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A guy and his.? Chapter 28: Deception ---------------------------------------------------- Sheeka's face held astonishment Master Jake had said that she was his. Jin? Then that meant.

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but. how. when? The six faces that were staring at her were all nodding yes then she saw Jake reach into his shirt and rub an amulet shaped like a bottle.

With a huge boom (there always was one, but 'til now they had managed to ignore it) the council appeared. "I have finally come to a decision," Jake told the council. "Though you have given her to me temporarily, I wish to also take Sheeka on as my fourth Jinn.

The entire council began to smile finally! The beginning of the most powerful part of the legend was starting to take shape. Each looked over at Trully who only nodded yes as all of their eyes grew wider at this news. The leader stepped forward looking Jake up and down with a sour look on his face. "Fellow council members," here he turned away from Jake and his Jinns, suddenly smiling at each member. "Are we really to believe that a mere human can command four Jinns? We should kill a mere human for suggesting such a thing!" Each council member had a sour and dour look on their faces.

Behind the leader there were several gasps then the entire council felt not just one but five layers of protection snap up around Jake. Gen stood in front of the others her eyes flashing with the power that was growing in her. "I speak for all of us we will die before we allow you to harm our master!" Turning the leader had a look of disbelief on his face, Gen's power had skyrocketed!

Looking at the rest he could feel all of theirs increasing with each passing second. Then he felt an even stronger power emanating from Sheeka by the great Jinn it was true! "Relax little ones," the leader of the council told all of Jake's Jinns.

"As I said we can't believe that a mere human could do this, but Master Jake is no mere human. He is as we have all discovered the Ever Last Master." Gen, Rosalinda, Rashala, and Sheeka were staring at the leader with their mouths hanging open. Akeesha was the only one who was still in a defensive position her power still at full. Growling she had no trust of the council, they had failed her greatly before she wasn't about to let it happen again not with her sister involved.

Jake looked over at Akeesha he could almost feel an intense heat of hatred and mistrust. Damn! Obviously they had really pissed the woman off in the past, sighing there was nothing he could do. Akeesha wasn't his Jinn so she was free to do as she wished, thinking a moment Jake remembered something she'd said. Shrugging his shoulders he guessed he could try.

Leaning close to Akeesha Jake whispered to her, "I know that they have wronged you and your sister. I also know that I am not your master, but if you try to destroy them then they will have to react and punish you. Please, for your sister, don't." Akeesha's eyes flew open in shock and amazement a man had asked her please?

Just the fact that he was a male was shock enough but the fact that he asked for her sister and not himself had her respect for him growing by leaps and bounds. "Yes," she whispered back, "I will stand down thank you Master Jake; your wisdom far exceeds your age." Jake nodded as Akeesha powered down and stepped back, this brought another round of gasps from the council.

Master Jake had befriended the man hater from the past; a feat that no one thought was ever possible. Each council member was still shaking though the amount of power that had been shown in the room that could have effectively destroyed the entire council.

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The leader himself had been sweating a bit this wouldn't have ended well had it gone on much longer. Best not joke again like this; Master Jake's Jinns were fiercely loyal and were obviously ready to die for him.

The leader looked at Jake standing in front of his Jinns between them and the council; it appeared that Master Jake was also ready to die for his Jinns. The leaders mouth dropped open again as he turned to the rest of the council three more parts of the legend were satisfied, amazing! After a few moments Jake stepped forward, "You never gave me a decision; may I take her as my fourth Jinn?" The leader turned back as the rest of the council stood all bowing to Jake at the same time.


This drew a gasp from all of Jakes Jinns but the loudest was from Akeesha. The whole council never, EVER all bowed at once, not to a single person and especially not to a human!

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"Please forgive us, you are granted permission of course, especially now. You have fulfilled another three parts of the legend." Here again the entire council bowed as one, again drawing a multitude of gasps from all the female Jinns.

With that they all thanked Jake, and then vanished, leaving Jake standing there with several surprised and startled Jinns. Turning Jake looked at all of them, then toward a now smirking Trully. "Alright spill, I saw all of them looking at you for confirmation of something. I want to know what!" Jake sighed when he saw Trully draw back from the force of his voice.

"I'm sorry Trully I'm not mad at you I just want to know; I feel I am being kept in the dark again." Trully smiled a true deep satisfied smile, she just hoped that Jake could take the news that she was about to tell him. "Master Jake they said you fulfilled three more parts of the legend.

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One was you have befriended the man hater, I am sorry Akeesha, but that is what they have called you for a long time." Akeesha only nodded she was proud of that name. Though in Master Jake's case she was ashamed for the first time in her life, then again he wasn't a normal male either. "Okay and the second?" Jake asked after a few moments. "The second was you took a fourth Jinn, a fourth that risked her life and was a slave for a short time; a fourth that you also loved as much as the first three." Trully watched Jake's face closely this was the true test Jake was nodding then his eyes flew wide.

Holy shit!


It was true he did love her just as much as he did Gen, Rosalinda and Rashala! "Well I'll be damned!" Jake said as Trully started to smile and took a deep breath. This next part might shock the hell out of Jake but he'd ordered her to tell him. It was also the only way she could keep the raw desire she was feeling to throw Jake down for another intense session of sex! Sighing Trully had to make sure, "The third part will shock you greatly Master Jake, are sure you wish to hear it?

I in no way wish to cause you distress or worry." Trully advised him hoping he took her meaning. "I think I can handle it Trully I believe I am accustomed to it now." Jake finally told Trully after thinking about it for a few moments. Nodding Trully sat both of them down then looked straight into Jake's eyes, "The third part also involves you and Sheeka." This of course perked up Akeesha's ears, who drifted over behind where the two were sitting. The rest also drifted over wishing to not be left out.

"It was foretold that the Ever Last Master would be the first human in history to have children with a Jinn. The resulting offspring would be powerful." Jake's eyes were as wide as they could go, "You're saying that I will make a child with all of them?" An astonished Jake asked of Trully.

Smiling greatly Trully shook her head no to the disappointed groans of the females present. "Well yes, with each of them but you see," here Trully looked at all of the other female Jinns in the room and giggled.

"You, my dear Master Jake, have already started." There was a sharp intake of breath from each of his Jinns; they had all been filled with his seed and. Suddenly there were four, five, and then six pairs of lust filled eyes staring at his crotch. Trully shook her head and went on. "All of these children will be special none more than this first one. He will become the next leader of the council, he will be extremely powerful and wise having learning wisdom from his father that hasn't been seen before." Here Trully stopped hoping she wasn't going too far.

If Jake knew it, all things might not go so good, he had to learn so that when he started teaching his son it was the wisdom she'd read about. "Is that all you can tell me?" Jake asked still in shock that he was so much a part of Jinn world though he wasn't part of it. "That's all that I can remember seeing," Trully lied though in truth it wasn't she knew the rest but what she had said WAS the only part she had read.

"I have to go I feel that I and the doctor will be needed soon. I feel that a major battle is coming soon." With that Trully was gone. All of his Jinns had wanted Jake to take them but they weren't sure who was pregnant yet. Jake was in too much of a daze to realize that Trully hadn't told them WHO was pregnant! Still sitting there Jake couldn't believe that he was going to be a father!

It was still sinking in when his cell went off a few minutes later. "Hello?" Jake said still shocked at the news.

"Oh hello Juno, yes, already!?

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Sure I can be there in about an hour. Bring Gen? Of course I can, ok see you there." Jake looked at Gen after he hung up. "That was Juno, he said that the house is almost ready and wants us to come out and look at it.

I thought it would be another month before it was near ready." Nuha hung up the phone good! The fool had taken the bait! Once they had both of them alone then the sisters could easily dispatch the human, the sooner the better! Alba and Fatin were both smiling wickedly they would have their revenge! Fatin was seething inside she had never failed before, all males were putty in her hands. This bastard a mere human had made a fool of her!

He'd screwed her into unconsciousness!

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That she couldn't forgive, she wanted to enjoy the sex before the kill. Fatin got up and started to pace, that man would pay dearly for making her look like a fool! It was as if she were still a virgin! Nuha watched as her sister paced the floor she had to admit the man had fooled her also.

She could more than understand the frustration that Fatin felt, sex without a death was seriously unsatisfying! All three of the sisters vanished a moment later from Juno's office, a moment later he walked in, wondering what had compelled him to leave. He was about to go back to work when he saw a flashing light on his video link. Startled he logged in and watched as three women appeared in his office, made a call, and then vanished.

Son of a bitch! So there were others out there! Growling he thought a moment then a young woman appeared in front of him. Turning the viewer toward her he heard her gasp. "Do you know who they are?" The older man asked. "Yes," the young woman hissed, "they are alththulathi almumit! I am sorry Master, the deadly trio.

We must stay clear of them. If they discover that you are a Master they may come after you also." Juno sighed this was most unexpected but they had invaded his sanctuary, still he needed to find out what they were up to before he made a move. "I wish I knew what they were up to." Juno absently said.

Sighing, the young woman nodded and said, "I am afraid Master that they are after the Ever Last Master, it appears they are out to destroy him." "Wait, I thought you said that the Ever Last Master still hadn't appeared?" Juno said shocked at this piece of news.


"I know I forbid you from going home but I know you still watch." "I was 'til almost two months ago when I could no longer see. I thought it meant that the Jinn world was destroyed. As I told you Master, I have no one left there now as my mother and father were destroyed in the war." The young woman said fresh tears falling from her eyes.

"I give you permission to contact the Jinn world, find out if all this is true." Juno told the young woman. Concentrating for a few moments the young woman looked at a glowing sphere of light that appeared in front of her. "Hello? Are you there Tyrin?" A young female's face appeared a moment later, "Nyrae? Is that you? By the great Jinn you are still alive!

It's." the female then started to talk far faster than Juno or Nyrae could follow her. "Slow down what has happened?" Nyrae asked really confused now. "You truly don't know? It is a true miracle! It's hard to believe not that many but a few have returned! Both houses beside mine the owners have returned but that's not the best part!

They are back!

Both of your parents are back!" The young woman went on. "How? They were destroyed during the war how can they be alive again?" Nyrae now bewildered asked the young woman.

"They said it was the Ever Last Master, he has appeared and already fulfilled part of the legend." The woman said. "WHAT! Why can't I feel him?" Nyrae asked. "It has been said he has four Jinns and another protecting him, you really think you could feel him if he didn't want it? As a matter of fact it has been said that he is in the same place as you are." The young woman answered. In shock Nyrae let the link drop as she stared at Juno in shock, "He is here." "I know that but where?" Juno asked.

"In this city and with very powerful protection, even I can't feel him. yet!" Nyrae said as a smile spread across her face.