PASSION HD Asian Morgan Lee fucked and creampied after massage

PASSION HD Asian Morgan Lee fucked and creampied after massage
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About 2 weeks after fucking Alexis, Ian moved on to Janet. Between Gene's death and Melissa's harassment, she was almost a shattered woman. Ian always made a effort to spend time with her in order to get her to depend on him for almost everything. He consoled her when Gene died. He helped her deal with Melissa's rampages.

She soon began to let him do anything he wanted at her home. It started with just giving him small amounts a weed for his own use. He did pay her a good deal of money which helped her trust him more. After awhile, he began to make small romantic gestures to her, which she reciprocated with gentle kisses and hugs. So for about a week, Ian continued this pattern until they were both holding each other and kissing deeply.

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But Janet would always stop short because memories of Gene would keep entering her mind. Her heart wanted Ian and she believed they were meant to be, Be she couldn't get Gene out of her mind.

Ian knew he would have to take more aggressive effort if he was going to bed her. One hot humid night, Ian decided to make Janet his once and for all. He hopped the fence and entered her house. The moon was full and shined just enough light to see inside. he made his way to her bedroom and saw a almost angelic sight. Janet was laying on top of her bed sheets with the moon light shinning on her through the window.

Her smooth skin reflecting it gave her a heavenly glow. All she was wearing was a white T-shirt and simple panties. Her legs looked smooth and silky.

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Her hair was spread out along her pillows almost like a fan. He saw her nipples pushing against her shirt. It was truly a image of perfection! Ian walked up to her bedside and sat down on the edge. He rubbed his hand gently across her cheek down to her neckline. Janet began to stir from his movements and woke as he kissed her on her lips. She smiled and raised her head to kiss him back.

Ian put his tongue in her mouth and she did the same. Both tongues rubbed against each other as their lips pressed together strongly.

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He release her and raised up removing his shirt to reveal his shapely chest and abdomen. Janet's hand moved down his chest exploring it with a gentle touch. Ian placed his hands on her stomach and then moved to left her shirt up to reveal her C-cup breast with nice pink perky nipples. She raised up just enough to take off her shirt, then laid back down while Ian explored her body with his hands caressing her breast and rubbing his thumbs on her nipples causing them to become more erect.

He leaned down and began to kiss her body and sucked on her nipples. Janet let out a soft sensual moan from the motions and wrapped her hands behind Ian's head and neck.

Her breathing got heavier and her body began to perspire. Beads of sweat began to run down her body and drip on to the bed. Her hands massaged Ian's head and neck as his mouth moved down to her belly and his hands along her sides. In a few short minutes, she climaxed. Ian slide his hands down to her waist and pulled her panties down her legs and off her. He dropped them on the floor as she undid his pants pulled them down reviling a 7" cannon.

Janet took his dick into her mouth and sucked on it with a sensual yet strong motion. Ian couldn't hold back his moans as she worked it almost like a pro.

Ian felt his climax coming and gently pulled it out. He pulled his pants and underwear off and climbed onto the bed between her legs.

He spread them and moved up to her very wet pussy and placed his tongue inside. He licked and wiggled it inside while he played with her clitoris with his finger. Janet cried out as her body was probed deeply by Ian's tongue. Her pussy juices flowed like a river as Ian continues his work on it. Finally a massive climax sent a huge spray of juices left her pussy and covered the lower part of the bed.

Now it was time. Janet was laying naked on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy dripping wet and her body waiting for his next touch. Ian climbed up to her and with a smile, slide his dick into her pussy. The movement was slow and gentle.


He wanted to be careful he didn't frighten her into stopping. If he could get one load into her, she would be his. A few seconds is all it took to completely insert himself into her body. Janet let out a deep breath as she felt his manhood enter her. This is what she had wanted for months.

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Gene never did this to her. He never touched her or even tried to please her. Now Ian was inside of her and couldn't wait for what was about to happen.

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With a gentle thrust, Ian began his work. Slowly at first, he began to speed up and the thrust became strong. With each thrust, more of her juices would squirt out. Her breathing getting deeper and moans getting loader. He placed one hand on her right breast pinching her nipple and squeezing her breast. This made her climax faster and harder. Almost every thrust caused her to climax.

And finally Ian released his semen into her body. The release caused Janet to scream out. As he looked up, he could see the bedroom light in Alexis's house come on. He smiled and then returned his attention to Janet. Few quick thrust and he emptied his load into his new conquest. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply. They wrapped their arms around each other and fell asleep. The last word she said was "good bye Gene" After a few hours, Ian woke up and looked to see Janet still asleep in his arms, his dick still inside her.

He carefully lifter her left leg over his and gently started to thrust into her again. Janet let out small moans with each thrust but never woke up. He continued his thrusting until he shot into her. He laid his head back on the pillow and went back to sleep.

He awoke to Janet kissing him on the lips. She smiled and kissed him again. Their was no look of regret or hesitation in her eyes. She had fully accepted Ian as her lover and soul mate. She took Ian by the hand and lead him outside to her garden. She put her arms around him and asked to make love to her on the grass. The sun was just starting to come up behind her and the sunlight shined in her hair, giving it a golden color glow.

He couldn't refuse such a request. He laid her on her back and kissed her lips. His lips moved down to her midsection kissing her repeatedly on the way down. Janet couldn't wait anymore. She cried out "take me". Ian leaned back and spread her legs. He put his dick into her and thrust with much more power than the night before.

Janet let out strong cries with each thrust and a smile on her face. She wanted this feeling to last forever. She never had been taking in this way and wanted it to last. Ian's dick continued to ram itself into her pussy. The force of which made her breast bounce up, down and sideways. Janet raised her head and said "do it now".

With that Ian fired off his load. He had pressed hard against her to get his cock as deep as possible. His semen launched with heavy force and finding it's way to her womb. He collapsed on top of her breathing heavily, his head resting on her sweaty moist breast. Janet let out a small giggle and kissed the top of his head.


After a few minutes, Ian stood up and helped her get to her feet. They walked inside and made their way to the bathroom. They took a long shower and got dressed. Ian said he would be back for her soon and left after a deep kiss. Janet was now his.

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Like Alexis, in 9 months, she would property. Now that the easy part was over. He needed to focus on Kathy and Melissa. But he already knew what to do.