Sekretärin mit ihrem letzten junger Mann f70

Sekretärin mit ihrem letzten junger Mann f70
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*If you are easily offended you should not read this story. All characters are fiction as well as the plot and the girls are under 18.* enjoy! Out of the corner of my eye I see Becky in her nightgown. She looked so innocent and so cute.

" daddy" she whispered. I didn't answer her. " daddy, can I sleep next to you?" she asked. I just groaned in response. I felt her climb up on the bed and crawl over on the side of me. I knew she had just started puberty, but I wasn't expecting the pungent smell coming from her hands.

Was she masturbating in her room? I felt my cock begin to ache, tearing at the fabric of my bed shorts. When I thought she was completely asleep I reached my hand past the waist line of the shorts.

I wasn't a bad size about 8 or 9 inches. As I was rubbing my hard pulsating cock I could hear her shallow breathing and slight moans. She was grinding her small wet innocents against my arm.

" Becky?" I whispered. She froze. I watched as her skin went pail and Her eyes stood lifeless. Corps like. I knew I would have to assure her it was alright If I wanted her to gain conciseness. " Becky sweety, it's alright if your curious about sex" I said. She twelve and already masturbating obviously she's curious. Nothing was said so I leaned in and kissed my daughter gently on the lips.

Once again she froze as if death was upon her. " daddy, I seen some of your movies" she says softly. " really?" " yeah, can you show me?" " show you what honey?" " can you fuck me daddy?

Like the girls in the movie. Please daddy" she asked so sweetly as if the vial words weren't from her own mouth. I couldn't believe what she was asking me. " and.can I play with that too?" she said motioning toward my manhood. I wasn't even aware it was visible. She leaned in and kissed the head, I swallowed hard and tried to steady my breathing. Her long blond hair glistened in the light coming from the bedside lamp.

Before I could tell her to stop her tongue was out swirling around the head of my cock.

She licked the underside and the base. I wasn't prepared when she sucked the head between her small lips. Sucking and rolling her tongue just like the porn stars. " Oh fuck baby" I moaned accidentally.

She looked up at me and instead of seeing my daughter I seen something else, something dark and hungry. She lifted her head and kissed me passionately. To my surprise I kissed her back. It wasn't a kiss shared between a father and daughter, but a kiss between lovers. After the kiss broke she smiled and said " Eat my pussy daddy.ssss I want to feel your tongue sliding in and out of my cunt". Once again I was startled, and yet I couldn't resist.

I laid her on her back and spread her legs.

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She wasn't wearing any panties under her nightgown. I inhaled deeply, my mouth started watering at the sent of a growing women. She was turning me on too much. If It came down to us fucking I wouldn't know how to stop if she asked me to. Tongue deep inside her hot wet virgin cunt, thumb tickling her clit. Her hips are rolling and pushing against me as the orgasm stirs within her. She's begging to release against the pressure of my tongue. " oh fuck.ssss.hmmm m-m-mmake me cu-cu- cum" she moaned.

Her chest is heaving up and down as her lungs strain for air. " Dadddddy.I'm.C-c-cumming.ssss shittt." she yelled. As she was moaning uncontrollably I pull her down closer to me and shove my pulsating manhood inside her. With her eyes wide and her mouth drawn open I take my babies innocents. Pounding and drilling deeper and deeper into her hot tight cunt.

She gasps and digs her nails into my back. Afraid of hurting her I begin to slow down my pace. " Oh fuck.don't stop!.ssshitt.It feels so good.It feels so good." she could barely get the words out. I turned her on her side and put her left leg over my shoulder, then grabbed her hip and began ramming into her harder. She was screaming and moaning as she gripped the sheets and bit the pillow. I know she wanted this, but I wasn't sure why.

Out of all the little girls why is mine the cock hungry slut? She threw her head back and screamed " oooohhh shit.oh fuckkk-k-k.hhhhaaa.sss". Gush after gush and orgasm after orgasm I watched my little girl disappear as we cam in together. I held her tight as her orgasm subsided, this is a night she wont forget. This is a night we wont forget. I woke up early the next morning and to my surprise Becky was back in her room. Melrose my eldest daughter was just getting home from a friends house as I was making breakfast.

" hey honey" I said casually. " Hey daddy" " Have fun?" I couldn't help but think of how great her legs looked in her small white denim shorts. " of course, it was all girls there" " really? anything interesting happen?" " well, we called some boys and chatted a bit" she said as I watched her flip her long blond hair over her shoulder. There was this naughtiness about Melrose that I never noticed until now.

She was a tease. A small tube top, white skimpy shorts, from what I could see no panties, and no bra. Perfect formula for a tease. She giggled and worked her best angles as we conversation over breakfast. What was she up to? " anything bothering you?" I asked. " well.I was wondering something" " yeah?" " well now that I'm 16 I've been experimenting.and.How do you squirt?" she asked bluntly and I nearly choked on my breakfast. How could she ask something like this? We've always talked openly about things, but never this open.

She was wiggling her cute little ass as she got down a cup from the shelf. God she was hot, and she knew it. Playful biting of the lip and one hair toss after another. She was flirting and she knew how to do well. " well honey.your going to have to ask a friend" I responded finally. " I already have, and they said to just try it.can you teach me daddy?" "well first yo-" " No I mean teach me" she said as she put the cup down and placed my hand over the crotch of her shorts.

This is wrong, isn't it? Becky was a shock and now Melrose? She was wet and ready for attention. I began to rub my hand up and down the slop of her mound as the other hand caressed her ass through the thin material.

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" mmm daddy.I know you want this pretty little pussy.all the boys do." she said softly. I leaned in and kissed her gently. She began to moan as my hand roamed through the front of her shorts and tickled her hardening bud.

Her breath began to deepened turning short and strobe like. She pushed down against my hand and grinded slowly. Will little pressure I pushed in my middle finger.

She wasn't a virgin, but she was so fucking tight. Her hot muscles clenched against my intruding finger. Fluids running down her leg as I begin to spread her lips apart and toy with her clit.

" sit on the counter baby" I told her. She took off her small soaked shorts and hopped up on the granite counter top. I looked into her eyes and kissed down her body all the way to her perfectly trimmed pubic region.

She smiled wickedly and said " eat it.taste your little girl's pussy daddy".

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I dove in and sucked her clit into my mouth, she screamed out but soon clenched her jaw shut. She wasn't aware of the encounter between Becky and I the night before. I massage her most sacred areas with my tongue as I slowly insert two fingers into her gushing cunt. She sucks in a deep breath as I press against her G-spot. I begin my skilled method until she begs me to stop, even then I keep up the rhythm.

" just let go baby, daddy won't hurt you. Just let go" I assure her, feeling her start to relax. Starting slow then increasing speed she begins to cry out in pleasure. She bits down on her fist as a large gush of cum shoots from her pussy.

Hand resting against her mound she shivers in orgasm. Shock after shock hits her as I carry her into her room. I lay her on her bed and kiss her on the cheek. " sleep well baby" I said. Both of my little girls sleep tucked away in their beds.

Somehow I'm not regretting anything that happened. Is it sick of me? I walk past Becky's door and hear noises. I nearly stopped breathing when I heard her moaning my name. Slowly peering though the door I see her laying on her back, spread legs, flushed face, and the waste down of a barbie doll sticking out of her little pink cunt. Something stirring inside me once again.

I walked in and said " want some help baby?". She smiled and pushed her hips up as I closed the door behind me. " we have to be quiet your sister is home now" I said. Slowly I pull the doll out of her pussy and watch as It gapes in response. The doll is covered in her liquids. I stick my tongue out and lick all of her sweet juices off the barbie.

She taste so good. Leaning in I slid my tongue up and down her sweet smelling labia and brushed over her clit. She cringed and rolled her little ass in circles. I began pushing in the head of the barbie as I rubbed my thumb over her hard clit. " sss push in more daddy" she commanded.

And I obeyed. With the doll half way inside of her stretched whole I pick up speed.


Faster and faster I smash the doll inside of my little girl. She's moaning ferociously and throwing herself against it. I pull the doll out and shove two fingers inside her. I begin to tickle her G-spot as I watch her beg me to stop. " just let go baby, daddy won't hurt you.

Just let go" I said realising I had said those same words to Melrose.


She relaxed a bit and held her breath. Seconds later she was screaming out " Daddy. of fuck daddy!" as her cum shot across her bedroom and all over my face.

I licked my lips tasting her nectar. " lets take a shower" I said. " no" " why not?" " I want you to play with my barbie now daddy" " what do you mean?" " just let go daddy, we won't hurt you. Just let go" she said as Melrose walked into the room completely naked. She looked so much like her mother, but It felt different hearing my own words being thrown in my face. Melrose tied my hands to the frame of Becky's bed and smiled wickedly once again.

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" what is this?" I asked and in response Becky shoved her cum soaked panties in my mouth. The taste was erotic, but what was soon to come I wasn't ready for. Melrose took it upon herself to remove my clothing with scissors as Becky fondled my cock. She kissed the tip and sucked the head.

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My eyes rolled in the back of my head as Melrose tailed down my body as if searching for some hidden treasure. Kissing and sucking at every part of my body, I don't think I can handle more. " we'll take care of you daddy, just enjoy it" Melrose says. Have they planned this all along, toying with my emotions and using my love for them against me?

It blew my mind just thinking of how conniving and scamming my daughters could be. Melrose now laying beneath her sister with her tongue in my ass and a finger up her sisters hot gushing cunt, was testing her boundaries with her other hand. Two fingers pushing their way up a forbidden path to the greater depths of my body. Never have I imagined a sight quite like this one.

Becky sucking and slurping at the very thing that gave her life has her hand between her sisters legs playing with you small clit. Fuck just thinking about what they did alone with each other while I was gone. I felt a slight pressure and a loud 'POP!' sound, pain in tremendous amounts shot through my entire body and to my ass. When I looked down I could see half of a doll sticking out of my back entrance.

I tried to scream and tell them to stop, but Melrose put her hand over my mouth as Becky began moving the doll. " ssshhh daddy! I know it hurts now, but It will feel good soon. I do it all the time" Melrose said. I relaxed a bit as she slid herself down on my still hard cock that was begging for attention.

A strong amount of pleasure was running through me as Melrose fucked her self with my cock and Becky pleasured my ass with her barbie doll. When I began to enjoy what was happening Becky pulled the doll out and rolled her little tongue around my burning stretched whole. Slipping in and out teasingly blowing at the opening. She was phenomenal at what she does, Melrose equally talented turned away from me and faced her sister." eat me while I fuck daddy, but keep your finger in his ass" she commanded her little sister.

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Becky did as her sister said and began lapping at her sisters sweetness. Melrose tightened her muscles and began milking me. It wasn't long before she was filled with my hot sticky cream. She moaned and stood up, inserting her finger she began finger fucking her whole. Before I knew it she was flooding me with her cum. Becky seemed to enjoy the large gush of cum that shot from her sister. " see daddy, we told you you'd like it" she said cutely.

I just smiled and said " lets shower girls before the family gets here for your birthday Becky".