Poor fella allows kinky friend to penetrate his girlfriend for bucks

Poor fella allows kinky friend to penetrate his girlfriend for bucks
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You must be over 18 for read this story with rape, if you not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read not more.

Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Any man who commit rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right if they not hurt somebody. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mandy and Emily in big trouble, Part I by BlackMass "Mandy, time to get up!" "Yes Mom." The young girl was lounging in her bed, the sun was shining in her eyes.

She got up and grabbed her clothes. Mandy was 15 years old now. But she was looking younger, maybe because of the braces she still had to wear. She was a conspicuous slender girl, quite petite and dainty. She somehow seemed fragile.

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But she had such a cute face, so fresh and innocent with red cheeks. Mandy was very shy.


Most girls in her class yet had sex or at least a boyfriend. But Mandy never even kissed a boy. But she was longing for it so much. She felt in love with a boy one grade upon her but she didn't dare to speak to him. Sometimes the young girl appeared like a shy fawn, because she really had big innocent fawn eyes, a small delicate nose and thin lips surrounding a small mouth.

She rather looked a little bit pale. Her long blonde hair was bound together to two pigtails on each site with blue ribbons. Those pigtails reached up to her breasts. Her breasts weren't existing almost. She was far beyond the development of other girls at her age.

Just one year ago she had her first menstruation, she just stood at the beginning of her puberty. When she was wearing tight closes you could see two small knolls at her chest. The other girls from her class were mocking about her because of that very often, all besides Emily, her best girlfriend. Comparing to her small body size she seemed to have legs that were endless long, and she liked to show them off.

That's why Mandy liked to wear shorts and miniskirts. That certain day was a hot summer day. Mandy was sitting on her bed and wore a plain white t-shirt and her panties. She wore panties normally known from very young children, a pink panty with patterns of small yellow ducks and brown bears upon it.

In her room there were lots of posters of pop bands and boy groups, a lot of photos sticking on the wall with herself and her parents upon them, and a huge photograph showing herself and Emily riding a horse. Around her bed were put lots of teddys and other animals, she knew every name she gave them. Mandy put on her short white ankle socks and undressed her t-shirt.

She put on her bra and a top above that, also in plain white. She got into her black miniskirt and put on a dark blue blouse with flower patterns upon it over her top without buttoning it. Now she looked like a typical young schoolgirl, simply innocent. After getting into her high black boots, she put on her wrist-watch and a small necklace and ran down to the kitchen.

"Hy Mom and Dad!" "Good morning, my little sunshine!" Her parents loved her very much and sometimes treated her like a child, because Mandy was their only child. They had breakfast together and Mandy was curling at her hair as if being bored.

"What's up child?" her mother asked. Mandy was hesitating to answer and became red in the face. "Dad, can.can you drive me to school today? There used to be some men the last days, they were shouting dirty words at me. They scared me so much." "What men? And what did they scream at you?" Her father seemed to be quite angry about that. "I don't wanna talk about that, please Daddy!" She was looking sadly to the ground.

"Of course I'll drive you to school today", her father said," and next time for always." Mandy was very happy about that. she loved her Daddy very much. She didn't understand why those men were saying such awful things to her. Her parents were very religious and Mandy didn't know much about sexuality, neither from school nor from her girlfriend Emily.

So now they were sitting in the car and her Dad drove her to school. They were living in a very small town, and there was only one school. It was separated into a boys school some streets further and this girls school with four classes. "You got your braces in Mandy?" "Yes Dad." she said. She hated them. "Hey Mandy, these building workers over there- are these the men who were molesting you?" "No Dad, it were only two, and they also made photos from me- but all from a distance." "That's bad enough!

But I'll care for you my little sunshine, you know that don't you?" Now they arrived at school. Her father was giving her a kiss and Mandy took her books and went to the schoolyard. She had no friends besides Emily. The others were laughing about her, because she was so low developed or simply ignored her.

She stood there like a shy fawn in the forest. And then Emily came running towards her. Emily was rather the opposite of Mandy. She also wasn't that tall but had more weight. You couldn't call her fat, no, but she was well-proportionate. She was a happy clever girl with long brunette hair, a big mouth with soft lips and still had some baby fat on her cheeks.

Her breasts were a man's dream, huge, round, juicy and inviting. She was wearing a tight red top and a wide miniskirt, red with flower patterns upon it. Emily had a broad pelvis and wonderful legs, also with a bit of baby fat. Her ass was the same round and a dream to every man. She also was 15, like Mandy, but she was looking older. Somehow these two girlfriends were a strange pair, everyone would think Emily was 3 or 4 years older than Mandy. When Emily was running towards Mandy to embrace her, her huge juicy tits were bouncing up and down.

She never wore a bra, especially not on a hot summer day like this day. Emily had a boyfriend until some weeks ago, but they were just doing petting. Many boys in her neighborhood found her attractive and wanted something from her, but she thought they were all too young and childish. She was like a bigger sister for Mandy, because she yet had made some more experiences than her.

The two girls were embracing each other and went to their classrooms. "Mandy do you think today we have Mr. Jones again?" "Oh please no, you know I hate maths!" ---------------------------------------------------- At the same time some streets further: "Hey look at that bitch what do you think?" Brian asked. "No I'm more into blond" Jerome answered. They were sitting in a filthy living-room and were watching porno videos. Jerome s playing with his balls.

"What about popping a cherry again, Jerome? What do you think?" Jerome was a huge black man with a body full of muscles and looked quite brutal. Scars were straining his face. "We still have these photos from those very small bitches. Can you remember this blonde petite girl?" Jerome stopped playing at his balls and gave Brian a severe look. "That would be exactly the right thing for my 6-pound-cock!" Brian, a white man with a well-trained body, was grinning evilly and suggested: "Let's get something to eat first-our balls need some more protein in them!Haha!It has to be worth it!

And then we`ll make a visit to the girls school." The two guys were laughing dirty and began searching for food in their fridgie. ----------------------------------------------------- Mandy had difficulties to listen to Mr.Jones. She had no interest in all that. She was thinking of her little pony she would see again next vacation at her Grandma's farm, and that this evening she would sit with Emily on her bed and they`d watch TV, eat chips and talk about boy bands.

Emily noticed that Mr. Jones was watching her breasts from the front of the classroom and that he stared at her naked legs under her table. Nothing unusual, every man would do that). "He is so disgusting", she was whispering to Mandy. Mandy was drawing little horsies and pink hearts into her books. How should she address the boy from the other school she liked so much, she thought. Emily wanted to tease her best girlfriend a bit and was hitting on her drawings with her ruler.

Mandy was nudging her a little bit with a smile on her face. "Hey Mandy, are you in love?" Emily whispered, also smiling. "Oh don't tell anyone please, I'll explain it to you later, after the lesson!", Mandy explained.

She had said this a bit too loud that Mr. Jones was turning around to the two girls. "Hey you two! A little more attention please!

And after the lesson y you come to my office!" Mandy was silent suddenly, and Emily thought: what a bad asshole he is! As Emily paid more attention to Mr. Jones she noticed a huge lump in her teacher's pants. After the lesson Mr. Jones was leading the two girls to his office, he grabbed their waists while doing that.

When they came in he gave Emily a fat bump on her ass that she was stumbling almost into the office. to both girls surprise he locked the door.

"So, you've disturbed my lesson. Why did you do that mmh?" Mandy became red and looked to the ground. Emily said cheeky: "But it's so boring at your lesson!" Mr. Jones was stepping forward, looking into her face and-SMACK!- gave her a fat slap in the face. Her cheeks were burning like fire.

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"Now you'll be punished for your impudence's, little bitch! And by the way what do you think about turning me on so much when you wear these short clothes? Turn around immediately! No contradiction!" He fetched a long cane from a corner of the room and pointed to the desk.

"Turn around and bend over little slut!" Emily was afraid of other slaps and turned around. "Now let us see what our little schoolgirl is wearing underneath her clothes." He was stroking her skirt and down to her thighs, then up again and was lifting her skirt to her waist.

"Bend over! Now! and from now on it`s YES SIR! Understand?" "No.why." SMACK! He was spanking her with the cane. Emily was squeaking with a high voice. "Yes.yes sir!" "That`s right! And now bend over the desk!" Emily did as she was told.

Mandy stood next to the desk, shivering and her eyes wide open from shock. How could Mr.Jones do such bad things to them? He was their teacher. Mr.Jones was stroking Emilys white cotton panties and let his hand go a bit deeper. He felt the shape of her virgin labias and was rubbing on them. He thought about how it would be violating her little girl`s pussy and fuck her hard in doggy style. But everything in its right time, he thought.

Without saying a word he spanked her with his open hand onto her soft ass meat. He had put the can aside now. Emily was crying. And he was spanking her again, this time even harder. "Please Sir." Now he spanked her much harder. "Please.stop!" "does it hurt you bitch?

That`s what you deserve now!" Mandy was crying silently, watching the scene from behind them. "When I finished with this little bitch I will get up to you my dear child." Mr.Jones slowly pulled Emilys panties down, and as he saw her naked ass cheeks he kneeled down and was licking and slobbering on her juvenile ass. And then he went down a bit deeper with his fingers, between her legs, and was stroking her virgin cunt. "Please Sir!

Not there.please!" He was working with 2 fingers between her labias and entered her vagina until he noticed her hymen. "I don`t believe it!" he was laughing,"you dress up like a whore and never had a dick.I`ll teach you!!!" And Mr.Jones suddenly became very angry and red in his face, he was spanking her brutally.

"You need to be spanked!spanked!spanked!!" Emily was coughing and was screaming with every slap she received. She cried very bitter. "Please.please stop it Sir!" Mr.Jones had a huge erection visible through his pants and seemed to enjoy the begging screams of the young girl.

Suddenly Mandy screamed angrily "Leave her alone!" in a whimpering voice. Mr.Jones took his hands off from Emily who was pulling up her panties again and ran to the other corner of the room. "What did you just say my child?" Mandy was crying. "I mean.what plans do you have with us else?" "SIR!IT`S SIR!YOU CALL ME SIR!I`LL TEACH YOU A LESSON NOW!!" Mr.Jones behaved like a mad gone animal. he was grunting heavily and took something from his drawer that looked metallic. The girls couldn`t recognize it so fast.

He was running around the desk to catch Mandy who of course was also running away from him. But he just needed some seconds to get her, pulled her tender arms on her back and -clack!clack!- handcuffed her!

The situation was strange.Mr.Jones held a crying baby called Mandy with handcuffs on her back while Emily was beating the teacher with her feet. Mr.Jones was pushing her to the ground with a hit, turned her on her belly and also handcuffed her, although she was struggling against it desperately. Then he locked her in the huge wardrobe on the right side of the room where huge maps and books were kept.

Now he was turning around to Mandy who was sitting on the floor, trembling of fear. "Wh.what will you do to me now Sir?" Mandy had such fear. Never before anyone has ever been so mean to her. He gave no answer to her, sat her on the desk chair and took a thick rope to bind her to the chair. "You little cheeky brat will not so quickly affront a man like Mr.Jones again! I`m gonna stuff your pert mouth now!" Mandy was in panic as Mr.jones undressed his pants quickly and she saw a huge pumping cock.

Never before she had seen anything like that, not even at her father. She cried awfully. She thought at least that he meant something like a gag when he was talking of "stuffing her mouth", but as Mr.Jones was placing the chair in a way that he stood right before her head she knew what he meant. "You will now kiss him and lick him off, understand?" She was turning her head aside full of disgust.-SMACK!- Mr.Jones slapped on her tender cheeks.

Never before anyone has beaten her. She whimpered terrible. "Do it now, child!" Mandy could smell his cock. It was disgusting, she thought. Such a thing was used to pee you can`t lick it off! NEVER BEFORE SHE HAS HEARD OF THAT!

But she was frightened of further slaps in her face. So she put out her little tongue and touched the top of his cock carefully. She made small circles with her tongue as tears were flowing down across her cheeks. She had to think of the sweet boy she admired so much. He never would have been so mean to her.

"Suck it off!Faster!!" He grabbed her pigtail and her neck and pulled her head forward to let her sweet tongue drive over his whole cock. Now she was doing it by herself. She was licking all sides of his cock tenderly and couldn`t understand why Mr.Jones was enjoying it all. Was it such a good feeling for him? He was moaning.have I done anything wrong again, the little girl thought.

"Now take it in your mouth!" "What? In.my.nooooooo!!" Her eyes were widened in horror. "WILL YOU LISTEN TO MY ORDER?" He took her head with both hands and pressed it tight against his balls.

His cock was placed in her hair. It was a wonderful feeling, he thought. "Then lick my balls first!" She only thought that soon all this would be over and began licking his hairy balls.

She teased every ball with her tongue and was reminded to easter as she was painting eggs at her Mom`s kitchen. Mr.Jones enjoyed every second. This young thing that just came into puberty and not even knew WHY she had to do this.

"Now take them in your mouth!" She obeyed although she thought it was disgusting as taking his penis. She opened her mouth wide and sucked on one ball. It was so big, the two of them wouldn`t fit into her small mouth. It tasted hairy and dirty, she thought. "Wow is that cool I feel your braces!" Mr.Jones enjoyed the exploitation. She was sucking a bit clumsy on his balls and was looking up to him all the time with scared eyes, always in fear to do something wrong and receive another smack into the face.

Suddenly he stepped back one pace and said: "My cock seems to fall asleep! I will fuck your small mouth now, if you want it or not!" And he hit his cock hard into her face as if it was his hand, slapping her cheeks.

Then he let it dance upon her lips and shoved it deep into the mouth of the helpless virgin. "Mmmh.aarghhh.noooo." She thought the taste was disgusting. "Suck on it! Lick it!" Mandy was champing and sucking, her face showing aversion. She was crying silently.

All that was heard in the air was a silent whimpering and a wet smacking noise. And now Mr.Jon es began hitting deep into her mouth, always deeper, harder and faster with every bump. He loved this feeling, shoving his dick into a warm little girl`s mouth, the tongue dancing around nervously.

The big innocent eyes of Mandy met his eyes, begging him to stop and not knowing what would happen next. He felt her throat now. Mandy was gagging, she thought she had to puke. She grasped for fresh air through her nose.

Mr.Jones felt her chin touching his balls. They were slowly hurting. Time to surprise the little girl. Mandy fought against the feeling in her belly that almost made her puke. Her teacher was hammering her head onto his cock. Suddenly she realized a strange taste in her mouth.like salt. And it became more and more! She had to swallow it, otherwise she would have suffocated. Mr.Jones was grunting and screaming out loud.

And Mandy felt a thick liquid mass sliding down her throat. IT WAS SO MUCH! As if she drank a glass of lemonade in one attempt on a hot day. She felt the warmth in her belly. She thought she`d become sick. Mr.Jones pulled his red cock out of her mouth and let it drop upon her face. He was moving it fast up and down, and suddenly her face became wet.

Something hit her eye. Something on her cheek. Was it all over now? "You little bitch! Have you swallowed everything?" Mandy still didn`t know what happened. Mr.Jones was binding her loose from the chair but she stayed there like in a shock position. "If you two once again disturb my lesson, I will tell your parents everything, you understand?" Mandy nodded quickly, her eyes widened in despair. Mr.Jones was unlocking the wardrobe to get Emily out. Of course she has heard everything what just happened, but she didn`t dare saying anything.

"Now you go back to the classroom the way you are, that everybody knows what happens to little bitches like you! Understand me?" "Understand, Sir!" the two scary girls said almost with one voice like in a choir. Mr.Jones stood in front of Emily, watching her from head to toe. "And I will have my fun with you later, after school." He took her tasty teenage breasts in both hands and squeezed them brutally that she screamed out loud. And so they really went back to the classroom, Mr.Jones in front with a sadistic smile and behind him Emily and Mandy, STILL HANDCUFFED, and Mandy with a sperm-crusted face, mixed with tears and red streams from the face slaps.

Their classmates looked upset to them. "What happened to them Mr.Jones?" one asked.

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"These two are little bitches didn`t you know that? And that`s what happens to bitches!" His two victims looked humilated to the ground. No one disturbed his lesson anymore this morning, until. ----------------------------------------------------- Brian farted loud.

His friend Jerome was looking out of the window and was grunting everytime he saw a young girl: "Look!Look! A virgin again! I can smell her.!" "Easy man! Your balls almost burst eh? Mines too." "We should go!

School will be over soon!" "Do we have to take anything with us?" "What do you mean?" "Well, handcuffs, ropes, tape, a camcorder, ski masks, everything you need for a nice rape." "I got my giant cock here, 6 pounds weight and 12 inches long!

That`s enough to me!" "Ok, then let`s go raping virgins.haha!" And so they were walking 10 minutes till they reached the school. "The lower classes have gone home yet. There just have to be one class right now." They jumped across the wall and ran ducking across the windows, putting on their ski masks.

After having looked around they saw everything was safe. They heard the voice of Mr.Jones and were waiting below the window. "Let`s go through the door from the inside!" Jerome suggested. Part II Mr.Jones was actually holding a monologue. Everyone was frightened of him now. Emily was being squeezed on her tits during the lesson ever and ever in front of everybody to see.

What a humilation! To Mandy he was just looking and grinning. He`s had an orgasm as never before as he had shot down his jizz down the innocent girl`s throat. The other girls were just sitting there silently, their heads looking to the ground.

Then the door broke. As the girls saw the huge men and their masks there was a loud screaming. Jerome ran towards Mr.Jones and hit him into the stomach quite awful several times.

He fell to the ground, consciousless. The girls were shrieking hysterically and some of them managed to run away next to Brian who was blocking the door. Some were climbing out of the window. At first, Brian wanted to hold the squeaking girls tight that ran away, but then he noticed Emily and Mandy who were still defenceless because of their handcuffs, although they also tried to get away.

Jerome has finished beating up Mr.Jones and jumped over to Brian. "Well look at this.seems that someone yet has done a fine job for us." He grabbed Emily by her neck. Brian was grabbing Mandys jawbone roughly and studied her face exactly. "Hey Jerome, this baby has received a shower!

Wasn`t your last one for today, I promise you, kid!" Saying these words he threw her to the ground. The other girls have all disappeared by now, the two sick rapists were alone now with their helpless victims. Jerome still held Emily tight at her neck and took her hand to place it on his lap. "What you feel there young lady all has to be spirted out and even if it will last until tomorrow pumping my balls empty upon you!!!" Emily cried very bitter, it seemed like the two girls came from one nightmare to an even more horrible one.

"Show me your breast meat first!" He was standing in front of her and was ripping her top with one attempt from the top to the bottom. Jerome was a huge guy with muscled forearms. "Ah perfect! No bra this bitch!"-SLAP!-He was smacking on her tits. Then he took both gorgeous tits in his hands and weighed them. he squeezed them and then bend over to take them into his mouth.

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Her nipples were pink and hardened. He was sucking on them like a greedy child and bite them. He was sucking, sucking, sucking them. Emily was ashamed. No one ever sucked her breasts as brutal as he did. Not even her boyfriend she parted from some weeks ago.

He used to be much more tender to her. She cried. "Please.nooo.what plans do you have with us?" Jerome couldn`t get enough from her juicy delicious tits. "Brian this little slut is asking what we have planned to do with them." Brian laughed out dirty. "Well, then look what we planned!" He grabbed Mandy by her pigtails who still lay on the ground, forced her on her feet and threw her onto a desk, where she landed upon her back.

He was laying upon her and started to lick off her tiny mouth. He forced her into a tongue kiss. Mandy still was in shock, didn`t dare to move. She would stand everything he would do to her. Brian was unbuttoning the thin blouse and pulled up her white top. He was looking onto two little titties, hard to recognize so small, with cute nipplies.

"Hey Jerome, even you got more tits than this kiddy!HAHA!" Nevertheless he was kissing her tiny breasties. Actually I love those low developed girlies, best would be exploring her whole little body, he thought.

Jerome got away from Emilys tits and pointed to another desk without saying a word. Like a skinned dog she was walking over there. The black man threw her so brutally on the desk that her head was banging onto the hard wood.


Immediately he stood behind her, he saw her juicy ass meat, the miniskirt, her gorgeous thighs and her handcuffed wrists on her back. Jerome enjoyed this moment.

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He was rubbing his cock on her ass, still with clothes between their skin. "We have all day time to smack those virgins, Brian!" And saying these words he went down to lick her inner thighs. "Mmmhh.I love that taste of skin!" He went higher with his tongue and licked across the cotton of her white panties.

Now he unzipped his jeans with one hand, the other hand he was using to hold her struggling body. As Emily heard the voice of the zipping she whimpered: "Pl.pleeeeease noooooo!!I just want.to go hooooome!Mommy!!" As a kind of answer his enormous cock fell out of his jeans and touched her panties. It was fully erected yet and the pre-cum was useful to tease her skin on her thighs.

"Yeah! You little bitch! This brilliant cock will be hard for hours and my white nigga juice will be your favorite drink from now on! I`ll feed you with it! And place some black babies in your virgin belly young lady!" Oh, she cried awfully as he ripped off her panties that fell to the floor.

he raised up her skirt a little higher and teased her cunt with the top of his cock. "Whaaaaaaawhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" she squeaked as the long black cock entered her virginity. "Oh shit! Shit!

Shit!" he moaned, "she really is a virgin, man!" Blood was flowing down her thighs. Jerome got more aggressive in his bumps and always shoved his cock the deepest way in as possible.

It would tear her apart, she thought. "Mommm.Mommmyyyy!!Pleeeeease!!" she cried in a shocked voice. Jerome spanked her ass while brutally raping her and started squeezing her great tits. Emily tried to break free but it was useless- her rapist was too strong. He spit on her ass while going on violating the schoolgirl. And to get more fun of it he strangled her neck and let loose when she started coughing. Loud fuck noises filled the air, mixed with his grunting and moaning and her desperate crying and screams.

Jerome felt his balls pumping wildly around and couldn`t wait any longer. „Ooooh yeeeeah!Yeahhhh!!!" And his hot wads squirted into her no longer virgin pussy, and as Emily realized that she cried like a baby that just lost its pacifier.

For her it seemed like minutes as he pumped his semen into her womb. Blood and cum rushed down her inner thighs, and the black man took out his cock and shook it dry above her ass cheeks.

He grabbed her by her hair and forced her to pull her head back, then licked across her cute face with his tongue and said: „Aaaah, that was a fine start my little teenage whore!" and threw her brutally to the floor where she rolled to her side, whimpered and moaned. Brian at the same time enjoyed kissing Mandys little breasts.

Such a cute piece of pie, he thought. „Please.Sir.let us go, we are just young girls.!" „Really? I want a proof." And he took her by her waist and lifted her up in the air. It was simple because the muscled white man lifted a girl that just weighed 85 pounds. Her legs kicked around, hanging loose in the air. He loved watching her pale white virgin skin on her thighs and the shocked expression on her face. He lay her onto the desk and started to pull up her miniskirt up to her waist, exposing her sweet panties with the colored animal patterns on it.

He stroke them and pulled them a little bit to the side that her pink labias were visible. Grunting he went down to lick with his tongue on them and went on his clit and deeper into her unexplored pussy. Mandy was moaning silently because she didn`t know this strange fine feeling, but suddenly realized the situation again and looked at him with fear. „Mmmhh.I love tasting virgin pussys! And more even I like popping cherrys!" Mandy screamed and tried to get free, but he held her tight and pulled out his cock.

She saw a cock for the second time in her life after she saw Mr.Jones`one. But this time she knew she wouldn`t take it in her mouth but it would cost her virginity. „Oh, noooo! Mister, please.don`t." Brian spit in his hand and rubbed it all over his cock, pulled her panties aside and teased her pussy with his cock. Then he took her by her waist with the miniskirt pulled up and got her nearer to him. And then he did it. „Aaaaaaaaaaarrrghhhhhhh!!!Nooooooooo!" „O h m y god is she tight!

Heaven help!!" „Noooooooooooo.aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!" It was real pain she was uttering as he tore her hymen apart. „Yeah, that`s right!" Brian laughed and ignored her screams.


He stuffed her small womb with his hard dick and felt the cotton of her panties with every hit. Mandy was arching up in desperation but his brutal thrusts always made her realize again that all struggling would be in vain. Brian licked her small nipples while raping her and bit in her neck to leave back red bloody streams. She thought of her daddy whom she loved so much and how he would punish those bad men. She was whining. Brian called over to his friend: „Hey she is SO tight you can test her later.

Oh man!!" The whole desk was moving from the hard thrusts. Brians waist didn`t move any longer in order to fuck her pussy, no, he slapped her waist onto his waist! He could hold her as he wanted, and she was totally helpless in her handcuffs. A loud grunting, and Brian was to come now. „Oh shit!Shit!" And he let all his warm cum flow down into her little pussy and loved the expression on the little girl`s face. Mandy felt it exploding in her womb and thought she would be pregnant now.

Brian waited one minute until every drop was spread and took out his still pumping cock. „Pooooh! That was fine!" he moaned. Mandy was also thrown to the ground and the two girls were lying there in a fetal position, crying and begging.

Jerome and Brian looked at each other and talked silently. Then Brian grabbed Emily by her neck and forced her to her knees. „Now let me taste this busty teen!" He pressed her tits together, squeezed them and fondled them. „Wow, real girl`s tits! That`s how they have to be!" Emily just looked up to him, scary and begging. And Brian placed his cock between her tits and pressed them together.he started titfucking her!

„Wooooh that`s cool!" he said. Emily looked surprised, she hadn`t expected this. Fucking her huge tits he looked over to Jerome who smoked a cigarette and held Mandy in his arms, grabbing her half-naked body everywhere. What did he plan? Brian thought of chloroforming these two girlies and hold them as captives at their appartment, raping them whenever they wanted.

Thinking about this he got totally out of control of his mind and squirted upon Emilys breasts. The warm liquid dropped down from her flesh to her thighs. „Lick it clean whore!" he ordered. And he felt Emilys unexperienced tongue touching the top of his cock, always touching it for a short moment and then driving her tongue back, but all within parts of seconds. Soon his cock was slobbered clean and he hit her in the face. „Little bitch!

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So young and hungry for cum like a cheap whore." Jerome came over to Brian and whispered something in his ear. Brian smiled, he was right, his friend had the same idea as he had. He opened a little bottle he had in his pants and poured something of it upon Mandys blouse, then pressed it against her mouth and nose.

Mandy was struggling heavily and kicked around with her legs, and Jerome loved this feeling as he held her very tight from behind her. Her movements became weaker until she finally was consciousless. Then he did the same to Emily. „Nooooo!Noooo!Don`t do.mmmmmmppffff!" She shrieked but soon she was silenced. Every guy grabbed one girl from the ground and put her on their shoulders.

It was a fine position, they could stroke their thighs and asses with their hands while carrying them. So they ran out of the building and took an empty small backstreet. They didn`t have to go far to their appartment. They looked around and nobody could be seen, so they got in, carrying the sleepy teenage girls upon their shoulders up the stairs and threw them on a huge bed. „Well, fine work!" „I think now we deserved some beer what do you think?" They went to the other room and shut the door.

Emily and Mandy were sleeping next to each other. „Open your eyes Mandy!" The little girl blinked. She saw her teacher friendly smiling at her.

„Don`t daydream in my lesson. Wonder what girls like you fantasize about."