Carolina ducey in explicit scenes romance x

Carolina ducey in explicit scenes romance x
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"You missed a bit." Chap 2 The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 18. Enjoy. ~ Please read chapter one as this will give you a character background. Characters: Father: Mason Twin 1: Teri (Teresa) Twin 2: Emi (Emily) Daughter 3 Jacki (Jacqueline) Sid (Sidney) Jacki's friend Celest (Celestial) Twins friend ~ Sid ~ In the same class as Jacki at school.

Taller by 6 inch's. Has a grown heaps over this last year and has a curvy figure of a young adult but retains the tomboy mindset of a younger girl. Jacki is so jealous of her friends figure. ~ Celest ~ in school with the twins. youngest daughter of 6 Kids and the last to still live at home. Tall, slim with long red hair to the middle of her back. Parents were 70's gen hippies and moved to the area when the area was still underpopulated. Live on a huge block of land with a freshwater spring and a running stream.

~ The rest of the day went as surprisingly normal, well normal for this family anyway. The morning was spent in the pool or sunning on the patio and as the girls kept themselves entertained, Mason was able to finish off some work in the office. Looking out the office window towards the pool area Mason could see the three girls running and jumping in the pool or laying on the loungers giving each other some sun block.

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He was still amazed how much the twins had grown up lately. Both sporting lovely figures with pert young breasts and curvy hips worthy of models. Jacki, shorter than the twins by 6 inc but still having a figure proportional to her smaller size making a very cute package. As it got closer to lunch he was reminded that he had promised the girls to take them shopping for new bikini's. He could take them out to lunch and then shopping.

"Come on." He shouted as he left the office. Were going out to lunch and then shopping." Loud cheers and clapping was there response. "But you'll have to wear clothes." Now groans and Noooooo.

Was heard followed by all of them laughing. Mason had changed out of his shorts into some slacks and a casual shirt and was waiting in the Chevrolet Suburban on the driveway when the girls came out.

He was dazzled by the twins in there short mini skirts and crop tops but amazed when he saw Jacki. The twins had done her makeup and helped her dress similar to themselves but the effect was that she had gone from cute and adorable to simply stunning. She had heals on which made her long legs look incredible and a short skirt only just hiding her pert little arse from view.

Mason was struck dumb as the girls got into the car, with Jacki sitting in the front and with her skirt sliding up her legs giving a hint of some pink panties.

He shook his head and remarked that they all looked stunning. The first stop was the burger barn and a quick lunch. As the girls took there trays to the table and sat. Mason noticed that all eyes in the place were riveted on the 3 girls and not just the men but he could see some admiring stairs from some other girls as well. The girls waved to some friends they recognized and spoke to some more on the way out but were eager to get to the shops.

At the mall, the first stop was a surf shop and the huge array of impossibly small bikini's on display. Mason lost track of the girls as they flitted from cloths rack to close rack and seriously distracted by the other equally attractive girls in the shop, some of them obviously displaying there next purchase to there Dads and Moms. One Dad blushing down to his collar when his very curvy red headed daughter came out of the change room in a yellow thong style bikini and did a pirouette in front of both of us both.

He quickly glanced at me and ushered her back to the change room. She gave me a wink and a little girly wave as they left. The girls pulled me back to the present, displaying arm loads of bags with their perches and dragging me onto the next shop.

As we moved among the crowds going from shop to shop Jacki gave a shout and ran up to a girl and hugged her. This was her little friend from School, Sid short for Sydney who was dragging her Mom along. The girls spoke and giggled and whispered and laughed, then Jacki asked if it would be OK if Sid could have a sleepover as they hadn't seen each other since school broke up.

Her Mom thought this was a great idea and pushed for the girls to make it two nights. With all this pressure, I caved. Sid would be dropped of at our house as soon as they could get home and pack an overnight bag.

The day ended with two trips back to the car to load it up with all of the shopping bags. That evening, after tea, it was decided that a fashion show was needed to showoff and thank Daddy for all his generosity.

We all went to the Den and I was told to sit on the lounge and the show would start. With a scotch in hand I saw first Teri and Emi come out in some very nice summery dresses with floral patterns and some 3 inch heals.

They could easily have been modeling on a catwalk, with their long hair pulled into a pony tail the effect was amazing. As they moved and spun to display the dresses to their full effect, their long tanned legs looked amazing, and Mason noticed the lack of panties on both of them.

They sat next to me on the lounge, placing their hands on the edge of my shorts, just short of the erection I was now sporting and stroking my leg and called Jacki to come out.

Jacki was dressed in a white short sleeved shirt buttoned down the front and tied under her breasts, with a pale blue skirt down to her mid thighs and white strappy sandals.

Still with her makeup on she looked as if she were of college age. Amazing how she can go from looking cute one minute to so grown up the next. I asked about the new bikini's but was told they were next. They all ran out of the room and soon I heard music start to play on the house sound system.

All the girls came out wearing some beach cover-ups that did little to hide the new costumes underneath and accented their long tanned legs and bear feet.

First Teri dropped her covering to reveal a white bikini with gold stitching and shoe string ties on the sides. Emi was next to show her bikini that was pale pink, again with ties on the sides.

Jacki was shy to reveal her self at first and said. "This is for just here at home and not at the beach." "OK." "OK." I said and waited for the big reveal. Slowly she pulled her top off that was in the style of a men's button down shirt to show a Black bikini that was very small but highlighted her shapely bust and hips.

They turned around now to show that all the bikini's were in the thong style. Three of the best young butts ever were not 3 foot from me. I had been sporting some serious wood here and had a tent in my shorts. I took in a breath as they spun and danced and laughed at my surprised look. I said they were all so amazing I was lost for words and I stood up and clapped. That got me some serious hugs and kisses from them, all the while pressing there barley covered bikini covered mounds hard against my cock and grinding their hips.

I placed my hands on each of their delicious asses, squeezed and petted them. I'm so happy to have such a close relationship with my daughters. Sid arrived soon, and after a hug was whisked off by Jacki to her room as I spoke to her Mom. Being a single Mom she was heavily into the dating seen and would be out of town tonight and probable tomorrow night as well. I assured her that was OK and I would wait to hear from her and that I was sure both of the girls would have a good time.

It was still early and I told the girls that I would make some pop corn if they could choose a movie to watch. I busied myself in the kitchen getting some drinks and nibbles and took them into the Den. The girls were all sprawled on the floor in front of the wide screen TV with a movie going. I put the drinks on the floor near the girls along with the pop corn and settled in to the couch. They all grabbed a handful of corn and Sid said, "Thanks Mr Bennett." I said.

"Call me Dad or Daddy. Everybody else in this house does." She smiled. "OK.

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Thanks, Daddy." Let me describe the Den. As you enter there is a 3 seater lounge to the left facing another 3 seater on the right with a long coffee table in between them and straight ahead is the TV on the wall. This way I can watch the TV with my feet up along the couch with my head on the arm rest. The girls had moved the coffee table away and taken up the whole area between the lounges.

The girls had changed into their night wear which was long T shirts. The twins both had on Wife Beater style T shirts showing a good amount of side boob and all were happily swinging their bare feet in the air and chatting and giggling.

Half way through the movie Teri and Emi joined me on the couch and asked if they could call a friend for a sleep over. That they would ask if their school friend Celest can come. I liked Celest. If there was a more down to earth person, I was yet to meet them. She lived on a huge piece of land back up in the ranges with her Mum and Dad, both ex Hippies from the 70's. The movie over, everyone headed off to bed, all tired after a long day.

I tidied up the leftovers and took them to the kitchen. The twins followed with the glass wear. They thanked me for the shopping trip and then Teri gave me a hug, pressing her soft breasts against my chest and a kiss. Emi was next and hugged me and pressed her hips and pussy up against my waist, her kiss lasting a bit longer. My cock lengthened in my shorts. Jacki was next. Standing on her toes she kissed me and slipped her tongue in at the last. Slowly she let herself down pressing her hips against my now hard cock showing a bulge in my shorts.

Sid stood there, not sure what was expected. I said. "We all hug and kiss before bed." and I held out my arms to her. She skipped over and jumped into my arms and wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

I kissed her on the lips as well and lowered her down to the floor. Her expression changed and she gasped as she found herself being lowered across my stiff cock that rubbed against her pubic mound. Not to be fazed by this, she pressed herself against me and wiggled her hips, thanking me for letting her stay and ran off giggling with the others. Later that night I woke and couldn't get back to sleep.

Wondering what had woken me, so I did a security check of the house and checked the Security cameras monitoring the house and grounds. Working for the Govt I had the latest in night vision cams covering the whole property. Nothing seemed a miss. While I was out here I thought I could get away with some skinny dipping. I'd left the Den light on giving me some light to the yard and pool area. I dropped my shorts I'd put on to come outside and dove in to the refreshing cool water.

I'd been there only a few minuets when heard the moaning. I hopped out and listened and sure enough the sound was coming from Jacki's room. I padded over to the slider making wet footprints on the decking. Although it was dark in the room the sounds of love making were plain to hear. With muffled voices I could make out 'lick me' and more.


I moved away happy for the friends that were becoming more than friends. Back in the house I realized I'd left my shorts outside near the pool and that the kitchen light was on. I went in and found both the twins naked and drinking some glasses of milk. They laughed when they saw my wet and naked look. "Hows the pool?" they asked. "Cool and refreshing." I said. And joined them in a glass of milk. We stood and talked and I reminded them that we should be careful around Sid and not exhibit to much overt sexual behavior between ourselves.

"But when were alone it's OK." "Right?" and they both gave me a hug Teri to the left and Emi to the right. Emi gave me a passionate tongue kiss and I squeezed her ripe arse while Teri dropped to her knees took my semi hard cock to her mouth, sucking it in slowly till she had at least half the length in her mouth.

This was the first time Teri had been so forward in her sexual advances toward me and I was a little shocked by her actions, especially with a guest in the house.

I shuddered and moaned into Emi's mouth. I petted Emi's tight backside and stroked and squeezed it. My other hand went to the back of Teri's head and pulled her hard against my stiff member. Slowly I felt myself getting closer to cumming. Teri softly held my balls and stroked and squeezed them while Emi ran her long finger nails across my Abs and through my Pubes. Usually I would last longer but with all these sensations finally led me to the inevitable.

I came with a rush, only just giving Teri enough warning, but she held me by the base of my cock and pressed as far as she could down my cock. Blast after blast shot out and into her mouth and she took and swallowed it all.

Emi dropped to be beside Teri and they both licked and sucked the last of my spend. I kissed and hugged them, thanking both girls saying, that 'I'd have no trouble getting to sleep now.' "Your welcome Daddy" they said in unison.

We walked down the hall arm in arm, and I left them to go to my room. I noticed that they both went into Teri's room. What a day. In the morning I lay in bed enjoying just dropping off to sleep again only to wake and repeat. I woke to the sound of a girls voice saying."Daddy, hears your coffee." I said. "Thank you darling." Only to hear giggles from Sid. "Your welcome.darling." she said.

Then more giggles from both Sid and Jacki. I opened an eye to see them both kneeling back on their heals in my bed.

Still in their night wear, which had ridden up their legs till it was just not quiet covering their little pink panties. I could easily make out their pussy mounds and the slit between. As I stared, still waking up, they both eased their legs apart till their panties were stretched across their now open pussy's. I let out a moan and licked my lips. Jacki laughed and slapped my arm.

Saying. "Behave Daddy. You'll corrupt my friend with your lusting looks." "I'm sorry Sid, but you are both so young and lovely that its hard not to stare sometimes." "We can see whats hard Daddy." Jacki said and cuddled to my side placing a hand on my chest. "Sid went to my other side and also placing a hand on my chest and cuddled close.

"Now what do I do with two lovely girls cuddling into me on my bed?" I said. "You can cuddle us back." said Jacki. And ducked under my arm leaving her head on my chest. Sid did the same. Now both gave me a kiss on the chin and then my chest. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and tented the sheet still covering it. My hands naturally falling onto there cute panty covered rears. "You know Dad." said Jacki, as she ran her fingers across my Abs, closer and closer to my pubes and the tent."Sid and I were talking about my new Bikini and how she only ever wears her bottom half and I was wondering if it would be OK if I did that too." Knowing that she could get away with far more nudity around here that that I new that this was for Sid's benefit.

I hummed and hared all the while Jacki's hand is sneaking lower under the sheet till I felt it wrap around my hard on.


My breathing was getting faster and faster until. "OK. OK." You can go topless, but just around the house." "Thanks Daddy. Your the best." "Now Jacki. Should you be doing that with your friend here ?" "Oh that's OK Daddy. Sid and I tell each other everything.

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Don't we Sid?" Sid slid her hand under the sheet now and ran her fingers through my pubes. Jacki pressed my cock down onto the back of Sid's hand and stroked it back and forth. I gowned and pushed my hips up into her hand. The sheet had fallen off now completely and Jacki knelt near my hips and lowered her head to my throbbing nob.

She licked and sucked all around the base and up to my nob. Sid moved lower till she was breathing heavily against the base of my cock. I noticed that both girls were rubbing there clits at a frantic pace. I was getting close after a while and warned Jacki. I bucked my hips and released my load. She took the first shot then took my cock from her mouth and pressed it down till Sid had it in front of her mouth. Sid opened her mouth and licked my cock taking a second load then suckled on the end like a babe to a breast bringing me to an explosive end again.

She kept sucking till she had to much in her mouth then released my cock. Jacki pulled it back to her mouth and sucked the last of my spend into her mouth and licked the knob. "Thank you girls. That is the best way to wake up." Out of breath, we all snuggled to each other and drifted of to a dream state.

I woke to an empty bed and a cold cup of coffee. It was worth it. I worried that Jacki might have pressured Sid into something she was not ready for yet. I put on my shorts and followed the sound of screaming and splashing out to the pool. The girls were all there having a good time and topless enjoying the sun and each other. I yelled out that I was up and if anyone else wanted some coffee.

Walking into the kitchen I was followed by the girls all wet and breathing hard from there exertions. Naked chests rising and falling and dripping water onto the kitchen floor. The twins and Jacki had on there new Thong Bikini bottoms and Sid had on some of Jacki's boy short underwear, now nearly see through. "I didn't bring any swimmers." Said Sid.

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"But Jacki lent me something to wear. She's just the best friend." and hugged Jacki. Breasts pressing to breasts. Sigh. "I see." I said. Looking straight at her nearly bald pussy. "I hope y'all are using sunblock." yes they said all together and giggled. "Celest will be here at 10 her Mum will drop her off and we can call her any time to come and pick her up." said Teri. The girls all grabbed a drink and ran off back to the pool. The screaming and laughing continued. I looked at the kitchen clock and it was nearly 10.

I could probably order Pizza now for everyone and it would be here by the lunch time. Just then the door bell rang. I opened the door to see two young girls standing there. One I recognized as Celest.

"Hi." I said. "Hi Mr Bennett." said Celest. "This is my Mum Autumn." "Hello. Do come in. Your so much like your daughter Autumn its remarkable." We moved to the back of the house and the pool area. Celest was greeted by the twins and rushed of to their room to change into some swimwear. "I was very young when I had my kids and had them almost one top of the other." said Autumn.

"You must have been very young then to look as young as you do now." "Well back then it was very much like the 60's, group love-ins and as much nudity as we could get away with, then I reached puberty and fell in love, we moved away from the lifestyle and became exclusive right away. And I've been in love ever since." she said. "How is it back on the farm? I heard you had a lot of rain up there." "Oh, it's so green now and the streams are rushing down the gorges, it's wonderful.

The crops are looking good this year." We were interrupted by Teri who said that Celest hadn't brought any swimmers with her and usually didn't use them. "Would it be OK if we didn't use any either?" I looked at Celest's Mum and she shrugged.

Leaving the decision to me. Autumn said. "There nearly in the nude now." "OK. I said. But just around the house." Teri said. "Thanks Daddy." and ran off to tell the rest. I sighed and turned to Autumn. "What is a Dad to do?" She laughed and said. "Give them all the love you can and hope for the best." I loved her laugh. Hi pitchedlike bells in the wind.

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"Will you stay for lunch?" "No. Thanks, I have to do some things now that I've come to town. I'll wait for your call in the next couple of days to come and pick up Celest." After showing Autumn out I returned to the pool to see 5 naked females frolicking in the pool.

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The twins were throwing a ball back and forth with Sid in the middle trying to get it. Bobbing up and down making those lovely breasts swing and sway as if to music. Jacki and Celest were diving and doing Bombs off the sides. The one standout feature of the girls was that Celest had a full bush covering her muffin compared to the near naked and full-on display of the rest. I suppose not having to ever wearing a bikini she had no need to trim or shave. I left the girls to play when it became obvious, watching them, that I was erect and was pushing my shorts out.

We had a cleaning service that came once a week and restocked the larder and freezer/fridge and I needed to phone them and place my food order now that we had extra guests. Maria would be coming tomorrow to clean and restock. Maria was excellent with the household and even cooked the occasional meal for a cash incentive. She was single at 27 and had a 16 yr old daughter who sometimes would come along with her mother to play in the pool while she worked.

She liked the extra cash and she said she always sent some money back home when she could. I ordered the Pizza and when it arrived, took it out onto the patio table. I had on my usual cut off sweat pants, but the girls were all dripping and totally naked.

But this didn't seem to phase them one bit and they chatted and talked about all manner of things as the Pizza disappeared. I had given up trying to hide my erections and just relaxed and felt that I was around a bunch of really loving friends and family.

The girls couldn't help but comment on my arousal giving me the occasional bump and grind as they milled around and cleaned up the empty Pizza boxes. Teri asked if I was going to join them in the pool as they were going to play there version of 'Marco Polo'. This was a game where one person in the pool had to close their eyes and reach out and find the others by feel alone. If they caught the person, and identified them, then that person caught was in the middle, and had to close their eyes and call 'Marco' and wait for an answering 'Polo.' "OK" I said, "but it's usually played with an even number of Boys and Girls." "That's OK, it's just for fun." said Teri.

The girls all got into the game and moved around the pool rubbing and touching each other in their attempt to evade being caught. Teri was the in the middle and was having trouble catching anyone until she came to me and had to feel me up and press her body's against me.

Still she said that it was hard to tell who I was and needed the help of the others to confirm the identity of this person.


I think some of the girls might have been cheating as they all said that they were trying to identify me but weren't having any luck. Gales of laughter. I was feeling hands all over my body and stroking my cock. I tried to maintain the rule of the game by keeping quiet all the while enjoying the touching.

My hands were not idle and I felt some very nice and tight body's and one very furry pussy. It was this furry pussy that backed into my hard-on and managed to slip her tight pussy over me and slide me deep into heaven.

Her pussy mussels did some amazing contractions and without having to move inside her tight channel and lose any lubrication, so it was only a matter of minuets and she had me bucking my hips and filling her tight cunt.

I gave a huge grunt and I don't think anyone had missed the look on Celest's face when she came on my cock. We kissed and parted to the applause of all. I must admit, I blushed.

This could have gone on all afternoon with the girls kissing me and pulling my hands to the breasts and pussy's of each of them in turn. It was Sid, who went under water and took my rod into her mouth and sucked me tasting my Precum. She popped back to the surface and announced. "Mmmm that tastes like Daddy." We all laughed and hugged and decided to hop out and dry off on the lounges. I made a point of giving Celest a long kiss and thanking her for her gift. She smiled and said that I owed her now and squeezed my cock.

The girls spent the afternoon on the lounges and in the pool while I went to my office and made some phone calls and spent some time on the computer. Just as I was thinking about dinner I heard a knock on the door and Celest looked around the door.

"Come in." I said. "Why aren't you out in the Sun?" "I told the others that I was going to ask you if I could do the cooking tonight. But aside from that I've come to collect on your debt." and she smiled and sat on my lap facing me. She was warm from the sun and smelt of suntan oil and young girl. I smiled and kissed her giving her some tongue and then kissing and biting her neck. I ran my hands over her lovely boobs and then down over her tight stomach and through her mass of pubic hair.

She hopped up and lent over my desk pushing her pert little arse out towards me. Facing the window overlooking the pool and surrounds I moved up behind her and ran my fingers along her pussy crease to feel her wetness.

I held her breasts and rubbed my cock along her labia, wetting the nob. I pushed up into her smooth, hot channel, bottomed out and had my balls slapping against her delightful firm backside. We developed a rhythm, increasing our speed until the sound of our hips slapping together and our moans had reached the point our mutual explosive finale.

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I filled her pussy with huge load and lay panting across her back with her flat out on my desk. I sat back down in my desk chair, pulling her back down onto my lap, my cock still lodged in her pulsing pussy.

We cuddled and talked about herself and her family as she lay back against me and I toyed with her stiff little nipples. I told her how I was incapable of having children and that she wouldn't get pregnant. Looking out the window towards the pool we could see that the twins were covering each other with oil and Jacki and Sid were both cuddled on the same lounger kissing and whispering. I put my Shorts back on and we both went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

We got out all the ingredients for a Seafood Paella, with jumbo shrimp, peppers and squid on a bed of saffron rice. We left this in a covered pan and set the table for 6.

I put the Garlic bread in the oven at the last minute and by the time the girls had all showered and changed into there night wear the food was ready. We all sat down to a wonderful meal, with shouts and laughter it was a great time. Celest told everyone what it was like growing up in a family in which everyone was naked most of the time. And last we toasted the cook. Celest, sitting to my right stood and bowed from the waist, showing her puffy pussy lips peeking out from a fringe of hair not 2 foot from me.

A nice ending to a great day. Sleeping arrangements were left up to the individual with Jacki and Sid opting to share a bed no surprise there. Teri, Emi and Celest offering to make a nest of pillows and blankets on the floor of the Den. I had my shower while the girls chose a movie and settled down on the nest in the Den. I came and lay back on the couch and watched the movie for a while, but soon tired and told everyone I was off to bed for an early night.

I covered myself with just a sheet as it was warm and went over in my mind the changes occurring in me and my family's life of late and came to the conclusion that they all were happy with the new freedom we all felt and the new closeness between ourselves and our friends and it was a positive thing. Celest's stories about her growing up in a loving family just seemed to reinforce the feelings we all had and unless anyone felt that they were uncomfortable with any aspect I saw no reason to stop.

Both of the twins had been on the pill for quite some time for medical reasons and I was glad I'd taken Jacki to see our GP too. Early the next morning I was awoken to both Jacki and Sid cuddling up on each side of me.

I was expecting the curious pair and was delighted to have them kissing me and pushing their bare chests against me. Both were nude and I felt their heated pubic mounds pressing into my hips as they wriggled and squirmed on me. They both laid claim to my morning wood and held and stroked my rod gently. We talked about what they wanted to to do today and about Sid's family.

Sid had been a surprise late addition to the family 5 years after their last girl had been born. Even with the big gap between the girls they were and are still very close, with Sid often going up to stay with her big sister in her dorm room at Uni. Now after an accident claimed her father, her mother seems desperate to move on with her life and spends little time at home often leaving Sid to fend for herself for days at a time.

Fixing her own breakfast and making her way to school. Sid had kept this a family secret and had not told anybody else. Her sister new and supported her when she could, but was not in a position to keep her with her.

Jacki, with tears in her eyes, said that she can stay with us when she wants to and that we would love her forever. I said I'd call her Mum and find out what I could do. If it would be OK if Sid stayed with us for a while, thinking she would probably agree to this without question.

I would also see my legal guy and ask about getting custody on grounds of abandonment. We held each other and with hugs and cuddles went back to sleep. I woke to the smell of Coffee and an empty bed. Again coffee was brought in to me with smiles and nothing else. The girls looked radiant and I wondered what Teri, Emi and Celest got up to last night to give them such a glow. I thanked them for my morning brew and they each bent down for a morning kiss.

Teri was the first to give me a cock squeeze along with a kiss and a "Good morning Daddy." Then Emi and Celest did the same, both saying "Morning Daddy." I loved mornings like these. "You girls look particularly good this morning. Must have had a good sleep them?" Celest standing between the twins with an arm around their waists said, "hardly slept a wink, we were to busy playing to get much sleep." Smiles and hip bumps all around.

I laughed. "I'm happy to hear it." Sipping my coffee they sat on the bed and talked about going out and seeing some school friends and seeing what they were up to. The door bell rang and we all stopped. I looked at the bedside clock and seeing it was just on 10 I new it had to be Maria.

I told the girls to go and put some clothes on while Maria was here. They said that they were off to see their friends anyway and left.

Having been naked for so long It felt strange to put on clothes, if only the bare minimum, while Maria was here. I helped Maria put away the groceries and told the girls to tidy there rooms before going out. "There good girls Senor Bennett. "You lucky man." said Maria. "Thank you. I feel so too." Mainly to get out of Maria's way I went out to the pool, she was a terror with a mop and a broom. Jacki and Sid were out by the pool in their Bikini's, legs dangling in the water.

As I got to them I saw that they were both smiling so there mood had improved some since this morning. "Come on girls. While Maria is here we'll go and do some cloths shopping for Sid as she may be here for a while." I was mobbed by two short tornado's and hugged all the way back inside while they chatted about which store they would like to go to first.

The girls were dressed for shopping in no time at all and off we went. I tried to ring Sid's Mom and each time the calls went to voicemail. I had been given the impression that the latest boyfriend lived out of state and if that was the case we might have a tough time contacting her. We would drop by Sid's house and pick up all of the cloths that Sid had and return to my place. While the girls shopped I had the time to ring my lawyer and find out some info re neglect and abandonment and was told abandonment is the practice of relinquishing interests and claims over one's offspring in an extralegal way with the intent of never again resuming or reasserting guardianship over them and after talking to him I told him to go ahead and start the paperwork.

Until and If he was able to contact Sid's mom, Sid will stay with us. "The paperwork should be with me by this time next week he said." ~ Eventually the paperwork was signed and Sid became a very welcome part of the family.