My wife and her dildo

My wife and her dildo
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::::```///Background```:::: It all started when a 14 year old boy was low on funds, so he applied for a babysitter's job. After a few weeks of nothing, one familiy decided to take a chance with this one. All was well and everythign had gone according to plan, dinner by 6, medicinde by bed by 8.

The kid was very well behaved-for now. Michael, the babysitter, was now a full time babysitter every wednesday, friday, and most weekends. Brooke, the nine year old babysitee, was now begining to feel a bit more confortable around me, and was starting to think of us as friends, not just as a sub-parent. I was very fit for a 14 year old, 125 pounds and 5'4'', Most of that weight comes from muscles, because i had been a wrestler for quite some time. Brooke, however, was very small at 4'2" and had long brown hair down to her upper back, with deep brown eyes to match.

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Her early developing body was not anything i paid attention to at that age, but it was still there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now it's more recent, I am now 16 with my own car and still babysittng. Brooke was eleven and had grown her own pair of breats to fill a B-cup bra, which she hardly wore because she tells me, "I don't like how they look." It was a regular friday and the parents were going out for an over-night party, so i was left with pizza money for two days, and plenty of time with Brooke.

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All was going to plan untill it came to be the magical time of shower time. I could tell Brooke was starting to take notice of me, because whenever i had an erection, i woudl catch her looking at it for a while, then glancing at me and away; She aked me to help get the shampoo from her parent's shower and give it to her, who was already in the shower.


I went and got it and entered the bathroom she was in, at which time i had an erection i was trying to hide. Brooke must have set ti up because as i handed her the shampoo she pick took it and threw it down, grabbing me around my waist and pulling me closer to her. to no use, i tried to push her away, she took me into the shower and pulled my pants and underwear down.

My five inch dick had fully come to an erection with the smell of her wet body and the warmth of her moist skin and hit her in the chin.

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She giggled and began to lick the edge of my head, slowly at first then mamaged to get the entire thing head into her sweet warm mouth. I sighed and told her to stop but she didn;t listen and kept moving toward my body with my dick almost all the way into her mouth--Then she pulled back, not exposing all of my dick, and went back down again.

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I grabbeed her silky hair and ran my fingers through it as she bobbed up and down on my hard prick. After a few more repititions i told her i was about to cum, and i wanted her to swallow all of the sticky madness, i heard a mumble of agreement and i came down her through, where my cum belonged.

She swallowed it all as instructed and look at em when she was done. i said to her, "That was amazing, but you can't tell anyone ever or else i wont be able to come back here anymroe? you hear me?" "yeah, i've just been wanting that for so long, i couldn;t help myself." "Thats ok, but hey, maybe we can think of some more stuff to do, eh?

we got all weekend" I said that knowing she was just as horny as me and we did in fact have the whole weekend. "Now go get into your pajamas" i said "and sleep well" I decided to sleep in the master bedroom instead of the usual couch, so i pulled up the sheets and dozed off at around 10 pm. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- about 8 am the next mornig, i was awoken by the incredible feeling of Brooke's hot mouth sucking away at my dick again, which was now fully erect, and i put my hands on her head and she began to bob up and down, bringing me to squeeze another load into her ever willing mouth.

"When did you become so good at that?" i asked comically "i dont know, i just was doing what i though was ok" "Well its more than ok sweetie, its just about the best feeling i can ever feel, in fact, ill let you feel what im feeling today!" Her eyes lit up and she said, "oh mike do you really mean it?

can't we do it now?" "Let have some breakfast first, then we can get started, im hungry!


"Brooke, i dont know how much you know about sex, so ill just be thurough, what you've been doing to me is giving be blowjobs, and now, ill show you what they feel like, go law down on the couch there." She did so and laid on her back with her head resting on the armrest. She was wearing a light, see through nightie, which looked good against her brown hair and eyes.

I lifted up her nightie and pulled her little panties off, exposing a lightly pink colored snatch, which was topped by a few light brown hairs. i began to lick all round it andevery time i came near the moist opening she let out a soft moan of delight.

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i was insterting my tounge into her small tight pussy and she moaned louder than before, obviously enjoying it. As i went in and out of it with my tounge, i went across her clit, and a few minutes later it began to compress and she had her first real oragasm right into my mouth.


I looked directyl into her eyes and moved up face to face. "How did that feel?" "Oh mike, that was the best thing i've ever felt, i had no idea it was this good." I moved her from the couch and placed her on the floor, moving myself up so my erect cock was at her mouth level- "You knwo what to do." She complied and began to take my cock into her mouth and went up and down on it.

"this time, i want you to put two fingers into your pussy and move then in out out like i was doing, and with your other hand, run your little nipples." "uh huh" she gugrgled.

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A Rythem had been built as she moved her head down on me and her fingers out, and coming back up and sliding her fingers into herself. the pace quickened and i told her i was going to cum down her sweet throat and she managed to say she was too, and we both came at the same time onto eachother.

"That was the best thing i've ever felt mike, theres no way it can get there?" "Oh Brooke, you are only starting to learn the feelings you can get from sex, but for now, its time to take a beak." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The end?!

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