Babe fingering and toying both holes

Babe fingering and toying both holes
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Fbailey story number 544 Blonde Honey She had long curly honey blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and long eyelashes.

She was thirteen years old, skinny as a rail, and cute as hell. She was the perfect image of what a young woman should look like. I had been jerking off to thoughts of her every night for weeks.

I slept with her used panties under my pillow. That is whenever I could find her used panties. I think Dad was beating me to them. Only the three of us lived in the house. At first I thought that maybe she didn't wear panties every day but I was wrong. I saw her squat down, I saw that she was wearing a baby blue pair, and yet that night I could not find them. I had observed that for her thirteenth birthday Dad took her out shopping. For years he had tried to keep her dressed like a little girl but that day she became a woman in his eyes and as such she could dress like a woman.

Within weeks everything she ever worn had been replaced right down to her underwear. She didn't need a bra but she bought a couple of very sexy ones. Holly was my sister and I was in love with her. Dad allowed Holly to stay up later, to wear sexy nighties around the house after dinner, and to watch R-rated movies containing sex, nudity, and violence.

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I was going to complain because he had not even let me see movies like that until he allowed her too. Like I said I was going to complain but the rewards were too good to screw up. I got to stay up later, I got to see boobies on television, and I got to watch my little sister run around half-naked in front of Dad and I.

I had it made. Holly seemed to like her new sexual freedom and she liked the attention from Dad and I. She started getting braver and braver around us too. She would leave her bedroom door wide open when she changed her clothes, she would let us use the toilet when she was taking a bath, and she would sometimes play with her clit during a sexy movie.

She did all of that for our benefit. If she wanted to do it I was more than happy to oblige her. Dad worked until five o'clock while Holly and I got out of school at three o'clock.

That gave me two full hours with her alone. I would find an excuse to ask her a question when she changed out of her school clothes. I would have to use the toilet whenever she was in the tub. That allowed me to let her look at my cock when I lowered my pants and underwear to sit down. That also gave me three or four minutes to look at her as the bubbles disappeared and to talk to her.

She knew exactly what I was doing but let me do it anyway. Then one night Dad asked her to sit in his lap while they watched a movie together. I saw his hand between her legs playing with her clit during the love making sessions. The movies got more and more graphic too. Soon we were watching the Playboy channel at night. Dad referred to it as a single X-rated movie. He explained that in triple X-rated movies we would get to watch them actually fucking up close and personal with penetration.

However, in single X-rated movies we did not see any penetration. Holly liked the closeness with Dad. She liked the way he touched her and masturbated her during the movies. Then she asked him to let her watch some movies with full penetration.

I held my breath until he said okay. That weekend Dad brought home ten movies that he had bought. He showed us the packages that contained young girls with their brothers, their fathers, and both together.

He opened up another bag and showed Holly what a rubber cock looked like, a butt plug, and some nipple clamps. There were three different size dildos, two different size butt plugs, and several kinds of nipple clamps, some with adjustments for pressure. There was a vibrator with a long curved knob to stimulate her G-spot, a rabbit vibrator that could stimulate her clit when used, and a vibrating egg that could be inserted and worn to school. Dad said that he would show her how to use them all if she was willing.

God, was she ever willing but first she wanted to watch one of the new movies of a girl with both her brother and her father. Now the other movies that we had watched had older girls pretending to be younger girls. It was funny to see stretch marks, caesarian section scars, and gaudy tattoos on young girls. However, that first movie was completely different.

The girl really did look like she was thirteen and her brother and father looked like her. They claimed to be a real family and I believed them, so did Holly. The girl was flawless and had no scars or tattoos. When they got a close up of her pussy I could see the soft downy hairs that Holly had on her pussy. Dad said that it had cost him dearly too. As we watched it Holly sat between Dad and I on the couch. She was naked and so were we. She could not take her eyes off that screen. She watched intently as the girl sucked her brother's cock and let him stick it in her pussy.

Then when he had cum in her and pulled out we could actually see the cum dripping out of her. In the next scene her father was eating her pussy and giving her oral orgasms before he shoved his big cock into his daughter. Her pussy stretched to accept him inside her.

The girl certainly liked being fucked. The next scene had her brother butt fucking her. That was why Dad had bought Holly the butt plugs. I knew right then that Dad and I were going to be fucking Holly in all of her holes. Before that I had only been hoping. Also in the movie the brother always got to go first and stretch his sister out a little for her father to get in.

I wanted to go first with Holly. When the movie ended Dad and I had given Holly at least a half dozen orgasms and both of us had shot our cum onto her legs. I smiled as she scooped our cum up with her fingers and sucked it into her mouth to swallow. I had not seen that in the movie but it seemed so natural.

Dad said, "Okay Holly, from now on it is your body and you can let whoever you want, to fuck you. I strongly suggest that you let your father and brother help you learn first because we already love you and we wouldn't hurt you intentionally. Now we will not rape you, we both will ask permission each and every time, and you have the right to say no." Holly said, "Screw that, just fuck me anytime that you can get those things hard. I don't care if you wake me up in the middle of the night.

I want to feel as good as her brother and father made her feel. Like she said in the end, incest is best." Dad said, "We need to break your hymen first and it may hurt." Holly looked at my cock. It had stiffened but Dads had not yet. She asked, "Will you break my hymen, dear brother?" I said, "I'd be happy too.

That way we can loose our virginities together." She said, "I like that." Dad said, "It might hurt some when he breaks it." Holly said, "I know that, I watched the movie. Now lets do it." Before I could get up Holly had swung over me and was sitting straddling my legs and facing me.

She lifted up, held my cock up straight, and located her opening with it. She looked into my eyes, smiled, and sat down on it. There was a surprised look on her face, then she lifted up and dropped down again, and again, and again until she was completely full of my cock.

I held her and I kissed her nipples. Her tits hadn't started to grow yet but she had fantastic nipples. Holly fucked me until I had cum in her.

She waited to make sure that I had finished and then she got up. She leaned over and cleaned me up with her tongue just like the girl in the movie had done with her brother. I looked at my cum dripping down her inner thigh and decided to try it myself. After all the brother on the screen sucked up his own cum after he fucked his sister. If he could do it so could I. At first I wasn't sure about the taste or the texture but Holly had enjoyed it.

Then as I got into her opening itself with my tongue the taste improved. I figured that I was then tasting Holly's cum mixed with my own. No matter what it still tasted better and I couldn't get enough. In the process I managed to give Holly two oral orgasms. She said, "Oh brother, I love you and you can fuck me anytime that you want too. You don't have to ask my permission because I am giving you permission now." Dad asked, "What about me?" Holly said, "You can fuck me too but you will have to buy me sexy clothes in exchange." He laughed and said, "Isn't that prostitution?" Holly laughed and said, "Not any more than a husband buying nice things for his wife.

The sex is just icing on the cake, that's all." Dad and I got to fuck Holly twice each that Friday night. The second time that Dad fucked Holly was during a movie with her sitting on his cock facing the television, that way he couldn't see the pain in her face as he fucked up into her.

His cock was fatter than mine was and he was rougher when he thrust into her.


My little sister was tolerating a lot to satisfy her men. When it was bedtime Holly asked if she could sleep with me. She admitted that she was pretty sore in there but that she still wanted my cock in her. In fact she suggested that we duct tape ourselves together so it wouldn't fall out. Instead I squirted some medical cream on my cock and let her sit on it while I lay there on my back.

She moved it around inside her for a while and then passed out on my chest. I covered us up and fell asleep clutching her smooth ass. When I woke up in the morning Holly was snuggled into my chest and my arm was wrapped around her. Her pussy was still tender but not sore so she let me fuck her and then she went right into Dad's bedroom and let him fuck her too. We spent that Saturday watching a couple more movies but they were not as good as that first one had been.

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The credits said that all the actors were at least eighteen even though one did look younger. The rest of the day was spent putting the small butt plug in Holly's ass for a few minutes at a time to get her used to it in there. She gave us both a blowjob and we got to attach the nipple clamps to her tiny nipples. She let us put them on pretty tight but not as tight as they could go. That night she slept with Dad in his bed. I had never felt as lonely or as jealous as I did that night.

I really did love my honey blonde sister. Sunday morning it was my turn for sloppy seconds. That was when Holly said, "I like sleeping with you better than with Dad.

Can I just sleep with you from now on?" Of course I said yes. That Sunday we managed to see the rest of the XXX-rated incest movies. Holly got some ideas and so did Dad and I. We each got to fuck her three times each, plus I got two blowjobs, and I got to sleep with her. Monday morning she was up early, she had me fuck her right away, and then she let Dad fuck her. After that she peed, took a long shower, and got ready for school. I watched her comb her long curly blonde hair, apply a little too much makeup, and then pick out her clothes for the day.

She wanted to wear her new black and purple panty and bra set but she also wanted to be able to show them off if she wanted too. I suggested her new brown leather micro miniskirt. It hardly covered her crotch when she stood up let alone cover anything if she bent over or sat down.

As to her bra showing I suggested a white blouse with a couple of buttons left undone. She put everything on and then checked herself out in the mirror. Dad certainly approved and then he drove us to school. He never drove us to school before but I knew that he wanted to look at Holly just long as possible that morning.

Holly was thirteen and in the seventh grade, I was fourteen and in the eighth grade, and in our town that put us in the same school with the seventh graders.

We passed classes, ran into one another occasionally in the halls, and we had lunch together. I was in the lunch room when Holly entered, all conversation stopped, and every eye in the place was trained on her. My sister was a Sex Goddess. Every cock in that room wanted to crawl up inside her and die. Even the girls couldn't take their eyes off from her as she walked toward the food line. Kids parted like the Red Sea to allow her through. Holly picked some unusual food to eat that day, certainly not her normal choices.

Then soon I found out why. She put some yogurt in her mouth, opened it up, and displayed a creamy white puddle on her tongue. Cocks hardened everywhere. When she deep throated a long carrot there was a hush over the crowd. When she pulled it most of the way out and snapped the end off with her teeth there was an applause. Holly blushed slightly, stood up, and took a bow. Needless to say everyone behind her got a clear view of her panty-covered ass and everyone in front of her got to look down her blouse.

During the course of eating lunch a few more buttons had become undone. The crowd went wild. Later that day as we met up to walk home Holly said, "I had to go see the Principle. He strongly suggested that my skirts should be a tad longer and that my blouse should be buttoned appropriately. I just smiled because there was drool at the corner of his mouth and he could not stand up to see me out of his office like he normally does." I asked, "What are going to do?" Holly giggled and said, "Ask Daddy to buy me some more of these skirts.

I think bright red would be nice and maybe with a lime green pair of panties. You know, even though I don't need a bra, I like the attention that I get when I wear one." After Holly had told Dad about her trip to the Principle's office and her desire for more skirts he took us to the mall to shop and have dinner.

Holly got her red leather micro miniskirt and her lime green with black trim panty and bra set. She was still dressed in her school outfit and walked a few feet in front of us so that Dad could see the effect that she had on everyone. In the restaurant Dad started to drool when Holly opened up a few more buttons.

The waiter sure approved. She made two trips to the little girl's room just to parade herself through the restaurant. Holly ordered Jell-O for desert and made a sloppy slurping sound as she pressed her lips together and sucked it up off the plate like John Belushi did in Animal House. Holly however did it in the most seductive way possible. Every man that could see her was imagining her sucking a golf ball through a garden hose.

She could have sold a blowjob for a million dollars and someone there would have paid it. Those lips of hers were made to kiss and suck. When Dad asked for the check the waiter told him that it had already been taken care of.

Holly asked, who and the waiter pointed to a man dressed in a business suit a couple of tables away. Holly parted her legs for several seconds to provide him with a great view and then she stood up and walked over to him. Apparently she thanked him and then she kissed him right on the lips as her hand disappeared under the table.

When she returned we left the restaurant. Outside Holly said, "His cock was rock hard, he stuck his tongue in my mouth, and he owns the company that Daddy works for." Dad asked, "Did he know who I was?" Holly said, "No…" Dad said, "Thank God!" Then Holly finished, "…but he does now. He wants to see you in his office in the morning." Dad said, "Oh God, that can't be good." Holly said, "Only one way to find out…go to his office in the morning.

What do you have to loose?" Dad replied, "My job!" Holly said, "Not from what I saw and felt. I bet he wants to fuck me and then give you a promotion." Dad asked, "How would you know that?" Holly laughed and said, "Because he told me so silly." Sex that night was serious.

Holly needed it desperately, Dad needed to get something out of his system, and he could certainly remember the wonderful shows at lunch and dinner. My pecker kept popping up all night long and Holly loved it. Holly slept with Dad that night because she felt that he needed her.

He sure was nervous when he dropped us off at school even though Holly told him that it would be okay. The Principle saw Holly and I come into the school but before he could say a word I saw his cock growing in his pants.

He got all embarrassed and rushed back to his office. He never did say anything to Holly about his dress code. Lunch was different because the Cheerleaders that were in my grade all sat with Holly and I at our table. They each had a whole raw carrot on their trays and asked Holly to teach them how to deep throat it. Every eye was on my table and I was the center of attention. Jessica the queen of our school looked directly at me as she pulled her carrot out of her throat and asked, "Can I practice on you sometime" just as she squeezed my cock through my pants.

I replied, "I have a study hall during fifth period." Jessica said, "Get out of it and meet me in the gym." I did meet her in the gymnasium and she took me under the bleachers while a class was using the floor.

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She took out my cock, sucked on it a few times and then swallowed it. A few strokes later she came up for air and said, "Stick it in me.

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I don't like cum in my mouth but I'm certainly no tease, so fuck me." She turned around lifted her skirt and lowered her panties for me. In seconds I had my cock in the cunt of the sexiest girl in our school, and minutes before I had it in her mouth. I felt like I could die happy. Then I started squirting cum into her and it squirted and it squirted. I had never produced that much cum in my life.

Even Jessica asked, "Aren't you done filling me yet? I can feel it running down my leg. Oh God that feels good. Where did you learn to do that?" I was not about to tell her that Holly and I had been practicing together so I just said, "You bring out the best in me." She laughed and said, "In me, you mean." Then we both laughed.

When we climbed out from under the bleacher the boys looked at us and started cheering. Jessica ran into the girl's locker room and I did not see her for the rest of the day. When Dad got home he hugged Holly, told her about his promotion and his raise, and then he said that we were going to spend the weekend in Cape Cod at the owner's summerhouse. Then he said that Holly was going to sleep with him and his wife on the Saturday night of our stay. Holly said, "But I haven't been with a girl." I then suggested Jessica and called her up.

When I invited her over for the evening she jumped at it, when I mentioned a threesome with my sister she again jumped at it. Holly was pleased and went up to take a bath. Dad decided to go out and celebrate and leave the house to us. Jessica arrived and seemed a little too excited.

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I took her up to the bathroom where Holly was still in the bathtub. Jessica undressed and climbed in with her. I got to look at Jessica's tits and were they ever nice. Those bulky cheerleader sweaters didn't do her justice. Jessica said, "I've done it with lots of boys and girls and I've had a few threesomes but I've never done it was a brother and a sister before.

I'm excited." Holly said, "I've never done it with a girl before so I want you to teach me how to please you." Jessica turned to me and said, "It looks like us girls are going to be busy so anytime that you get the urge just jump in." They played around until the water got cold then we all moved into my sister's bedroom. Jessica got between Holly's legs and put her butt up in the air for me.

I climbed up behind her and stuck my cock in her pussy again for the second time that day. That time though I got to play with her hanging breasts as she gave my sister instructions and several orgasms.

When I had filled Jessica's pussy they broke apart.

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Jessica was going to go flush me down the toilet explaining that she didn't like cum in her mouth and wouldn't make Holly eat it either. Holly explained to her that she liked the taste of my cum and has given me several blowjobs. Jessica leaned back on the bed and let Holly get between her legs. As Holly worked, Jessica gave her little suggestions as to what she liked better or done longer to her. After several orgasms Jessica told Holly that she was the best pussy-licker that she knew.

Holly took that as a compliment. Then I fucked Jessica one more time before she had to go home. That time we were naked and facing each other. My cock was in her pussy, my tongue was in her mouth, and her breasts were poked into my chest. I couldn't wait for Holly to grow tits. When I filled Jessica, Holly stared licking her out.

Jessica then asked Holly if she would share my cum with her. Holly gathered up a big gob from Jessica's pussy and then French kissed Jessica until Jessica had swallowed it all and was begging for more.

She got it too.

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Then after Jessica had cleaned up, gotten dressed, and was about to leave she gave me a blowjob. She swallowed my cock down into her throat, then she took a mouthful when I climaxed, and then she swallowed that refusing to share it with my sister telling her to get her own.

Jessica was still licking her lips when Dad opened the door. Needless to say Holly was a big hit with the owner and his wife at their Cape Cod summerhouse on Saturday evening. The husband fucked her from the front with her lying on her back and his wife sitting on her face, facing her husband. When the husband came, the wife just leaned down and the girls were in a sixty-nine for most of the evening.

The husband could not get it up a second time so Holly brought her to my bedroom. I got it up all right. With Holly's help I fucked that old lady five times before breakfast. We never did get any sleep. When we left that weekend I too had a job on Wednesdays after school.

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The old lady called it 'mowing her lawn' for which I would get a hundred dollars a week. I called it trying to fuck her to death before her husband came home. Of course her husband knew what was going on but it was a game they played to keep some excitement in their marriage.

It was the same game that he played with Holly on Thursdays when his wife went to her Bridge Club. Only Holly got five hundred dollars put into her college fund instead. It seems that Holly is the only girl that had gotten him hard in many years. That was why he got so excited in the restaurant that first time. My honey blonde sister became a blonde honey to many of us that year. Jessica and I became a couple and went on to high school together. Holly became an eighth grader, head cheerleader, and the new reigning queen of that school.

The Principle left her alone too.


Dad enjoyed his new position and started bringing his secretary home at night for DICK-tation. The End Blonde Honey 544