Paraguay Latina Shows her Ass and Body on Cam

Paraguay Latina Shows her Ass and Body on Cam
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9. Day Three Tina had slept very little. She was in fact becoming very weak. Even if she had been given food of sorts, the spread-eagled position she had been in the past 48 hours was taking its toll on her. The stench of her own waste in the cage was nauseating. Her neck was stiff, and her legs were starting to get numb below the knees.

She was exhausted from the lack of sleep. Her stomach growled since the laxative made her digest her food more quickly than she normally would have.

Mentally she was degraded and humiliated, she would agree to just about anything just to get relief and a few hours' sleep. She would sell her soul for a decent meal. All resistance was gone, and she had no willpower left. She would surrender herself totally given a chance. Alex approached with Sue in tow. Alex was in a good mood this morning but Sue was very tired after spending the night between Alex's legs. "Morning whore. Time for breakfast but first we need to make some changes to your cage.

You look lonely in there. Don't worry we will have you fixed up in no time. Sue here will add more glass panels to your case so that you will actually be in a glass box with steel bars on the inside. Air will be circulated in your box, so we can make sure you don't get to cold or hot in there." Alex explained to her.

Tina just moaned. She could not take much more of this torment. Alex pulled a thicker tube through the roof of the cage and attached it to the brim of the funnel in Tina's mouth. She stepped out of the cage and Sue put the last panel in place and sealed the seams of the glass panels with silicone. Using a stepladder Alex climbed up to attach the air hose to the roof of the cage and to feed Tina through the thicker tube. "Today's meal consists of your usual drugs and laxative of course and your vitamins but the bulk of the meal is baked beans, ground meat, which has been cooked today, fried onion rings, a couple of eggs and your helping of horse semen but you'll hardly taste that, it will help your meal slide down easier.

Today we also have orange juice to drink instead of water. A real royal feast for a whore like you I would say." Alex chuckled. She spooned the meal down the tube, alternating with squirts of orange juice.

Tina swallowed, she was hungry, thirsty, and for once, the meal didn't make stomach churn. It actually tasted quite good. When Alex had finished feeding Tina she climbed down, and Sue attached another glass box to the side of the cage. This box fitted into a hole in the side and by lifting the gate anything inside would be able to get into the cage.

Tina couldn't see any of this, but she could feel the temperature rising in her box. She started to sweat a little. "I have set the temperature in your little house to 102 degrees, so that you and your new friends don't get cold. Better hang on to your bell string today we don't want you to get dehydrated." Alex informed her. Tina just moaned she had no idea what friends had joined her in the glass box she was in, but she doubted they would prove to be pleasant company.

Sue opened the gate to the small box and about two dozen mosquitoes soon joined Tina and started to feast on various parts of her body. Tina would soon feel the itching from where her new friends bit her. Mosquitoes have a tendency to suck too much blood if left undisturbed to the point where they get to heavy to fly and simply drop to the ground. They would all eventually drown in the pool of pee that had collect in the bottom of the cage but not before they had bitten Tina once or twice each.

Tina would be itching from every single one of them but be unable to get any relief. Tina could already feel the itching spots on her arms and legs even her tits had been bitten even though she was still wearing her bra. Tina saw the first mosquito when the landed on her nose and she moaned she would be bitten and itch on top of everything else. If she only could tell these people that she would do anything if they just let her out of the cage.

She tried to speak but all that came out was grunts that nobody could understand. "No need to thank me whore, I'm happy you like your new friends." Alex teased her. With that, they walked away. Master had been watching from his quarters and Gina standing beside him had not missed anything either. Sarah arrived with their breakfast. "Morning Master." "Morning Sarah. Did you have nice time last night with Devil?" "Yes, thank you Master. He fucked me both in my pussy and ass twice, so he may not be too interested in the bitch this morning." "That's ok.

She still has the others to play with." Master laughed. Sarah was giving Gina some looks that were full of desire and anticipation of the evening's events. Gina blushed a little. Sarah smiled at her and Gina smiled back at her. Gina sat down to eat with Master this morning it was a bit easier to sit even if the welts were still there, glowing red.

Sarah waited in silence and when they had finished, she collected the dishes and returned to the kitchen. Giving Gina a wink as she went out the door. Master returned to the monitors to see how Alex was getting on with Linda. Gina followed and stood beside him. "Morning cow. Time to feed you and get those suckers worked on." Alex said. Sue unclamped Linda so she could pee and changing the tube in her mouth started feeding her the usual meal while Alex got a stool and sat down next to Linda.

Alex removed the vacuum tubes and Linda moaned. It felt good to have them free even if they were sore and very sensitive to any touch.

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Alex pressed the suckers between her fingers and pain shot through her suckers, but Linda had to swallow breakfast and couldn't make a sound. Alex continued to massage the suckers and then the udders. The fire flared up again and Linda almost choked on her food when she tried to scream.

Alex was pleased with the progress; the suckers were meatier already and the fluid in the udders was converting into fat and tissue nicely. In time, the fat would burn of and be replaced by actual flesh but that took much longer. It was of no importance if the udders were mainly made up of fat or fat and flesh. The key in the end was how much milk they could produce.

Pressing her fingers around the base of the left sucker, she injected more fluid into it. The sucker filled up with loud moans from the cow and she attached a new tube and pumped the air out until the sucker was stretched to 3/4 of an inch.

The skin on the sucker stretched and the fluid would stay and set in the sucker because of the vacuum tube. She repeated the same procedure on the right sucker. "Your suckers are growing nicely cow, by the time you are ready for your next udder treatment the suckers will be the right length and we can start on your little clitty. We have decided that an inch and half is good enough for your suckers. I need to check your asshole to see how we are doing back there you should be stretching nicely there too." Alex removed her butt plug with loud plop and Linda released a big fart.

Alex smeared some cream around her sphincter and got a new longer but not thicker plug and worked it in her ass hole. The new plug was six inches long but still only two inches in diameter. Linda got some relief from the cream but the new plug caused her new pains and discomfort. "Aaaarrgghh." She moaned as the plug was put in place.


"Not much of a song cow but don't worry you'll sing more and loudly again." Alex said cheerfully. Linda sobbed under her hood she would have a whole different body than before. Alex tugged at the lacings in her corset to make sure they were still tight. Alex would have to start the cow's exercises soon so that the stomach would remain flat even without the corset on. It would also help burning of unwanted fat from the cow.

Alex left her and went outside to the pens followed by Sue. Master was already there, and Gina had feed Jackie her morning bowl of dog food. Master was inspecting the bitch's fuck holes to make sure there had been no tearing and that she was ready for the hounds this morning. Jackie was still sore but the cream had helped and she was if not ready at least prepared for more dog cock. Master was feeling her all over and squeezed her tits hard, but nothing came out.

"Have you given her the milk inducing drugs with her meals?" He asked Alex. "Yes, but unless we inject her they take a few weeks before you get any milk, especially since she a very young bitch." "To get any decent milk out of her we would have to inject her. Maybe even breed her to get her started." "Hmmm. Let's just keep giving her the drugs for now." "Yes Master." Master petted the bitch and said. "Today you will be left out here in the day pen with the hounds by yourself.

I'll be watching and taping everything in the office. You know you can't stand up in your pen the same applies here except the current is much stronger. The hounds will let you know when they want to fuck you.

They will walk up to you and give you a few licks on your fuck hole, that's the signal. When they do, you suck and make them hard and then let them fuck you. You may vary as you wish between your holes but do not try and just suck them off. When you are not being used by one of the hounds you may roam around the pen, play with your toys or lie down and rest in the shade.

You may no longer squat when you pee or shit but you may use your front paws to spread your ass when you shit. There are microphones here too so you need to encourage the hounds as well when they use you. If you are a good bitch all day, you will be returned to your pen and fed. If you make mistakes, refuse or disobey you will be brought inside and receive punishment for every incident. For each mistake, you get a needle in one of your tits that will remain there until the end of the week.

If you have too many needles at that time, you will go through a six-hour correction punishment. Is that clear bitch?" Master held up a four-inch long needle with a black round head. Jackie looked at it and she certainly didn't want that lodged in her tit. "Yes Master." The hounds came into the pen, but they paid no notice to the bitch yet. Jackie was left alone with her lovers in the day pen. Master and Alex went inside followed by Gina and Sue respectively. " I'm going to take Gina around to the kitchen and stables.

Why don't you keep the whore company unless you have paper work or other things to attend to." " I have some paper work to do and I need to edit the wedding movie and the other footage of the bitch and start making a sales presentation on her." "Wait with the sales pamphlet for now she won't be ready for several weeks to be sold and if I decide to breed her I won't sell her until she had her puppies. Put the film together though and then offer it around to our usual clients.

Check with Jason to see if he has anything coming anytime soon or when he expect the next delivery." Master said. "Yes Master. I'll get moving with all the footage. Shall I make a separate one starring the cow and whore?" "Why not that will sell well to I would think." "They would be shorter of course but the whore has more treatment in store so I can add that on before I offer it around." "That's fine.


Make a short tape of the cow then and collect more on the whore." "Yes Master." Alex disappeared down the hallway and Master motioned for Sue to follow him and Gina. Sarah was busy in the kitchen as they walked in. Master showed Gina around the kitchen and told her she should pay close attention and memorize how to get down here. "Hello Master." Sarah chirped. Master nodded to her and continued to show Gina around. He took her into Sarah's room and then into the storage and supply rooms.

There was also a very large wine cellar and a walk-in freezer that was full of meat. "I told you Sue was the head slave and to obey her. As you can see, Sarah has four stars on her collar, but Sue only has three and you have none yet. So, you have to obey both Sarah and Sue. Sue however has to obey Sarah. If you get an order from both Sarah and Sue you carry out Sarah's order first then Sue's." He explained. "Yes Master." "Of course, you carry out my orders before anybody else's.

You will meet Sammy in a few moments and you'll see she has four stars on her collar too." "What if Sammy and Sarah give me an order, which do I do first?" "The order you got first." "Yes master." Gina replied.

Master led the way out a door into a back yard, which had a sundeck, a hot tub and large pool. There was a man tending to the flowers and Master waved to him as they passed by him, walking down the path that led to the stables. "That's Tom the caretaker. He is mute, but he will understand everything you say to him." "Will he give me orders too?" "No Sue fucks him every Saturday night and he gets to play with her then." "Oh." Gina said.

Sue smiled at her and said. "Tom's very nice." In fact, Tom never played rough with Sue. He just fucked her and cuddled her, which Alex never did. Her time with Tom was something she cherished dearly. They arrived at the stables and went inside. Gina had never been in a stable before and the smell of horses was new to her.


Sammy was busy shoeing a large black stallion. She didn't hear them at first and was startled by Master's voice. "Hello Sammy. Anything wrong with Thunder?" "Hello Master. Sorry I didn't hear you coming. No just putting new shoes on him." She said "Finish what you are doing." The stable wasn't very large but there were a few things that Gina couldn't workout what they were used for.

They walked down the aisle and there were four boxes there. There were three other horses there in their boxes and an empty one, which had the name Thunder on it. "We have four stallions' here you saw Thunder. Meet Apollo, Ajax and Zeus." He said. He opened the box were Ajax stood and the horse came up to him with his nose pushing on Master. Master stroked Ajax's nose and pulled Gina closer to the horse.

Gina was a little afraid of the large horse, but he was beautiful not as majestic as Thunder but his brown coat was shiny and Gina reached up to touch his neck. Ajax turned his head and pushed is nose right into Gina's left tit. She jumped back. "Ajax likes you Gina and he probably thinks you are a new mare." Master teased her. "Oh, He does?" Both Master and Sue were chuckling, and Sammy's voice rang out behind her.

"What a lovely mare you would make as well." Gina felt a small shiver down her spine. She looked at Master to see if he looked like he had changed his mind. She really didn't want to be a mare or pony now.

Master's face gave nothing away, but he patted Ajax and closed the box. Gina felt like the horse was looking at her with longing in his big eyes. They walked down to the other end of the aisle, Gina saw four much smaller boxes, and they were all empty. "This is where the ponies live when the stable is full." He said.

Sammy having finished with Thunder came walking down the aisle toward them. She was a tall beautiful read head.

She too had been pierced the same way as Sarah and her breasts were equal in size. Instead of heels, she wore knee high black boots with a six-inch heel. "Sammy met Gina our new servant trainee." "Hello Gina.

Too bad you didn't become a pony, don't you think?" "Hello Sammy. Ummm.well. I like being a servant trainee." "I'm just teasing you, Gina. If Master wanted you to be a pony you would be a pony." "Yes, and I would obey." "Spent the night with Sarah yet?" The directness of the question startled Gina.

"Hmm.No, not yet." Gina blushed and felt embarrassed. "Now now Sammy. Getting jealous are you?" He said as he tugged on Sammy's clit ring. "No Master just wondering how far along she was." "What a clever answer. Then you have always been a clever slave." "Thank you Master." "Are you here to get Gina pierced?

Should I get things ready?" "Yes. Do her nipples today and let's make sure she doesn't reject gold." Gina felt a knot in her stomach this wasn't just a social visit. She would get rings in her nipples just like Sammy and Sarah. Sammy took her leash and pulled on it. "Come along Gina let's get you decorated." She was lead to the main area of the stable and Sammy told her to stand still. With Sue's help, she moved a small platform that had a T-bar at one end.

The platform was about three feet high and Sammy lead Gina and placed her in front of the T-bar.

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She pushed on her shoulders and forced Gina to bend forward so the cross bar of the T was right against her thighs and her lower abdomen rested on the bar itself. Sammy put a belt across her back and tightened on both side to the cross bar. Gina's wrists cuffs were attached to each end of the cross bar and finally she put a bit in her mouth and pulled the straps back all the way to her asshole.

The end of the strap had metal hook, which she put in her asshole. She then adjusted the straps of the bit so Gina's head was pulled back looking straight ahead with her body bent forward over the bar and her tits dangling freely. That is what we call a posture strap.


The pony puts her head down and the hook pulls her ass hole open. They learn quick to hold their head up and not to bend it forward, but it works well when you are to be pierced too." Sammy was explaining. Gina's neck was straining, and she was uncomfortable were she stood. Sammy brought out a few instruments that Gina didn't know how they worked but she was sure she would find out soon.

Sammy cleaned her nipple with rubbing alcohol, which felt cold to Gina, and she could feel her nipples pulling back. Sammy took her left nipple between her fingers and pulled on it until she was satisfied it was as hard as it would get. Holding her nipple stretched out downward, she brought up what looked like a hole punch but had a very sharp needle instead. She placed it just beyond the base of the nipple and pressed the jaws of the tool together.

"Aaaaaiiieeeee." Gina screamed as the needle went right through her nipple. The tool was removed, and Sammy inserted a thick red-hot needle through the hole. Sammy pulled out the needle and there was a neat little hole left in the nipple but very little blood. A few drops had run down but the hot needle had quickly cauterized the wound. "OOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG" Gina hollered as the hot needle did its job. Sammy repeated the same thing on the other nipple and Gina hollered again but was left with a neat little hole in each nipple.

Sammy put cream in both holes and then wiped Gina's tears from her face. "Almost done. I'm just going to pick out some nice rings for you." Sammy opened a little box after some thought decided on a pair of ten-gauge gold rings. The first ring was pushed through the hole in the left nipple.

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The ring was a little thicker than the hole, so Sammy had to work with it a little. When the ring was in place, locked, she heated the seam with a blowtorch, and Gina could feel the ring heating up. Gina moaned and was about to scream when the ring was sprayed with cold water. It never got hot enough to burn her. Sammy took a small looking brush and polished the ring where she welded it shut.

When she was finished, you couldn't tell there was a seam without a magnifying glass. She turned the ring, so the seam was in the hole. She did the same thing with the other ring. "There now you are starting to look like a slave. You looked like you could handle a ten-gauge ring to start with so I skipped over giving you eights first. You have the same size as me and Sarah now." "Every night you need to put cream on them until the hole heals and every night you need to dip them in a solution I'll give you.

You look just lovely now though." Sammy kissed her just above her nipple. Sammy released her from the T bar and Gina stepped down in front of Master. "Very nice work. Gina's tits look lovely now." Master said. "Thank you Master." Sammy replied. "You can have Sue stay with you until diner time." "Thank you." Both Sue and Sammy had smiles on their faces as Master lead Gina out of the stables back toward the house. Sue didn't mind the least staying with Sammy even if Sammy had this horse like strap-on that she used on her.

She never pushed it in all the way and never in Sue's ass. Gina was a little weak in her knees as she followed Master. Her nipples still hurt but it wasn't that bad. She was trying to read the instruction on the bottle Sammy had given her and didn't notice that Master had stopped.

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She bumped her tits right into his back. "Ouch" She cried out. Master said nothing, but he had a smile on his face, which Gina couldn't see from behind. Gina was lead back to Master's quarters and he left her sitting on the bed while he went over to his desk to continue with his work. Gina was grateful for the time she was given to rest a bit. Tina on the other hand was utterly miserable in her cage. The mosquitoes had stopped biting her, but she was itching all over from the bites.

The cage felt very hot and she was sweating and had to drink more often than yesterday. This also made her pee more and the laxative made it impossible to hold her bowls. She could feel the cage filling up with her own waste almost up to her ankles and the stench was made worse by the heat in the cage. Tina didn't think she could make it much longer. Her muscles were all aching from having to stand in high heels for over two days now and cramp had already set in.

Her pussy and ass as also getting red, irritated, and sore from having to wear her soiled panties. By late afternoon, Tina realized that the cage was getting hotter and hotter and she had to drink even more. When Alex came around for the evening feeding, Tina had in fact passed out from exhaustion. She lowered the temperature to a nice and cool 70 degrees and revived Tina. "Sleeping on the job are we you little whore. We can't have such blatant disobedience without some type of punishment.

You only sleep when you are allowed too, not at your own leisure you little whore. I thought you had the rules clear by now." "Ummmpphh." That was all Tina could utter with the tube in her mouth. Alex proceeded to feed Tina. The meal was the same as this morning so not to bad tasting. "Tomorrow Sue will come for you early and you get to clean up yourself and the cage of course.

She will prepare you for your punishment and for the work on your udders. Did I forget to tell you? Master has decided you might be useful as a cow and whore, maybe even as a pony. I'm not so sure about you being a pony, they have to be very obedient, and you don't seem to have that fact down." Alex continued tormenting her.

"As a whore you'll be perfect. First, I think we will get those udders growing and milking unless Master wants you to start as a whore slave first. Personally, I think you would produce more money if the clients could milk you in different ways. I'm sure they would pay extra for that. You would look lovely with 40 DD udders." Alex was chuckling as she was telling Tina what was in store for her. Having her think about it all night would keep her awake at least part of the night.

She wouldn't be able to doze off but to make sure Alex turned down the temperature to a cool 50 degrees before she left and went to feed Linda. Gina was just sitting on the bed waiting for Master's instructions. She was wondering if Sarah would be staying with them tonight or if Master had changed his mind.

Sarah arriving with dinner soon interrupted her thoughts. She smiled brightly and winked at Gina. "Did you bring enough dinner, so you can eat with us Sarah?" "Yes, I did Master and thank you." "Let's eat then." "She looks lovely with the rings in her tits, Master." "Yes, Sammy did a good job.

Then again she always does." "I'm sure you like your rings Gina, don't you?" Sarah asked Gina. "Yes, it hurts a bit still, but I guess I'll get used to having them in my tits." "Just wait until you have your pussy and clit done too, you'll look real tasty then." Master laughed at Sarah. She was horny for Gina and she couldn't get dinner over with fast enough. Master knew this of course and took his sweet time with dinner.

He could see that Sarah was wet to the point that it started to drip down her thigh. "I'm a bit-tired tonight, so maybe we better do this another night." He said.

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The disappointment in Sarah's face was clear as daylight. He smiled toward Sarah with his slightly evil smile. "On the other hand, you could take Gina and have her help you in the kitchen and bring her back with breakfast." The change in Sarah's face was priceless. Gina on the other hand didn't seem to mind either way. "Oh yes Master I could use some help with the dishes and with breakfast.

I'll make sure her rings are tended to as well." "Hopefully she will learn a few more things than how to do the dishes Sarah." "Of course, Master. By morning she will eat pussy like she never done anything else in her life." Sarah grinned. "Careful Sarah, don't promise more than you can deliver.

It could get you in serious trouble." " I know Master but I'm a good trainer." "Very well then. Off you go and I'll see you at breakfast. Have fun Gina and be a good slave, Sarah will report to me in the morning, so you must obey her since she has more stars on her collar than you." "Yes Master.

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I'll obey and do my best." Gina replied. "Pick up the tray Gina and let's get you in the kitchen." Sarah ordered her as she attached the leash to Gina's collar. She tugged on the leash and Sarah disappeared with Gina following obediently behind her.

Master went over to the monitors, turned one of them to Sarah's room, and turned the video on. Gina would spend her night sucking and licking Sarah's clit and pussy and have her own eaten out as well. If he knew Sarah, she would use a strap-on on Gina too as horny as she was. Gina would know what being with a woman was all about by morning. She would be one tired little slave, but Sarah was indeed a good trainer.

Still Gina would learn to love eating pussy and have hers eaten even if this was her first time with another woman, it wouldn't be the last. Master scanned the others to see how they were doing and quickly reviewed the bitch footage from today. The dogs had made good use of her, but she had done well. He couldn't find anything on the tape that would deserve punishment.

She seemed to be settling in with the dogs and she was now asleep in her doghouse. He would leave her like today for the next two weeks before starting the next phase in her training. The cow was just hanging around since she had no choice but she was doing fine. Tina on the other hand was in bad shape and he altered the temperature to a comfortable setting.

She wouldn't handle another day in the cage without losing her sanity. He might have to give her a day to recover before letting Alex go to work on her udders. He would decide in the morning. Perhaps after she had been cleaned up she might still be in shape for her udder treatment or maybe it was better to send her to the house for a month first then bring her back for her continued training and udder injections.

He would sleep on it and see what Alex thought about it in the morning.