Sunny leone xxx faek story sex stories 2019

Sunny leone xxx faek story sex stories 2019
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Well, the week was coming to a close. it had been the most eventful week of my life and I tried to comprehend how I was going to go back to my life. For the three previous nights I had taken great pleasure in being the sexual educator for three recent High School graduates from the girls boarding school camp from across the cove from me.

It seemed the more the week went on the more of a "hands-on" teacher I had become. Last night I had a sex a record breaking three times with three record breaking girls. I was proud of myself as I got each of them to reach orgasm on their first sexual encounter. They wouldn't forget me any time soon. I knew they would be back tonight, but I followed my normal routine. I ate dinner, then stripped down and took a bath in the lake.

i stayed naked on the beach for a while just in case they were watching through their telescope. I grew hard at the thought of their three amazing bodies, but especially at Stacy, the beautiful blonde's, request to do her again soon. As darkness fell I slipped on my shorts and waited by the fire. Each night they had moved in quietly especially when they came by canoe, but tonight I could hear them talking and laughing long before I could even see them.

Finally in the distance I could see a canoe illuminaqted by the sun. They had been so quiet and sneaky the previous nights, I was surprised by their lack of stealth. It was then that I realized that there was more than one canoe.

There was more like six. No, seven. No, twelve. In the light of the moon I could now see twelve canoes coming my way. That is when I clued in that I wasn't hearing the voices of three girls, but of many. Possibly twelve canoes worth. But were they coming to my camp? After watching them grow closer for several minutes, I heard Melody's voice from the lead canoe.

"Zeus, we have brought others to the beach of the god!", she said with a playful tone. I stepped into the water to help them bring their canoes in, but was only truly helpful to a few of them as I could not possibly keep up with their arrival. "Hey girls, what's going on?", I said trying to mask my confusion. "Well", Melody said, "On Friday night of camp the graduates get a free night.

They let us go off and do pretty much what we want to. I had told some of the girls about Zeus beach and some of them didn't believe me." I got lost for a second remembering the feeling of her long thin body on top of mine as I thrust into her in my tent the night before. My initial desire was to tear off her clothes and take her right there, but there seemed to be another agenda in place. "So we thought we would show them where the god resides", Stacy said flashing those gorgeous blue eyes at me.

As always the other girls paled in her beauty. Her blonde hair was flowing in the light breeze off of the lake and her legs screamed to wrap around me again and let my drive deep inside of her. "They said we were exaggerating and making stories up", Suzanne added.

She had all of the buttons on her polo undone, revealing her vast cleavage.

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"Yes, I do believe that you were exaggerating", a girl with short blonde hair stepped forward. She was attractive with dark blue eyes and a well formed figure. "Unlike most of these girls, I have a little experience we think that their stories are a little far-fetched".

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It seems that my camp had become famous throughout the week of girls camp and now my three girls were being questioned. "What kind of things do you not believe?", I inquired. "They've told stories about blow jobs, sex, orgasms and your size I told them that your first always seems big.", she responded with skepticism.

"We're not exaggerating", Melody inturrputed. "It's all true. Show 'em Zeus." She gestured to me. These girls had been the most amazing thing I'd ever experienced and I wanted to help them in any way possible. I just hoped it was enough. "Stacy, could I have a little help?", I asked the beautiful blonde as I held my arms out to the side. Stacy stepped over and slowly began to pull my shorts down.

It was amazing to see her as she slid down with my shorts and gave me a kiss on the tip before moving aside to reveal my cock to the thirty or so girls on the beach.

"Well?", Suzanne said with both hands on her hips as she stared at the unbeliever, "Have you had bigger?" The girl's eyes popped a little as she gazed upon my plump cock hanging in front of her. After a moment of pause she said, "It's pretty big", she clearly didn't want to lose face when one of the girls behind her said, "It's the biggest cock I've ever seen and I've had a few" The short-haired blonde responded, "I think I've probably had one just a little bigger". "He hasn't even gotten started", Stacy said, "Watch this".

She dropped to her knees and cradled my balls in her right hand while picking up my cock with her left and wrapping her lips around my tip. I had taught her well and could hear the gasps from the other girls watching. There I stood buck naked in front of thirty eighteen year old girls with the hottest of all of them on her knees sucking my cock. I felt my balls tighten and I hardened almost instantly.

"Good job Zeus", she said as she removed my cock from her mouth and looked up at me. "Good job yourself", I said flashing a smile back at her. She pulled away from me, revealing my hard cocking bobbing in the wind.

I could feel the cool breeze blow across my cock, still wet with her saliva. All eyes were focused on my cock. This was a spot I'd never been in before and thought I should savor.

"Holy crap!", I heard from another girl in the group. "What do you say now, Wendy?", Melody asked the girl with the short blonde hair. "All I have to say is", she paused as if still trying to save face, "how the crap do you fit it in your mouth, much less your cunt?" The girls laughed as Wendy stepped closer to examine me. The funny thing was that I had become used to the activity of a young hot girl examining my uncovered fully erect cock.

It'd been happening all week. "i gotta try it", she said looking up at me, "Can I?", she asked like a kid wanting ice cream off of the ice cream truck. "That's up to them", I told her while gesturing to my three sexy students.

"C'mon you guys", she said looking over at them. "Just one suck", Suzanne responded, clearly enjoying the infusion of power. Wendy wrapped her hand around my pulsating cock and looked up at me with a smirk on her face.

"You are huge", she said and then wrapped her lips around me. I could feel her tongue roll across my tip as she put me as far into her mouth as she could.

She moaned as she sucked on my cock and I could already feel pleasure rising up. "That's enough", Stacy said as she moved close to me, "What do you want to do tonight sweetie?" "I leaned into her ear and spoke softly, "You." She smiled and looked at the array of girls on my beach. "OK girls", she announced, "clothes off, it's skinny dipping time". They all began to strip off their clothes. It was a buffet of young breasts, flat bellies and tight pussies all over the place.

I felt like I was in one of those, what doesn't belong, pictures. It was then that I saw Stacy fully disrobed in front of me. All of the other firm bodies seemed like a background for the true masterpiece. Her breasts looked even more plump than the night before and her nipples were as hard as a rock.

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The curve of her side was like a smooth slope on a snow topped mountain and her legs were toned and long. "Let's do this", she said softly as she wrapped her fingers around my hard cock once more. This time she pushed me onto my back on the towel, straddled me and lowered down onto me. I could hear girls cheering and splashing around us, but the feeling of her wet pussy slowly engulfing me was overwhelming. I reached up and cupped her prefect breasts in my hands and she began to rise and fall.

I was deeper inside of her than the night before, but she seemed to like it. I knew I could lose it any second, but wanted to hang on until she climaxed.

I could feel sliding on and off of me as her hair flipped in the night sky. After only a couple of minutes her mouth opened again and just like the night before she held her breath. I knew it was the time I had been waiting for. I arched my back lifting her body up as she was balanced by my cock. She gulped when I did as I was now as deep inside of her as I could get. She began to shout out in pleasure as I released my load into her.

Stacy began to bounce on my arched body intensifying both of our orgasms. Finally I lowered back down and she fell against my chest. "You're really good at that", she said out of breath. "Well, you're a natural", I told her, amazed that such an unbelievable body was pressed up against mine with my cock still inside her. It was then I heard some of the girls cheering and applauding, as they had witnessed the whole act. "Do you believe us now, Wendy?", Stacy said as she rolled off of me allowing my cum to drip from between her legs.

"Well, Yea!", she said, clearly aroused by the circumstances, "But I want to test it out first hand", she said as she ran her finger up my drenched cock. "Let's see what you're capable of", she said as she got on her knees and removed her polo. The girls all began to cheer as she unclasped her bra revealing a very nice set of plump C Cups. She slid down her shorts and panties kicking them off into the sand and I could see her whole body.

She was very athletically built. Her hips were a little wider than many girls her age, but was one of the many signs of a mature body. She was clearly an early bloomer. She proceeded by allowing her hard nipples to run up the bottom side of my cock that was still firm from my experience with Stacy. The feeling sent chills up my entire body. She smiled at me as I shuttered from her touch. Wendy proceeded to kiss up my chest giving me a little bite on the neck. About that time my cock and her pussy met and I could feel her soaking wet entrance.

She slid me into her and paused momentarily. "You are really big", she whispered almost to herself and then she completely engulfed me. Her warm pussy was more spacious than those I had experieced previously this week and began to rotate her hips like a belly dancer. The sensation I received proved to me that she knew her way around a cock.

As she swirled her hips I began to thrust up into her. "Wow", she paused clearly feeling me deep inside of her. She rolled and I thrusted until her cheeks began to get flush. Her movement slowed and I continued to push myself inside of her.

"yes", she said almost as a whisper, then, "Yes", louder and, :"Yes!". As she shouted the girls around began to cheer. Then I blew again filling her with warm cum.

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Her orgasm lasted for a long time and we both finished about the same time. Wendy flopped off of me onto the sand with a smile on her face. There I lay with juices from Wendy and Stacy. My cock was still partially erect and poking straight up in the air on display for the thirty girls to view. "C'mon", Suzanne said, "Let's get you cleaned up". She proceeded to hold my cock as if she was holding my hand as I stood and walked to the water with her.

Even after all of the activity I felt a tingle as she lightly caressed my dripping cock. Once we were in the water all of the girls swam around floating by and asking questions at times.

Some would ask to touch my cock and others would just brush me as they went by. Melody and Suzanne stayed close keeping their hands on me most of the time.

After a little while I began to grow quite firm from their touches and Melody said, "Hmmm", I wonder how long I can hold my breath?".


The long, thin brunette proceeded to go underwater and then I felt her lips wrap around me as her hand cradled my balls. Her warm mouth was a contrast to the cool water. I could feel pleasure throughout my entire body as she did her magic on my cock.

When she came up for air she would wrap her other hand around my cock and pump me.

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Then it was back down again for more. It was truly amazing how long she could stay under and I was more than happy to be experimented on. Her warm mouth would push the cool water away from my cock and then slide back to expose it again. Her right hand tugged on my balls and then she was up for air again, pumping me with her left hand hard. It only took a few breaths before I exploded in her mouth. Just like before she didn't withdraw but seemed to swallow every drop. She gasped for air as she came to the surface and I couldn't help but pull her close and kiss her deeply.

Her thin body felt weightless in the water as her firm breasts pressed against my chest. I could still taste my cum in her mouth.

When we finished the kiss she just looked at me and smiled. At that point I realized that someone else had ahold of my cock and several other hands were on my body. Over the next several hours I received hand jobs, blow jobs and all out sex from a number of extremely attractive young ladies.

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Blondes, brunettes, read-heads, jet black hair, tall and thin, white, asian, hispanic, short and plump and everything in between. I lost track of who was doing what when I was on my knees with a girl between my legs blowing me, while I ate another one.

At the same time I had my hand in a pussy. I don't know how many times I climaxed nor do I know how many times I gave a climax. It was just hours of touching, sucking, thrusting and licking. At moments I would look around and see four or five beautiful naked bodies spread around still enjoying the afterglow of their experience, but I already had two more on top of me.

As light crept onto the horizon the girls began to gather their clothes and head for the canoes. As they departed they kissed me and ran their hands and lips across my cock. After a deep kiss from Melody and a long caress from Suzanne, they had loaded up. There stood Stacy in her polo and khaki shorts, just like the first time I saw her and I stood their completely naked, just as she had watched me for years.

She wrapped her hand around my cock, pulled me close and kissed me deep, long and wet. "Thank you", she said to me. "Anytime", I responded with a smile, "anytime" Stacy climbed into the canoe and paddled away with the other two girls. As I turned around to try to find my shorts I saw a sign carved out of wood and attached to a tree.

It read, "Zeus Beach". I pulled my shorts on as the girls disappeared in the dusk and realized that I was a very, very lucky man.