18 jährige Leggings öffentlichen Park spielen große Arsch Titten

18 jährige Leggings öffentlichen Park spielen große Arsch Titten
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Summer camp I was a young boy my first year of summer camp, nervous as my parents dropped me off. As we gathered my bags and sleeping bag and walked from the parking lot into this big field in the middle of the woods I grew very excited but nervous.

There were a lot of kids running around and noticed councilors rounding them up trying to get them in their groups. We got to the building (mess haul) in the big field to register, and a counselor pointed me to my group.

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Hugs and kisses from mom and off they went. A week of camping and away from home. There were 17 kids total in my group. 9 boys and 8 girls. We got introduced to everyone in our group including our counselor Mr. Ted. He was a shorty, chubby guy kinda balding in his 50's but a happy energetic guy.

After all the campers were put into their groups and the head counselors had a meeting to welcome all of us and let us know what to expect during the week. Mr. Ted took us on a tour of the grounds. Showed us the mess hall, the shower/restroom, archery range, pond for canoeing, and lastly where we would all be sleeping. We gathered our bags and sleeping bags and started walking a trail back through the woods. We past several camp sites with canvas tents sat up in big circles.

We all stopped at one site where the girls from our group were to stay. Mr. Ted talked to a female counselor there and told the girls what time we would meet them back here for tonight's first event. It seemed liked we had walked forever, but finally we made it to the campsite where we would all stay for a week in canvas tents. Two by two Mr. Ted starting pairing boys up to tent together. When he was done he looked at me and said you get the luck of the draw. You tent with me.

I was bummed cause all the other boys got tent alone and I was stuck with the counselor. Figured my week was done for. After going tent to tent and seeing the other boys make them homy and each one had two cots in it.


I get to Mr. Teds' tent and it's already set up real nice. Pallets on the ground and carpet pieces laid down to make a floor. He said, welcome and grabbed my bags and stowed them under my cot and put my sleeping bag on the cot. He said, hope your not to bummed out you have to bunk with an old man? I said nah this is nicer than what the boys have. He said, yeah I put the pallets down and rugs to keep us off the ground. And when it rains our bags will stay dry being up off the ground.

He told me he had a couple more things to do in the tent then it would be ready to live in comfortably for the week. After the evening festivities our group went back to camp and sat around a fire for a short time and sang songs. One by one the boys started to head to their tents and Mr. Ted said, that he would be around shortly to take head counts so everyone needed to be in bed.

He looked at me and said I could sit next to the fire until he was done then we would turn in. I watched as he went tent to tent with a flash light and took a head count. He come back to the fire and said it was time to snuff it out and turn in, going to be a busy day tomorrow.

As we entered the tent it was different. The cots were close together and an air mattress covered them both. I just looked at him and asked where I sleep. He said right here and pointed to the mattress. He said, these old cots are uncomfortable and we each have a sleeping bag, plus look how much more room we have with the cots all to one side. Our bags were nicely placed to one side of the tent and a stand with a battery powered lantern was at the back of the tent. Mr.


Ted started to get undressed for bed and I was shy and nervous about stripping down in front of an old guy I didn't know. Think he noticed my bashfulness and said, how bout I dim the lantern a little. So as Mr. Ted stood there in his fruit of the loom undies I started to strip down to mine.

Felt a lot better not being so lite up in there. I was a curious boy but never gave it much thought, but caught myself looking at Mr.

Teds bulge in his undies. I turned around and climbed in my sleeping bag on the inside of the mattress and Ted climbed in behind me in his. He asked what I thought? I said comfy, he said a lot better than them droopy cots. Didn't take long and I was fast asleep.

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Short while later I woke to rustling noises and the air mattress moving a lot. In the very dim light or my eyes being adjusted to the darkness I noticed Teds sleeping bag moving up and down a lot. I heard his breathing was heavy and his whispers under his breath and light groans. I picked my head up off my pillow and asked, if he was ok?

He said startled, yes I'm fine and the movement stopped instantly. He said, I thought you were asleep. I said, the noise and movement of the mattress woke me. He apologized and said he couldn't sleep. I said, I thought something got inside your sleeping bag and you were trying to get it out.

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He asked why I thought that. And I told him I could see a lot of movement down there and I pointed to where I seen all the movement. He said laughing quietly. No no nothing climbed in my sleeping bag. Just then we heard noises outside the tent and I asked repeatedly what was it? Mr.

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Ted said he didn't know but he better check. As he got up and turned the lantern on low I noticed his bulge was different in his undies. I could see the perfect outline of his cock and it was pointed up towards his waist band. Earlier before bed the bulge hung lower. He caught me looking and covered up. He poked his head outside the tent and looked around and didn't see anything. He came back and climbed into his sleeping bag. I was still spooked as to what was outside.

We heard the noise again and he said it's just coons roaming around it will be fine. But I told him I was scared. He said I could slide over closer and as I did I seen the sleeping bag moving around again.

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He unzipped his sleeping bag down the side to about his waist. And said, better yet you can climb in here if your that scared. I said, there's not much room in here he said there is plenty of room and pulled me on top of him and reached down and zipped up the sleeping bag a lil bit. After he zipped it some he slid me off to the side a lil bit. He then asked me if I liked what I seen when he got out of bed to check the noise. I thought oh crap I'm in trouble.

So I just kinda said, I don't know. He said I seen you lookin at the bulge in my undies. I said, sorry. I never seen a grown mans besides my dads. He asked if I ever seen my dads hard?

I said yes I've seen it hard. He asked how? I walked in when he was playing with it and he said I could watch. He asked me if I liked watching it and I said yeah. He asked if I ever got to touch it? I said no. He asked me if I'd like to touch an older guys. And as I was answering him he grabbed my hand and put it on his bare cock. He wrapped my hand around his cock and moved it up and down.

He let go of my hand and told me to keep doing it. He told me that my lil hand felt great around his cock. He asked if I liked mr. Teds cock? I said yes it feels neat. It's so hard and big and hot to the touch. He asked me if I wanted to see it?

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I said yeah. So he unzipped the sleeping bag and shined a small flashlight down to his cock. I kept stroking and moving it all around now that I could see it. I was bending towards his balls and letting go and it would come back and slap his plump belly. To me then his cock was huge, but really wasn't more than 5" or so but the head was pretty good size.

He pulled me back on top of him and pushed my undies down. He kept telling me it was ok he was just going to let me feel it against my body. With my undies off he slid me down on to his hard cock he positioned it right against mine and moved me around I tip of him.

He kept saying how good it felt and asked if I like it. I knodded my head yes.

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Then he pulled me up on his belly further and my legs fell to the sides of him and pushed me back down towards his cock and I jumped when I felt his cock head poke against my butt crack. He told me it was ok he just wanted to rub his cock head against my butt. The head was so wet and slimy against my butt crack and it was slipping up and down my crack and against my butt hole.

Every time it hit my hole I jumped. He whispered that he would love to breed my lil hole as he kept pushing his cock head against my butthole. I dug both my hands into his chest as he pushed my hips back towards his cock. The head was lined up perfectly with my hole and the pressure of it was intense. I felt it pulsing as the head started to penetrate my tightened hole and it burned. He tried to get me to relax so it would go in a lil better but I told him I couldn't.

It hurt.


He pushed up towards me and with his hands on my hips pushed back at same time and I screeched and tears started to roll as I felt the head of his cock penetrate my butthole. It burned and the pain was overwhelming at first. I tried to move to get it out of me and tried pushing it out with my anus muscles.

The more I tried the more he pushed down on my hips and up with his hips. I could feel his cock head pulsing inside me and his urethra pulsing at the edge of my hole. He then reached down and started to stroke my little member and the more he did the more I'd relax. Mmmm. He said. You like Mr. teds cock in you don't you. I said with a trembling tone.

Kinda. It still hurt from the pressure but the burning subsided some. I was able to move ever so slightly.

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But moving just a little bit the back edge of the head of his cock would slip out and he'd hurry and slip it back in so all of it wouldn't come out. He told me as long as liked it he could have it all in by the end of the week and we could try different things also. I loved feeling his fingers wrapped around my lil boner.

And was getting more use to the head of his cock in my ass. He moaned and groaned as I tightened my butthole around the back side of the head of his cock. He kept telling me to say stuff and the more I said it the more I felt him swell inside me. I could feel a lil more going in and out and his hips started to move.

I leaned forward on his chest so no more of his length would go in. It was feeling ok right where he was. He kept telling me to say; fuck my lil boy pussy grandpa. Fuck it. He grunted and groaned and I began to wince and eyes started to water as his dock head swelled inside me. And he started to say take it take all grandpas milk. Then I felt the blasts of hot liquid shooting into my bowels.

I flipped face down on his chest shaking, his cock still emptying inside me. His cock head slid from my slimy hole with a plop and I felt the warm liquid running out of me.