Recuerdos de una noche rica

Recuerdos de una noche rica
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Chapter 3: Mark gets Double the Service On a certain level Rachel Smith knew it had been wrong to have sex with her best friend without his permission. She knew that after that second time she probably should have either stopped or owned up to what she had been doing.

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The thing was though, as childish as it might have sounded, she just didn't want to. The fact that Mark cut himself off from her for two days, after that second night of fantastic sex, helped in that decision. That third night she had planned on sharing her bed with him again, but it turned out he had to go to North Carolina for a school field trip and wouldn't return for a few days.

The next night, poor Rachel went without Mark cock once again and this made her cry herself to sleep because she wanted her favorite fucking sex toy back!! And she got him back too, since he returned on Friday.

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Even though they had to go to his brother Billy Johnson wedding, Rachel let Mark stay over in her bed again that night. Then as soon as he dozed off, she used his body to make up for two nights without sexual release. It had been ferociously fun. The sex while Mark slept continued most every night after that too.

She became really good at finding reasons to sleep together, and good old gullible Mark never questioned her desire to share a bed every night. From where he was standing all they did was sleep, which was perfectly innocent because she was his childhood friend.

There were no shortage of excuses, like, "I'm tired Mark, can I crash in your bed tonight?" Or, "did you hurt your head again Mark, maybe you should sleep it off in my bed?" And sometimes if push came to shove, she'd use that knock out trick, with her thumb to the side of his neck and carry him up to bed.

"Hey Mark, there's something on your neck right there!" Of course eventually both her and Mark's parents became concerned that they had spent so much time sleeping together. One day The Smiths and The Johnsons brought their children together and asked them flat out if they had been having sex. But Rachel, being the brilliant girl she was, allowed Mark to do all the talking.

Her folks could pick out a liar so easily it was scary. "Look, we're just friends!" Mark had said. "We just sleep well when we're together that's all, I promise it's totally innocent. And believe me if there was any sex going on in that bed, I think I would know about it." It was very difficult for Rachel to hold back her laughter after that last comment, but she managed it.


And because Mark technically hadn't been lying, both sets of parents were satisfied, and decided to just let them keep sleeping together. A few of them actually thought it was kind of cute, like when she and Mark were little. If only they knew. So the great sex went on, and night after night it just kept getting better and better. The whole time Mark was about as oblivious as Rachel was satisfied.

Not that it didn't affect him any. It seemed without the pent up sexual frustrations that generally trouble teenaged males, Mark had turned into quite the confident charmer. Meaning he stopped creeping girls out with his drooling and started treating them like real people. So as far as Rachel was concerned this was a win/win situation. Some days though she'd find herself subtly steering interested girls away from her friend. There had always been a popular rumor that Mark and Rachel had been dating, that neither of them seemed to be able to stifle.

But now Rachel used that rumor. If she learned there was a girl gunning for Mark, she would go up to her and mention off hand how interesting guns are. Explain in vivid detail how her father had taught her when she was young how to load and shoot, and how easy it was for her to hide a body. Needless to say, she managed to deter any girls who seemed interested, without really confirming the rumors about her and Mark.

If word got out what a sex God he was, she would end up having to share! Or might even lose her night time privileges all together, and no way was she going to let that happen! No way was she going back to plastic! She'd thrown away her vibrator, and had no intention of buying a new one anytime soon! If other girls wanted to be friends with Mark, that was fine.

But the sex was all hers DAMMIT!! And it remained hers alone for more than three weeks. Most every night they slept together, and after she told him it was hard to get to sleep without him, she didn't even have to make any excuses anymore. Every night they slept in either her bed, or his. And on occasion she'd knock him out in school and fuck him in the empty cheerleader locker room or janitor room.

And every night she would cum so much she was sure she was breaking some kind of world record! One such occasion she and Mark went camping outside of town. They hiked through a beautiful forest for a few hours, and set up camp near a picturesque little spot, close to a running river.

It was getting dark soon, and they were going to crash together in a small tent, so they both crawled into their twin sleeping bag. She was horny, even hornier than usual in fact probably because this was going to be Rachel's first outdoor sex experience, what if she got caught by someone she knew? Anyway she was quite looking forward to having Mark go to sleep. She lay down with him in their sleeping bag, remaining back to back, her way of maintaining the illusion to Mark that all they did was sleep.

Then once Mark had finally dozed off, she eagerly un-zipped the sleeping bag, pulling it open all the way, then proceeded to strip down herself and him. Getting naked was pretty easy for her, considering she'd stopped wearing underwear weeks ago.

She didn't bother taking him into her mouth tonight, she was far too eager. So she just slid his hard cock right where she needed it, in her hot aching pussy. "Mmmm! Yeah!" Her hips were soon bouncing and the pleasure was soon building inside her. Over the weeks both she and Mark had improved in a few ways. Mark, being the big stud that he was, could hold back his cum even longer now and also squirted much bigger loads, which Rachel loved.

And Rachel had been greatly pleased by the discovery that if she held off on her own orgasms for as long as possible, once she was finally pushed over the edge they were even better than they used to be. Rather than cumming as often and as frequently as possible (which was still good) she would hold herself on the edge of climax.

She would hold herself there, while applying constant and maddening stimulation to herself until she couldn't bear it anymore, and came in bucketfuls all over him. Not only did she cum harder, but the sex lasted longer too. So she made good use of all of Mark's extra staying power. It was no wonder she was always so horny by the time they got to bed. Inside their little tent she soon reached the edge as she rode him, and held herself there. Once upon a time she would have just let go and cum right there, but no more.

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If Mark wanted her to cum, he'd have to work for it! His big fat cock may have felt wonderful sliding in and out of her, but her days of just giving it up were over! He had to FORCE her to orgasm! Oh God, she needed it so bad it was starting to hurt! And when she started teasing and pulling on her little clit as she rode, it became even harder to hold back the pleasure that had been building. She wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer.

But she would hold back! She could do anything! Oh, but it felt so good, she knew she was about to burst. "Oh God! OH GOD!! Can't. take it. much. longer. Wanna cum! I wanna cum!!" All of a sudden there was a bright flash of light, as someone tore the tent away from above them.

"Hello There." Amy trailed off and stared, her jaw just about hitting the ground. Rachel looking up at her cheerleader and karate rival couldn't stop riding Mark even though she was stone cold busted. She was too damn close! This orgasm was going to be too good and she refused to just stop! Who cared who the fuck was watching?! "A.Amy!

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Not now, go aw." She started riding Mark harder. "Go awa.AYYYYYY!! OHHHHH FUUUUUUCK!!" She wasn't sure if it was just a fluke, or if it was the fact that Amy was watching, but the orgasm that followed went WAY beyond just going over the edge.

She was catapulted way past the edge of climax into a realm of pleasure she had never even knew to exist! This was the longest, most intense, brain melting orgasm she had ever had! She hadn't even dared dream it could be this good! "SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!" Her hips moved in a blur as orgasm after orgasm seemed to overlap each other.

A new one would burst through her body before the last one even finished! One hand remained down where her body joined with Mark's, pinching and gently tugging on her rock hard clit, while her other hand squeezed one of her breasts and tweaked the nipple.

It just didn't seem to end; she was sure she had broken some kind of limit and triggered a never ending orgasm! She was going to pass out, her brain was going to melt, this was going to kill her!! But dammit, she was going to die at least with a big ass smile on her face! After what seemed like forever she finally started to come down, falling forward. Grabbing Mark's shoulders for support, she gasped breathlessly, her hips still bouncing up and down as if of their own accord.

Then still totally breathless she looked up to see Amy was still staring. Only the shocked look had vanished from her face and now she was wearing a wickedly pleased smile. "Well, well, well," she snickered, kneeling down and looking into the cheerleader's glazed eyes. "Looks like I've crashed someone's private party." Still refusing to stop her riding motions, Rachel gasped as the pleasure started to build again.

"Please Amy! Not now! I-uhhhhh!! Just. not now!!" "Oh I'm not going to ask you to stop on my account, pumpkin. You two seem to be having so much fun, I wouldn't dream of it." She then turned her attention to Mark.

"And who's the lucky guy?" Pausing in confusion after a second, she just stared at Mark's sleeping face.

Then waved her hand in front of it and snapped her fingers a few times to get his attention.

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"Paging Mark? Earth to Mark!" Rachel's hips were moving faster now, the pleasure building more quickly than usual. She wanted to cum like that again, and somehow she felt herself getting even more turned on when Amy looked back at her with that wicked smile. "What, did you drug him or something?" "Mmmm!

Don't. NEED too! He's a. really, REALLY deep sleeper!" Amy's smile widened. "That so? And when exactly does he wake up?" "He. doesn't!" "Not even when he cums?" "No!" She had a delighted look on her face now, as she looked to Mark then back to Rachel again. "How long have you been boning this guy while he slept?" "N.

nearly a month! Ahhh!" "And you're saying he has absolutely no clue?" "No! He doesn't!" Again Amy was chuckling as she shuffled up close to Rachel on her knees, as she younger girl refused to stop her vigorous riding.

She never would admit it to herself, but having Amy watching her like this was so hot! "Ooooh, who would've ever thought Rachel Smith, had a kinky side?" At this though her grin turned malevolent and she raised a fist and pointed it at Mark's chest. "Now how exactly do you think Mark here will react were I to wake him, and tell him his best friend has been molesting him in his sleep for the past month?" Despite the shocked look on her face, her hips still kept moving.

She was too close now, and they refused to stop. And the fear of being revealed for the rapist that she was, was strangely enough adding to her arousal. It was scary but exciting at the same time. "No! Amy please don't, I-Ohhh God!" "What's in it for me if I keep my mouth shut?" "I. Mark!!" she gasped. "He licks pussy in his sleep." After another quick glance at Mark, she leaned her face in close to Rachel's, staring hard into her big round eyes.

"Rachel. Are you offering up your boyfriend to me like a piece of meat, so I'll keep your naughty little secret?" "Yeeesss!" "That's actually kind of evil.

You make me proud." Turning away from Rachel she shuffled up closer to Mark's head, and ran her gloved fingers though his messy blonde hair.

"So he's good huh?" "Oh God yes!!" "I keep my mouth shut, I get my pussy licked?" "Yes!" "For as long as I want?" "Oh yes!" "And you guarantee I'll enjoy every second of it?" "Every. single. second." "Well. It has been a while since I've been given a good tongue bath." She pulled off her gloves, then turned so her back was facing Rachel.

"Ok, deal. Unzip me, would you?" Rachel obliged and reached out for the zipper on the back of Amy's winter jumpsuit. It started at the back of her neck, and was pulled down to just above her ass. *ziiiiiipp!* Rachel watched as the beautifully tan skinned Asian woman pulled it down over her shoulders, revealing very attractive bare back, then stood up. Bending over, she slid the jumpsuit down off her legs, and then stepped out of it once it was bunched around her feet. Rachel smiled at that.

She always knew Amy went naked under that suit. But there was time for those thoughts later. Now that Mark's tongue was about to solve the Amy problem, Rachel could again concentrate on using this nice big cock to make her cum again as hard humanly possible!

She closed her eyes as the pleasure started to build to an almost maddening level, before she felt someone step in close, and place a hand on her head. Her eyes shot open, and the glistening skin of Amy's smooth pussy filled her vision. "Okay princess.

Time to get to work." She gasped and looked up into Amy's smiling face. "What?! But Mark!!" "You said I'd get my pussy licked if I kept my mouth shut. You didn't say who would do the licking." "B. but. I'm not gay, I don't do." "You think I give a FUCK if you're gay or not?!" she snapped harshly. She raised the hand that wasn't holding Rachel's head and began to make a fist.

"We had a deal Rachel, and I'm not a particularly patient woman. Now if you want to back out I can wake up your fuck toy right n." "No wait!" she gasped looking back and forth from Amy's face to her waiting pussy. "I. I'll do it." Relaxing her hand, she smiled, and in a show of impatience she grabbed the back of Rachel's head and pulled it forward. "That's a good girl." Without time to brace herself, her mouth had been pulled into her foe's wet crotch.

And deciding that hesitating probably wasn't the best idea in the world, she got to work with her tongue right away. "Mmmm, that's right. Be a good pussy licking lesbian slut!" Rachel grabbed her firm muscular butt with both hands as she started to lick a little deeper.

Was she actually enjoying this?

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She should be more reluctant, this should be totally grossing her out. But. it sure did taste good. Rachel had tasted her own juice off of Mark's cock many times now, but Amy's flavor was way different.

She was really sweet, and a little tangy. She wasn't sure if that was a normal way for a woman to taste, but Amy wasn't exactly normal. By her moans though, it was clear she was doing a good job, so she decided to put some real effort into it while she worked away on Mark's cock with her pussy.

She started thinking about what things she loved when she was getting licked, and what particular order she preferred to have them in. She started to gauge Amy's reaction to see what to do and when to do it. 'Usually to start off with I like some of this,' she thought, as she started flicking her tongue over the soft folds. Amy's moans got louder, and her pussy got juicer. Good sign. 'And by the time I start moaning that loud I just love to be nibbled right here." She was rewarded with even louder moaning, and started to feel very pleased with herself.

"Oh Rachel, you might not be gay, but you're a natural!" she gasped, grabbing a handful of red hair in each hand. "Don't stop! You have no idea how long I've wanted this!" Rachel kept the stimulation constant, and by the way Amy had started dripping delicious nectar and the volume of her moans, Rachel knew she had to be close.

Should she go for that hard tasty looking clit now, and make her cum? Nah. She'd let the bitch suffer a little first.

"That's it, Rachel! Good girl! Just a little bit more!" Fuck, this was sooo good! She couldn't believe she'd tried to convince Amy into letting Mark do this! Mark got to eat pussy every night, this one was hers! Rachel was coming close to cumming again too.

So she decided to try and time it so they came together. No, scratch that, she'd make Amy cum first! Yeah, she was willing to wager she could hold back longer than her. So finally she started to run her tongue all over that hard aching little nub that just begged to be licked. "Yeahhh! Getting pretty eager, aren't we?

You wanna make me cum, Bitch?" "Mmmm!" was her only reply, as she licked hard. "Just be warned I'm not the easiest woman to please. You are well on your way there, but if you think. uhhhh. I'm gonna cum easy like some teenage virgin, you have another thing coming! I'm going to make you work for it!" 'Oh fuck!' she thought. She had arrogantly assumed making her cum was going to be easy.

But it looked like it was going to take more than a few pleasing tongue strokes on a needy clit, she was going to have to dig deeper. And her very own orgasm was quickly approaching a critical point. She was going to have to work hard if she wanted Amy to cum first.

After a few more licks, she took the swollen clit between her teeth and started to suck and nibble on it. Then taking two fingers she slid them up into Amy's tight snatch and searched around for her G spot.

Once located she started rub the little bump with his fingertips. Let's see her hold out against that! "Oh fuck! FUCK!!" Mmmm, yeah she liked that! But Rachel wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer either. She could sense how close Amy was, she was holding on by a thread, but so was Rachel! She knew what she was doing to this pussy must've felt fucking fantastic, but Amy simply refused to give it up.

As always the two of them proved to be very, very alike. "Oh God! Almost, there Rachel, just a little more! Pleeeaaase!!" 'That's it Amy, just do it!

I won't let you win!' Rachel started to make slurping sounds as she applied more suction, and her fingers were sliding in and out in a blur. "Oh, that's a good girl!

Such a FUCKING GOOD cunt licking girl!! Oh yes! YES!!! YEEEEEEEESSS!!!" "Mmmm!!" Rachel groaned, slurping up Amy's juices as she finally gave in. Oh God it was so good, so delicious! Amy was a gusher, she had so much and Rachel licked and slurped up as much of the nectar as she could.

And there was so much more to come! Unlike Mark, Rachel could make Amy cum over and over and over again! So yummy! Just the thought of it as Amy came down from her first orgasm was enough. Rachel couldn't take it anymore!! The hard throbbing cock that had been sliding in and out of her for what felt like forever, the delicious and still dripping pussy she was devouring, and the thoughts of more tasty Amy orgasms to come.

It was all too much! Rachel pulled her mouth away from her meal to scream as she finally started to cum all over Mark's cock. "Oh GOOOO-MMPH!!" She had only pulled away for a second before Amy pulled her back, and muffled her scream with her pussy. "I won't have you stopping, pumpkin. You're gonna have to learn to lick and cum at the same time." There were no arguments from Rachel, who just moaned into Amy's pussy as her body was wracked by a well deserved orgasm. She eagerly devoured the delicious sweet treat even after her orgasm finally started to die down, and she started working on her next one.

Amy's too. Tonight was definitely a learning experience. She realized she was bisexual, go figure. Never would have imagined being on the giving end of a good cunt licking would be so much fun! She could do this all night, and if Amy had her way, she probably would. Now there was an enticing thought. Rachel became lost in the enjoyment of her first pussy.

Continuing to experiment, doing all the little things she always loved, and a few things she'd wanted but had never received from Mark. And Amy, the sex crazed whore, loved every single second of it. And though Rachel was made to work hard for them, she was rewarded with four more orgasms before she finally stopped licking.

She wasn't exactly given permission to stop, but she was hearing some very familiar moaning from Mark. Her pussy polishing his cock had finally become too much for him. "Why did you stop, I'm not done!!" Amy snapped, pulling on Rachel's hair. Rachel winced. "Mark's gonna cum! I. I wanna eat it!" Smiling now, Amy let go of Rachel's hair and looked down into her eyes. "No. Let him cum inside you. You're on the pill, aren't you?" "Y. Yeah. But I want." Amy lowered herself to Rachel's level by straddling Mark's stomach and cut her off with a kiss.

"Mmmm! Trust me." Hesitating at first, Rachel soon nodded and started twisting her hips in ways she knew drove Mark crazy. "Okay. Inside me then." Amy gave Rachel another kiss, then reached around behind her and started to massage Mark's balls. "You know I'm surprised he didn't cum ages ago.

This boy has some serious staying power." Rachel moaned in agreement as she worked the cock hard. "Yeah, and this is only going to be his first cum tonight too. He lasts even longer the second time around." "Mmmm, sounds like you've scored yourself quite a stud.

But he has twice as much pussy to please tonight, so I think he's going to need all the stamina he can get." Rachel's breathing quickened when Mark's moans got louder. "Oh God, he's cumming! Give it to me Mark! Please! "Yeah, Johnson!

Cum for us! Fill her up!" She started to massage and gently tug on his balls in ways Rachel never had before. And soon they began to tighten. "Oh yes! YES!!!" "Cum with him Rachel," she purred, before leaning forward and slurping on one of the girl's nipples. "Oh wow! Amy!" Mark shuddered and moaned beneath the two women as he squirted shot after shot of hot cum up into his best friend. And the knowledge of that, along with the older woman's skilled and experienced mouth on her sensitive nipple, was more than enough to push her over the edge too.

Oh dear God she loved fucking in the wilderness! She could scream as loud as she wanted to and not worry about anyone hearing her. She was going to have to camp out with Mark more often! Rachel's orgasm died down about the same time as Mark's, and soon his body was relaxing beneath theirs and his thoroughly milked penis began to soften inside her.

Both women sighed, and looked into each other's eyes for a moment. Then Amy started to shuffle backwards then lowered her crotch onto Mark's face. "Okay, now let's see how Johnson likes the new flavor of pussy that just came on the menu." On reflex, after being presented with a tasty treat in his sleep, he started licking. "Hot damn, he really does lick in his sleep! And he's good! Where the hell has he been hiding that long fucking tongue?!" Rachel giggled.

"Believe me I was just as surprised as you were." "Mmmm! Okay come here Rach, I think it's about time I returned the favor." With a widening smile, Rachel stood up from Mark's penis, and stepped forward.

"You mean.?" "Yeah, I wanna taste you," she purred, as she grabbed Rachel's hips and pulled her close. "I just love the taste of pussy.

Especially the cream filled kind, those are my favorite! Mmmm!" She moaned as she dove in with her tongue, slurping hard and gulping eagerly as she drained Mark's cum out of the younger woman's vagina. Rachel moaned too. There was nothing quite like having her pussy eaten out after it had been so thoroughly fucked.

When it was swollen, and sore from the friction and the orgasms, nothing beat having it gently kissed and licked better. And the fact that she was feeding Amy a nice big load of her guy's delicious cum in the process made it even more enjoyable. It was getting to a point where her climaxes were getting harder to hold back, but they were also coming much more frequently.

It was obviously the same for Amy. Rachel was soon cumming, rewarding Amy's efforts with pleasure juices which were eagerly slurped up. Mark was devouring similar rewards from the woman riding his face, which was made apparent by his frequent slurping. More than a dozen orgasms between them, and two thoroughly licked pussies later, they paused for a moment.

Amy pulled her mouth away from the sweetness of the cheerleader and smiled up at her. "Well I think you're all clean." "Oh definitely. Good job," Rachel replied saucily. Amy ran a hand up and down Rachel's thigh. "You know what though? I could really go for some cock right about now. Mind if I make use of Mark's?" "Be my guest." She looked down to where her pussy was still rested on Mark's mouth, and he was still diligently licking away.

"Mmmm. Judging by what young Mark here is doing with his tongue, I'm assuming he hasn't had enough pussy to eat yet.

Would you like take my place here while I climb onto that big cock?" "Ooooh, would I ever!" Amy smiled and stood up off his face. For a few seconds Mark craned his neck upwards, his tongue searching for the missing pussy.

But it was immediately replaced when Rachel squatted down on his face, facing towards his feet. He started to contentedly lick away again at the new flavor, and Rachel moaned. "Oh yeah!

You like that, don't you baby?" Amy knelt between Mark's legs and took his semi-hard member into her hand, gently starting to stroke it.

"Wow, a nice piece of meat he has here." She took it into her mouth, and Rachel watched as he started to harden. She slurped on the head for a few moments, and Rachel let out a gasp when the young girl took the whole eight and a half inches into her mouth, until her nose rested against his pubes.

She held it there for a few moments, pulled it out and sucked on the head a little more, then took it all back in again. "My God Amy, how did you do that?" She took the cock out of her mouth to chuckle at Rachel's naiveté. "It's called deepthroating Rachel. Just relax the throat muscles, and suppress your gag reflex.

It is not that hard once you get used to it." "Can I try?" "Go ahead." Amy let go of his cock and Rachel grabbed it, leaning forward and taking it into her mouth while Mark continued to lick her just the way she liked it. Slurping a little at first, she started to take it in deeper, but gagged and pulled back. Not being one to quit though she started slurping again, then again tried to take it in further.

She managed to suppress her gag reflex this time, and felt it starting to slide into her throat, but not too far before she started to choke. She pulled him right out of her mouth, and coughed as Amy reclaimed it and chuckled before taking it between her lips again. "Hmph. Amateur." Rachel frowned at that, but let the pleasure Mark was giving her with his tongue take her mind of it. She was definitely going to work on that deepthroating trick; it would probably give Mark a lot of pleasure.

And more pleasure for Mark, meant lots of yummy cum for her. And practice made perfect. Amy continued to slurp and deep throat him until he was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Moaning when she tasted it, she pulled him out the moved up and straddled his hips. Clasping his boner, she guided it to her entrance and moaned as she lowered herself onto it, allowing him to sink into her warm, willing heat.

"Ahhh, that's nice!" Both women were soon grinding their hips into the guy with enthusiasm, Rachel's into his face, and Amy's up and down the length of his dick. Then they leaned into each other and started to make out, both of them grabbing and fondling the breasts of the other. Rachel decided she wanted to suck on a tit for the first time, so she pulled out of the kiss, and lowered her mouth onto her erect, dark Asian nipple. Amy moaned approvingly, grabbing the back of her head with one hand, and fondling a pert young breast with the other.

Needless to say, Mark was treated to a lot more pussy juice than he was used to over the next hour or so. The two women came almost constantly over his cock and into his mouth. "My God, no man has ever lasted this long inside me without cumming," Amy gasped, her hips moving in a blur. "Yeah, isn't he the best?!" "Fuck, I don't think I've ever had it this good! You lucky bitch! You lucky FUCKING BITCH!!!" They leaned into each other and started kissing again, as they came together all over the guy beneath them.

And soon even a guy with his stamina started to show signs of imminent release. Moaning into Rachel's crotch, his muscles starting to tense as he took handfuls of the sleeping bag beneath him.

Rachel knew the warning signs so well by now, Mark may as well have been ringing a dinner bell and shouting, "come and get it!" And that's exactly what she planned to do. "Amy, he's about to cum again! Please let me eat this one, please!" Smiling and without a word she climbed up off his cock and knelt back down between his legs to watch. Rachel leaned forward, took him back into her mouth and proceeded to get to work on coaxing out as much of his cream as she possibly could.

She was so hungry for it, and couldn't wait to feel it squirting into her mouth and tasting it on her tongue. His pleasure was always so delicious.

And the taste of Amy's juices all over it made this more enjoyable than ever. Rachel looked into Amy's eyes, who were watching intently as she sucked off her boyfriend. He was close, she could feel it, and she moaned loudly and anxiously in anticipation of the coming mouthful. But she was startled when Amy smiled at something over her shoulder and spoke. "Oh.

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Hi there Bobby (Amy's boyfriend). You Wanna join in?" Rachel gasped, pulled the cock out of her mouth and spun around. Amy was one sexy bitch, she didn't mind having sex with her, but Bobby?! No way, I already have the perfect lover!! She looked all around behind her but didn't see anyone there. What was going on? She started to realize what had happened when she heard Mark making all too familiar moans, and someone that wasn't her slurping on his cock. She turned back to look at Amy and cried.

"AMY, NO!!!" "Mmmm!" was her only answer, as Mark came in her mouth and she started to make loud gulping noises, swallowing down what was rightfully Rachel's. All the while she looked right at the red head, smiling around his cock with a gloating look shining in her eyes.

That whole 'hey Bob' thing was just a ruse to get what Rachel wanted! "Stop it, that's mine!" she whined. She leaned forward to nudge Amy's face away so she could get some but Amy just shoved her back. And the fact that she was still gulping, told Rachel that Mark was giving up an extra big load today.

And that was exactly what she had been hoping to enjoy. But instead it was that ungrateful bitch Amy enjoying it, slurping on his still ejaculating cock and swallowing with apparent glee. That was the last time Rachel shared her fuck toy with her!

"You already had some Amy, stop being so greedy! Save some for me!" She got even more upset when Mark's spasms started to die down, he stopped squirming with pleasure and his cock softened between the older woman's lips. Amy allowed it to flop out of her mouth, all drained and useless, then sat up to smirk meanly at Rachel. "Amy that wasn't fair, I was really looking f-mph!" "Oh stop being such a whiny bitch!" she scolded, grabbing the back of Rachel's head and cutting her off with a kiss.

Rachel resisted at first, still angry at her. But when she tasted something delicious flow out of Amy's mouth and into hers she calmed and returned the kiss. It wasn't nearly as much Mark cream as she had been craving, but it made for one hell of a good kiss!

And though she was still a little angry, she did calm down for the most part. "Mmmm, that is by far the tastiest cum I have ever had. I can see why you wanted it so bad." Rachel made a puppy dog pout, but it had no effect on Amy. "It was mine!" She just chuckled at that, and leaned forward to give her a peck on the mouth.


"Thanks Rachel. That was best sex I have ever had." She stood up, stretched then picked up her discarded jumpsuit and stepped into it. She pulled it up her legs, slipped her arms into the sleeves and pulled it over her shoulders. Then she knelt down with her back to Rachel, and asked her to zip her back up. She obliged.

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Standing back up she reached back and tousled her long, thick black hair then glanced at Rachel again. "I'm assuming you're showing up at cheerleader practice tomorrow?" Rachel nodded.

"Uh-huh." "Okay pumpkin," she said, as she turned and walked off. "See you tomorrow then." Rachel sat there, still mounted on Mark's face, as she watched her rival leave. She had been feeling bad about screwing Mark while he slept, but now she had done it with her adversary too! And what's worse she had shared Mark with her, like some kind of bargaining chip! That was way wrong. Sick and wrong, to the extreme!

If she could go back and time, would she do it again.? FUCK YEAH, SHE WOULD!!! *** Mark woke up the next morning with the sun shining down on him. Rachel was cuddled up to him, and he was used to that by now. Something new was amiss today though. "Rachel?" "Hmmm?" she moaned, eyes still closed.

"What happened to the tent?" She smiled. "You know you're a real deep sleeper Mark? Amy showed up last night and tore up our tent. You slept through the whole thing." "Amy?! Did she hurt you?" "Nah. She totally wore me out though." He gave her a worried look. "So you're okay then?" "Oh yeah, don't worry about me." She started smiling for some reason.

"I gave at least as well as I got." "Oh. Good for you Rachel." He unzipped his side of their sleeping bag, and stood up with a groan. "What is it with me; I'm twice as sweaty as usual this morning." Rachel snickered. She couldn't believe he still thought it was sweat. "Maybe it's the outdoor forest climate." "Yeah, maybe." Trust Mark to buy that. The forest was much colder than Atlanta at this time of year, if anything it should have made him sweat less.

But that's one of the things she loved about Mark. He'd believe almost anything. "I'm going to take a dip in the river, do you have any soap?" he asked. "In my back pack." He grabbed some soap, stripped down to his boxers and took a running jump into the nearby river. A glacial river as it turned out. This would explain the girlish screams that echoed throughout the forest after he dived into the icy water. "OH SWEET MERCIFUL MONKEY CHRIST!!!" *** To be continued.