" she begged. I bent right down without answering and moving her thong out of the way licked and kissed her asshole. She gasped and cried out as she immediately climaxed.

Her ass thrashing around under my eager mouth and lips. I pushed my tongue into her little pucker and she pushed back. Her body shaking to the waves of her orgasm. "Oh yeah, that's good. Don't stop." came her strained voice. I was burying my face between her legs licking her wet pussy lips and ass. She used one hand to search for my hard cock.

When she found it she sighed and gripped it tightly with each press of my tongue.


I sucked her lips and searched for her clit. When I found it she jumped and pulled on my hard cock. "Oh baby. You know how to treat a girl." she said with ragged breath. She rolled to her side and lifted one leg giving me clear access to her privates. Letting go of my cock she used both hands to hold my head and hump against my mouth and tongue. I reached into my pocket and clicked buttons frantically on the remote. That's when she erupted in the biggest climax yet covering my face with her juices.

"Oh wow. You are good." she growled as she let go of my head and dropping her leg went limp on the table. I put the remote in her limp hand and stepped away from the table to sit on the nearby couch. Patiently I waited for her to get herself together but found myself fascinated. She was very pretty, with a nice body, her taste and smell were clean and sweet. I wondered if that was Rod's intention putting us together. "Where did you go?" she said honestly.

"Just giving you a little space. It seemed like you needed that and I didn't want to overcrowd you." came my reply. She rolled over to look at me. He big brown eyes were a little glassy but I wasn't sure why.

I smiled and winked at her. She grinned and clicked a button on the remote in her hand. She jerked and closed her eyes for a moment groaning. Then she slid off the table and walking over to me straddled my legs to sit in my lap. "Now what can we do for you?" she asked. I slid my hands up her sides and pulled myself up to kiss one of her nipples. She leaned in pressing her breast against my face.

I slid to the other nipple and rolled it around between my teeth. She pushed buttons on the remote and started jerking and breathing hard again. "You are so nice and patient with me. I want you to take me. Please." she begged. I pushed her off of me and stood up sliding off my clothes. She took no time in kissing my chest and working her way down to my semi-soft dick. Taking it all the way into her mouth she rolled her tongue around it making it grow.

I could feel it pushing to the back of her throat but without a cough she wiggled her jaw and it slid right into her throat. She patiently stayed in position until I was hard and stuck down her throat as far as I could reach. Then she moaned and I could feel the vibration in my cock. It was very stimulating and I twitched pulling my cock out slightly. She wouldn't let it slide out and pushed herself against me again moaning stronger this time. I ran my fingers through her hair and rubbed her scalp lightly.

That's when she pulled back releasing my dick from between her lips. "Don't you want to fuck me in the mouth?" she said again. "Most men just take over and make me do what they want." "I'm enjoying what you're doing." I said simply. "It feels great." She slid my cock back in all the way, then clicking the remote she started pumping her face onto my hard wet dick. "Yes. That's very good." I said gruntingly.

My balls were bouncing off her chin and her nose was buried in my pubic hairs. She was a mad woman sucking my cock like she hadn't had sex in months. The excitement was building and I started thinking about cumming down her throat when she pulled off to catch her breath. That's when I realized she was being purely submissive. "Maybe we should switch." I started, "What would you like me to do for you?" "Don't you like what I'm doing?" she looked up with sad eyes then kissed and sucked the head of my raging cock without taking her eyes off mine.

"No, baby. You're great. I just like sharing the joy. Let's switch." I suggested. Reaching down I guided her to stand and I went down on her trimmed light colored curlys. The vibrator was cycling, her knees were shaking and she was wet. My tongue pierced her folds. Jessica grabbed my head again and rubbed herself against my eager mouth. Reaching between her legs I rubbed her ass pucker and pussy lips pulling her closer to another climax. "Oh." she gasped, "That.


is. sooo. Oh!" Her body shook again and juices greeted my waiting mouth. I lapped up her sweet nectar noticing how clean she tasted. The smooth skin around her opening was slick with her juices and my slobber. I pulled away and blew cool air on her damp skin giving her shivers. Looking up at her I could see her enjoyment and excitement.

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"Now what would you like me to do for you next?" I asked with a little lick and another puff of cool air. She looked down at me with a vacant look on her face like she always had to do for herself.

Earlier she had repeatedly said men would just use her, just do what they wanted, just fuck her. I wanted to see if she remembered what it was like to get what she wanted. What she needed. I took the remote from her hand and turned it off. Her face looked pale and her eyes got glassy again. I realized she was so used to being abused by men that she was lost.

A tear rolled down her face. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. The constant excitement of the vibrator gone she was forced to think about what men can do to satisfy her urges instead of just being a fuck toy for them. The quietness was palpable and I could tell she was searching her feelings and it was like opening a storage box and finding a long lost treasure from her past. "Come with me." she said finally taking my hand and leading me to a room.

She opened the door to a room filled with ropes, chains and straps. There was a variety of sex toys, benches and a saddle stand. Everything was clean and polished. She watched my face as I looked around taking in the scope of her abuse and pleasures. Jessica walked in to the room and posed against one wall, her arms together as if tied and pulled up high.

Her ass stuck out and pointed right at me. She looked over her shoulder at me with a pout. Then she moved to the next wall and straddled the saddle stand, laid her chest down on the board and placed her arms behind her back.

Again her legs spread, her ass and vagina open and waiting to be filled. Again she looked at me with those eyes, begging me to take her. To make her my fuck pet. All the tools were there; ropes, chains, straps, whips, harnesses, dildos, butt plugs. Her collection was complete. Everything needed for her to be the best sex slave or submissive cum bucket. She moved from position to position waiting at each station to see if I would do what every other man has done to her before.

Take her as they wanted. Testing their depravity with her submission. Finally she stopped at a collection of vibrators, reached between her legs and pulled her toy free. She placed it on a clean towel and stood there with her head down, eyes closed. "My turn. Come with me." I said and put my hand out. Her head raised slightly to see my hand out and my warm caring eyes. I guided her to the bathroom where I ran a tub of water and washed her from top to bottom.

She cried on and off. When I finished cleaning her up I toweled her off and found her bedroom. I put her in bed and slid in next to her. I held her in my arms while she finished crying and shaking. It had probably been some time since someone showed her true caring. It made me wonder if Rod knew this much about her or how he treated her.

Then she turned her head towards me kissed me on the lips. A warm passionate kiss. I cautiously returned her kiss and offered my tongue. She sucked it into her mouth tasting it and playing with it and then offered hers to me. I could feel her natural reactions coming through and she started rubbing her hands over my body signaling her arousal.

Pulling her on top of me I squeezed her tight and whispered in her ear telling her I was ready to do what she wanted. Whatever she wanted. It was all too much too soon. She was still far from ready to face her daemons or desires or both. All the time she has spent over stimulated, serving men and their daemons and desires had taken a toll. She was young enough that with time she would come around but for now she was lost in her world of lust and submission.

"You've made me feel things I haven't felt in ages. Thank you." Jessica whispered back. "I'm not lying when I say I am ready to do what you want me to." I responded. She rolled off me and reached into the drawer in her night stand. Pulling out a silk ribbon she tied my hands together then led me back into her dungeon room. Tying my hands up to a wall hook she knelt down and sucked my soft cock until I was hard. Then she greased herself up and moved a bench between me and the wall.

She mounted the bench on all fours and slid her ass up against my now hard dick. She moaned and groaned as her ass rubbed up against me and positioned herself in a cramped position. There she reached back and guided me right into her tight ass with a loud groan. I watched intently as she wrapped a gag around her mouth and her hands in rope. All while slowly humping her ass against my penetrating hard on. "Fuch me! Mow!" she ordered, mumbling through her gag. Again she pushed back onto my hard cock making me twitch.

I knew this was what she knew pleased the men she usually met. At this point I was accepting her offer and returned her thrust. Her moaning increased with each thrust. Soon we were banging together shaking the chains on the walls. "Oh, eah. Mowre, don stoth." her gagged voice rang out. "Are you going to be my little buddy? You like that? My fuck buddy." I responded caught up in the scene. "Yesh, yesh, YESH!" she cried shooting into a huge orgasm.

Her shaking and spasming asshole milked my cock as I prepared to cum. I was straining against the silk ribbon holding my hands up, keeping me tight into her. I kept pumping through her climax keeping her shaking and twitching. "You ready? I'm going to fill your ass with my juices. Here I cum." I grunted taking up my role as master. "Peaz. Giz ik hoo ne. I'n reagy.

I wan ik! " she cried with ragged breath. My thrusts slowed as I shoved the first eruption in deep. She clamped down and milked my raging squirting dick following each thrust until I had drained my balls and filled her ass. We slowed and both caught our breath until I started to shrink. She pulled off me and my cum oozed from her gaping hole.

Her legs were limp and she was wobbling as she unwrapped her hands and removed her gag. I was just enjoying the crazy scene as she looked up with dazed eyes, drool hanging from her mouth and chin.

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Then she reached up to release my silk ribbon from the hook but her weakened legs wouldn't support her. She fell against me and I easily slipped off the hook myself in order to catch her. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. I laid down next to her for a few minutes holding her tight. Returning to the living room I picked up my clothes and got dressed.

Cleaning myself up and organizing my things I prepared to go. I looked back in on her sprawled out on her bed. She opened her eyes and looked up at me then smiled. "Can I see you again?" she asked. "Sure." I handed her my card and smiled. She reached into the drawer again, this time pulling out a check for payment and another sealed envelope. I pocketed both and thanked her. Heading out of her bedroom I had a thought. Turning to look at her I smiled. "Would you like to go out to dinner some time?" Her eyes welled up again as she looked at me.

"I would love that." On my way home I opened the envelope. It was another note from Rod it simply read, 'You owe me. Rod.' I just snickered under my breath, 'Great.' Then absentmindedly rubbed my throat.