Asian cutie amy parks spreads her legs for cock

Asian cutie amy parks spreads her legs for cock
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I have always been known as a brainiac. It's a name that i'm damned proud of, cause it took me a while to achieve it.

If you enjoy getting or giving brain, this is the story for you. In Atlanta there is really no middle class, there are the filthy rich people, and the people that live in the hood. I'm one of the filthy rich people. My name is Chanel and I just turned 18, it's so exciting. My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is black. I'm not even gonna lie, i look good. Puberty came early for this mamacita. I take after my mother with my full breasts and my beautiful hair.

The fat ass, that's all from daddy's side! About a month ago we started to renovate our kitchen. It was noisy as hell in my house, with all the workers. Then a couple of weeks ago I was laying on the driveway in this little ass bikini, tryna get a tan.

I wasn't out on the pool cause i was trying to get away from all the. Then all of the sudden this shadow of a man came over me. I knew there was someone standing next to me, but i did not budge one bit. I just thought he was another worker.

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Then in this deep velvet voice he said, "Excuse me, is this the Robinson residence?" I got agitated because he had disturbed my tan. "Duh nigga, there is a big as 'R' on the gate." I still did not look up. "Well excuse me," as he walked away i heard him say " spoiled bitch" "What the hell did you just say?" as you can believe i was up now.

He turned slowly turned around, and i felt something that i had never felt for any man in my life. To this day, I still can't explain it. I looked him up and down and he was perfect from head to toe. He was tall, about 6 feet, with beautiful brown skin and muscles coming out of everywhere. He was wearing a white beater and cargo shorts. He had sexy ass brown eyes and a fresh cut.

I'm sorry i keep describing him. But i had never seen a man that beautiful.

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"Man you heard me, i was just asking you a question, you aint had to be rude." He said, in that voice that makes me wet just thinking about it. Then he just walked off without even giving me a chance to apologize. I gathered my towel and lemonade and walked into the house.

I saw him standing in the living room with my father when i walked in. "Chanel where are your clothes?" my father asked, i didn't reply.

"Kids these days, she thinks she's grown cause she just turned 18" He said to the mystery man. His fine self just stood there cheesing to my daddy. "Chanel, this is Terrell. He is my newest intern. He's a junior at Morehouse." "We met in the driveway" he said to my father. "Wonderful," daddy said. "Chanel please show him around the house, i have a meeting to go to." Daddy shook Terrell's hand, kissed me on the forehead and left the house.

I could see him eyeing me over, and i knew he liked what he saw.


No man can turn me down, and i was about to make him mine. "Hey look, im sorry for being rude like that, i just didn't know who you were," i said sincerely. "That's because yo ass aint even look up," he said bluntly I just stood there surprised, no man had ever talked to me like that in my life. I thought no one could resistme, shit i just found the one man that could. And he is the one that i can't resist. Over the next few days Terrell showed me a kind of rudeness that i had never experienced in my life.

He didn't even say hi to me. And for some reason, the meaner he was to me, the more i wanted him, I walked around the house in nothing but shorts and a bathing suit top when he was over. But he never even looked at me for a second. One evening, when i thought that i had the house to myself, i was in my room with my ipod in, just dancing around and acting a fool.

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I didn't hear the door open, until i turned around and saw Terrell at the door with this smirk on his face. "Shit," i screamed "What the fuck are you doing coming into my room without even knocking?" "I did knock, i see you were too busy to hear me" He said with a smile and that sexy ass voice.

He was leaning against the wall, with him arms crossed across his chest. He looked so sexy in a navy polo and jeans. "Once again, what do you want?" "i had some work to do for your daddy, keep dancing, give me a show" "Negro please!

i do not have time for you! I know your type, all you wanna do is fuck" "yeah, whatever. If i wanted to fuck you, i woulda done that the first time i met you. Yo ass couldn't handle this dick anyway," i thought i was conceited, but this dude tops me.

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"See, now you tryna challenge me," i was starting to get mad. I put the ipod up and grabbed his hand forcefully. I pushed him onto my bed and looked at him, he had a sly smile on his face, but i was all business. I was gonna show him that i was not the one to be messed with.

I got a peppermint out of my bedside table and put it in my mouth. Then i took my top off, revealing my d-cup breasts. "Oh shit, it's about to get down" he said laughing. "Please shut up!" I was on a mission right now. I got my knees in front of him and opened his legs. I pulled on his zipper and slid down his jeans and underwear. Then i saw it, the big it. And it was big. His dick was slightly hard and simply pretty. It had a big ass head and a long shaft. He even had trimmed pubic hair.

I tried to act casual, as if his dick was nothing to me.

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But it was definitely something. I sucked on the peppermint as i started kissing the shaft of his dick. I placed little kisses up and down, then i placed the head into my mouth. I heard him say, "damn," as i swirled my tongue and the peppermint around his dick. The mint makes it so much more intense. I sucked hard on the head, putting my tongue everywhere, even his slit. Then i started stroking his now hard shaft.

I slowly removed my lips from his dick with a piece of saliva connected us. Then i spat on the head and took the whole dick inside my mouth. " Oh Fuck!" he pretty much screamed that. I trapped his dick inside my throat.


Then i started to hum and moan, making my throat muscles vibrate. I could feel his leg tensing up. That was a pro move right there. I started stoking on his shaft again. I looked up at him, he looked like he just died and went to heaven. To make matters worst, i started sucking on his balls. I would put one in my mouth and play around with it sucking hard on it. Then the other, while i still stroked his dick. Then i put both of balls in my mouth and sucked hard on them.

I went down on him like superhead herself. I wrapped my lips around his shaft as he guided my head up and down. He would push my head deep down, until his whole dick was in my mouth. I used my tongue to lick him up while i sucked him off. Then he started moaning like a little bitch. I decided it was time to finish the job.

I got his dick as wet as i could, then i started to stoke it with both my hands. I went back up and started sucking on his swollen head. Then, i caught him off guard, when i just swallowed his whole dick down my throat and kept it there. I breathed through my nose, and didn't come up on time. I had his dick lodged deep inside my throat. Then all i felt was something warm running down my throat.

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I pulled his dick up so that i could taste his skeet. It tasted good. I played around with it in my mouth, then let his dick out. I looked him in the eyes as i swallowed all his cum.

He had this look of shock and ecstasy on his face. Then, I got up, went to the door and opened it. "Get out" i said calmly "Fuck!" that was the only thing he could let out. He was laying on the bed, dick in hand, and out of words.

"Oh, i thought you said i couldn't handle, seems like the opposite way to me, now get the fuck out!" Without a word, he got up, pulled his pants up, and left the room.

There is definitely more to come. Please comment on this. And be patient, the sequel will be coming soon :). Thanks for the support.