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Lindsey chapter thirteen The following morning Lindsey woke up having not moved from laying over my chest. She looked up at me lovingly and said, "I missed you so much." I told her I loved her and asked if she was ready for breakfast.

"No, because after breakfast then it will be that much closer to when I have to leave," she said wrapping her arms around me tightly. I kissed the top of her head and told her that I would make time Tuesday to go down and see her. "I still don't ever want to leave this bed.

I wish we could stay here like this forever." There was sadness in her voice. I kissed the top of her head one more time and got out of bed. I threw on some shorts, went to the kitchen and started breakfast. I could hear my shower start and Lindsey leaned out of the bathroom and asked if I minded if she used my toothbrush. I told her my place was hers. All night I had been thinking of how to keep her here or how I would manage driving back up here every day if I moved closer to her. Lindsey came out of the bathroom in just a towel.

Even without makeup or her hair fixed she was a knockout. She came in, wrapped her arms around me, and laid into me with an incredible kiss. As she did her towel dropped. "Oops!" She said looking up at me biting her lower lip. "Did you get clean everywhere?" I asked. "Would you like to inspect, Mr Anderson?" she asked in the cutest little sexy voice. I picked up Lindsey and sat her down on my kitchen counter.

"I see you found my razor," I said looking down at a freshly shaved little pussy. "Do you like? It's the first time I've shaved in years, hope it's to your liking," She said parting her lips with two fingers. "Let test it out," I said going down and kissing my way from the inside of her knee all the way into her sweet spot.

I reached over and pulled up a bar stool and ate my breakfast as she ran her fingers through my hair. She tasted so fantastic I could have done that all morning. Sucking and licking at her dripping snatch she began to cum quickly.

"Oh my god! I forgot how good that felt!" she moaned in ecstasy. I brought her to orgasm again and I could smell breakfast burning.


I reached over, shut the stove off and pulled the pan off the burner. I turned and Lindsey was on her knees in front of me pulling my shorts down. I stopped her, "Not so fast! I need a shower." She looked up at me with big puppy dog eyes. "Come on let's get you some breakfast," I said. Then she yanked my pants down and said, "That's what I'm doing!" And before I could protest her lips were around my cock.

I was at her mercy now. Lindsey eagerly sucked at me but I reached back to steady myself and put my hand right on my stove top.

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It was the glass style and at first it just felt slick, but that was just my skin burning. I pulled my hand back in pain and actually jerked forward as I did, Lindsey wasn't ready to take me all the way down but she got it all any way. I apologize as she choked for a moment. "She looked up at me and and laughed, "What the hell was that?" I showed her my burnt palm. She brought me over to the sink and we ran cold water over it. It was not as bad as other burns I've had but Lindsey was making it out to be something way more than it was.

We wrapped it up and Lindsey insisted on taking me to the emergency room; she felt guilty even though I repeatedly told her it was my fault. Six hours in the ER and the most they did was put the same burn cream I have at my shop on it, wrapped it almost exactly as I had it and sent me on my way.

But Lindsey was so cute when she was worried about me that I didn't say a word. We both were starving so we hit a restaurant near the hospital. We took our seats and shortly afterward Karen Anderson came in. She spotted me right away. My seat faced the door, but Lindsey was sitting all the way to the inside not in the line of sight.

Karen came over asked how I was doing. "Loads better now," I said looking over at Lindsey. Karen just then noticed who I was sitting with. Lindsey didn't look happy to see Karen.

There was an awkward silence. "Wow! You look fantastic Lindsey!" Karen said. Lindsey just thanked her and picked up her menu. Karen could tell Lindsey was harboring some resentment. The hostess came up to show Karen and the woman she was with to their table.


"I really used to like her," Lindsey said staring at the menu. "You know, it's not like she would have got in trouble for passing a note," she said in an annoyed tone. "You're right, a lot of of this could have been avoided if people just minded their own business," I added. "Enough of that, what do you want to do while I'm here, I mean besides fuck?" Just as Lindsey said that our waiter came up to take our order. Lindsey's face got a new shade of red. The waiter took our order, and as he left he gave me a nod and a thumbs up when he was out of Lindsey's line of sight.

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"I hate to bring this up, but you know Karen is probably calling your father right now," I cautioned. "I doubt he will come down and start anything here, I probably will get a text." Before she said text her text alert went off and we both chuckled. It was her mother, Karen had texted her. "My dad is pissed!" She said looking at her phone. "I just told them I'm an adult and I will make my own decisions." And after that the texts stopped. We had our nice lunch and just as were finished she got another text.

"Aw, what now. Oh shit! It's Katie! We were supposed to grab lunch today," Lindsey said chuckling. Her thumbs were a blur as the typed a response. "I told her what happened and we would have to reschedule," she said. "Hopefully you didn't tell her how this happened!" I said holding my hand up. "Oh you mean how I sucked your dick so good you hurt your hand, or how I almost choked on your cock when you did?" Just then her hand went over her mouth and she got really red, the waiter walked up behind me and asked if we need anything else while handing me the check.

I handed him my card and when he walked away, Lindsey excused herself, still really embarrassed. When he came back he set the card and check down and said, "Dude! You're my hero!" I just laughed and signed the receipt.

Lindsey came out of the bathroom now just glowing with joy, "So, What do you want to do today Dale?" I said it was her call and we went shopping. The mall we went to was packed. The entire time Lindsey hung on my arm, telling me all about her job, some of the friends she met in college. She talked about how there was a student from Ireland, and how much she wanted to see Ireland again. As we were walking we passed a music store, Lindsey grew quiet, she had her eye on a violin in the window.

"I always wanted that kind, but my parents always said it was too expensive to be used just for school," she said, almost saddened. It was just under five thousand but looked like a beautiful piece. "Come on." I said taking her in the store. "The lady would like to look at the violin in the window." I told the clerk. "No Dale, it's too much," Lindsey said. "Just look at it first," I insisted. It took some persuading but she agreed to look at it. When he pulled it down I saw her face light up.

She tried to conceal her admiration for the violin but she couldn't. She plucked the strings, looked it over front and back and down the side. The clerk handed her the bow. She put it to her chin and the first stroke she closed her eyes and played the most beautiful melody. I had expected maybe some rust, but she belted out that melody and soon there were about ten people gathered listening to her play.

When the final note rang out she opened her eyes to a small crowd erupting in applause. By the end of the second measure I had already handed the clerk my credit card. She had the most beautiful smile on her face as the crowd cheered, but she was still too shy to do another. We walked out of there, Lindsey carrying the case like I had seen her do so many times, with both hands down in front of her the case at knee height. As we walked she put one arm around mine and looked up at me.

"l love you," she said as I leaned down for a kiss. That afternoon we went to a nearby beach and just parked in the Chevelle and watched the waves and held each other.

We talked more about what would come next. Lindsey was to return that Sunday night, I would drive down the following weekend. Then Lindsey's tone changed to sadness. "You know, my parents will never be okay with this…" In spite of everything her parents had done to keep us apart they were still going to be a part of her life; I would never expect her to write them out of her life. There had to be some way to make them see what we have is real.

Maybe if she showed up wearing an engagement ring they would see that at least I was serious, or maybe that would make things worse. I figured there was a fifty fifty chance.

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"Look, I'll stand by you what ever you decide to do, but for what it's worth, it would be a shame if I came between you and your parents. They only did what they thought was in your best interest." I said, running my fingers through her hair kissing the top of her head. "I never told you this, but growing up with them was difficult.

They pushed and pushed me to be the best at everything. But I always felt like I was in the way. They were both so caught up in their own lives. I can't tell you how many times at our old house I had to walk home from after school activities. How many times I came home from school with exciting news that I wanted to share and was told they were too busy to listen. The only time I haven't felt like a burden to someone in the last ten years was when I was with you.

I'm not so sure, after last night I may not want them in my life." I could hear the hurt in her voice. "I just think we should give them time to get used to the idea, you're an adult now and they don't have any say in your choices. Let's just be respectful and not flaunt our relationship in front of them." I said. "There's something else Dale. When I got hired there was a possibility that they would need me to move to Germany for a few years, I can't really talk about it much, but what I do is mostly for the military and our new system is going to be deployed in Europe.

And I already agreed to go months ago." She said holding back tears. "I'm supposed to be leaving in October." "We will figure something out, we did say we wanted to take things slow. Well this would surely do that," I said trying to conceal my disappointment. We headed back to my place, Lindsey went back to her parents and grabbed her bags and returned to get ready for dinner with Katie. I wanted to tag along but Lindsey said it was supposed to be just the two of them.

That night I began to plan out my trip to Germany. All she could tell me is that she would be working at Ramstein air base. I managed to find a few places in Kaiserslautern. I left my travel agent an email letting him know what I planned. Lindsey came in late, she and Katie ended up going to dinner and to a club. Katie didn't drink of course but Lindsey was very drunk when Katie dropped her off. Katie said they had a good time dancing and talking. I was glad the two of them hit it off so well.

I was afraid at first that with all that happened the two of them would hate each other. Katie left and I helped Lindsey to bed. She drank so much that I was up half the night with her getting sick.

Even in that state she was adorable. The next morning Lindsey slept in till ten. And when she got up she was still a wreck. There was no way I would let her make that six hour drive in this state. I decided to just drive her home and catch a bus back. Lindsey was thankful that we would be able to spend the day together rather than her driving alone. We didn't get back to Lindsey's till nine so I just spent the night. In the morning we ended up making love in the shower and again in her bed.

She was an hour late for work. I rented a car and got back to the shop about five o'clock. The next couple of weeks I drove down south to stay a night or two with Lindsey. The distance between us was hard to handle, Lindsey moving to Germany was going to be torture. But I knew this was an incredible opportunity for her, and I didn't let on how I really felt about the move; I did my best to be excited for her. The beach at Point Mugu became our spot, we spent most weekends on the beach and even a few evenings.

I had made friends with one of the Park rangers a while back who would let us park after hours while he was on duty. There were rarely any other campers at this beach and Lindsey and I made love on the beach at least half a dozen times.

Once or twice on the colder nights we made love in the back seat of the Chevelle. Towards the end of summer Lindsey spent more and more time at my place. In September she took a two week vacation and I swear we stayed in bed for the first three days. But as the days grew shorter, we both felt the impending sadness of Lindsey moving. More than once she had said she was going to call it off, and each time I reminded her of how she wanted the opportunity.

It became harder and harder every time we said goodbye. October came way too soon. Lindsey was to leave in four days, she would be out of the country for her birthday so I took her out for a night on the town one last time. I had a nice night planned; dinner, dancing and an evening stroll on the beach. But just as I was paying for dinner I got a call from Katie. Her husband was out of town and she was in labor. Lindsey and I rushed to Katie's, got her loaded in the car and rushed to the hospital.

Katie gave birth the next morning around six, a beautiful baby girl named Samantha. Katie let Lindsey hold her and watching her hold that baby made my heart melt. Katie's husband made it back later that morning and Lindsey and I went home. The entire way home Lindsey was going on and on about how cute the baby was. The next couple of days flew by.

Lindsey's parents were driving her to the airport to spend some time with her, the last couple of months she hadn't seen them much at all. It was killing me to not be there as she left. So I decided to do the next best thing. I called my travel agent the day before and he got me a flight to Germany the same day. It cost a small fortune but I would be there shortly after Lindsey, I had one less connecting flight than her.

When I landed in Berlin I looked up Lindsey's flight information. It turns out her flight was delayed in Detroit.

I had at least two hours before she would land. I took a cab to my hotel and got cleaned up before heading back. By the time I arrived I had twenty minutes to get to the gate to meet her. Luckily there was no shortage of English speaking employees at that airport. I was led to the right spot and waited, clutching a ring box, the ring box. On the way there I had made up my mind, I've already had offers from competitors to buy me out for generous amounts of money, one even planed only to change the name but keep the shop running as is.

I had no idea what it was going to take to legally work in Germany, but I was going to do whatever it took to stay with Lindsey. Lindsey's flight finally arrived; fifteen minutes later passengers began making their way down the long hallway from the gates.

Twenty minutes and no Lindsey. Thirty minutes and nothing. I began to think I missed her. I made my way to baggage claim. I waited as the bags from her flight made it to the carousel. One by one I watched as passengers grabbed bags and left, then I saw Lindsey's violin case, then a minute later her large suitcase.

I watched as they circled twice.

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I grabbed them the third go around and waited, and waited. I texted Lindsey, no response. I tried calling but it went straight to voice mail. I was more than worried, I was almost in a panic. The people from the airline were no help at all.

Finally after an hour of begging, one of the ticketing agents told me she must have missed the flight because her boarding pass wasn't scanned in. I was relieved, I figured she would have had to catch another flight. I texted her again asking how her flight went, And nothing.

It was late San Francisco time and I was exhausted. I left another text asking her to call as soon as she got my message. Even though I was worried I fell right asleep. I woke eight hours later to a text alert.

Lindsey: "where are you?" Me: where are you?


What happened to your flight?" Lindsey: "When will you be home? I have something to tell you!" Me: "yah, about that, well I won't be home for a while, where are you?" Lindsey: "are you serious? WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!" I took a selfie near the gates at the airport next to a sign all in German, I sent her the picture then my phone rang.

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"Where the hell are you Dale?" Lindsey said clearly irritated. "Did you get my picture?" I asked "What picture? Oh wait it just came." She said. "Are you kidding me? Oh my god! You flew to Frankfurt?!" She laughed. "I couldn't stand another minute away from you." I said. "Go home Dale, just get the next flight home." She said chuckling.

I asked why just as a text came through. It was a picture. Lindsey took a selfie, on my couch! "What the hell happened?!" I asked. She told me just to come home and she would explain. I was already on my laptop looking for a flight home. The next flight wasn't for another couple of hours and there was still seats. I booked the flight and let Lindsey know when I would be back. She would tell me what happened over the phone. What ever it was she didn't seem upset about it.

That was the longest twenty hours of my life, I almost missed my plane change at JFK because I was half asleep. When my flight landed I grabbed my carry on and practically shoved my way off the plane. On my way down to the waiting area I spotted Lindsey she was standing on one of the seats trying to look over the crowd. Lindsey spotted me and screamed, she dropped off the chair and ran to me, she leaped into my arms, I dropped my bag and caught her.

We kissed long and deep. We came up for air and I set her down. "I can't believe you flew all the way to Germany!" She said. I wasn't going to wait any longer. I got down on one knee, I took Lindsey's hands in mine. Lindsey's jaw dropped.

I reached into my jacket pocket and pupped out the box. Lindsey was already in tears. Lindsey O'Brien, for some time now I've known how I want to spend the rest of my life" She was shaking and crying. A small crowd had gathered. I continued, " I'm ready to give everything else up and be what ever you need me to be where ever you need me to be." I opened the box, the lid no longer creaked when opened, it was actually rather lose from all the years of opening and closing.

Lindsey was nearly hyperventilating. The ring still shined like the day she first seen it. "Lindsey, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Lindsey didn't say anything, she stood trembling. I sat waiting for an answer. "What? Wait, yes! Didn't I say yes? I'm sorry I thought I said yes!" Lindsey said holding her trembling left hand out.

I slipped the ring on and the crowd erupted in applause. Lindsey took my face in her hands and kissed me tears streaming down her face. "Your dad's probably going to kill me!" I joked. "Funny you should say that, well that's kind of why I'm here." She said.

Now I was confused. "When my parents took me to the airport we had a long conversation about us, and well they said the came to realize over the past few months that I was truly happy again. They didn't come right out and give their blessings, but it was implied. I almost didn't get on that first plane, but I talked my self back into going.

But by the time we landed in Detroit, I couldn't do it, I couldn't leave you. " she said as she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder.