Teeny lovers she loves his abs and cock

Teeny lovers she loves his abs and cock
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Kristi and her Dad By PornluvrJim Chapter 2 This is an adult erotic story (or at least it was written as one). If you're under the legal age wherever you happen to be, don't like these types of stories, or are close minded, judgmental, ignorant or for any other reason you think these types of stories are disgusting, leave, delete it and go away forever.

So, Anyway-Here she was, sitting in the living room waiting for her date with Chad, but in reality she was thinking of someone else, Her brain knew that she shouldn't be thinking of her father In this way, but she loved him and couldn't help herself, She started thinking of last night, when she got home from her college cheerleading practice She was suppose to spend the night at Barbi's house with some of the other girl's to practice cheers and gossip, but at the last minute decided to go home and get a good night's sleep.

She knew her dad had a date with a new girlfriend and would probably be out late, so when she got home at Ten O'clock, she was surprised to see his new four by four in the driveway. She also didn't recognize the sports car in the driveway.


She quietly entered the house and immediately heard noises from upstairs. She went into the living room and turned on the TV, but the noises she heard from Dad's bedroom began to affect her in strange ways All of a sudden, she felt tingling between her legs, followed by a definite wet spot in her panties.

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She sat there trying to ignore it, but it was pretty obvious that the feelings weren't going to go away. Since she couldn't concentrate on the television, she decided to check out what the noises were all about She slipped off her shoes and tiptoed up the stairs, stopping just outside of her father's bedroom door.

She really didn't have to be as quiet as she was, because with all the activity going on in the bedroom, they probably wouldn't have heard an atomic explosion Kristi could feel The color of her cheeks going flush and felt her breath quicken as she heard what was quite obviously a very active sex scene just beyond the rattling door. Tom and his date, Michele were indeed having a good time and the possibility of them hearing Kristi was greatly diminished by the fact that they were currently engaged in a lustfully intense sixty-nine, Their date started innocently enough with a home cooked meal and a good bottle of wine.

After dinner, they settled in on watching a little TV and some conversation.


The conversation soon turned to sex, with Michele jokingly harassing Tom about the fun he must have with his models, posing various parts of their bodies and so on. Within minutes, she leaned over and whispered to Tom that he could pose her if he wanted to. The hot breath and teasing tongue of this gorgeous woman was sending definite signals to him, Tom smiled and took her by the hand, telling her that he had a better idea.

He led her upstairs to the bedroom where he gently pulled her to and she melted as their lips met in a soulful, deep knee weakening kiss.

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Michele's 34C firm breasts pressed against Tom's muscular chest and he could feel her nipples harden, even through her bra. Before he knew what was happening, Michele had unbuttoned his shirt and was slithering down on her knees in front of him.

She gasped when she looked into the front of his jeans at the size of the bulge under the stressed out zipper. Without a word, she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper, exposing an extremely large bulge covered only by the silk boxers he was wearing, getting hotter and hotter Michele started licking and sucking his steel hard cock through the soft silk, the heat of her mouth going through him like an electric jolt.

Moaning loudly, Tom couldn't believe the involuntary reaction to her teasing mouth. Normally a very cool and calm man, He just wanted to grab the back of her head and shove eight inches of steel into her throat. With one hand, she began reeling the massive set of balls hanging under his cock. All the while she was teasing him, he couldn't even move, the feeling being like nothing he had ever felt before, Michele couldn't stand the wait any longer with her free hand she began fishing the 8" long, 2-1/2" diameter cock out of his shorts.

As soon as he was free of his clothing. She took the purple headed prick into her hot, ready mouth.

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Tom yelled in immediate pleasure, and at this point, his nineteen year old college daughter couldn't stand listening through the door without seeing what was going on, Quietly she turned the doorknob of her father's bedroom door and inched it open just enough to see the king size bed, What she saw made her gasp almost loudly and she didn't want the participants to hear her. She also couldn't help but reaching up under her skirt and into her panties to feel tier extremely wet, young pussy There was also no problem as she found her little clit, already stiff with anticipation of relief by her own hand, In the room she watched as her dad's date knelt in front of him, Michele and Tom were obvious to their new audience, and even if they knew, it was doubtful they could stop the activity.

Michele was licking the hard cock all over, concentrating mainly on the head and quickly felt drops of pre-cum leaking out of the more than ample mouth-filling Purple-headed warrior.

Almost painfully slow, Tom felt her take his now hurting cock deeper and deeper into the moist cavern, feeling her tongue circle the head and the underside of his pleasure center.

He still doesn't know how she did it, but somehow the sucking machine named Michele had managed to take his entire cock into her mouth, He felt the tip of the head reach right into her throat and she didn't even gag, He was now taking control of tile situation and wanted to show her how much he appreciated her obvious talents, Without losing a stroke, Tom slid the girl onto the bed and was able to turn himself around so his mouth was directly under her overheated, wet pussy.

Michele felt the movements but didn't really pay attention, her mouth filled to overflowing with the giant cock. She loved to suck cock, and this one was a real challenge, She really didn't care if she was sucking on a small one, big one, thin one, or fat one, as long as it 'was willing and able to slide into her mouth.

Of course she loved to fuck too, but sucking on cocks, sometimes more than one at a time, was her favorite, With Tom on top of her, he could not fuck her mouth like a pussy and they both liked that. As soon as his dick started sliding in and out like that it felt like he grew another two inches, Both Tom and Michele knew he wouldn't last much longer, and Tom wasn't through with her.

He quickly flipped up the short skirt she had worn and found that he didn't have to worry about trying to remove pantyhose, because she had worn a very sexy pair of thigh high stockings with lace tops" Tom liked that.

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He also liked the very sheer silk panties that she was wearing, He immediately notices a very large wet spot on her panties, right between her legs, He bent over the spot and took, a deep breath, He loved the smell of a woman in heat. Tom started licking and sucking at her pussy right through her panties and Michele went crazy, coming without him even entering her, With his teeth, he moved the panties aside and started licking at his object of desire and her needs" As soon as his tongue entered her steamy love slit, She screamed In orgasm.

Tom smiled because his favorite was also oral and he loved it when a woman responded like this, He placed his mouth over her entire pussy and seemed to be sucking the life out of her, all the while reminded that his cock was about to burst Sure enough, thirty seconds later, they both felt his cock swell even more and then burst.

To Torn, it felt like a golf ball went through a garden hose, he kept spewing love juice down her throat To Michele, it tasted like a glass of fine wine, just sweet enough, and not to tart He shot like a cannon into her throat and she swallowed as much as possible, but she could only hold so much at a time a little leaked past her tongue and out of her mouth, Not one to waste, she scooped the remaining cum and licked it like ice cream, All she needed was his cum and she was herself ready.

Tom kept on licking and sucking on her overflowing pussy and soon after he came, felt her thighs tense and her breath quicken.

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With an intensity that could be recorded on the Richter scale, she came and actually shot a stream of woman cum into Tom's mouth. Neither she nor he had ever experienced that phenomenon but they both enjoyed it.

Jim found that he really enjoyed the taste of female ejaculate and looked forward to tasting more in the future. The sight and sounds of Kristi's dad coming so violently in Michele's mouth was too much for the teenager, As soon as her Dad and the girl carne, she began to shake and almost lost consciousness with the intensity of her own orgasm.

She had to back away from the door, knowing that if she had stayed there, she would have surely been discovered, and was fairly certain that would not have gone over well with her daddy, She almost laughingly imagined him discovering his little girl in this position and taking her over his knee, pulling up her skirt to give her a well deserved spanking, and finding her panties soaking wet from her enormous self inflicted cum Actually, the more she thought about this scenario, the hornier she got She always loved her daddy and seeing him in this new light started to give her some very different ideas about how much she loves him.

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Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, with all of the heat and passion that was being generated between the two of them, both Tom and Michele knew they weren't done yet. Without losing a beat, Torn turned around and positioned his still hard cock directly in front of her seething pussy, Almost like a vacuum cleaner, his cock seemed to be sucked right into the depths of her womb.

She screamed as he grunted and cried "OH JESUS you're so fuckin' tight." "Give it to me", Michele cried as Tom lunged with all his might He felt he pussy lips give way and envelope his engorged muscle with renewed strength and the stamina of a bull in heat, Tom slid easily in and out of Michele's greedy, velvety pussy. It seemed to both of them that the cock sliding in and out of her was going all the way up to her throat, and they both were in a heated frenzy that couldn't be stopped in any event.

After about five minutes and at the pace of a speeding train, Tom and Michele both felt the imminent.

In unison, the both yelled at the top of their lungs and came together. Torrents of cum Shot out of the hard prick, first spraying inside of her steaming pussy, and even when he pulled out, still more of the white goo shot all over her flat tummy and hard nipple tits.

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Michele first felt Tom's scum and then hers mixing and then leaking out of her well satisfied pussy. All the while, Kristi sat outside of the bedroom in awe. Not one to be left out, she once again stuck her hand in her panty's and actually came even harder than the first time when she witnessed her dad and the girl coming together Soon after, Tom rolled off the bed and turning to Michele, told her that he loved her.

He then picked her up in his arms and carried her to the adjoining bathroom for a refreshing shower together, At the same time, Kristi snuck away from the door, totally satisfiedweak, and she realized a little jealous, into her bedroom where she fell asleep, dreaming of how to get closer to daddy, End chapter .2