Passion hd plumber lays his pipe in horny teen girl

Passion hd plumber lays his pipe in horny teen girl
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Ray Ray's Coming Home Party Written by: Mr. Mongo This story is the copyright of the author all characters is fictional. Ray Ray's former cellmate Karl waited patiently for his buddy's release from New Mexico State prison. He by the prison code is obligated to get his buddy some money in his pocket, get him stoned, and most importantly get him laid.

Karl being the best celly a criminal could ever want decided to do something special for Ray Ray. Sitting near the front of the gate so Ray Ray can easily spot him in his big red Ford 150 pick up. Karl arches up out of his front seat digging for his cell phone in his front pocket. After finally fishing the little phone out of his jeans Karl punches in the digits needed for the call.

"Hey boy! Its Karl did y'all call that pimp to see if he can get some authentic looking police uniforms to dress his ho's in? My boy Ray Ray has been getting made to get naked for those fuck'n guards for over five years now!

I want him to get some pay back even if its some cheap as ho's ass. Ray Ray is going to strip em' and fuck em'! It'll help him blow off some steam not to mention bust his nut and get up in those female cop's guts.

Karl said while giggling. "Listen Karl, Manny is going to take care of the both of ya! Ray Ray kept them prison faggots from busting my cherry in the joint so I owe him big time.

I got that crazy pimp to promise to send his top shelf bitches he said they like it rough and know how to act. I also blew my whole paycheck on some of the best crank produced in our trailer park. I hope Ray Ray's got a chin strap fully secured because that boy will need it to keep that lid of his tightly secure cause that shit is about to flip!" Boasted Manny. "So the bitches are just going to come in dressed as cops and we can let Ray Ray rape the shit out of them?" asked Karl "They'll come in acting like real cops and they were told to kick and scream like they really are getting raped and humiliated.

Ray Ray likes it rough so I told the pimp to tell those bitches to punch, kick, scratch, and bite Ray Ray likes that shit! Boasted Manny into his phone. The gate opens up causing a red light to flash and a siren to go off as large menacing white guy comes strutting out from behind the gate.

"See ya real soon Ray Ray!" Giggled a guard as he waved bye-bye to the bad man as he left the state prison. "I'm going to miss staring at your asshole during strip searches baby!" Said sweetly by a smiling big black female guard as she waves Ray Ray good-bye. Ray Ray turns to her and blows her a kiss while she pantomimes catching it and putting it in her pocket. Ray Ray was desperate for some white or near white pussy. He felt sorry for the first bitch he was going to jump on because he knows he'll tear the lining out of that pussy.

It will be quick and messy but one thing he knows it will be so gooood! "Hey dummy! Get in and lets roll!" Said Karl as he opens the truck's door so Ray Ray can climb on in. "Your ugly face is a sight for sore eyes!

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I missed you man. So what's on the agenda for tonight's fun and activities? I am feeling a might festive if you know what I mean? Said Ray Ray to his former cellmate.

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"Well there is going to be some surprise pussy for ya. The boys and I can't wait to see ya tear that pussy up!

Karl said as he was turning his ignition to his truck. What! "Suuuuupppprrrrriiiisssse puuuuuussssy my man! Don't worry we'll let you know when to jump on it. Karl laughs while shaking his head. When the ex-cons got to Jimmy's bar where they planned to have their homecoming party they see Manny and a tall lanky man name Earl an ex-burglar who did three years with Ray Ray. Karl parks his truck with a quarter of the right side up on the curb in front of a parking meter.

Karl parked like that to keep the local drunk drivers from scraping the side of his truck again. "Oh shit! I can't believe it!

Its Manny and Earl!" Ray Ray says with a shout as he gets out of the truck to exchange greetings with the two men. "Man wait to you see what we have in store for you buddy!" Yelled Manny as he shook Ray Ray's hand. "I'm going to get crazier than a tick sucking on crackhead tonight" Shouts Earl The four men make their way into Jimmy's bar a dimly lit somewhat clean drinking establishment used by the local criminal element as a meeting place to plan new crimes and brag about the successful ones.

At the bar was Jimmy the owner and bartender who looked up surprised at who he saw entering his bar. "How's your asshole holding up Ray Ray? I hope you got out with it unused!" Jimmy said with a laugh. "You boys head on over to the private room I'll send tonight's entertainment on in when they get here." The ex-cons head on into the private room the room was as dirty and dimly lit like bar. There was a short-legged black table and two worn greasy looking couches on either side of the table.

Karl had a big bag of meth and various bottles of whisky and vodka on the table waiting for the party to begin. The men went to work on the meth and started preparing shots for everyone.

Outside a meter maid was writing a ticket for Karl's truck for being to far up on the curb. The meter maid Jenny Clark is a cute 5' 5" 130lbs with b-cup breasts and long wavy black hair that she keeps pinned up. She loves how men constantly tell her she is too cute to be a meter maid. She also has been told by her co-workers she is too lenient with parking offenders. Like today she decides to look for the owner of the truck to ask them to move it instead of having it towed.

She spots the bar and figures that's where he has to be so she calls her supervisor before she heads on in. "I am going into a bar to see if I can get the owner to move his truck to save this guy a impound fee. Our trucks are all on calls right now anyways so I'll do my good deed for the day." Jenny said to her supervisor on her radio. "If I don't hear from you in thirty minutes I am sending in cop.

That's a shitty neighborhood I wouldn't trust any of the trash that lives around there. Be careful and use your head." Said her supervisor sounding worried for her. Jenny enters the bar soon as she steps in she hit with the smell of stale beer and white trash funk. She makes her way to the bartender who gives her dirty smirk when their eyes meet. He seems to be looking her over like a piece of meat.

Jenny is used to the stares of the assholes she tickets everyday they all think since she ticketed them they have the right to stare at her tits and ass. "Who owns that big red pick up outside your bar?" She asks Jimmy at the bar Jimmy points to the private room to their right and says.

"Go right on in honey ask for Karl." Jimmy could not believe how realistic the prostitutes costume looked. Jenny walks into the room as the door open up the four men instinctively hide the bag of meth. All the men stare at Jenny with their mouths hanging open. "I'm here for Karl." Jenny said looking at the four men "There it is, we got you a ho' dressed up as cop.

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Welcome home buddy go get some." Karl whispers to Ray Ray. Ray Ray walks over to the pretty meter maid with a big smile on his face. He puts his hand on the small of here back and says. "Come on I'll take you over to Karl." As soon as he gets her to the table the other men in the room began removing the bottles and shot glasses from the table. Ray Ray quickly spins her around to face him. He snatches her computerized ticket writer and radio throwing them to onto one of the filthy couches before she knows what's happening.

"What are you doing?" Jenny screams at Ray Ray. "I am about to get up in them guts, that's what!" Yelled Ray Ray into her ear.


Ray Ray begins unbuttoning her meter maid uniform causing her to resist the stripping. The three other men jumped up so they could grab her by her arms so Ray Ray can unwrap his coming home present in peace.

"Stop it! Get your fucking hands off me!" She yelled at her tormentors. As they were laughing their fool assess off as they were groping at her still clothed breasts and pussy. When Ray Ray got her shirt unbuttoned the boys ripped it from her body.

Earl reached behind Jenny to undo her bra exposing her tits to all the former convicts in the room as everyone cheered. Her nipples were a dark red and her teats were fully erect from the groping the ex-cons gave them.


Ray Ray squats down to open the meter maid's zipper. As soon as his fingers locked onto her zipper she began trying to kick and fight even more causing the men to hold on even tighter. Their cheers and taunts are beginning to really scare Jenny she began worrying if they are willing to rape her they will be willing to kill her as well. Ray Ray unsnaps her pants pulling them down to her ankles.

He looks up at her with a big shit-eating grin. He grabs a hold of the top of her pink panties ready to pull them down. "Okay! That's enough! You hillbillies had your fun now let me go before this goes any further!" Jenny shouted trying to make herself sound braver then she really was. Ray Ray looks up at Jenny then gives her an evil smile as he yanks her panties to the floor.

There it was Jenny's untrimmed black bush staring right back at him. Ray Ray looks up at her and says to her while shaking his head. "I thought you ho's kept yo' shit shaved?" "You can't do this! Fucking me will get you the same time as raping a cop!" Jenny said trying to reason with them. When the four criminals heard that they begin laughing their asses off. "I hope to get at least fifteen minutes with your pussy and another fifteen with the next cop's pussy when that bitch shows up." Manny said laughing his ass off then proceeds to suck and bite her left nipple.

"My supervisor knows I am here so he'll send the police in thirty minutes if I don't call back." Jenny cried as she was doing her best to get her breast out of Manny's rotten mouth. The four men force the naked meter maid down on the table. Karl grabs a hold of the bag of meth forcing the opening of the bag around Jenny's mouth and nose forcing her to inhale the meth filling her lungs with the speed.

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Jenny feels the rush from the drugs as she can hear her heart beating in her ears. Jenny's heart feels like it is about to jump out of her chest as the euphoria takes over her body she suddenly looses her fear. She starts to bump and grind full of newfound vigor. "That loosen her up, she's really getting into it now!" Shouted Earl as he began vigorously rubbing her clit. "Eat my ass, you fucking piece of shit!" Her voice sounded raspy and the words came out lightning fast as her skin grew clammy and her face began to twitch reacting to the meth she was forced to inhale.

The meth has taken over she has lost all self control as the speed rages through her brain. "I ain't eat'n some ho's brown eye!" Ray Ray yells as he grabs a hold of Jenny's knees to pull her closer to his erect cock.

Before Ray Ray puts dick in her he slides in two fingers feeling the moist warmth of her cunt. Once he tires of moving his fingers around in her pussy he plunges his cock in her thrusting as hard as he can. Karl seeing his buddy doing his best to fuck the lining out of the ho's pussy he can't wait for his turn so he rams his hard on up her ass with no lubricant or warning causing the stoned naked meter maid to scream out loud. "Your tearing my ass apart!

Let me suck your cock!" Jenny yelled speaking a million words a second as she grabs Earl by his belt pulling his crotch closer to her face. "I ain't letting some meth'd out bitch suck my dick! She'll bit my junk off!" Yelled Earl cupping his groin in defense.

"Let me at that shit! That bitching ain't biting nothing, she's crazy for the cock!" Manny said as he slides his cock into her mouth. Jenny began sucking Manny's dick completely whacked out on the meth they gave her. She could not wait for another dick to get into her. Right now Jenny could not tell you what day it is let alone her name or what she is doing in the bar. For the past thirty-five minutes the four men had a turn on each of holes. The crystal meth the men were taking was making them into fuck machines hungry for more pussy.

Earl stood by the door trying to get his hands to stop trembling long enough to get a cigarette lit. Jenny was sitting up staring at Earl trying her best to try to get him to come back to her when the door opens up letting the stink of sex, body odor, and cheap whisky to bounce off the officer's face as she walks in to the room. "What the fuck is going on here?" Yelled office Tabitha Clark going for her pistol only to have Earl grab it.

Officer Tabitha tried her best to get her radio but Ray Ray and Manny were to quick for her as they pulled her to the table.


"Get that used up slut off the table! We got us a new toy to play with!" Yelled Ray Ray as he throws her radio onto the couch. "Hey this one gots some hand cuffs on her!" Yelled Manny as he twirled her handcuffs around on his index finger. The four men and the whacked out of mind meter maid began tearing Officer Clark's uniform to shreds while she attempted to kick and resist Earl and Karl flip her over to her belly so they could handcuff her hands be behind her back.

Once they got the cuffs on her they stand their captive up to get a better look at her. As she stood there naked in front of the drug crazed quintet all she had on was her policeman's belt and an officer's cap that Earl slapped on her when they stood her up.

"You can't do this I'm a fucking cop!

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Someone will come looking for me!" Screamed Tabitha naked and afraid of what they are going to do to her. Tabitha has a thick build with a nice round ass with d-cup breasts.

Her hair is red that she keeps pulled back into a ponytail and not to mention a nicely trimmed bright red landing strip shaved into her bush. Karl grabs the bag of meth and like he did with the meter maid placing over officer Clark's lower face forcing to inhale the crystal meth.

She tries to fight it but Karl is a patient man willing to wait for her to inhale due to the lack of air. After she had three good breaths of the meth he pulls the bag away with a big ol'grin on his face.

Officer Tabitha's pupils dilate as her skin grows cold and clammy. She can feel the euphoria take her over forgetting everything while over come by a sudden burst of energy she did not know what she wanted to do but she wanted to do it right now.

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As she began to shake and tremble the five meth tweakers put their prey onto the table. Jenny the meter maid pounced immediately on officer Tabitha's pussy licking her clit as she began finger fucking her.

She is completely lost in her meth euphoria not knowing what she's doing. Manny grabs the tweaked out officer's leg pulling back as far as he could get it so he could slide his cock up her ass.

Ray Ray pushes the meter maid out of the way so he could fuck that fire crotch as hard as he could. Karl rams his cock into the pretty officer's mouth when the door opens up. Standing in the doorway are two skanky looking bleach blonds dressed in matching blue tight fitting rubber police uniforms with black caps on their heads walk in. "Who is these two bitches? Our pimp ain't said anything about no outside pussy!

He ain't going to like this shit!" Said one of the skanky rubber cops as she waved her finger at the five tweakers as she took out her cell phone to call her pimp. Karl looks down at the writhing tweaked out cop they were fucking like an animal then over at the radios, ticket computer, and a gun laying on their couch. Then back at the two skanky rubber cops then back at the pile of torn up police uniform revealing a shiny metal badge staring back at him.

"Ray Ray, I think were all going back to jail!" Karl screamed at Ray Ray as he starting laughing. Ray Ray just shrugs his shoulders and keeps on fucking as the meter maid spreads his ass cheeks apart to give him a rim job. "I think were going to be superstars when this hits the news" Karl said laughing knowing he is going to get life for this one so he better get his money worth on these two bitches maybe they have enough in them to get at those two working girls before the real police come to bust up the party.

The End