Teen double penetration Riley loved it and offered her tight rosy

Teen double penetration Riley loved it  and offered her tight rosy
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Morning Surprise part 4 Sunday morning, I woke with a slight headache. Too much to drink. I normally spend Saturday night at the police club; I have a couple of pints with my mates, sing a few rugby songs and head on home. Last night my neighbour and colleague Dave decided that we should get an Indian on the way home.

We always have a couple more pints to help wash it down, that is always a mistake.

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My head would pound away for a few hours; I would be forced to go for a run to clear it, have a shower and I would be fine. "Are you awake?" Joan said from beside me. "Yes baby I am wide awake" I said turning over to look at her " A little hung over but awake" "Steve how long have you been fucking the girls" was the second thing she said to me. My mind went into free fall.

Fuck how did she find out so quickly, what the fuck was I to say to her that would explain what I had been doing. Do I lie to her, would she know I was lying, of course she would know I was lying. You cannot spend so long together without knowing when your partner is lying to you.


I sat up and looked her in the eye. "How long have you known, that I was sleeping with the girls?" I asked. She reached across, pushed some hair away from my eyes "I am so glad that you decided not to lie to me. I have known for four days, do you want to tell me what happened" I felt relieved that she knew all I had to do now was try and tell her the facts, being a detective she would be able to know without me telling her, that it was not planned.

"I came home the other morning, climbed into bed as usual, and you know how I get. I started playing about and before I knew it was not you I was deep inside Sandie. I thought that it was you in bed honest" "That would have been Wednesday morning, I thought it started then" was her only response. "Are you mad at me baby" I reached over and took her in my arms; she snuggled onto my chest and said "I was at first, but while you have been on nights I have seen the changes in the girls.

You have turned them from teenagers, who bicker and fight each other at a moments notice. Into women I have watched them share everything with each other, they are polite and helpful. You should have seen them sitting down helping each other with homework, it was for me a revelation".

I had been holding my breath waiting for her to explode, but the explosion was not coming. "When did you know?" was all I could think to say "It started with small things. The bedding was fresh on the bed nearly every day, the underwear they have been putting in the wash, was always dry and crusty with come. I keep smelling angel perfume in our bed; it was not hard to unravel.

Someone has even been using my rampant rabbit. "Have you noticed that when you walk into a room now, both girls look at you with adoration and love?" I have to admit that I had noticed that the girls did always look up when I came into the room; I put it down to the way our feelings for each other had changed.

"I have noticed that they do look up when I come in" I said giving her a reassuring hug. "Will this change every thing with us love" "I hope not" she said "We have always been a close family; this is only bringing us all closer together" I breathed a huge sigh of relief, I bounced out of bed.

My feelings had been raw, I hate lies and now that things were out in the open I wanted the girls to know. "I am going to get the girls" I shouted as I headed for the door.

I woke the girls and said "Our bedroom five minutes family conference" I rushed back to bed to await their arrival. I snuggled close to Joan. I so wanted to let them know that their Mum was Ok with what had gone on. They came in together holding hands, they looked a little sheepish. A moment of silence was suddenly broken by everyone trying to talk at the same time. Joan called everyone to hush "sit yourselves down; we need to talk over what's been going on". She said, patting the bed for the girls to climb on.

"We are sorry Mum, we asked Dad not to tell you the day it happened, we felt so fantastic, we did not want anything to stop us enjoying him for just a little while longer." Mel after telling this to her mother came over and sat at the bottom of the bed.

Sandie was now also perched at the bottom of the bed "Girls you know that we both love you, every fibre of you is loved by your father and me. I was angry at first when I suspected what was going on. But I have had a few days to think it over. Your father is the kindest, most gentle man that I know and if any one is going to teach you about physical love making I cannot imagine a better teacher" Saying that Joan leant over and gave me a very passionate kiss, filled with love that has always blessed our marriage.

I had no words to say, speechless. I just lay there beaming at them. Mel was the first to react "Mum we both love you both with all our hearts, but what you just said has made me realise what truly loving parents you both are" She had tears in her eyes and started to cry.

I pulled her to me; I cradled her in my arms. Like I had done so many times when she was tiny, but she was tiny no more. Sandie was now crying also, being comforted by her mother.

"What do you say we get up have breakfast and then I want to see first hand what your Dad has been teaching you" Joan said climbing out of bed. Breakfast over we returned to our master bedroom. Joan took over; she was like a movie director telling everyone what their positions should be. I was to get the girls ready. The girls were told to get on the bed.

Joan sat on the dressing table chair; she said she wanted the freedom to move around, if she wanted. The only thing she did not do was shout action. I started by asking the girls to remove their robes.

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They both paraded around like models showing off the latest fashions, but they were parading for me and their Mum, we could not have been prouder. Mel having the larger breast a stunning 32E, was circling her nipples with her fingers. Sandie was bending over; with her amazing long legs she was running her hands from her ankle to her arse.

Sandie is 5'9" with legs that seem to go on for ever. Blond hair that falls to her shoulders. A lovely pair of tits a 34C. Her strongest feature is her huge eyes, they are green like an emerald, with a sparkle that light up your life when you look at them.

Not an ounce of fat on anyone in this house, but seeing my two girls naked parading around my bedroom, had me hard in an instant. Aware of their own best assets they had both decided to show them off. I am not a boob man, but appreciate women with a great arse instead.

I was mentally measuring my three ladies and had decided that all three must be within an inch of each other, and that made them perfect in my eyes. "Dad I have a great idea" Mel said, she whispered in her sister's ear, giggled and ran from the room. Minutes later they returned wearing their school uniforms, a white blouse, but with no bra. It was not tucked in but tied in a knot under their breasts.

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A navy blue pleated skirt, which had been rolled up at the waist a couple of times. To make it even shorter, you could clearly see the cheeks of their arses as they moved. "Dad I know that you like this uniform. You should see the look on your face sometimes when we come home from school. I see it every time I walk in with Tracie; you look at her sometimes like a starving man looking at a feast. She shows off for you sometimes just to see the bulge in your trousers, we normally run off to my room and talk about you" I would have to be more careful, around Tracie.

I was not aware that I did that, she is as hot a fuck though. I directed the girls into position. "Sandie I want you to lay back on the bed, Mel I want you to sit on your sisters lap, both facing me. This way I can kneel down at the bottom of the bed and eat your pussies both at the same time. "What do you think of that" I said moving into position. I was looking at perfection. I had two of the most beautiful pussies in the world directly in front of me waiting for my attention. Looking under such a short skirt, would be a turn on for anyone, but the bald pussies almost winking at me was awe inspiring.

Sandie had her legs draped over the end of the bed; Mel had her legs stretched wide apart. I gave each pussy a kiss. I ran my tongue from each arse all the way to their clits. I pushed my tongue deeper into them on each pass. Both were incredibly wet, I told them to relax and enjoy. I parted their lips with my fingers, breathing in their scent. To me it was manna from heaven. I still had my robe on.

I stood up and dropped it off my shoulders. My cock was hard as rock and standing out proud. At 6'6" I am a big man and my cock is also on the large side, at least nine inches long and four inches around at the base.

I gripped the base and said "Mel cunt or arse" she responded with "cunt to start please Daddy" I parted her lips and pushed in to the hilt, I was watching the look on her face, and she just loved it. I gave her a few strokes stood up and asked her sister the same question. She also said cunt. I parted her lips and pushed in to the hilt again, she responded with a shudder. I repeated this cycle for a few minutes when Mel said "Daddy I am ready now will you please fill my arse with your lovely big cock" I looked over to Joan, to see what her reaction would be, she had parted the front of her robe and was flicking her clit like there was no tomorrow, she was still watching the action, but every now and again she would close her eyes and slip further down the chair.

I know that Mel likes it a little rough, so instead of getting the KY jelly again, I just pushed my cock roughly into her a few stokes more, to get some of her juices on my cock, then pushed myself deep into her arse in one go. Her eyes lit up like roman candles, she was panting and bucking like a break dancer, she was coming in a long drawn out scream.

Her mother sat bolt upright on her chair and was looking over like I had just killed her daughter in front of her eyes. "Are you Ok baby" Joan said "Mum Ok is not a work to use to describe how wonderful Dad's cock feels when it almost rips your arse in half. The word is Fantastic" Mel had brought her legs up to rest on my shoulders, Sandie had her arms around her sister and was playing with her clit with one hand, and the other hand was busy pushing two fingers deep into her sister's pussy.

I knew that I could not continue at this rate for long. I had to stop otherwise Sandie would not get some cock. I am a considerate Dad as well you know. I withdrew my cock from Mel's arse and Mel sprang up, she dropped to her knees and was now sucking hard on my cock.

"No baby don't suck so hard your sister needs some cock to, I don't want to come so quickly" She got up and sat next to Sandie.

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"Sandie cunt or arse?" I said "Cunt again please Daddy" I directed her to turn over so that I could fuck her doggie style. "Mel if you move up the bed I am sure that Sandie will be able to eat your pussy for you". I lifted the back of her skirt, something I have wanted to do for such a long time. I ran my cock a couple of times over her lips; I took a firm hold on my cock and circled her clit with my helmet.

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She was sopping wet and ready. I thrust myself deep inside in one stroke. Mel had moved up the bed and her legs were spread wide, allowing Sandie to eat on her pussy. "Oh .Daddy, Oh Daddy she was moaning" She lifted her face away from Mel's pussy to scream. I was in my own private heaven again watching my babies, while driving my cock as hard and as fast as I could into my eldest daughter.

Sandie had started to tremble, that was a sure sign that she was about to come hard, I increased my pace and was rewarded with her going into spasm as orgasm after orgasm hit her. I started bucking and spewing load after load into her. "Sandie has Dad just come inside you" Mel shouted "Yes he has" Mel replied. Mel scrambled over so that she could suck the very last drops out of my cock.

"Dad your cock, with all the juices tastes just heavenly" she said as she rained kisses up and down my cock. "Mel dad has just pumped a whole load of that heavenly taste in my pussy, come and get it cried Sandie. I turned to look over at Joan, she was like a wrung out rag on the chair.

"How was that for you baby" I said as I tried to lift her up. "Leave me Steve, I do not have the energy to move, that was the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. I have come so many times; my legs are like Indian rubber. Let me catch my breath. I looked over at the girls they were in a sixty nine position munching away at each other.

From the gasps that escaped from them, it looked like they would be busy for some time. Pride they say is a dangerous thing, but the pride I had in my family was threatening to burst out of my chest. "Steve will you fetch me a drink of anything" Joan asked.

I ran down to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of coke. Joan and I enjoyed a drink together, watching our two daughters still munching away on each other. Joan was mesmerised she was staring so intently. I had pushed her robe off her shoulders and was playing with her nipples, she loves having her breast's played with.

"I must start wearing a school uniform myself" Joan was saying "In fact I will make it one of the rules of the house that one day a week, we will all dress up in school uniform, with no panties of course to greet you from work" She knows me so well. Was it that obvious that I like the uniform?


Mel looked up and said "are you two ready to come and join the party" Joan confided to me that she had had thoughts about other women, but had hardly ever seen another woman naked let alone touched one.

I told her to dive in and enjoy, it was my time to sit this one out. She got up, slipping her robe off as she walked across the room to join the girls.

I was looking at her arse as she walked. Twenty years of marriage and her arse still turns me on, some time today I am seriously going to get a tape and measure my women. I am sure they are all the same size; the three of them had amazing tight arses. Joan was now in the centre of the bed, Mel was between her thigh's lapping away, Joan was thrashing from side to side, and you would think that this was her first time having her pussy eaten.

Hell it was the first time her pussy had been eaten by another women! Sandie was sucking on her mothers tits; she was alternating between the two, pushing them together kneading them all the things that drive her wild.

I watched as Sandie lowered her pussy down to her mothers waiting mouth, I wondered how Joan would react, but she was a natural. I think that women just know what they want, when it comes to eating pussy. It must be what they want for themselves, they just do for others. I was in two minds should I run and fetch the video camera, but decided that we had plenty of time to talk over if we wanted evidence of screwing our kids laying about the house.

The sounds coming from that bed were enough to get you hard, you could close your eyes and get a hard on. All of them were breathing in pants, mixed with God this is fantastic, to fucking hell I am coming again.

I was in my element, I felt like a sexual conductor. My baton was standing out proud in front of me swinging from side to side. The purple helmet was almost glowing. I did the only thing I could, I walk to the bottom of the bed and said "Joan cunt or arse" I heard a muffled "cunt" come from the direction of Sandie's pussy. Cunt it would be then. Mel piped up "Mum with Dad in your arse and me and Sandie using your rampant rabbit thing on you, I bet you will go multiple" "That sounds wonderful to me" said Joan as she moved out from under the girls.

"Steve lay on your back and I will lower my arse onto your cock" I moved into the centre of the bed, soon Joan was bouncing up and down on my cock. Mel was using the rampant rabbit on her mother; I could hear the odd buzzing noise. Juices were running from her, so much so that it was running down my legs and we were both getting soaked.

The strange thing was Joan is normally very quite when we make love, today she was howling like a banshee, it was music to my ears. Sandie was feeling a little left out, so she had moved up to look after me, she was giving me a private show playing with her pussy; she was just out of reach. Her fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit; every now and then she would slap her lips, which would bring a shudder to her whole frame. I kept up the steady pounding into Joan's arse, you could smell nothing but sex in the room, you heard nothing but the sounds of sex and every where you looked you could see nothing but sex.

All my senses were being satisfied. "Steve you have got to stop" Joan was now screaming I cannot take any more I have come so many times, my whole body is drained. She lifted herself off me. All my beauties were on the bed.

"Who wants Daddies come girls?" I said as I slowly wanked my cock. The three of them scrambled to get into position. I was looking at my wife, and both my daughters as they presented their mouths and faces to me. Who would be the lucky come winner?

I decided that it would only be fair to share it out so as I came, I moved my cock over the three faces. "I get to suck you when you're finished" Joan said "I have not tasted your spunk in my mouth all day". I put my cock in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around my helmet, then pushed me to the back of her throat. A trick we had practiced many times.

You need to be able to breath through your nose, to take a cock so far into your throat. A trick that she can teach the girls I hope. They got into a semi circle around me, each taking it in turn to suck on my rapidly deflating cock. I had to call a stop. I was drained, the girls were drained. We all collapsed on each other and the bed. I suggested that we all get in the hot tub, that's always a great way to relax and talk about what we would all do next.

Sitting in the hot tub, I was intrigued to see Joan making notes in her note pad. "What are you putting in your pad honey"? I said as I tried to reach over and have a look "Nothing for you to worry about tomorrow I am taking the girls shopping"