Rubbing one out to sexy ladies

Rubbing one out to sexy ladies
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Returning to work Monday afternoon, Jim found it difficult to remain quiet about last Friday night's cookout. As he wheeled his loaded cart back and forth, from the scales to the storage room and filed the tools in their proper bins. This was his job, weighing sockets and wrenches, putting them in storage and logging the count in the inventory control notebook. Boring. As Jim returned to the scales, he stopped for a smoke break. His boss, also his best friend Ted was sitting at his desk, going over the day's tool production report.

Jim walked over, lit up a cigarette and sat on the edge of Ted's desk. "Studying figures again?" Jim asked. "Yep. Same old shit everyday," Ted answered with a growl. Jim paused for a puff and continued, "Is that all you ever do, study tool figures? No other figures?" Ted rolled his chair away from his desk and folded his arms behind his head. Looking at Jim, he asked, "Where is this conversation going? What is your point?" After a couple more puffs on his cigarette, Jim continued, "I was just wondering if you enjoyed studying my wife's figure?" Ted's eyes widened a little and he bit at his lower lip.

Looking straight into Jim's eyes, he asked, "You know about us, Did Jeannie tell you?" Smiling a little, Jim replied, "Yes I know and no she didn't tell me. I was behind the neighbor's hedges, watching the whole show." Ted lit a cigarette and leaned back in his chair. With a concerned look on his face, he asked, "Soooo? Now you're pissed at me for fucking Jeannie?

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I couldn't help it, it just happened. She was standing there in that thin robe and I could tell by the way it hugged her ass and breasts that she had nothing on under it. It's not like I planned it!" Jim gave Ted a little grin and said, "I know you didn't plan it Ted, because I did." Confused, Ted asked, "Why Jim? Why would you do that?" Jim paused and said, "Let's clock out and have a burger and a cold beer at the alley tavern?

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I'll tell you a story about Jeannie and I." At the tavern, they sat in a booth away from the other patrons. The bartender brought them a cold beer and took their order. Jim began with, "Ted. Jeannie and I have been married six years now. We are still very much in love and the sex is great, but something is missing?


I realized back in the army years, it turned me on when other soldiers would stare at Jeannie as we walked by. I often wondered what they were thinking, as they watched her ass sway and stared holes in her nice perky breasts?

Recently, I've wondered what it would be like to watch another man fuck her? That's where you came in. Who better than my best buddy?" The conversation paused, as their burgers arrived. After a few bites, Ted asked, "So now what happens? Do you want me to stay away from Jeannie? Act like I didn't enjoy fucking her?" Jim took another bite and answered, "By all means, no Ted. I just want to step it up a notch, so it serves my purpose too. I want you to share a few secrets with me at work, to be used as foreplay when I get home?" Ted smiled slightly and said, "Let's finish up and get back to work, you sick puppy?" Smiling at each other, they got up and left.

As they walked back towards work, Ted stopped.

Lighting a cigarette, he began talking, "Jim, do your remember the day you called me on my cell phone and told me Jeannie was home alone? Then you asked me if I would like to have a little fun, playing a joke on her?" Jim said, "Yes I do, what about it?" Ted paused and said, "Well a joke was played, but it ended up being on you." Jim was puzzled and asked Ted what he was talking about? Ted leaned up against a parked car and continued his story.

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"When I dropped by that day, it caught Jeannie by surprise. I told I was just trying to score a good cup of coffee. Well, I scored more than that. She invited me in and fixed me a cup, telling me she would join me, after she finished up washing the dishes.

I stood there sipping my coffee and studying her delightful frame, as her ass swayed around in her thin robe. I sat my coffee down and moved close to her. Taking her wrists in my hands, I pressed my body to hers. She asked me what I was doing? I told her to relax and I bent down and gently kissed her neck. I whispered in her ear, telling her that I hadn't been laid in over two months and I really needed her." Jim asked, "So, did you fuck her?" Ted replied, "Not really, just listen?

I wanted to, but things went another direction and really fast. I could feel her body shaking and could tell she was not going to resist. I traced my hands up her arms and under them, taking her breasts in my hands.

As I began feeling her up real good, I slid my right hand down and into her robe. In a flash, my finger found and entered her moist pussy.

As I began jerking my hand, rapidly finger fucking her, her head rolled back. I started kissing all over her neck and ear and she whispered, "My God Ted, that feels great. But we really shouldn't do this? What if Jim finds out?" As I continued jamming my finger into her tight wet cunt, she reached back and took hold of the bulge in my pants.

She moaned, "Mmmm Ted. You feel so big and hard. Let me take it out?" She opened my fly and reached in through the opening in my boxers, wrapping her little hand around my shaft. As she pulled it out and began stroking it's length, I removed my finger from her. But just long enough to open and pull her robe free from her shoulders and let it fall.

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She released my raging hard on, to allow her robe to hit the floor. She returned to stroking my cock, as I reached around her and took both of her breasts in my big hands.

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That little mirror above the sink allowed us both a great view, as I squeezed and massaged her globes, gently rolling her rock hard nipples in my fingers. I leaned forward and using my body, I pressed her against the sink. Taking both of her wrists in my hands, I raised her arms, placing her hands on her breasts.

I stared into her eyes through the reflection in the mirror and whispered into her ear, "Play with your titties for me Jeannie? I love watching a woman play with her breasts, especially while I'm fucking her." She began doing as I asked, while smiling at me in the mirror. I placed my right foot between her feet, spreading them about a foot apart.

As I continued to watch her feeling herself up, I took my rod in my hand and began rubbing it's large head between her pussy lips. I started jerking it back and forth, rubbing over her juicy clit.

She moaned softly and her body began shaking like an earthquake. She cried out softly, "Yeeees, Yeeees!" as I eased my shaft head into her wet, waiting cunt lips. After working about three inches of my hard cock into her, I could feel her vaginal muscles begin to grip my cock, drawing at it like a nursing calf. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped!


She pulled away from me and turned around. Looking me straight in the eyes, she had a look of fear in hers. "Ted, you can't continue fucking me. As hot as I am right now, you'll surely knock me up if I allow you to cum in me?" With that said, she lowered herself down to her knees. Wrapping her left hand around the end of my big cock, she started rubbing the bottom of the head with her thumb. Back and forth she rubbed and squeezed, as I felt my nuts tighten up.

She wrapped her right hand around my ball sack and began massaging them like a couple of candy Easter eggs. I was headed for the edge. Placing my hand behind her head, pulling her to me, she opened her warm, wet lips and took my cock into her mouth. She rolled her head around, sucking me short and then deep. I could feel my cock head reach the back of her mouth and ease into her throat.

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As my nuts tightened to the max, I placed my other hand behind her head and began face fucking her. She hummed a little moan, as she continued sucking me like a hooker.

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Then it hit! She moaned a little "Mmmm," as she felt my cock explode. I began pumping her mouth harder, dumping months of stored up man seed into her throat. Never once gagging, she took it all. My body convulsed, as I felt her throat muscles swallow my load. I pulled her to her feet and jammed two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Jacking her off violently, it only took a minute to bring her to a pounding orgasm. I took her with a passionate french kiss, sucking her tongue into my mouth, as she continued jerking her hips.

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When she finished cumming and her body became still, I kissed her again and said, "Thank you Jeannie. I really need that." She smiled slightly and said, "I could tell. I wish I could have taken that load in my pussy?" I paused and said, "Maybe another day? I love you Jeannie." She gave me a confused look and watched me walk away. As we were finishing up our work shift and Ted and I were washing our hands, I asked him, "How about 'a day at the lake' this weekend?

We can grab some beer, wine, chicken and a blanket and the three of us enjoy a picnic?" Ted responded. "Sounds great buddy. Do you think Jeannie will go for it?" I smiled at him and said, "After your little kitchen romp, she may want more than a picnic?" They both chuckled, clocked out, said goodnight and headed for home.

As Jim drove home, thoughts of Ted's tale about him and Jeannie, ran through his mind. Thinking to himself, "Boy is Jeannie going to get a royal fucking tonight!" And she did!