Asian Fuck Me Honey Up The Ass

Asian Fuck Me Honey Up The Ass
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Dan was single for a few months before he decided to go on the web for a date. He stumbled onto and that was where he met Gina. At first it was just the normal everyday conversation but when he asked her what is she doing for recreation, her reply was "I am playing badminton". He then asked her what kind of clothes are they wearing in matches and it came out short skirts that sometimes reveal more than what the women would want.

The conversations became more sexual to the point where they started asking questions about they like to wear to bed etc.

Dan told her about his fantasies especially about women that wear short and loose skirts. He absolutely loves to look up their skirts and kiss their assess and pussy. She always fantasizes about guys who would lift up her skirt and wearing no panties when shopping or when she goes out.

This kind of talk went on for a week before they actually decided to meet each other. Because it was the first meeting they decided to meet each other at a restaurant close to her house.


She waited for him at one of the back tables where it was reasonably dimly lit. They hugged one another as it was their first meeting. Because their conversations were so sexual they just started where they left off the previous night. He looked at her and could not believe how sexy she was. Her breasts were firm and her legs were very well formed. She had a mini skirt on and he could look up her leg a fair bit.

He couldn't see her panty yet but thought maybe he will asked to see it later depending on how the conversation goes. What are you wearing under your jeans she asked him and he said nothing. You said you like guys who wears no boxers under jeans and I thought I'll grant you your wish. What are you wearing he asked her. I have a see through lace g-string on.

Can I see it he asked. She moved her chair closer to him and covered her legs with the long table cloth. He saw her pussy was clean shaven,nice and fat. Can I see your cock. It is extremely hard and it is better if you put your hand over it. They were sitting very close to each other and he kissed her while she was stroking his cock.

The waiter came and ask to take their order. They looked at each other and decided to get something on the way home because they both became very horny. On the way to her flat they stopped at a Take away shop and bought some chicken and chips.

She drove home as fast as possible She pulled her car into the garage and he followed her. As he opens her door he grabbed her and kissed her passionately while she stroke his cock. He lifted up her skirt and stroke her butt while he kissed her passionately.

His tongue was swirling in her mouth while she was stroking his very hard cock. He unbuttoned her blowse and start kissing her firm breasts and she started moaning. Let's go inside she said. As they walked up the stairs he looked up her skirt and saw her firm buttocks. As they entered the bedroom she turned around and jumped in his arms.

He put his hands under her skirt while stroking her pussy. She kissed him and started to unbutton his shirt. He put her on her back on the bed. He pulled her panty off and unbuttonned her skirt.

He started licking her pussy as she opened her legs wider. Her pussy was clean shaven and he stuck his tongue inside while he sucked on her clit.


She was moaning OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!! fuck me fuck me but he said not yet as your pussy is too juicy. For about ten minutes he sucked and licked her pussy and her clit. Can I suck your cock she asked. I will start off gently. Just open your legs so I can look at your pussy he said.

She put his cock in her mouth and gently suck on it while she put spit on it to make it a bit slippery. He looked at her pussy as she was squating and his cock got harder. After five minutes he helped her up and kiss her. I have to fuck you now. OHHHHHHHHHHH fuck me now. He slide his cock inside pussy and started off slowly, but he became so horny he started slamming it in and out of her pussy. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH don't stop she said as he was really horny by now.

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He climbed on top of her and started kissing her while he was fucking her wet juicy pussy. She became extremely horny and whispered in his ear, let me sit ontop of you. He said give me a few more minutes because your pussy is so nice.

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After a few minutes he took his wet cock out of her pussy and laid on his back. I want you to squad so I can see my cock go into your pussy. She started riding him and he watched his cock slipping in and out her wet pussy. It made him extremely horny.

Don't stop he said as she was riding him wildly. I need to cum he said after a while.

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Can you cum on my pussy and my tummy. I love to see cum shooting out of a cock. She got off and started stroking his cock to cum on her pussy. I am cumming he said as his cock started squirting hot cum all over her tummy and pussy.

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OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as he got convulsions from all the cum squirting out of his cock. He fell on the bed next to her exhausted and sweaty. That was awesome she said, when is our next round. Let's eat something then we discus our sexroster.

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As they were eating they started discussing their relationship. She said I would like a guy who can fuck me at least every night and every morning. I like to suck cock she said especially in the middle of the night. I like kissing and fondling she said. Would you like to be my boyfriend she said. I would love to he said but can I tell you what I like. Yeah tell me so I can see if we are compatible.

I like looking up women skirts. Would you wear short kind of skirts with high cut see thru lace. I like to lick pussy and fuck 5-7 times a week. Can I fuck you in the middle of the night or just eat your pussy when you are asleep. Would you mind if I lift up your skirt if you and I are alone.

You can do whatever you want she said as long as I can suck your cock whenever I am horny. Are you ok to sleep naked at night or with a very short nightie. I would like to feel your butt against my hardcock in the middle of the night. I can't wait for us to move in together. At least now we know what each other want, can I suck your cock now she said. I love the 69 position can I eat your pussy while you suck my cock. For the next hour they were eating and riding one another.

He cum on her tits the second time and they went to sleep, just to wake up two hours later and started fucking all over again. [email protected]