Petite brunette babe getting fucked by her agent

Petite brunette babe getting fucked by her agent
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You see, my first encounter with sex was awesome. It was so good i would have sex forever. Its started out at school. I was 15. I and my friends were in english class. we were having a new teacher. she was asian. her name was Mrs. patel. She was smokin hot, i tell you.

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she had round nice tits she was tall, and she was brown haired and she had beatiful peircing green eyes. when she was teaching it was hard to take her seriously. i was thinking about her when she asked me a question.

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i said"umm i dont know" then she told me to come after class. so after school was over i came to her desk . she was wearing a short skirt and a bra. she had a strap on my dick grew hard. she saw that and whispered to me" you will need to control that" and she rammed me on the tip of my cock with a whip. it hurt like shit. then she made mebend over and suck her strap on. i refused but she threatened to lower my grades. so i sucked it and she pushed it in and in.

then after a hour she let me go. i went home furious.i called my freinds and told them to help me. what i wanted was revenge.

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So i went to the porn store and brought a bunck of stuff. i brought a ski mask and a curved knife and a carriable fucking machine. i then went to Mrs.Patel's house with my friends.

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i sneaked through the back door and saw mrs. patel making food. her body was better thanmy fantasies. her dark skin. her puffy tits.i then signaled to myfriends and we ran in and i put a ball starp over her mouth.

then my freinds teid her to the fucking machine. we took off her shirt and bra andwe stripped her of her panties.

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then we turned the fucking machine full level. it started really hard. mrs patel screamed into her ball strap ans the fucking mackine mercilesly penetrated her. after an half a hour, we took the fuckingmachine off and then i penetrated her wet pussy and began ramming hard. mrs patel thrashed but the rope tightened.

she stopped thrashing. i pinched her nipples as hard as i could. then my friend penetrated her ass.i rammed deeper and deeper until i felt my balls tighten. i shot my load through her cervix into her womb.

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she looked furious now. so i rammed the deepest i could. then my other friend took the knife and shoved his dick in her mouth and said"if i feel the slightest of teeth you will go to hell" and she started sucking and my friend shoved it deepthroat.

myfrien adam told me to scoot over.

i moved my dick an inch. then he put hes dick in her pussy. 2 cocks in onepussy!!!!! she looked like she was in hell. then after an hour, we were exhausted. we decidedto have some fun. i took a ticondera pencil and shoved it all the way up her pussy with the sharp tip pointing upwards. she sdreamed into the ball strap. i then took a bb gun and shoved it's tip up herass and shot it. her ass begin to bleed. so did her pussy. then we put her to the fuckingmachine one last time and started it to full level.

the machine was splattered with a mixture of blood, juice and sperm. then pissed on her. we put nipple clamps on her and dragged her to the forest. now the dierty part. we took the knife and cut open a part of her pussy she screamed but no one was there to save here. we took a spoon and shoved the liquid and muscle out. then we worked on her ass. but first weput hot citric acid on her pussy she screamed.

then at last we shoved a yardshick up her ass so hard she died. our dicks were still really hard so i and my friends began fucking each other. we were at a good dlimax.

and wshovedsperm into each other. then we went home and slept peacefully. tht day the teacher didnt come to school so we decided to be naughty. Then we stripped and danced. we began being bisexual and fucking each other.

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we had a good time. i sat. one girl kissed me.anether sucked mtycock. another licked my balls. and another sucked at my ass.

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my friends were recording it. tht night after i gothome i was constantly awoken by noises. i kept on getting the image of how i fucked mrs.patel in my brain. heard mrs.patel whisper in my ear. i looked around, i saw mrs.patel in frontof me.i sdreamed but no noise cameout of my mouth. i was scared hell. "sorru:'::"I said "its too late she whispered"@#$#$ i cussed. i tried to run out of the room but the door was locked. i tried to open it but it was jammed. she grabed formy balls and ripped them off.

i fell at the floor. holding the part where it was ripped off. i didnt know what to do. the the ghost took my dick.i dodged and pounded at the door. myparents came running and opened the door.What happened they said.i said ghosy but she was gone and my balls were back.


must been a bad dream my mom said.i woke up in the morning and when i was in school, myfriends were gone. the ghost must have got then i thought.


just then the lights went out. i grapped tasha,my girlfrieand n, the light came on and i was so happy nothing happende that i kissed tasha. i was fucking her until the light was gone. tasha left my body. when the light cameon tasha was cut open. i screamed!!!!!!XXXcomment for more No girls were harmed in the making of this story