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. I woke up in a alcoholic haze; eyes seemingly glued together. Opening these eyes of mine, I see a young guy moving into the kitchen to my left. [Closes eyes.] .Hearing a noise.I peep.the same young fellow looking out the window. .It-s very early AM and the sun had just made an appearance, or so it seems. The windows in the kitchen are allowing the sunshine in thru the slats even though the blinds were closed for the benefit of us drunks sleeping about the house.

I glanced around and notice a few people sleeping in various places., the sofa., one in the foyer., on the rug. the aftermath of a good party. .I had the big arm chair.all good.

There is a developed basement in Clarke and Maggie-s place, furnished quite tastefully by the way. With three bedrooms on the main floor plus the two in the basement, we partiers can find a place to sleep most anywhere.

Clarke and Maggie are older, mid forty-s; they obviously take the master bedroom, well most of the time anyway. I am in my early thirties and try to find a comfortable place when it comes to sleeping. I work in construction so I am fit. Usually I have no problems with aching muscles no matter where I sleep; this holds true for tonight as well.

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The majority of people at these parties were in their early twenties. Clarke and Maggie throw a great house party and their reputation for being good hosts is well known. .So, here I, here I slouch in this big chair., ass near the edge of the cushion, legs sticking out straight. Comfortable., except for my head. OUCH! .Hangover., fucking Canadian Whisky, I cannot resist that poison. --------------------- I watched this lad for a bit.nothing going on so I closed my eyes after awhile.

I guess a few minutes passed, or I dozed off, in either case time moved on; when I thought I heard an - Mmmmm . I opened my eyes to see him feeling up a woman sleeping on the carpet, her back to me so I do not know who she is.

nor do I care., really, I don-t. I watch him for a half minute or so then close mine eyes., again. I hear movement so I peep again. She had at least partially awoken, turning, rolling away from him slightly.she pulled the light cover she had over herself and fell back to sleep. I recognize her. She is quite the boozer. The young man leaves the room. [One pussy felt up.]. I close mine eyes again. I am just about asleep when I hear him again.

He slithers through the room going somewhere; my guess is hunting for a sleeping woman. .I power down again, trying to get some sleep. . A ray of sunlight strikes my left eye, reflecting off something I guess. I roll to my right getting that early morning sun out of my eye. I do not know what time it is but the party had only ended an hour and a bit ago, the last one falling like a tree in a gale. Clarke enjoys having a piss-up as he likes to call these parties.

He enjoys people, as does Maggie. They like mingling with the younger set. adds to life Clarke says. These piss-ups usually go off without a hitch. Sometimes, like tonight, there is an interesting aside.

I do not recognize this young fellow.for all I now he is a neighborhood kid who just crashed the party to feel up drunks. Sex Ed practicum 101. --- Go ahead, I say to myself, these cunts won-t remember it anyhow. I was brought back by a male voice; --- Get the fuck outta here ya little prick.

. I here muffled voices, a female quietly laughs.then quiet. I smiled, remembering an incident a couple of years ago when Maggie got laid, or was in the process of getting laid when Clarke intervened.

That one nearly ended Clark-s open house piss-ups. Fortunately the girls, four actually lead by Kerry moved in on Clark when they found out he was pissed and going to stop these parties.

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I remember watching them rub up against, Clarkie baby - . Coe-ing and drooling all over him.he never stood a chance. The girls steered Clarke into the basement were Kerry gave him one of her patented bj-s.

Kerry loves cock. She can really give good head. .I think about half the men here have had their cocks in Kerry-s mouth. As I recall at the next party Clarke laid down the law before things got going. . My wife is off limits, he said. No one and I mean no one got out of line with Maggie after that announcement. Things eased off though after a time and the parties returned to their normal, drunken debauchery. I take some responsibility for Maggie getting fucked, or nearly getting fucked though.

Ya see I tried a few times unknown to all, long before the Clarke-ster found her with Ted, the attempted fucker of his wife. Ted reaped the benefits of my attempts on Maggie. Dam I loved it so, try-ing to fuck Maggie; dirty bastard that I am. ----------------------------------- I brought my legs up into the big comfy chair again trying for some sleep.

I looked across at a couple on the sofa.memories flood my mind. The only time I saw a woman get fucked by someone else was about three years ago. in the basement. .My one and only and favourite time. I had gone into the basement to get some coke for my drink.which was., I have forgotten. Whilst I was down there I heard some noise, not loud but still. I heard it. I quietly walked toward where I thought it was coming from; I could not see a thing.

I walked slowly up to the still crated refrigerator Clarke had delivered into the basement just yesterday. Beside this crated appliance was a smaller crated something or other .

It was just the right height for me to place my drink on, which I did. I was three sheets to the wind and did not want to spill my drink.

Then I saw them. I recognized her right away. She was one of Clarke and Maggie-s neighbors, three lots down I believe. This woman and her husband where the oldest couple at the party; her name I believe was Grace. The other person was male, much younger than she. I had seen her before at these parties. Her husband would start off not drinking and then get into it heavily as his wife flirted with the younger men.

It seemed harmless enough to me but I did not monitor it so who knows. But I digress. Clarke kept a few scattered pot lights on in the basement, dimly lit; plus the bar lights. Clarke-s way of encouraging debauchery. Clarke and I were the same that way. WE loved people fucking around as long as it was not with someone we were with, aka Maggie. Although., I had been known to bring some pretty attractive woman to his parties and let others fuck them.

This little tactic did wonders for my reputation. The bar was around the stairwell from where I was and were this young man and woman lighting was to my advantage.

Add 75W ceiling spot lights or accent lights, two of which pointed at the mantel. The third one was strategically aimed at the centre of the couch . Like I said, lighting to my advantage. When I got there she was on the couch trying to sit up. He kept pushing her back. Her dress was a Spanish slash Mexican kind of thing.not a clue really.

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ALL I remember is that the bottom was pink; the top was red with some kind on black pattern on it. The dress was to her ankles. This I remember because I thought it in good taste when she entered the house.I mean an older woman should dress conservatively. When I got there her skirt slash dress plus white slip were up high on her thighs showing the top of her nylons. I could see she had on a garter, white, white panties, and bare skin between her panties and the tops of her that spotlight.thank you Clarke.

I love watching woman and make a point to look for details of what the woman is wearing. Sick but oh so delightful. In this case the lighting on her legs was perfect. The young guy pushed her dress up again and she attempted to push in back down.were he summarily slapped at her hand. she pulled her hand back. He grabbed her legs behind the knees and lifted her moving her ass closer to the edge of the couch.

HE slipped his hand up under her and I saw white panties and a white garter coming into view as he yanked them off, and none too gently.

I could see her bare ass and some fuss between her legs. Her nylons also slipped down her legs as her left her under-things all gathered about the knees. Grace tried again to push her dress down to cover herself but once again the young man slapped at her hands. Grace pulled her hands back. They wavered in the air .I am sure she wanted to defend herself but I also thought after word, like the next day, that he must have hurt her hands.

He pushed her legs up and reaching behind himself he grabbed a cushion and slipped it under her ass.NOW I could see better.she had a nice cunt.Mmmmm.

NOW I could hardly wait until he fucked that pretty cunt of hers. I looked toward her face but it was in the shadows so I really cold not see the expression she had on her face. But, I surmised or maybe I hoped she was totally freaked out; since she was actually being raped. I had sobered up with all this excitement and had one fantastic hard on. I wanted to run over there and rape her myself. Those older woman had morals.

To get one of them would be so fucking cool. BUT, I watched.safer. He went down on her licking her pussy. I could tell from her movement that see was not at all into this. He rose up and moved her ass toward the centre of the couch as she lay length-wise on it. He and took her, just like that.not roughly as I had hoped for ., but straight in right to the hilt.

She bucked adding to my excitement. I watched this young man fuck this older woman for maybe three or four minutes before he cam- in her. Whence he got up, whispered something in her ear and left.walking right past me without seeing me.well there was the crated refrigerator between us.

I stayed to watch her struggle with what had just happened. She pulled her panties up and then her garter some; her nylons were not up as far as they should be. She pushed her dress down. Grace lay there on the couch. I could not tell it she was crying or not.

but I hoped so.that thought added to my excitement. God damn I was horny. While I was finishing my drink and waiting for my hard to go down I noticed how big her feet were as she lay there. Funny I thought how I never noticed that before. My hard was not going down so I quietly slipped over to the downstairs bathroom and jerked off.

I had no choice. I was so fucking horny. While I was in there Clarke came to the basement and found Grace.he fixed her up I guess and proceeded upstairs. In a few minutes he was back in the basement so I walked over from the bar to see what was what.

---What-s up Clarke, I said. ---Some young fucker fucked old Grace here.I kicked -em out; mouthy SOB-s. I jerked off many a night thinking about Grace getting fucked in Clarke-s basement. I fantasized about getting her myself.getting her drunk, down in Clarke-s basement but only this time in one of the bedrooms so I could take my time with her.

I even thought of drugging her after I got her into the bedroom. My planning was growing in complexity. I so did want to fuck that old lady. But, alas, Grace and her husband moved to Arizona. About a year after Grace my friend-s wife was beaten and raped. She was hurt pretty good; that bothered me allot and my rape fantasies evaporated.

I have changed. Still, I bemoan that fact that I did not have the balls to walk over after that young fellow had left and take advantage of her.Sloppy seconds or not, I would have love to have fucked her. .DAMN! . I opened mine eyes and looked at the couple of the sofa. He had his arm around her but not over her tits. I looked at them for a while, then her crotch, and then I tried to sleep. I thought about Maggie. . Maggie: She is 14 years my senior.

She is in her mid-forties now. Maggie is short, 5 ft 2.


She is one of those ladies who has strong legs with nice hips and a great ass. From her waist up she is slight. A small rib cage, slender arms, a decent pair a tits on her though, not big, just right for her size. Her skin is nice for a middle aged woman. She has a few freckles. Her back is nice, square shouldered but thin in depth.her head is just right for her lower frame but slightly oversize for her upper torso.

She has an intellectual look to her I would say. Maggie-s face is heart shaped with some freckles. She has blue-grey eyes, not big but perhaps a little oversized for her face.

Her eye brows are dark brown, her hair is light, almost blonde. I never asked. Maggie-s mouth is perhaps a little small with thin lips, and well maintained teeth. Her nose is big and broad. Yet she is not ugly, Maggie is rather attractive for a forty something woman. Maggie-s personality is over the top. She is without a doubt the nicest person, not just woman, that I have had the privilege to know. AS a hostess she is always looking out for her guests. And that is a varied lot to be sure.

She has become my friend, I have known her and Clarke for ten years plus. She is insightful, funny, can take as well as deliver a joke. She is as smart as a whip. She is a good listener and can offer advice without being bossy. Maggie is respectful of others, no matter what their circumstance and respected by all whom attend these parties and loved by most, myself included I suppose. YES, Maggie is truly a GOOD woman and therein lays my problem for I want to dirty her.

She has only ever been with Clarke and I want to taste that. I want to do things to her that she does not want done to her. I want her to look at me and feel a need in her crotch that only I can satisfy. She grew on me over the years to the point where I fantasize about her. Yes, I am a dirty bastard and I know it. God forgive me but I love it so.

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. Back to the morning after: I awoke to the smell of freshly made coffee. I looked over to see Maggie in her kitchen cleaning up quietly. She was wearing her house coat, pj's and slippers.nothing special as you might expect from a woman of her ilk --- Morning Maggie, I said. ---Good morning, coffee-s ready Clay. --- Thanks Maggie. I picked up my coffee and headed outside onto the patio to sit in silence and enjoy a morning brew, my thing.

About twenty minutes later Maggie joined me followed within minutes by Clarke. WE talked away an hour more or less with refills. Some of the others popped out side to bid adieu while others left sheepishly with their heads hanging these parties.

I was about to leave Maggie and Clarke to their day when I was invited for breakfast. --- Got a minute was the way it all started, asked Clarke. Breakfast was great as usual. My ten years earned me some special considerations you see. What I did not expect was: --- Clay, I have to be out of town Tuesday thru Thursday this coming week and I do not like leaving Maggie alone.what with all the people we have over for our piss-ups one can never tell if a weirdo is amongst the crowd.

---Business Clarke, I asked. ---Yes, I cannot get out of it and believe me I tried. Clarke said. ---To answer your question, ya, sure Clarke, I would be honored to look out for Maggie.

Tuesday evening; I sat in the big arm chair reading the newspaper while Maggie was on the phone conducting business and personnel calls. I stayed out of ear shot. I do not like eaves dropping.

It was about 8 PM plus or minus and I was waiting for her to finish with the phone so I could let her know I was going to shower and get ready for work tomorrow. ---Excuse my manners Clay; I had to make some calls. She said. Always the polite lady Maggie.

---No problem Maggie. I explained my intent to shower and get ready for work tomorrow. I indicated that I would sleep in the basement. Maggie nixed that one right away. I was informed that I was sleeping in the room across the hall from the master bedroom and both doors would remain open. I never realize Maggie was nervous about being alone and mentioned this to her.


---Actually, I would prefer it if you slept with me Clay., but I am afraid Clarke would object profusely. ---I can understand that Maggie, my fantasies of you and all.

[I am fairly open minded and have no filter on my mouth.] Maggie smiled and said; ---Yes I remember those naughty thoughts you have of me [Maggie winks], kind of flattering Clay, considering my age and yours. We spent a minute or so bantering back and forth before I left for the shower, using the main bath at Maggie-s insistence. I spent perhaps 20 minutes shaving and showering. Leaving the bathroom tidy wearing boxer shorts with a towel wrapped around my waist.

I walked by the open door of the master bedroom but did not see Maggie [Damn, hoping for a peak if you know what I mean]. I proceeded about the house looking for her but I could not find her. Now my heart moved into my throat as I began to wonder what happened to her. I went back to the master bedroom and quietly walked in looking about.still no Maggie. Standing there for a few seconds it occurred to me that she might be in the half bath off the master bedroom.

I took the few steps necessary to look in her half bath and sure enough there she stood in front of her vanity looking into the mirror.

I was about to speak when I noticed her eyes were closed. So., I walked toward Maggie and as I moved closer I could see her face was slightly pink-ish in hue. Her mouth was just a little twisted. Nearing her I could see she had un-done her suit jacket; she had not changed from her work attire. Maggie had moved the straps of her bra and the other garment she wore, a camisole I think; slightly off shoulder making for easier access to her tit.

My heart literally jumped out of my chest. For a few seconds I watched Maggie caress her left was wild.

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.I tossed the towel aside moving closer to Maggie. Slipping my right hand about her waist pulling us together such that my cock pressed against her lower back just at the top of her crack. I was hard, very hard. .I watched Maggie-s face in the mirror, her mouth opened letting a barely audible Ahh- escape. Maggie-s eyes opened briefly showing me that glazed look of passion, only to close again. Her head moved back resting on my chest. To get Maggie clear of the vanity I took a small step back pulling Maggie with me.

I let my other hand move down the front of her and pressing her skirt between her legs I moved that hand up until I held her pubic bone in my hand. A chill ran thru me, what a fucking feeling. My God she felt great, unbelievably great actually.

In my wildest fantasies I had not pictured this one. I could not stop, I knew she was close but I had to get more.I rubbed her front by pressing my fingers hard thru all her clothing against were her clit should be.and at the same time rubbing my very hard cock against Maggie-s ass.sliding along her upper crack and lower back.

.Basically dry humping her from behind while holding her bone firmly.

But that was not enough. I moved to Maggie-s right. MY left hand went to the back of her neck holding her firmly there, along with her hair; I loved the feel of Maggie-s hair, so fine.

I moved my right hand to her hemline, and up under her skirt to her crotch lifting Maggie, hose and all. I carried her upright to the bed with a restrained roughness, but not too restrained.

MY mood would not allow for that. I took her shoes off and went for her top.none to gently. ---Wait, she said, undress.

In a dozen seconds or less we were both naked, clothing strewn about. I swooped in for the obligatory kiss to each nipple, wasting seconds.before I spread Maggie-s legs and dove into her crotch her face first. That tangy sting to my lips would last mere seconds as I licked Maggie-s pussy.

Her lips were big for a small woman., I thought, but that made it easy for me to pull those lips, opening up the furrows of her woman-hood to my tongues exploration of her pussy.

I swirled my tongue in and out of her hole, sucking on her lips, pulling on them with my teeth, tongue fucking lustful assault on her pussy was in high gear.MY face buried in pussy.I could not get enough of her.

.I had forgotten about Maggie until I heard; ---Hurry please. Oh, right. Maggie has needs. I rose up from her crotch like a shark leaping out of the water after prey whence I plunged back down on Maggie. I took her in one full stroke.right to the hilt. .I continued from where I had left off eating her, fucking Maggie at a torrid pace. Fuck Maggie-s cunt felt unbelievable.I was possessed. Driving into her; digging, digging and routing around in her pussy., pounding hard., trying to rip the fucking thing from her body.

.I cam- in her. Shot after shot of cum blasting into Maggie. I loved it. I was dirty-ing Maggie.having her this way, fucking her sweet cunt.she was mine to spoil.fucking a good woman.fucking her mind was jumping around with vile thoughts.I was raping her world, and I loved it. God I loved cum-ing in her. After I cam- I kept on moving inside Maggie, stroking her fantastic cunt; being careful not to touch the head of my cock on anything inside her, my cock was so sensitive.

I was moving very deliberately and slowly. I did not want to pull out. To my surprise Maggie had an orgasm. We crawled into bed together and slept. Dream come true. Wednesday: .Both Maggie and I had to work late this day so we arranged to meet her after work. WE went out for dinner together. I knew of a great eating establishment with loads of privacy. I had a connection there; actually one of the girls who worked there frequented Clark and Maggie-s parties.

Her name is Rachel. I told Rachel that Clark was out of town and I was Maggie-s body guard for a couple of days. She thought that was great. like I said we all respected and or loved Maggie. So Maggie and I dined at Mildred-s Restaurant, had some laughs and told stories.

.WE arrived back at Maggie-s after 10PM. I drove my RAM following Maggie in her car, a Volvo, neither of us was impaired. WE showered together.and went to bed naked. Cuddling. Maggie was safe in my arms and I was holding onto a dream. Maggie always kept a bedside lamp on, she felt better that way. So when I awoke to find her sucking on my cock that light was much appreciated.

---I hope you do not mind, she said.I did not get a chance to suck you last night and I really wanted too. ---No problem, I replied., silly girl I thought.

And so began the longest sucking in my cock-s existence. I could have cum- initially but held out for more sucking, which led to my inability to cum.So I just enjoyed Maggie sucking on me., she was enjoying herself.and I was enjoying her enjoying herself. During the time she spent sucking my cock the only thing she said was; ---I don-t want to stop.

In time Maggie-s jaw became sore. WE adjusted our positions, laying on our respective side-s face-ing one another in the 69 position. She had a pillow under her head and was comfortable with my cock nicely housed inside her sweet mouth. For my part, I had Maggie-s left leg over my neck, her right thigh I used for a pillow. This afforded me the perfect view of her ass and pussy. While Maggie sucked on me I stared at her ass and pussy. In time Maggie fell asleep; with my cock in her mouth.

I continued my close up examination of her crotch and ass.I am sure I could have counted every air she possessed. Her hair was light brown / beige in color and very fine.soft as anything can be. I kissed, licked, nuzzled and smelled every possible millimeter of her. I got very horny and started to move in her mouth only to have Maggie suck on me as she slept.

I would just start and she would give two or three quick slurps I will call reminded me very much of a baby sucking on a nipple. I would stop, wait a minute or so; resume my gentle lust-filled assault on her crotch. Followed soon after by a few strokes in her mouth which got her sucking on me in her sleep again. IF I had not been so horny it would have been quite amusing actually. Eventually I gently made an adjustment in my position allowing access to her ass with my tongue.

I spread her cheeks some and began exploring her anal area thoroughly. After licking her ass almost raw I started riming her and tongue fucking her beautiful light brown wrinkled little virgin asshole. [I knew Maggie had never done anal.] I was so involved with my oral exploration of Maggie-s ass I missed the change in her breathing.

[Same as the night before when I completely missed what she referred to as the best two orgasms in her life whilst trying to change her anatomy by fucking her delicious cunt.] AND then I heard; ---OH GOD, OH GOD., don't stop.please don't stop.oh my God. For once in my life I listened to a woman; spreading her cheeks more so I would be able to keep my tongue in her when she cam. .I restrained her as best I could while I tongued her sweet ass. Maggie cam very, very hard.

body convulsing. sweet anus contracting as she cam- . [At least once with a smaller second one] Maggie moved her legs a twisting against me. I was positioned between those beautiful legs keeping them open. I had to hang onto her tightly though, she is quite strong for a little thing.

.And the cute little growl she emitted as she thrashed about atop me. .WE talked afterwards as we lay together.deciding to continue having sex but under the strictest conditions, so as to not ruin her marriage to Clarke or either of our reputations.mostly hers.

She said I had raised the bar. ---You wanted to dirty me and you have achieved your goal.I need your sex. I love you.she said. .WITH that we cuddled and Maggie slept in my arms most of the night. Clarke came home the next day. It has been several weeks now and we are awaiting our next opportunity.