Wake up woke up rubbing precum from big dick she liked it

Wake up woke up rubbing precum from big dick she liked it
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The morning after Kelli's dad had taken her virginity, and after sleeping together he had woke up before her and put her chastity belt back on, leaving her pussy still wet with their combined juices, then he had cleaned himself off and went up to sleep with his wife.

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Kelli had felt ashamed of herself afterwards and very used by her dad, who wouldn't let her clean her pussy for most of the day. She felt so humiliated with her dads cum inside her, so sure that everyone around her must somehow know. An hr or so before she was gonna go to bed her father said to get ready to get in the shower, so she went to the bathroom and undressed waiting for her dad to come take off the belt so she could wash up.

Once her dad finally came and took it off she hopped in the shower and scrubbed herself till her entire body was a bright pink.

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When she got out of the shower her dad was waiting for her, he made her lay down so he could put the chastity belt back on but before he locked it into place he took something out of his pocket, Kelli tried to look but couldn't see what it was, the next thing she knew her dads fingers were probing at her pussy lips, spreading them wide before taking an egg shaped toy and stuffing it up her cunt.

It was pretty thick and she was sore from last nights fucking, writhing and whimpering as he crammed it in nice and tight, her lips closed around it and all you could see left of it was a little wire about an inch long hanging out between her lips, he then locked the chastity belt and helped Kelli stand up. Kelli could feel the egg moving around with every move she made, quickly getting her wet and making her moan.

"What is this thing?" She asked her dad, but he didn't answer except to say she would find out later and that she better be careful not to make too much noise, then he left her to get dressed. Later that night while Kelli was sleeping she begin to feel a buzzing deep inside her pussy, for a while she continued to sleep, moaning softly and wiggling her hips, but as the buzzing got more intense she woke up and realized that the egg had been a vibrator.

It was driving her crazy, it felt so good, and she wanted more.

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She reached her hand down into her pajama bottoms, groaning in frustration when she remembered the chastity belt, she couldn't do anything to help herself and it was torture! After a few more minutes of being teased by the vibrator Kelli was ready to cum, then her dad barged into her room, holding the remote.

"You ready to fuck your daddy again, baby girl?" Kelli shook her head, she was very horny, but she still felt guilty and dirty for fucking him the night before and she was gonna be good and try not to do it again. Suddenly, right as she was about to cum the vibrator stopped.

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Kelli wiggled and moaned, struggling to still cum, but without the vibration the feeling quickly died away leaving her aching for release! "What the hell?! Why did it stop?" She groaned looking up at her dad with pleading eyes.

"Because I turned it off Kelli, are you ready to fuck your daddy now?" Kelli whimpered but still declined to fuck him. "We'll then if I can't fuck you, you can't get off!" Her dad muttered hotly the turned and left the room.


10 min later Kellicould hear her mom and dad going at it, their bed banging hard on the wall and scraping over the floor, at first that was all she heard but then it seemed her mom couldn't keep quiet any longer and Kelli could hear the moaning and screaming.

It went on and on and somehow Kelli knew her dad would just keep fucking her mom till Kelli came up and watched. Reluctantly she got out of bed, quietly went upstairs, the door was already propped open so Kelli could just peek in and watch, her eyes locking with her dads as he rammed her mother.

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Her parents were covered in sweat and it seemed like her mom had cum a lot and was ready to pass out, Kelli's dad grinned at her and suddenly she could feel her vibrator going off again, seeing her dads hand under the pillow where the remote must be.

He continued to fuck her mom hard and fast till Kelli was about to cum from the vibrator, biting her lip trying to keep quiet. Finally her dad slammed his cock hard into her mom, cumming deep inside her then pumping it in, turning off the vibrator just before Kelli could cum, she saw her mom pass out and her dad checking to make sure she was fully asleep before coming over to the door, winking at Kelli before closing it in her face!


Kelli went back down to her room, laying down to go to sleep, her pussy aching from the need to cum, why did her dad have to be so mean?! The next day Kelli went with her parents to church, feeling so dirty with the vibe in her pussy, couldn't her dad at least have taken it out for church? After leaving church they decided to go for a drive in the mountains, Kelli put her earbuds to her MP3 player in and listened to the story of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" while watching the scenery pass by her window, her mom quickly fell asleep while her dad drove up the winding mountainside.

As Lady Gaga's next song "Lovegame" came on Kelli began to feel the vibrator, looking up to see her dads eyes watching her in the rearview mirror, she tried not to show him how much she was enjoying herself but soon he had it turned all the way up and she was grinding her hips down into her chair, she could hear the buzzing and the squishing sounds as the egg wiggled about in her sloppy wet cunt, soon she was ready to cum and she kept waiting for her dad to be mean and turn it off as usual but instead it kept going, changing to a pulse setting.

Kelli clamped her eyes shut and bit down on her leather arm rest as she came hard, trying not to scream. She was panting and trembling all over but the vibe kept going, she looked up to see her dad winking at her as the setting changed again so that it would do 2 short soft vibrations then one long hard one then back again. Soon she was cumming again!

She saw her mom stirring in her chair and figured she would wake up soon and her dad would turn off the vibe. She couldn't have been more wrong, when her mother woke her dad just turned up the music and blasted some air conditioner so she wouldn't hear her daughters panting and whimpering, turning back to glare at Kelli for a second with a look that said "be quiet!" He changed the setting again now the vibrator just seemed to be going off at random and Kelli tried to keep quiet and keep a straight face as she came a third time.

Wiping sweat off her lip and neck, still trembling all over as the vibe continued to assault her pussy while her parents had a calm conversation about politics! The vibe setting changed again, staying low for about 3 seconds then bumping up to high for about a minute before repeating the process.

Kelli bit her lip, her breath coming out short and ragged as she came a 4th time then passed out from the overstimulation. Her dad noticed Kelli had passed out and turned off the vibrator, no need to waste batteries, he thought.

He planned to make Kelli desperate to fuck him, whatever it took, making her cum till she passed out, or refusing to let her cum till she begged, the little slut needed to learn a lesson, her pussy belonged to him now and when he wanted to fuck her she damn well better take it and love it!