Natural teen woman craves her ass spanked

Natural teen woman craves her ass spanked
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The play went well.


The youth did their jobs and there were very few hiccups. I didn't get to see much of Elizabeth at all that evening, and with all the kids and her parents around, I thought it best not to try anything with her, but I did smile at her. If I wasn't mistaken, though, she seemed to avoid meeting my gaze.

If I would have had the chance to, I would have made sure everything was alright. Perhaps it was just her way of hiding what had happened.

In my semi-paranoid state, I also wondered if she may have told someone, such as her mother, what had happened. I assumed that couldn't have happened, however, because then I wouldn't have made it to the play without being arrested. Still, so many thoughts consumed my mind. The following Sunday I went to services as usual, and saw her across the aisle with her family. As the sermon finished, I approached her near her family and said, "Hi Elizabeth.

How are you? Mind if I walk with you to Sunday School?" I smiled at her parents and gave them a friendly nod, hoping to take away any suspicions that might have risen. Elizabeth nodded.

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"Okay," she said. There was definately something about her voice. She didn't seem happy to see me. She seemed deflated. I led her outside. There was a sidewalk that looped the church building, and I knew we would have relative privacy there from listening ears.

"Is everything okay? You seem either sad or like you don't want me to be around," I said. There was a long pause, and I was beginning to wonder if she really wasn't going to say anything to that.

Finally, she said, "Do you really love me?" I was shocked. "Of course, Elizabeth.

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I can't believe how in love I fell with you over the course of just one evening. I truly love you. Why would you doubt that?" "Well, I thought maybe you were just using me for sex," she said.

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"After you left, Mom noticed I wasn't wearing a bra. She asked me why, and I couldn't think of an answer, so she got suspicious and kept asking me about it. Finally, I told her that I was just trying to get your attention.

Don't worry, I didn't tell her about what we did. She just told me that trying to get a boy's attention by dressing immodestly only gets the wrong kind of attention. It only gets lust, not love, from boys." "Oh, Elizabeth," I said, sounding relieved. "I love you.

It's true, that most guys would simply want sex from a girl showing herself off, but I love you, and if you don't believe me, I will prove it over time.

But you got to let me, okay?" She nodded, and even smiled.


Finally, she looked up at me. "I love you too." "In fact, let's check on your parents," I said. She smiled, apparently knowing what I was thinking.

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Going back into the building, we looked into the adult class of Sunday School to find her parents sitting inside, participating. My car was on the other side of the building, so they wouldn't even notice me leaving.

We drove a few blocks away to a Middle School and parked in the staff parking behind the school. After parking, I looked over at her. She was wearing a black blouse and pink-and-black skirt that went just below her knees. As it was winter, she had boots on that went up halfway to her shins, but I couldn't help but admire the simple sexiness of her skinny little knees.

I opened my door, got out, and went around just as she was getting out. "Next time wait for me so that I can open it for you," I said, then leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me back, and I grabbed her head with both hands as I pressed harder with my mouth on hers, sticking my tongue in her mouth. I let go, finally, and took her right hand with my left, interlocking my fingers with hers as my familiar tent started forming.

She noticed my tent and asked, "Does your thing do that whenever you need sex?" "Well, whenever I'm aroused," I told her. "But you haven't even touched my boobs or anything," she said, slightly confused.

"Just looking at you, knowing that I love you, is enough," I said. She smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder. I let go of her hand and put my arm around her, and she put hers around my waist. We got to a bench and I asked her to sit next to me.

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Once we were both seated, with her on my right, I leaned over and kissed her again. She returned the kiss, placing her hand on my lap. While kissing her, I unbuttoned the top four buttons of her blouse to find a clean, pink bra underneath. She giggled as she realized my goal, but kept her lips on mine for a few more moments.

As I reached in and squeezed her right breast with my left hand, she pointed her face upward with pleasure, breaking the kiss. I continued to squeeze it, sliding my hand underneath the cup and pinching her nipple.

This caused her to squeal cutely, then reach up and run her fingers through my curly hair. "I can't believe how lucky I am," I said.

"You're so perfect. These, are so perfect." I gave her breast a squeeze for emphasis, and she giggled again. "I'm glad you like them so much," she replied. "How much time until Sunday School's out?" I pulled out my cell phone and looked at the clock. "Twelve minutes," I said, slightly disappointed. Suddenly, I got an idea. "Can I take a picture of you?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, leaning back slightly and smiling. I took two pictures of just her face. They were good pictures. I then reached into her blouse and pulled her right tit out of the bra cup, exposing the nipple.

Holding my camera just right, I first took a picture of the breast alone, then I squeezed it and took a picture of it molding to the form of my hand, her nipple protruding between my index and middle fingers. She laughed uncontrollably during these pictures, then I showed her the pictures.

She smiled up at me and said, "Anything else?" "Well," I said, looking at the clock again, "We only have nine minutes now." She looked slightly disappointed, but ready to please if I came up with an idea, and suddenly I did.

"Hey, I have an idea of something you could do to help me with this," I told her. "I've never done this before, but a lot of people do. It's called a blow job. Do you know what that is?" She sook her head, and I took a deep breath.

"Basically, you take my penis into your mouth, and you suck it, lick it, and pleasure it until I shoot my sperm into your mouth, which you swallow." She looked surprised, and a little disgusted. "I don't know," she said skeptically. "Well, I can't go back to the church like this," I said, pointing at my tent.


She looked at it, then took a deep breath as thoguh resolving herself. Finally, she reached out and unzipped my zipper, reached in, found the hole in my underwear, and pulled it out.

Feeling my cock in her hand was incredible. She leaned over it, her long hair falling over her face, then got up to kneel between my legs. I reached down with my hands and pulled her hair out of the way, and she looked up at me somewhat apprehensively.

I smiled at her lovingly, and she smiled back and then leaned down, placing her lips around my hard member. Obviously, she had never done this before, but I was telling her the truth when I told her that I had never been blown, so it felt amazing to me. I stroked her hair idly as she licked the shaft, her hand at the base, and between licks sucked on the head and the three inches she could comfortably get into her mouth. I could reach her breasts with one hand, but not without getting in her way, so I played with her still-exposed nipple for only a few seconds before leaning back again, my hands on her hair to hold them back.

She looked so beautiful with my cock in her mouth, her lips closed around it. I let go of her head with one hand and grabbed my camera.

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Fumbling and still paying attention to the pleasure I was getting, I turned the camera mode back on and called her name so that she would look up at me. Without stopping what she was doing, I took a picture of her with her eyes locked on mine, then closed the camera and put it on the bench beside me.

It was approaching. I told her so, and she merely looked at me, thought for a moment, then continued. As it approached, I humped slightly to match her movements, then shot the load deep into her mouth, my cock pulsating over and over again as it shot repeatedly. The first shot must have hit her wrong, because she choked initially, but then swallowed reflexively.

Another swallow, then another came. Finally, after six total swallows, she waited a bit to make sure there wasn't any more, then she lifted off and took a deep breath.

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She had a bit of cum on her lip, and as she reached to wipe it, I grabbed her arm and said, "Don't." I pulled out the camera again and took another picture, her expression wasn't smiling, but just a look of an accomplished mission. I then wiped the bit of cum off with my finger and rubbed it onto her nipple, then placed her breast back into her cup. As I started buttoning her buttons again, I asked, "How was it?" "I don't know," she said.

"Weird at first, and the taste is weird, but I don't know. I could get used to it I suppose. Sex is better." I nodded as I finished the last button. "I agree." I zipped my pants and reached over to hug her. "Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I love you so much. Please don't ever think that I don't." She nodded and kissed me. I kissed her back, then looked at my clock.

"We'd better get back," I told her. She nodded and I placed my hand on her bum as we walked back to my car. She did the same, even pinching it and laughing when I jumped. I opened the door for her and let her in, then got in my side and we drove back to the church. We ran to the building and sat in the lobby as her parents' class let out.

Pretending we were engrossed in a conversation, I greeted her parents warmly and said, "I'm sorry. We skipped class today to talk about the play.

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You guys think it went well, right?" Elizabeth's parents didn't notice anything was up. We talked about the play, and as they left, I waved to Elizabeth and watched her join her family as they went home.