Horny blonde Mia Malkova with a big anal ass

Horny blonde Mia Malkova with a big anal ass
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This is my first story ever. Comments are more than welcome. This is not a quick climax story. It is more like a short novel, so there is a lot to it. This story contains details of incest among other sexual fantasies.

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If you are against such things, please move on. Everything from here on is completely fictional and never actually happened. Enjoy. Chapter 2 Could I do it? COULD I do it? SHOULD I do it? Yikes!

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Morality, desires. Parenthood, manhood. Good vs evil. In a matter of two seconds that question turned me into a puddle of uncertainty. Could I control myself if I did it?

Sure., I'm strong. I'm just a concerned dad making sure his daughter is ok. Bullshit.

Oh God, what to do? I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. I turned and said, "I'm not a doctor kiddo. And besides, I don't think I should. It wouldn't be right." "Well, you know what a hymen looks like, don't you?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do." I said. I already felt defeated. "Well, you used to change my diapers and give me baths. You've seen it all before. So what's the difference?" Damn she is smart. "Well, when you were a baby I didn't look up inside you." I reasoned. "Well, I suppose not." she said. "And besides," I said, "it was different then. You're almost all grown up now." "Why is that different?" she asked. "Because I'm a man and you're a young, extremely attractive young woman." "Extremely attractive, huh?

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So would you say I'm hot?" "Hell yeah!" I said, forgetting myself. "Umm, I mean, yes, I suppose I would." She chuckled. "So you're afraid you might look at me as someone other than your daughter if you do it?" she asked. "No, I'd know full-well that you are my daughter the whole time.

That's what would make it so hard., err I mean difficult. Fuck!" Oddly enough as difficult of a time I was having, part of my brain was imagining spreading her open to look inside and it was turning me on.

I could feel movement in my shorts. She giggled at my frustration. "It's ok dad. Just do it. I want to know." With that she held the towel to her lap and stood up. She walked over to the vanity and rested her bare bottom against it, stood on her tip-toes and wiggled herself up onto it. She then lifted her knees to her chest and placed her feet on the top of the vanity spreading her legs wide.

I could see it. Her womanhood. I was shocked to see that she was aroused. Her lips were naturally spread. Her clit was erect and her outer lips were puffy and dark. She wanted me to look.

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I lost. She won. "Let me go get a flashlight." I said.


As I walked out the door I started scolding myself. "Ok, you have to do it now, dumbass. Just do it and don't let it go any further." I went to my room and grabbed the flashlight from my night stand.

When I returned to the bathroom she was still sitting on the vanity. I knelt down in front of her and looked up into her beautiful blue eyes. "Now I can't touch you, but I'll look. What I want you to do is reach down with both hands outside of your hips and insert one finger from each hand and open yourself and I'll look inside." I gulped hard as she did as I instructed.

Just as she was about to insert her fingers I said, "Oh wait. You'll need some kind of lubricant. Let me get the Vasoline." "No." she said, "I won't." And with that she slid both of her index fingers inside, let out a little moan and spread her pussy open. Right at that moment I went from stirring to rock hard. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was kneeling in front of my daughter while her fingers were in her pussy and I was watching her arousal flow from inside her.

Her honey slowly flowing between her fingers. She was so tight that her pussy closed tight right after the tips of her little fingers. At this point I was going crazy.

Still conscious of the fact that she is my daughter and that I am only supposed to be checking her hymen. "Sweetie," I gulped, "I still can't see. I'm going to have to open you up a little further." What was I saying?! What was I doing?! "Ok." she breathed. Did she just swoon? Is she getting off on this? Well, she gave me the go-ahead, I reasoned.

I reached up with my left hand and inserted my index finger. She shuddered and let out an obvious moan. And believe me, it wasn't from pain. "Gotta get this done quick." I said to myself. "Get it done and get out." I pulled my finger down towards the vanity pushing her tight little asshole to the cold countertop.

"Mmmmm." She moaned. I turned on the flashlight and looked inside. Sure enough, her hymen was torn clear through. There I was, looking up into my daughter. The walls of her perfect pink vagina were glistening with moisture in the light of the flashlight.

I watched as her sweet juices flowed down each side of my finger out of her vaginaover the wrinkles of her little rosebud and meeting back together at the center of her little anus. Her smell was intoxicating. The sight of her young, fine pubic hair.

It seemed like I was there forever, but it was probably less than 20 seconds. I could feel her pulse in my finger and it looked as though her tight, young channel was pulsating. Her little anus was squeezing and relaxing and I thought to myself, "She's trying to squeeze my finger." That thought hit me like a slap in the face.

I pulled my finger out and stood up. She had her eyes closed and the left side of her lower lip between her teeth.


As matter-of-factly as I could I said, "Yup, I'm afraid your hymen is torn. But everything else looks fine. I need a drink." And I left the room. As I left I heard Victoria let out a sigh which actually sounded a little disappointed. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Southern Comfort from the top shelf of one of the cabinets. I set it on the counter and spread my hands wide and placed them on the counter resting my upper body on them.

My mind raced. "What did I do? She's going to hate me. If anyone finds out, I'll lose her." I had no positive thoughts at all about what just happened. I filled a cocktail glass with ice, and then poured the Southern over it. Normally I have it with Coke, but not this time. I looked through the side of the glass at my therapy and touched it to my lips and took a big gulp.

Oh it burned, but I deserved it. My mind raced, I was scared shitless. I took a second drink, emptying the glass. As I was pouring another, Victoria said from behind me, "Well, I feel better knowing that's all it was." I almost dropped the bottle when she spoke.

"Man, my nerves are really frazzled." I thought. I turned to look at her. She was wearing only a bra and panties. Normally it was no big deal. Normally I admired her beauty. Now I looked away, ashamed at what I had done.

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"Are you ok dad?" she asked as she walked up to me. She took my chin in her hand and forced me to look towards her. I still looked down, which didn't help much because she's so much shorter than me. "Look at me." she said in a rather demanding tone.

Normally I would have reprimanded her for approaching the disrespect threshold, but not this time. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. They were torn with concern. I could see the love in her eyes. The hurt she felt that I was feeling the way I was. I thought for that quick moment, "She is so beautiful. Heart, and soul, and body." "It's ok." She soothed. "You were just making sure I was ok." "No, it's not ok." I said.

I couldn't believe I was about to tell her this. "I got turned on Victoria. I got an erection. And that is just wrong." I almost brought up the fact that she seemed to be enjoying it too, but decided against it. I didn't want her to feel any blame or guilt in this.

"So did I dad. Well, not the erection part, but I got turned on too. It's no big deal." "Please forgive me." I said. "I'm so sorry." "No, I won't dad. Because there's nothing to forgive." At that she turned and walked away. I felt so much better, still shitty, but compared to moments before, much better. I looked up at her as she walked through the kitchen, but I knew right then that things would be different. I still looked at her with admiration as she left me there, but now I was watching her sweet little ass as it wiggled out of my sight.

"I'm going to bed." she said as she turned the corner to go down the hall. "I love you. G'night." "I love you too." I half shouted figuring she was almost to her room by now. "Sweet dreams." I turned back to my drink and was getting ready to dump it down the drain.

"Oh, and I know what I want for my birthday, 'night." Dammit, I almost dropped the glass.