Emo arab sex and all gay porn male actors images Birthday Boy Toy

Emo arab sex and all gay porn male actors images Birthday Boy Toy
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She stood there, in the hall, wearing a short summer dress tight over her budding breasts and loose and frilly, cut short on her long lean thighs. She smiles at me and rushed into my arms "Oh Daddy" I love you and I've missed you.

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Are you really going to make love to me? I love the videos you sent me, especially the ones with Daddies fucking daughters! But it looks like it might hurt. " "I'll be gentle, I promise I kissed her gently on her lips and asked "Was it easy to sneak away from your house?" "Uh huh" I stroked her chest with the back of my fingers eliciting a quickening of her breath and a hardening of her nipples "Does your mother suspect?" "No She thinks I'm with my girlfriend ""you have me for the whole night ", "thank you for coming I've wanted to make love to you for so long, since your party where I got to feel your cute little bum in my hands when you jumped on me and wrapped your legs around me" Do you remember my fingering you through your panties that day?" " Mmm it made me wet and I've wanted you ever since.

I got really wet. You can feel me up properly now, I don't have anything on under my dress to get in your way!" And I'm all wet again " I wish I'd been able to fuck you then, you felt so ready for me" I moaned into her mouth as our lips met and opened. Angelica seemed to melt against me, her hands fluttered at my chest while I gently caressed her barely there young boobs through the thin material of her dress, her nipples went hard and I teased them gently through the thin cotton. "I was ready then, but Mum always watched me, I wanted to sit on your lap and feel your boner under my pussy but Mum wouldn't let me.

All I could do was to finger myself and think about it being you" It had been quite awhile since I had shared the company of a woman in this way and I felt myself feeling a little awkward at first, but soon I was playing with her beautiful little boobs and nipples and feeling her heart beating like a drum. Angelica's mouth opened a little and I darted my tongue between her lips As our tongues danced in her mouth I was barely aware of her tugging at my clothing until my trousers suddenly fell around my ankles.

Breathing heavily I parted our lips and looked down in surprise, my shirt was open, my trousers were around my ankles and her fingers were hooked in the waistband of my underpants. Angelica had paused when our lips parted, probably thinking that I was about to change my mind. Smiling I took off my shirt and kicked my way out of my trousers, which was made difficult by Angelica eagerly pushing my underpants down to my knees and then gazing longingly at my semi-erect cock.

"It's beautiful." she breathed as she reached down to touch my cock. Within a second of her hand touching my skin my cock was rearing it's head in full erection, which pleased Angelica no end; her hand nearly closed around my shaft as I struggled to get my underpants down to my ankles and off. Naked at last I reached out and fondled my daughter's tits while she slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft, not once did she move her eyes away from my cock as she stroked it, what she experience she more than made up for with enthusiasm.

"Have you ever done this with your little boyfriends in the swim team?" "Dave once put his cock in my mouth and I sucked it till he came, but he was much littler than you and it only took a minute" "I swallowed his cum "You should practice sucking as many cocks as you can, and tell me all about it" I said "can I start by sucking yours?" "Soon. I promise, soon. But not right now.

Right now it's my turn to make you feel good" Wanting to feel her soft young skin on mine I moved my hands to the back of her dress only to find that there was no zip there, puzzled I looked at the dress and realised that the only way to remove it was to pull it off over her head. "Let me do it." she whispered as she realised what I was wanting. Briefly she released my cock, grasped the hem of her dress, pulled it over her head and tossed it aside, the dress hadn't hit the floor before her hand was once more stroking my hard prick.

With excited, eager hands I caressed her tits, savouring the feel of her young, soft, warm skin under my hands, relishing the hardness of her nipples between my fingers as I teased them, which made Angelica sigh loudly with pleasure.

Mind you, the action of her hand on my cock was making me give a few sighs of my own and when she gently squeezed my shaft I gasped with excitement. I looked at the young body I was being offered. It was truly stunning, she's tall skinny and toned, her small breasts are barely a swelling crowned with her glorious little pink nipples her pussy is barely covered with a fine blonde downy covering of pubic hair her inner lips are entirely enclosed inside her sex making her look so young and her long, so long lean legs opened enticingly at her thighs inviting me in Sliding one of my hands down her body I gently rubbed her wet pussy and up to her clit with my fingers, Angelica's body jerked as I touched her hard button and a low moan of ecstasy escaped her lips.

Smiling at her response I leant forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth, the slightly salty taste of her skin added to my pleasure as I circled and pressed her hard bud with my tongue.

Angelica moaned again, one of her hands moved to the back of my head and pulled me tight to her delicious tit, at her pussy I slid my fingers along her bare slit until I found her tight little hole, her juices wetting my skin as I carefully slid a finger into her.

God she was tight, her pussy squeezed my finger and I wondered how I would manage to get my cock into her. Even as I had this thought I started sliding my finger in and out of her wet hole and pressed gently into her pretty little asshole.

Angelica gasped then shook as she had her first orgasm of the night. "Oh Daddy." she gasped as her climax faded, "That felt so nice. I'm tingly all over." I WAS going to get her asshole as well I realized. I would put my cock and my seed in every hole she had she would be a complete fuck toy just for me.Provided I could fit. Releasing her nipple I straightened and kissed her lightly, parting our lips I looked at her happy ,smiling face, at the flush of arousal in her cheeks and the excitement in her eyes, excitement and desire.

Smiling I moved my attention back to her pussy and began to move my finger faster in her and watched her pleasure growing in her eyes until with a wild cry she shuddered into another climax, her eyelids drooping down as her eyes half closed with pleasure. Pulling my finger back until it was barely in her pussy I added a second finger, gently I pushed both fingers into her, Angelica gasped and moaned as I slowly managed to get two fingers into her pussy, but it was an effort and once again I became concerned that my daughter may not be able to take my cock.

Some minutes later Angelica climaxed again, I had noticed that each orgasm she had was more powerful than the one preceding it and this time her knees almost buckled with the force of the sensations ripping through her. Removing my fingers from her pussy and tit I cradled her shaking, gasping body in my arms until she had calmed enough to support herself.

"Please don't stop Dad." Angelica whispered pleadingly.


"I'm not going to stop dear Angel," I replied softly, "but you can barely stand. Come with me." Taking her hand I led her to my bedroom, I turned on the bedside light, its soft glow more than enough to let me see Angelica's gorgeous body as I lay her on the bed before lying beside her and using my hands and mouth to excite her again.

This time I kissed my way down her body until I reached her pussy, gently I licked her slit from base to peak, pausing at her clit for a while to tease it with my tongue and suck it gently, and Angelica bucked her way through yet another climax. "Please Daddy," Angelica gasped as her peak receded, "please do me now. I want to feel your hard cock inside me." "You will" Smiling down at her still shuddering body I began to stroke her soft flesh once again, slowly raising her to another climax and timing things so that when I eventually did mount her she would gain the most satisfaction from her first fuck, though I was still a little concerned that she would be doomed to disappointment.

Gradually Angelica climbed higher up the mountain of pleasure and just before she reached the peak I rolled between her legs, the soft skin of her inner thighs rubbing against my sides erotically as I positioned myself for the ultimate moment. Very gently I pushed forward, my cock touched her hole and the very tip of my knob penetrated her, slowly I continued pushing, at first I thought I would fail to penetrate her then my knob slipped inside to the sound of a blissful gasp from Angelica.

With just my knob inside her pussy I had to pause as she cried out and shook through another climax, but as soon as her passions began to fade I started pushing again. I had barely started before I was forced to stop by her climaxing yet again, this time I resolved to press on and while she shuddered and shook, gasped and cried out I gently pushed forward.

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God she was so fucking tight! The grip of her pussy around my cock was exquisite, even had she not been in climax I would have been forced to make that first entry a slow one, I groaned with the pleasure her tightness gave me as I slid more of my erection into her eager young body.

Then I felt a resistance, with a thrill I realised that her hymen was intact and that it would be me that would burst it, not only an act of incestuous pleasure, but defloration of a young teen as well. i This added immeasurably to the joy I felt and it was only with an effort of will that I stopped myself climaxing then and there. Gently I pressed forward, her hymen giving, but not splitting, beneath me Angelica cried out in orgasm and pain.

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Drawing back I tried again a little more firmly and felt my prick tear through the thin membrane to the accompaniment of a cry of pain from Angelica, which made me stop and look down into her eyes. She had tears in her eyes yet they gleamed with a wild excitement that begged me to continue.

"Are you alright Angel?" I asked in a low voice. "Yes," she gasped in reply, "oh yes." Reassured I slid the rest of my cock into her pussy, Angelica groaned, her muscles clenching even more tightly on my rod sending electric messages of bliss shooting through me. For a short, wonderful moment I lay still, savouring the instant to the full.

My cock was fully sheathed in my daughter's teenie pussy.

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I looked down at the sight and loved the way her lips were stretched and distended around me, her long legs flung wide and the thin downy covering of first growth blended with my pubic hair "So big." Angelica breathed, "God it's so good." Slowly I pulled back until only my cap lay within her pussy; equally as slowly I thrust into her, I knew I could not restrain myself much longer.

The feel of her tight pussy had me hovering on the edge of climax, but I was determined that I would hold back for as long as I could to let her enjoy her first time to the full. My daughter cried out as I began a slow rhythm of thrusting, her slender body bucking in climax made it impossible for her to make anything more than a token effort to match my motions even though she tried her best to.

Gradually my movements became faster as I became overwhelmed by pleasure, over the period of a few minutes my thrusts got harder and faster; Angelica's cries became shrieks of delight that filled the room and excited me even more. Then I felt the hot surge of my climax rushing over me, thrusting deeply into my daughter's pussy I groaned as my hot seed burst from the end of my prick to fill every nook and cranny of her depths.

Angelica gave a sobbing, gasping cry as I filled her womb, her pussy crushing up against my groin as she came. Moments of hot sensation passed, then with a gasp my body relaxed. Beneath me my daughter was still groaning in the throws of her orgasm and the pressure of her pussy was exciting my cock to a point I'd never experienced before.


Surges of bliss hit me like a solid blow each time her pussy rippled to the force of her exhilaration and my cock miraculously stayed rigid. I pulled out of her and eased her head down toward my cock.


"Taste me" I said "suck my cock" her beautiful brown eyes got big as she opened her mouth and put the swollen red tip of my cock between her lips. She stared at me as I invaded her mouth and began fucking in between her lips. Then I stared pushing deeper into her warm willing mouth, sinking more of my shaft into her until I felt the head reach the back of her mouth and pass into her throat.

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As she gagged I withdrew and sprayed my second cum of the day into her second hole. She smiled at me, my sticky white cum dripping out of her mouth as she gleefully swallowed the rest Only one more place to go I needed to get.in my little girls virginal little bum hole.

I gently kissed her cum wet lips and pulled her lithe young athletes body close to me and stroked her ass cheeks down to the crack "I've got something I want to try" I said gently massaging her asshole smearing the cum that was leaking out of her into her Little rosebud.

The thought of fucking her in the ass brought my cock back to life and I started probing a finger into her most private place.

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I am going to fuck you in the bum I said my cock was responding nicely and I decided that I couldn't wait. I pulled my finger from her leaving her gaping and swung her legs up over my shoulders replaced it with the tip of my cock just relax I said easing into her tight tight channel a tear ran down her face as I pushed into her ass. She cried out quietly as the pain of my entry into her ass proceeded.

I kissed the tears from her face and spread her, no MY asshole to take my prick. It was even tighter than her cunt