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Mia das anale Teen Maedchen
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Belle was asleep on her back when Beast, in human form, lifted the blankets from her lithe body and pressed his large hand over her bare breast. She always slept nude. Her head was turned to the side and she was happily dreaming away. He leaned over and put his mouth over her small nipple and sucked gently. She didn't respond so he sucked harder, moving his tongue over the hardened nipple. This time he heard a faint moan and smiled.

He played with the other nipple, rolling it between his fingers. She moved her legs around and opened her eyes, not at all surprised to find his face hovering above her.

He woke her up like this every morning and she loved it. She smiled "Good morning," then, "Please don't stop." Beast couldn't help smiling too. He nodded, bringing his lips down to her nipple and his hand toward her shaved pussy.

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Gently, he put one of his fingers inside her tight hole and wiggled it. She was very sensitive down there; she began to moan and lift her ass up from the bed. Beast had an instant hard-on. Her innocence turned him on easily.

Belle lifted his face from her breast and kissed him full on the mouth, sticking her tongue inside and lifting her hips further into his finger. Beast kissed Belle hungrily and smoothly stuck his finger in and out her tiny hole. Her breathing became harsh. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Beast lifted her up and carried her to the desk in his bedroom and made her sit on it. He undid the buttons of his breeches and roughly slid them down, revealing his hard 9" cock, and took off the rest of his clothes.

He kissed her hard and moved her hand to his large erection. She stroked him, her small fingers barely able to reach around the thick shaft. He groaned into her mouth, shoving his hips back and forth onto her hand.

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He put his palm against her bald pussy and rubbed it. She was beginning to get wet. Beast fingerfucked her hard until she made his thick fingers drip. He got on his knees before her and pressed his hungry lips to her pussy. Belle gasped and put her hands behind his head. She felt his tongue penetrating her hole while his fingers played with her clit. She tilted her head up at the ceiling with her eyes closed and moaned out loud.

Beast licked up and down her seam, spat on her to make her wet, and swallowed her intoxicating juices. She tasted better than his favorite brand of scotch. Her sweet nectar flowed down his throat and he felt her legs fly around his neck, bringing his face deeper into her pussy.

Beast looked up and saw Belle biting her own fingers to keep herself from moaning loud again. But he wanted her to moan loud enough for all the castle to hear. He reached up and grabbed both her hands and wrapped them around his neck. He stood up and positioned his cock in front of her pussy and he thrust inside her roughly.

Belle's scream was audible behind the thick mahogany doors of the room. Beast leaned on the desk for balance as he penetrated his brown eyed beauty. He kissed her up and down her neck and frequently played with her breasts. Belle dug her fingers into his muscular back and tightened her pussy around his cock, making precum slip out. Beast groaned and lifted her into his arms and kept thrusting into her little pussy while standing up. Belle's legs were wrapped tightly around him and he felt so completely held.

After a few long heavy pleasuring thrusts, a large load of hot cum came straight out of him and deep into Belle's womb. His cum got her directly in her G-spot and she came too. Both of them moaned loudly that even downstairs Chip, one of the maid's sons was able to hear them. Belle slid down Beast's long hard body and layed her head against his chest. Her face was crimson and she was able to hear Beast's uneven breathing. "That was amazing," she said. "It always is." Beast lifted her chin and kissed her.

"I need to get going, honey." Belle frowned. "Where are you going? I wanted to spend the rest of the day with you." "We will, beautiful. I'm just going to check up on a few things in the village. You should come with me there, I can drop you off to see your Father." She smiled. "Okay." She hadn't seen her father in a long time, it would be nice to catch up with him again. TWO HOURS LATER Belle had talked to her father for over an hour and was ready to go back home to the castle.

Beast said he wouldn't be able to pick her up from her father's home so she would have to make her own way home. She took a shortcut that led between the bar and an empty building.

The path would lead her directly to the woods and up the hill towards the castle. Belle was wearing a dark hood because the afternoon weather was very cold and Beast insisted that she wear it. He was very protective of her.

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He didn't know of the dangers of the village though. Belle very well knew the dangers and had always been good to avoid them but not this time.

As she made her way through an allyway, she noticed there were footsteps right behind her. There was the unmistakable sound of heavy boots being dragged across the ground.

Belle didn't dare turn back to see who was following her. She decided to walk faster. But then the footsteps behind her began to gain speed as well. Belle's heart pumped fast and she began speedwalking as hard as she could. When the footsteps began to get closer, she made a run for it.

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She was just about to reach the end of the long ally right when she saw the familiar figure appear out of the corner. It was Lefou! And he was holding a pocket knife! "Hold it right there, Belle!" Belle gasped and paused where she stood. If Lefou was here, then. "Hello Belle." She heard the unmistakable voice of Gaston right behind her.

He was supposed to be dead! Beast let him die off a cliff! Gaston roughly grabbed Belle's arm and twisted it behind her back and made her face go in contact with his.


"You thought your little husband had gotten rid of me, huh, bitch? You thought all your worries were over, didn't you! You were fucking wrong and I'm gonna make you pay for the things you've done!" From his breathe, Belle was able to conclude he was drinking. "G-Gaston, please let me go, you're intoxicated, you don't know what you're talking about!" Gaston's face was filled with hatred. "You dare call me stupid?!

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I know how to limit myself when I drink, Belle!" He tooked towards Lefou. "Get the needle." Belle turned to see Lefou take out a needle which was obviously a tranquilizer used for hunting animals. Belle's eyes opened wide.

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"What?! No!." She began to scream and thrash against Gaston's body, trying to escape his steel grip but couldn't. Gaston muffled her screams with his large hand and she bit it.

Gaston yelped in pain and slapped her across the face. A red mark was left on her cheek. Belle cried out and nearly fell to the floor until Gaston grabbed her.

Behind her, she felt Lefou sticking a needle into her thigh and it only took a few seconds for her to lose consiousness. Hours later, Belle woke up in a dark scary looking room. There was a chimney which had a cold fire brewing and the walls had deer mantles. Belle was lying down on a large warm bed with bearskins for blankets and she noticed then that she was naked.


She gasped and looked around the room to see if her clothes were anywhere near. In the dim light of the room, she wasn't able to see Gaston sitting in a large chair in the far side of the room. "Oh, she lives!" Gaston shouted.

He stood up and started walking toward the light where she was able to see him. And he was naked too! "My dear Belle, you've been out cold for 3 hours, my patience was running thin and I almost thought I would have to do this while you were asleep. But thank God you're awake." Three whole hours?! Belle stared down in shame. "Why, Gaston? Why are you doing this? .WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU!?" Gaston slapped her face.

"Don't yell at me like that, bitch! And what the fuck kind of a question is that! You chose that disgusting hideous creature over me! You could have had me but you chose some fucking dog! You're going to pay for your mistakes." Gaston straddled Belle and forced her mouth down his erect cock.

"If you bite me, you'll be fucking sorry!" He held the back of her head and forced most of his cock into her mouth, making her gag. "Suck on it, you stupid bitch!" Belle moaned and sucked on him while he thrust in and out of her mouth. He took his dick out and rubbed it against her face, then shoved it back in her mouth, scraping it along her teeth.

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Tears poured down her eyes and it satisfied Gaston to see her like that. He groaned and pushed her head further down his dick until it was all inside her tight little mouth. He held Belle that way for a while and listened to her gag.

She tried pushing her face away from his cock but he wouldn't let her. Gaston loosened his grip on her and her mouth left his cock with a little pop. A long string of saliva was hanging between her mouth and his dick. Gaston forced her on her back and told her to spread her legs wide.

She refused and held her legs tight together. He slapped her again, she cried out in pain, but she still kept her legs closed. "You dare to defy me!" Gaston got off the bed and searched in his closet for a whip. When she saw it, Belle yelped and spread her legs wide, but he still lashed her with it. "That'll show you for not doing what I ask for right away!" Gaston stepped over her and held his dick in his hands and prseed it against the mouth of her pussy.

He rubbed it against her clit for a while then thrust inside her easily. "You're wetter than I expected. Is this turning you on bitch?!" Gaston grabbed her knees and forced them up to his shoulders.

He began fucking her with long, hard strokes, pulling his cock all the way out then slamming it back into her pussy.

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Her body shook every time he thrust into her. He listened to the sound of his heavy balls slamming against her firm ass and groaned. "NOO," Belle yelled.

"You're hurting me." Gaston laughed. "What's wrong, bitch, can't handle a real man? I bet you're enjoying this, AREN'T YOU?! You might as well stay with me. Beast isn't going to want you knowing what a fucking slut you are!" Belle cried and covered her face.

Gaston removed her hands from her face so he could see her shame. She bounced with every thrust of his hips. He pinned her arms over her head so she wouldn't try to escape.

He rocked his hips back and forth roughly, feeling the bulbous bead of his cock touch her womb with every thrust. He was so close to his orgasm. He kept getting closer and closer while watching the frightened face of his beloved Belle. Her large eyes were swollen from crying and her face was red from his slaps.

The sight was something he'd never seen before and he loved it. Heat began to spread all throughout his limbs and he gave a final cry as he emptied his load inside her tight cunt. Belle sobbed and closed her eyes, turning to the side when he took his cock out of her.

Gaston smiled at her misery and threw her clothes at her. "See, that wasn't so bad. I'm gonna let you go, bitch. But if you ever tell Beast or anyone else about this, I'll know.

And I'll come back for you and never return you to your family. Now get the fuck out of my house." Belle held her ruined dress in her hands and left his house, crying the only way a woman in pain could.