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Footjob porn videos search watch and download footjob free sex
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"Daaaaammmmnnn!" Sundee reacted to the deep wet kiss that Teagan and Courtney were sharing. Actually, it was not just an epically hot girl on girl kiss; it was the answer to a question. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" Skye had asked Courtney.

All it took was a quick glance at Teagan and the two latched on to each other like long lost lovers. Not just any quick, smack on the lips would do for these two. No. Their shared kiss was the deep, open mouthed, passionate, kind of kiss. The kind of kiss that leaves both participants and observers breathless. "Ok, Ok that's just not fair." Skye whined dejectedly. "I've barely even kissed a guy, and you two are like, professional lezzies or something." Courtney was laughing too hard to respond.

"Not lezzies; bi's. Courtney and I are both bi-sexual. Frankly I'd rather be with a guy and kiss a guy. But, girls can kiss and…do other things stunningly well too." Teagan said with a sexy playfulness in her voice. "And since there are no guys in the room&hellip.Wanna try it?" "Umm.I don't, I mean…" Skye barely had time to respond before Teagan leaned over and placed a soft, lingering, closed mouth kiss on her lips.

Skye didn't really kiss back, but she didn't pull away either. "There. That wasn't so bad now was it?" Teagan asked rhetorically. "You're still here; no lightning bolts struck, and just because you might kind of liked it, doesn't mean you can't still love kissing guys.

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God knows I do!" Skye licked her lips and smiled. "Yeah, that was…nice." "OK." Ally said changing the subject. "When and how did you lose your virginity? I'll go first." The girls progressed around the room expounding on the details of the moment they became a woman. Ally gave it up the day after her sixteenth birthday, in her bedroom, with her boyfriend Tanner.

They had been together for almost a year and she was sure they were in love. Ally's parents had gone out with friends for the night and Aimee was at the movies. Everything was perfect as Ally and Tanner made love for the first time.

They spent a great deal of time kissing and caressing each other, taking their time, and savoring each other and the moment. There was little pain or blood as Tanner slid his cock into Ally. She gasped softly as he stretched her for the first time. She loved the feeling of fullness his cock gave her. Her first real orgasm was soft, and washed over her like a warm breeze. Tanner broke up with Ally only a little over a week later. Sundee lost hers outdoors one warm night, the summer before she turned sixteen.

Her boyfriend lived across the road from a country club. They walked along the dimly lit cart path to the remote 13th green; lay down on the cool, short grass and began to make out. It wasn't long before Sundee and Javier were doing each other 69. Sundee was giving her boyfriend a slow, erotic blowjob, and Javier was kissing, licking and sucking Sundee's succulent pussy gently. But, instead of sucking him until he came like she usually did, this time she sat up, turned around, took hold of Javier's dick and guided him up inside her wet, shaved pussy.

Sundee gasped in pain and surprise as she slid down on his cock. He hurt like hell inside her, but somehow, in spite of the pain, everything seemed right. Sundee didn't cum that first time, but Javier did. She loved the feeling of Javier's thick, sticky cum between her legs. She still hangs out with him sometimes.

Courtney shredded hers one Saturday morning in the shower when she was twelve. Courtney had discovered internet porn and had already taught herself to masturbate. Today, she decided she needed something more. Something that resembled a cock.

Her hairbrush handle was just about right she thought, besides it was all she had. Courtney said that it hurt like a son of a bitch for a second or two, as she buried the thick, soapy brush handle in her strawberry, peach fuzz covered pussy. She held it still for a few moments, letting the searing pain subside, and then began to gently fuck herself with the brush; it still burned some.

A sensation she had not expected. She came hard as she rubbed her clit while pumping the brush deep into her pussy. Courtney also mentioned that she thought she was going to bleed to death, and had to clean the shower before she could come out of the bathroom.

Teagan offered hers up the summer she turned fourteen. It was on the beach near her home, one evening, with Evan, the horny older brother of her best friend Leigh. Teagan had given Evan a blow job earlier in the day. That was the price of the "cab fare and tickets" for herself and three of her friends.

Anytime she and her homies wanted to see a movie, go to the mall etc., all it took was a blow job, and Evan would chauffer the girls and pay for the tickets. It was an arrangement of convenience; and it had worked for almost two years. Teagan lived a little farther up the beach road than Evan and Leigh, and she was usually the last one to be dropped off.

But tonight, Evan wanted to know if Teagan wanted to go sit on the beach. Evan was the local surfing god and had recently turned 19.

Teagan was secretly, madly in love with Evan. He was the hottest guy she knew; but she was also smart enough to know all he wanted from her was as much sex as she would give him. It only took a short while before they were both mostly naked, making out, in the sand behind some large rocks.

Evan was tall and strong and had a thick, hard cock. Teagan began sucking Evan's cock again; taking the foreskin and sliding it down exposing the large deep red head. Evan moaned as the tip disappeared into Teagan's willing mouth. She loved giving Evan a blowjob as much as he loved getting one.

In reality, it was the power she had over Evan that she really loved. One blowjob and she could get him to do almost anything. Teagan decided her time had come. She had been swallowing Evan's cum for most of two years. It was time to move to the next level. Without asking Evan, and without thinking about it a second time, Teagan paused, stood up, spread her legs and bent over one of the rocks, offering her pussy to Evan.

She gasped and cried out as he plunged his cock deep into her sopping wet virginity. Instantly she was overwhelmed by how good he felt inside her, in spite of the sharp pain. Evan paused briefly to let the pain subside and allow Teagan to adjust to the feeling of his cock deep inside her. They made love on the beach for what seemed like hours. Each of them cumming repeatedly as they fucked each other to exhaustion.

They kissed each other goodnight with a passion that was unlike anything either had experienced before. Teagan and her mom moved to the US shortly after that night; she has not spoken to Evan since. "Oh my god! Ally said breathlessly. I need a cigarette, and I don't even smoke!" "Damn Teagan," Sundee chimed in, "You got me all wet, either that or I just peed myself!

Fuck me; that really happened? And I thought I'd try anything…" Everyone laughed and looked at Skye; it was her turn to confess. She sighed deeply and said. "This is so not cool. I'm sixteen and a half and I'm still a virgin, and I probably will be at least until I go to college.

The guys at my school are all either douche bags, nerds or don't like girls, and I don't like any of them. I hate this. I hate my freaking life." "You can borrow one of my dildos if you want too. They wash." Courtney chirped. Everyone laughed except Skye. "No offense Courtney, but that is so gross." Skye truly sounded disgusted by the offer. "Y'all don't understand. I want a real guy, not a boy who only thinks he knows what he's doing.

I don't want to be a virgin anymore, I want a man! I want him to take me, screw me deep, and make me remember him forever, even if I don't even know his name." "You could be summer lovers with KT's brother Robbie. He's what, seventeen or eighteen?" Ally was trying to help. "Oh my god!" Skye exclaimed.

"I tried last night, in the hot tub. I tried to talk to him and be as sexy as I could. He kept looking at my boobs, and then he said he had to go, got out and went inside.

He just left me sitting there alone and frustrated. I thought I could at least get a kiss or something…I don't get it, what am I doing wrong?" "Sounds like Robbie was scared of you…or got a hard on and was afraid you'd find out about it." Courtney offered up a lesson. "If it had been me, I would have waded over to him, taken his iphone 4 and thrown it in the potted plants, reached down, grabbed his cock and said; Robbie, I'm Skye, I think you're hot.

Ya wanna go somewhere and fuck, or is right here OK for your first blow job from your new girlfriend? I promise Skye, once you have hold of a guys cock, you have his undivided attention.

He might still try to get up and run for his life, but at least he will know who you are and what you're into. Seriously, once you have his cock in your hand, your chances of getting laid increase big time." "Courtney, I don't think I could do that, I'm just not like that. Besides I wouldn't know what to do with a guy's penis anyway." Skye said with a dejected tone in her voice.

"Dear God!" Sundee was suddenly overly dramatic. "We're not in freakin' biology class; it's called a cock! Guys have cocks. Girls have pussys and tits. Guys don't think about how hot your mammary glands and labia are.

They think about sucking your tits and sticking their cock in your pussy! Girl, you are gonna have to loosen up. And by the way, you ARE like that. Deep down inside you, there's a Courtney dying to get out. She may be buried under all that Catholic proper you hide behind, but she's there.

She's deep inside all of us to some extent or another." "Sundee, be nice!" Teagan snipped, smacking Sundee playfully on the back of her head. Sundee retaliated with a quick firm right jab to Teagan's rib cage. Teagan fell over on the bed in mock pain. "Trust me Skye," Ally said. "You'll figure out what to do really quickly. You don't need lessons, but any porn site can give you some ideas." Teagan, can we talk?" Skye had an unexpected, purposeful tone in her voice.

Teagan and Skye were in the kitchen preparing to get breakfast before the morning workout. "Sure Skye. What's up?" Teagan replied curiously. "Not here. Let's go for a walk". The girls headed outside and down the long drive for some privacy.

Skye began. "Teagan, I know you are going to be mad, but I know you and Coach Mike are seeing each other." Teagan swallowed hard, trying to control the rising panic and said, "Skye, I don't know what you're talking about. There's nothing more between Mike and me than between him and any other girl on this team&hellip." "Riiiiight." Skye said, rolling her eyes. "Then how come you seem to be the only one coming out of his room early every morning.

You've done it four of the last six mornings. I know you two aren't working on infield strategy…" Teagan didn't immediately respond. "Look, it's OK, I mean, I'm Ok with it. He's really sweet and he's very cool, and I can see how you could fall for him. Like, I mean, he's a guy, what guy wouldn't want to be with someone hot like you or&hellip." Teagan interrupted Skye.

The irritation in her voice was obvious. "Yeah, OK, I'm fucking our coach. You caught us. So what? Why are you telling me this? What do you want from me?" "Actually, Skye said softly, I don't want anything from you. Well, maybe just your permission." "My permission…for what? Come on Skye just say it for God's sake, and stop playing fucking games." Skye paused…"I want Coach Mike to have sex with me.

I want him to pop my cherry." Skye cringed slightly, fully expecting a verbal beat down from Teagan. "You're kidding?" Teagan was trying to keep from laughing out loud.

"No…you're actually serious; why Mike…what's wrong with KT's brother? Go ask Robbie. I bet twenty dollars he'd screw you." "No Teagan; I thought about it and I want Mike to do it. I hardly even know Robbie. Look, you trust Coach Mike enough to have some sort of sugar baby thing going on with him. If you can trust him that much, so can I." "Our relationship is NOT a sugar baby thing." Teagan hissed defensively.

"He does NOT pay me to sleep with him. I sleep with him because I love him, and I enjoy being with him regardless of what we're doing. I'm his girlfriend and lover Skye, NOT his sugar baby." "OK, OK sorry, bad choice of words." Skye was trying to smooth over the miss speak. "So…I guess since y'all are a couple, having him sleep with me is not going to happen…" Teagan thought for a moment. "Not necessarily. But if he agrees to fuck you, I'm going to be there too." "Well…if you think you have to…" Skye reluctantly agreed to Teagan's demand to make it a semi-three way.

"Skye, there is no way I'm letting my boyfriend and lover, screw someone as cute as you, with tits as big as yours, and not be there to keep an eye on you two. Not happening." Teagan smiled. It was not hard for her to want to help Skye. "And Skye," Teagan added with a deadly serious tone in her voice. "If you breathe one word of this conversation to anyone…I swear to god…your death will look accidental, because I'll personally kill you dead.

DO NOT screw this up for me and Mike." "I won't. I promise." Skye and Teagan hugged and headed back up to the house. Teagan had let me sleep.

She didn't sneak up to my room overnight as she had, most of the other nights, since we all arrived at the compound in the mountains above Idaho Springs. That was a good thing actually, as we had a 6:00am workout and our seventh and last pool game at 11:30. Mornings came way too early up here. I shaved, brushed my teeth and went downstairs. Courtney was sitting at the kitchen counter, working her way through a huge bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and Ally was eating yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Both girls were drinking orange juice. Ally out of a large glass; Courtney straight out of the carton. The contrast between the girls made me chuckle. "Where is everybody else?" I asked curiously. Before Ally could answer, Teagan and Skye came in from outside.

"Well there those two are; I guess Sundee is still asleep or in the shower." Ally remarked rather disinterestedly. Teagan walked up to me and gave me a hug.

I returned the affections and said, "Morning kiwi." Teagan just purred softly, looked up at me and smiled. As she let me go, she quickly grabbed my ass as her hand dropped from around my waist.

She walked slowly over to the counter, picked up a banana out of the fruit bowl and proceeded to peel and eat it in the most sexy, erotic way she could. "Daaamn." Sundee suddenly appeared around the corner of the kitchen.

"Bitch, you gonna eat that thing or give it a blow job?" Teagan looked over at Sundee, the banana still between her lips, and flipped Sundee the bird. Sundee rolled her eyes and flipped Teagan the bird back. They were good friends, but they sure had a strange way of showing it. Mitch came in the front door right behind Ally's mom Margaret.

"Ladies, out front in 20, don't be late!" Mitch said, staring directly at Sundee. Sundee looked back at him and shrugged. She was the only one still wearing what she slept in.

Time was getting short. In tournament play, the ball game is limited to 90 minutes, and finish the inning. There were only about 6 minutes left in regulation and we had not yet batted in the bottom of this, the 5th, inning. We were playing Arizona Rapid Fire. There were two outs, a runner on second and third. We desperately needed an out as the Fire was up on us by a 3 to 2 score.

Skye had been reasonably effective as a two inning reliever for Hunter. However, she stood to take the loss if we didn't get this rally shut down right now; and score some runs in our half of the inning. Courtney called a drop curve to the girl at the plate. Skye whipped a beauty, breaking down and away from the right handed batter. "Ball one." The home plate umpire said mater of factly. "TIME PLEASE BLUE?" Courtney shouted, pulling off her mask and dropping it in the dirt at the umpire's feet.

"TIME!" The umpire signaled. Courtney pointed into the dugout at Mitch as she trotted out to circle to talk to Skye. Mitch joined the girls a couple of steps behind Courtney.

Mitch and Courtney could have worked for a crisis suicide center. Softball pitchers by nature are hormonal, emotional, train wrecks. They crave center stage, but let one thing go wrong, and it is like lighting the fuse on a bomb.

Every team needed a Mitch and Courtney tag team. I simply didn't have the insight or patience to do what those two could do for a nervous pitcher. The Ump was becoming impatient with the party in the circle, and started out to break it up. Courtney spun around and said "WE'RE DONE BLUE, THANK YOU!" Mitch jogged back to the dugout, and I thought it was odd that Skye didn't re enter the circle and toe the rubber. She just stood in front of the circle and began having some sort of conversation with Ally about the loose dirt piled up around first base.

Courtney trotted back toward home plate watching Ally doing dirt work, fixing whatever it was Skye seemed all upset about. My blood ran cold as I realized what was wrong with this little scene, just as the runner on third broke for home. Time was over, the pitcher was not in the circle…the ball was live; and neither my catcher nor my pitcher was paying any attention to the runner.

Or so I thought… "RUNNER!!" Mallori and Kylie screamed in unison. Courtney was about five feet in front of home plate and about two feet inside the third base line. She wheeled around and leapt at the runner, tagging her hard in the side with her glove. The runner stomped on home plate as their dugout and crowd went nuts in celebration of what they thought was another run . "CATCHER, WHERE IS THE BALL?

SHOW ME THE BALL!" The home plate umpire demanded. Courtney stuck her arm out toward the ump and opened her glove. Sitting in her glove was the ball. Everyone who had watched the last several minutes thought Skye had the ball in her glove. I was positive I had watched Courtney drop the ball back in Skye's glove when they met at the circle. It turns out that is exactly what they wanted everyone to think. The whole scenario had been planned and practiced.

If the runner took the bait, she never had a chance. "THE BASE RUNNER IS OUT!" Thundered the umpire. All hell broke loose. Their crowd was yelling. Ours was cheering. Their base runners were still standing on the diamond as their coaches argued the finer points of softball rules with the entire three man umpire crew. Courtney stood her ground in the middle of it with a huge self satisfied grin on her face and the ball still in her glove. It took several minutes to calm the melee and get everything sorted out.

Regulation time expired as they did so. In reality, the most important thing that came from the play wasn't the third out; it was the change in momentum. I quickly made some offensive changes knowing that this was it; there would be no need for another defensive stand today.

I loaded the 9 thru 5 batting order positions with my fastest and most consistent hitters. We only needed two runs for the win. The first up was my backup outfielder Linh. She was a tall, scrawny fifteen yr old of Vietnamese descent. Linh was not ready to be a starter, but she could lay down a bunt nearly as effectively as Courtney.

She never got the chance. The second pitch hit her in the ass. One on, nobody out. The winning run was coming to the plate in the petite body of Courtney. Rapid Fire was ready for her as the infield pulled in to a bunt prevent defense.

They left a big hole behind the pitcher as the center fielder hung back and did not come in as far as she should have. Courtney noticed the mistake and slapped the low fastball past the pitcher and into the vacant space out toward second base. Linh got a good jump off first and slid into second just as the ball was retrieved by the short stop covering.

Two on, nobody out and Mallori coming up. Mallori must have fouled off eight or nine pitches before connecting. She hit a towering fly ball out toward deep right center. Sadly it was just a long out. Both Linh and Courtney, tagged up and advanced on the sacrifice fly.

Two on in scoring position, one out. Teagan hit a rifle shot back to the pitcher on the first pitch. The pitcher speared the ball and somehow hung on; probably just a self defense reaction, but there were now two outs. KT was up and our last chance. Seven pitches later she ripped a hit just inside the first base foul line, rolling all the way to the wall. Linh scored easily and Courtney and never slowed down rounding third.

The play at the plate was closer than I had hoped. Courtney slid to the outside of the plate, tagging the back edge with just her hand. She quickly jumped up and pointed to the hand print on the back of the base. It didn't really matter, the Ump had already signaled "safe". "Wait…She wants me to what?" I stammered, "She told you that?" "Yes!

Teagan replied. Skye wants you to take her virginity; she wants you to pop her cherry!" Teagan continued to explain. "Last night before we went to bed, Skye, Sundee, Ally, Courtney and I were in our room, kind of playing truth or dare, and Ally made us all tell how we lost our virginity. Skye was the only one who is still a virgin and she was really upset about it. You could tell it really bothered her.

So this morning before we left for the game, Skye wanted to talk. So we went outside and she told me what she wanted." "So…you agreed? Just like that?" I asked, still a bit stunned. "Well no…not just like that, exactly…" Teagan paused awkwardly and looked at the ground. "So…how exactly?" Getting the answer seemed like pulling teeth. "Well&hellip.Skye knows about us.

Teagan cringed. She saw me coming out of your room the first night we were here. Even little miss clueless could figure that one out…" "So Skye is blackmailing us so she can get me to fuck her?" I was starting to get pissed. "Babe, I know it sounds like that, but I really don't think blackmail has anything to do with what Skye wants.


She just knows that I trust you, and she feels that she can trust you also." Teagan was right. Skye had never given me any reason to think that she was sneaky or underhanded. She had always seemed like a sweet, kind, rather innocent girl. Nothing more, nothing less. "Baby, I don't really want to be with her, I have you. I'm not interested in messing up what we have just because Skye thinks she needs her pussy stuffed." I said.

Teagan wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I returned her affections, running my fingers through her long, silky black hair as I held her close to me. I kissed her forehead softly. She looked up at me and grinned mischievously. "Why don't we do her together, as a couple? I can get her horny and you can make her a woman! We can give her a night she will never forget." "You're sure about this. I mean, you're really, really sure you are OK with me screwing Skye?" I was still not certain Teagan was completely serious.

"Babe, I was OK with you and Courtney the first time we were all together, and I was way more worried about Courtney, than I am about Skye. Besides, were in love now…" Teagan whispered as she kissed me deeply. "So&hellip.when are we going to make this happen?" I asked curiously. "I don't know." Teagan stated. Almost as if she hadn't thought about that part of it yet. "I will get with Courtney and let you know." Teagan kissed me again and turned to go back down stairs to the living room.

Mitch would be back from town with the pizzas any minute. "Courtney?" I said to myself. "Well if anybody knew how to run an orgy it would be Courtney…" I paused for a moment before following Teagan down stairs to join the girls just as Mitch came in the door with dinner.

Teagan quietly opened the door to Skye's room; reached back, took my hand and led me inside. The room was dark; but a light was coming from the bathroom that illuminated the scene reasonably well. On the bed was Courtney's familiar, and oh so sexy body.

Lying partly on her side and partly under Courtney was, I presumed, Skye. Skye had her leg wrapped up and over Courtney's leg. Her arms were wrapped around Courtney's neck and she was slowly rubbing her hands up and down Courtney's sexy, toned back. I knew from experience that Courtney had, and was, working her erotic magic on Skye, just as she had on Teagan months before.

Teagan and I stood silently, my arms wrapped around her shoulders, hers around my waist, watching the passion unfolding on the bed. The shy and quiet Skye was clearly enjoying the deep passionate kissing and full body contact. Courtney was gently massaging one of Skye's soft full boobs.

Teagan stretched up, softly kissed me and stepped back a bit. She stripped off her T-shirt, walked over and sat on the edge of the bed by Skye, leaving me standing by the door wondering just what was going to happen next. Teagan reached over and stroked Courtney's side, interrupting the impassioned loving between Courtney and Skye.

"Hey my babes, having fun?" Teagan said playfully. Courtney sat up, just smiled and blew me a kiss. Skye shook off her erotically induced trance and focused on Teagan. I was pretty sure she didn't yet realize I was in the room. "Hey girl!" Courtney said as she leaned over and kissed Teagan. "Teagan! O my God! I never knew…it's, she's, I can't believe how good this feels. I'm tingling all over. Skye was babbling almost incoherently as Teagan simply put her fingers on Skye's lips, momentarily silencing her.

"Skye, I brought Mike with me, are you still sure you want to do this?" Teagan said mater of factly.

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Skye sat up and squinted, glancing at me, and then looked back at Teagan. "Oh my God yes!" Skye was enthusiastic. "I want this so bad. I mean you don't know how badly!" Speaking of Skye, she was a sexy little thing.

Since losing the extra weight, she now had a pronounced hourglass figure, with a surprisingly small waist. Her boobs were full and a C+ with large puffy nipples that sat up on her boobs somewhat. They were too big to be perky, but they were very sexy, and just begged to be kissed. Skye's pussy could only be described as majestic, with full outer labia and prominent, winged, inner labia.

She was not laser sculpted like Teagan, nor shaved bare like Courtney. She had shaved her bikini area and had a funnel shaped patch of thick dark hair between her clit and her tan line. I walked over to the edge of the bed, pulled off my shirt and unbuttoned my cargo shorts, letting them fall to the floor.

Skye's eyes were locked on my crotch as Courtney crawled over, got up on her knees, and gave me a full on hug and a soft, gentile, sexy wet kiss. "Courtney!" Skye said with an exasperated tone. "Skye, it's OK. The three of us have been together several times. It's no big deal." Teagan was giving Skye a bit too much info I thought. Skye looked at Teagan, over at me and Courtney, who still had her arms around my neck, and then back at Teagan.

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Skye was speechless and just stared at the three of us in disbelief. "Come on, let's have some fun!" Teagan said lightening the mood. Teagan piled some pillows against the headboard and sat back against it, spreading her legs as she did so. She told Skye to lie back against her. Skye scooted into position and leaned back against Teagan.

Teagan had full access to Skye's boobs and pussy. With a small adjustment by Skye, they were also close enough together to kiss. I got on the bed, kneeled between Skye's legs, and began stroking my cock. Courtney leaned over Skye's leg and took hold of the base of my cock. "Here, let me do that." She quipped with a smile, nearly swallowing my entire cock as she began giving me a sensual, passionate blowjob.

"Oh my god!" Skye whispered in breathless astonishment. "I've never seen anyone give a guy a blowjob before; that is so hot." Teagan lifted Skye's chin and kissed her deeply as Teagan gently twirled her nipple between her fingers. Courtney took a break from my blowjob and began softly licking Skye's pussy, while just putting the tip of her finger inside Skye. "Ooooohhhh, that's soooo goooood!" Skye moaned between kisses.

"God that is incredible!" Courtney returned to sucking on my now very hard cock. Skye was wet and ready as Teagan slowly massaged her clit, while Courtney finished making sure I was as hard as I was going to get.

Courtney opened a packet of lube and spread it on Skye's pussy, adding to her already sopping wetness. Courtney gave me a couple of more deep, wet strokes and slipped a condom on me and rolled it down my shaft. She licked the condom to wet it, sat up and smiled. "You ready?" Teagan asked Skye. Skye just nodded. I scooted forward and rubbed the head of my cock along Skye's pussy for a moment or two. She was very wet; there was already a small wet spot on the sheet. I gently pushed the head of my cock into Skye and then stopped.

Skye opened her mouth and gasped as I pressed gently into her. "Oh that's…I've never felt anything that good!" Skye leaned her head back on Teagan and closed her eyes.

I felt her pussy tighten slightly, and then relax. I pulled out a bit, paused, and then pushed deeper into Skye's pussy. I felt resistance as Skye reacted instantly. "Owww! Owww! STOP! That hurts!" Skye whined, as she tried to sit up; Teagan would not let her. I froze and waited until she calmed down. Teagan was softly talking to Skye. "Skye, it is going to hurt some babe, but not for long. Do you still want to do this?" "Yeah, I do, I'm sorry, I'm just really nervous." Nervous my ass.

Skye was terrified; you could hear it in her voice. I pulled out again and rubbed her clit with my cock. She was still wet and she cooed softly and seemed to relax as I continued to rub her.

I pushed into her slowly again. I needed to fuck her, or someone, now. I wasn't used to playing games with little girls, and I was fighting my need to bury my cock into her as deep as I could. That would have just been mean. Once again I felt resistance and pressed a bit harder. Skye winced and cried "STOP! Oh god that hurts! Stop please!" Skye put her hand on my stomach and tried to push me away.

Her angle was all wrong and all she managed to do was dig her fingernails into me. She was whimpering as Teagan wrapped her arms around Skye's shoulders and softly said something as she kissed Skye's cheek and neck. Courtney grabbed my cock. She must have sensed my frustration as she peeled off the condom, and took me deeply into her warm wet mouth. As Skye relaxed again, Courtney continued to suck me back to hardness. As much as I loved Teagan, no one could give a blow job like Courtney.

Her well controlled gag reflex and seemingly prehensile tongue felt like no blow job I had ever had from anyone. She was truly, stunningly, talented. I was quickly rock hard once again. "Just pull out and cum on her tits. Don't cum inside her, OK?" Courtney whispered. I nodded in agreement as I gently slid into Skye once again. I once again felt the resistance of her hymen.

Skye winced and inhaled through her clenched teeth, but said nothing. I froze for a moment and then pushed hard into her, forcing my cock deep into her tight, virgin pussy. "AAAAAAAHHH" OOOWWW, OH God, please no more, please no more!" Skye began crying in pain. I held still waiting for the moment when I would, eventually, feel her relax.

Courtney looked down and softly rubbed her clit as Teagan held Skye close and continued talking to her softly. There was already some blood oozing from Skye's pussy. Courtney hopped off the bed, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and shoved it under my balls and up against Skye. It took several minutes before Skye relaxed and stopped crying and whimpering.

I slowly and deliberately began to thrust into and out of her. Skye winced a little and flinched as if she was uncomfortable, but the searing pain was obviously gone. I began to pump her more deliberately. Skye's breathing was becoming faster and more erratic, as Courtney kissed and played with Skye's clit.

"Oh yeah…Oh god…how can it hurt so bad and feel so good now? God, Mike, please don't stop, it feels so good." Skye pulled her knees up as I slid all the way into her. "Ooooooo…That's it!" Yes! I pressed my pubic bone to her clit and fucked her. It was just me and Skye now; Courtney and Teagan were busy with each other, kissing passionately. "Oh…oh…OH…I need to…I'm gonna pee, I think, I'm …OH…MY…GOD.OOOOOOHHHHYEAH!!" Skye tensed and shook as she experienced her first real orgasm.

I continued to pump her; her pussy alternately clamping around my cock and relaxing. I felt my own orgasm beginning to rise as I pulled out, stroked my cock a few times and emptied my balls onto Skye's stomach and tits. Skye squealed, and laughed, as the flood of warm cum shots covered her. Courtney and Teagan sprang into action. Teagan began to massage the sticky cum into Skye's boobs. Courtney licked and slurped up the cum on Skye's stomach and out of her belly button. Then, taking hold of Skye's chin, drooled the warm baby batter into Skye's mouth, sealing the cum cocktail with a kiss.

Skye reached down and wiped her pussy with the towel. There was a surprising amount of blood. She lay back against Teagan, breathing deeply and licking at the remaining cum on her lips with her tongue. Teagan was holding her close. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Thank you, Mike. I'm so glad you agreed to do this. It's exactly what I wanted.

Thank you SO much!" Skye's voice sounded grateful and relieved. "You're welcome Skye. I guess now you have a great story to tell. You just can't ever mention this night to anyone on this team. At least not and use any names." I said. "I won't, I promise.

This will just be all of our little secret, forever!" Skye got up on her knees and gave me a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. I glanced at Teagan, but she was oblivious to what Skye was doing. She and Courtney were kissing…again. "Holy shit!" Courtney exclaimed looking at the clock.

"How late were those games supposed to last?" "The last one everyone was going to watch was supposed to start at 6:30, so…it should be over about 8:00 or so." Teagan said. "Well, its 8:10 now!

Courtney exclaimed. "We gotta get cleaned up and make like none of this ever happened!" "Bloody fucking hell!" Teagan exclaimed with a touch of panic in her voice. "Skye! You and Mike get in the shower, and get cleaned up! Courtney, go light the grill and get the stuff for burgers out so Mike can start cooking as soon as he is out of the shower. I'll start the sheets in the washer! MOVE PEOPLE!" Skye looked like a scared kitten.

"Teagan, did you mean for me and Mike to shower…together?" "No time now for two showers. It's OK, just GO Skye!" Teagan said pointing at the bathroom door. "Come on Skye." I said as I took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

Skye looked back over her shoulder at Teagan and Courtney. They had thrown on their clothes and as Courtney sprinted down to the kitchen, Teagan began to strip the sheets off the bed. "I can't believe how much she trusts you." Skye said as I started the water. "Teagan is very special. I've never met anyone else quite like her." I slid the shower door open for Skye, as she stepped into the shower. This was an added bonus, I thought to myself. A shower with the new girl I had just fucked and cum all over.

Sweet! I stepped in the shower next to Skye, she was blushing and looking at her feet. She was fumbling with the body wash bottle and managed to drop it, without getting it open. I grabbed her arm gently as she tried to bend down to pick up the bottle. I took her face in my hands and said, "Skye, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you are a beautiful, sexy young woman.

Be proud and be confident of who you are, and the body you have." "I'm sorry Mike, I've never showered with a guy before." Skye was whining again. "Well up until an hour ago you had never fucked a guy before either, and that didn't stop you!" I grinned at her, and picked up the body wash, waiting for her reaction. Skye threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. She leaned back slightly and said, "Thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

Believe me, I so understand why Teagan loves you." She let me go as I handed her the bottle of body wash. She squirted a blob on her big tits and began to slowly, erotically, rub it around into lather. I couldn't stand it any longer; I reached around her and began massaging her boobs with the lather. Skye inhaled sharply, and laid her head back on my chest as I squeezed and massaged her tits. She moaned softly as I moved down and used my hand to wash her pussy.

"Oww, that burns a little" Skye winced as she turned around to face me. She cupped her hands and splashed some water on her pussy. "Can I?" She asked. Her gaze locked on my half hard cock. "Sure." I said. Skye scooped some of the lather off her chest and carefully reached out and wrapped both hands around my cock.

She began a slow soapy hand job without really knowing what she was doing.


It didn't matter if she had never done this before. The feeling was wonderful. She continued to stroke me for another moment or two. "I wish we didn't have to stop." Skye said thoughtfully. "But Teagan will wonder what's taking us so long." Skye and I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. As we dried off, Skye stopped, dropped her towel on the floor, took a step toward me and put both her hands on my chest.

She paused for a second, looked up onto my eyes. She had a wistful, pleading look on her face. "If anything ever goes wrong between you and Teagan…" She paused, didn't finish the sentence, and just stroked my chest softly. There was no doubt what she meant. We kissed tenderly and headed out the door to get dressed.

Our burgers were just coming off the grill as the rest of the girls and parents arrived back at the compound. Kylie was the first to burst in and announce what had happened. "Coach, Everybody! We won our pool bracket!! Rapid Fire LOST!" SWEET! When we started the morning game with Rapid Fire our record was 4-2. Rapid Fire had a record of 5-0. We had beaten Rapid Fire and they had now lost their second game of the day to a team called Black Ice; a team we had beaten earlier in the week.

This meant that both Renegade and Rapid Fire had identical 5-2 records in bracket play. But since we had beaten them, we were seeded as the bracket winner. It also meant that we had not seen the last of Rapid Fire, as the top two teams in each bracket automatically advanced to championship play. The four of us who had stayed behind, ate dinner and listened to the stories of the evening series of games.

Tomorrow was an off day, and most girls were making plans to go rafting, hiking etc. Mitch and I decided on no practice as a reward for a great set of pool games.

I texted Teagan and asked what and with who she was planning to do tomorrow. We often texted each other when we were around others who were blissfully unaware of Teagan's and my relationship. Her reply was not what I expected. Teagan: I want spend my day with u, not any girls. My heart hurts, I'm confused right now. Need to spend time with u don't care what we do, as long as we together.

Me: Do u want to go somewhere and talk now? Teagan: No. Maybe in ur room after everybody is asleep. Me: I love you baby. U no I'm here if u want to talk. She didn't answer me. Teagan was quiet and kept mostly to herself as the evening wore on. She was polite and friendly but something, was clearly bothering her. She was not her usual outgoing self. I suspected that something, was actually someone; Skye. I texted Mitch to meet me outside by the trucks and forwarded him the thread between me and Teagan.

We talked for a while and I filled him on the seriousness of my relationship with Teagan, as well as the situation with Skye. The relationship between Mitch and Sundee had become more serious as well. Mitch mentioned that Sundee didn't know for sure, but she was almost positive that there was something going on between Teagan and me. Mitch had repeatedly tried to downplay the possibility to Sundee, but I couldn't help but wonder; if Sundee was suspicious, who else was?

True to her word, Teagan snuck up to my room about 2:45 AM. I rolled over as she slipped between the sheets. I slipped my hand up to her face and kissed her. She tasted salty. She sniffed and whimpered softly as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. It was obvious she had been crying. I leaned over and flipped on the small light on the bedside table. Teagan was a mess. She had a sad, worried look on her face and her eyes were puffy and bloodshot. "Teagan, baby…please, what's wrong?

What's got you so upset?" I was worried; this was not like Teagan at all. "I have to know Mike…do you really love me, or am I just being a stupid little girl about what I think we have?" A tear ran down her face as she spoke. "Baby, I have never met anyone like you, ever.

You are the answer to my dreams, prayers and a couple of fantasies. What makes you think that I don't love you anymore?" I was amazed at the change in Teagan's thought process . Teagan responded. "It is not that I really doubt your love for me. I just need to hear you say it. I need to KNOW inside, in my knower, that everything is OK with us. That way I can focus on our relationship and it will help me deal with my inner conflicts." "Conflicts?

I asked, now even more confused. Teagan took a deep breath and began. "Tonight, when we all realized that the time to get everything cleaned up was short; I told Skye that it was OK for her to shower with you. But when I was down stairs in the laundry room, I was suddenly so angry with you. I realized that, despite what I said, it was not OK for my lover to shower with another girl without me there.

And I blamed you. I blamed you for screwing Skye and not me and for getting a blow job from Courtney and not me. All of the jealousy and mistrust I thought I was so good at keeping inside, just came pouring out.

Obviously none of this is your fault, but for some reason, in my head, I blamed you. Mike I am so sorry. I love you with all my heart. Please forgive me." I pulled her close to me and kissed her passionately. I was not willing to lose her to a misconception. "Teagan, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone.

You are perfect for me. You are not only who I want, you are who I need. Please, baby, don't ever forget that." Teagan smiled at me and then said, "Now for the last part. When I was so mad at you, all I could think about was making love to Courtney.

I wanted to kiss her, hold her, feel her body against me, and watch her cum as I ate her pussy. I know that was not exactly rational thought, because I was so pissed at you when I had no right to be. But…the fact remains, I love kissing Courtney. I love it a lot. Not more than I love kissing and being with you; but a lot none the less. I guess, all of a sudden I am having trouble dealing with the conflict. I love you so much; but I love being with her too." Wow, that was a revelation I had not seen coming, and was not ready for.

I searched for the right thing to say…"Baby, what can I do to help? I'm not even sure I completely understand what you're dealing with, but I want to help if I can. Have you told Courtney about this?" "No." Teagan said. "Courtney doesn't know what I was feeling. I think we need to spend some time just being us. That's hard to do here, and I miss it.

Can we go somewhere later today so we can just be together, please?" "Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Go back to your room try to get a little sleep, shower and we can start at Starbucks in town once everybody leaves." Teagan once again wrapped me in her arms and kissed me passionately. She smiled and said "I love you, Mike…I mean it!" She kissed me once more, slipped out of bed, and headed back down stairs to her room.

Teagan was nowhere to be found while everyone else was leaving the compound. She had told Courtney that she wasn't feeling well and was just going to sleep it off and relax around the house. I had told those that cared, I was going to go get my trucks oil changed in town and just goof around, doing nothing in particular. Both of us lied. I knocked on Teagan's bedroom door as soon as the last car headed down the drive. Teagan opened the door looking spectacular.

It's amazing what a nap and a shower can do. She was also much happier than she had been four hours earlier. Teagan was dressed in a pair of very low rise Capri jeans, white tennis shoes and a white, crop cami top that showed off her abs and belly button piercing. Her glossy black hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her Oakley's were up on her head. "Is everybody gone?" Teagan asked curiously, trying to see around me. "Yeah, just the two of us left." I replied. "Good!" she chirped as she hugged me and tilted her head up expecting a kiss.

I rewarded her efforts with a soft, loving wet kiss. She smiled and said, "I love you!" "I love you too baby! Come on lets go." We jumped in the truck and headed into the town of Idaho Springs. We stopped by the Starbucks, got some Latte's and scones for breakfast, and pointed the truck west on I-70 to the resort town of Vail Colorado.

I had listened carefully to the plans of everyone the night before and no one had included Vail in their plans.

That made Vail the perfect date place for Teagan and myself. We could just be together, shop in town, eat, and do whatever with no interference from anyone. After finding a place to park we walked into town and just wandered around through the shops until it was lunch time. We caught the Gondola Ski lift up the mountain to a restaurant at the top. The scenery was majestic. Clear blue skies, some remaining snow piled up in the shadows of the trees and wildflowers everywhere.

We ate lunch on the outdoor deck of the restaurant; grilled salmon with herb wild rice and fresh steamed veggies. We talked, ate, and took our time taking in the stunning mountain scenery as we split a huge piece of chocolate/caramel cheesecake for desert. After we got back down to the base, we played a game of putt putt golf. Corny, I know; but it was just the sort of light hearted fun that Teagan seemed to need. She could hardly stop laughing as we played.

We needed to get headed back to the compound soon, and we wandered aimlessly through more of the shops as we slowly headed back to the parking area. Teagan was back to her playful happy self. She was talking about everything and nothing, acting silly and generally not caring about anything in particular.

One thing was certain, she would not let go of my hand. As we came around one corner, she stopped dead in her tracks and just stared at a small display window that had seven of the largest diamond solitaire engagement rings I had ever seen.

"Babe LOOK! Shit!.those are awesome!" Teagan was mesmerized. The smallest of the diamonds had to be at least three carats. There were no prices. They shone with an internal fire in the window; hundreds of tiny rainbows surrounded the rings as the sun shone into and through the dozens of stones mounted on the seven individual rings. Teagan turned around and grinned at me slyly. "I want to try one on! Come on; let's play a little game with the salesperson!" She was being very coy and mysterious.

"Are you sure it's just a game?" I teased; knowing full well that she was planning a test run to gauge my reaction. "Yes! Just a try on, I promise. Come on babe, indulge your girlfriend." She cooed softly, as she squeezed my hand and pulled me around the corner of the building and into the store.

"Good afternoon. May I help you?" the salesman, Roberto, asked with a bit of an annoyed tone. It was almost as if Teagan and I had disturbed his afternoon tea…He was dressed in a black suit and tie and looked a bit like a butler. The shop had a formal, stuffy feeling about it. Teagan and I were seriously under dressed for diamond shopping. "The emerald cut solitaire in the window display…I would very much enjoy trying it on for looks…please." Teagan used her best New Zealand accent and formal English to help with "her game." "Very good miss…excuse me for a moment." Roberto disappeared into the back room and returned with the keys and an assistant.

Teagan and I sat down in Victorian high backed chairs, at an illuminated, velvet covered table, under the watchful eye of Roberto's assistant. Roberto brought three rings out of the display for Teagan; including what I came to learn was a 3.28 carat emerald cut solitaire set in a latticed platinum setting.

Teagan was beaming; she had an intense, focused look on her face as Roberto carefully set the three rings in front of her. Roberto took a minute or two per ring to describe the cut, clarity, total weight, stone origin etc. I sat back and watched as Teagan looked at the other two rings first; trying them on and pretending to be impressed.

She purposely saved the emerald cut for last. She slipped it on to her finger and gasped softly. "Oh my god, Mike look!" Teagan said her voice trembling slightly in amazement. The ring was a perfect fit on her finger, and it was singularly beautiful.

She held her hand up for me to see. The mount was simple and only had a couple of small baguette diamonds mounted on each side of the main stone. The high intensity halogen spot lights above the table showed off the fire in the main diamond. The two other rings had similar sized round diamonds, but also had much more elaborate mounts with many small diamonds surrounding the main stones.

The main emerald cut stone was a VVS2 colorless grade, and even with the jeweler's loupe, I could not see the imperfections. Teagan slipped the ring back on and looked over at me again. There was a look of pleading anticipation in her eyes. "Remember baby, we have just started to look at rings, we're not here to buy today." I reminded her. Teagan slumped slightly in her chair.

"I know." She pouted. "It's just that this one is so beautiful. So simple, elegant and understated compared to the others. I really, really like this one." Roberto, Teagan and I continued to talk for a few moments more. Roberto mentioned that the ring looked better on Teagan's hand, than on anyone else that had ever tried it on.

The main diamond had been in their inventory for a number of years as a loose stone, and had only recently been mounted. I took Roberto's card, thanked him for his time and we headed out of the store.

Teagan was a bit quieter as we walked toward the parking lot. She had both her arms holding my right arm and was resting her head on my shoulder as we headed out across the covered bridge that spans Gore Creek, between the parking lots and the Town of Vail itself.

She stopped midway on the bridge, looked over the railing, and down into the rushing mountain stream.

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"That has to be the most beautiful ring I have ever seen." She said with a sense of wonder in her voice. She turned, looked at me, grinned, and giggled sadistically… "That rock is going to cost you a bloody fortune…you know that don't you?" "Well I don't know about that…sounds like you may be getting a bit ahead of yourself there sunshine." I said.

"Oh no. No, no, no. You, love of my life, are the one who needs to keep up." She cooed in her best honey dripping voice. She poked me in the chest with her finger; slowly tracing a line down to my belt. "You see babe, I think it is high time for me to begin earning my ring." She parted her pouty lips, and using the tip of her tongue, slowly, erotically traced the curve of both her top and bottom lips, wetting them; all the while, never breaking eye contact with me. She grabbed the belt on my shorts with both hands and pulled us together as hard as she could, stretching up and kissing me as she did so.

I wrapped my arms around her and caressed the small of her back as we kissed. She bit my lower lip hard as she playfully pushed away from me. Teagan spun around and began an over emphasized, sexy swing of her hips as he headed off, at a fast walk, for the other end of the bridge. I checked to see if I was bleeding from her "playful" bite.

I wasn't. I took off after her and swatted her hard on her perky little ass as I sprinted past her. Teagan yelped in surprise and ran after me, chasing me the one hundred yards or so back to the truck.

We stopped back by the Starbucks in town, and got some drinks to help cover our deception. That way, if anyone had beaten us back to the compound and discovered that Teagan and I were gone, it would help explain the fact that we came back together. It was a good thing we stopped. Ally, Aimee and their mom were already back and sitting in the living room. We walked in, exchanged pleasantries, and went out to the hot tub deck to sit and enjoy the rest of the time we had together, before everyone else got back.

As we sat in the warm afternoon sun, Teagan got a text. "Cool!" she chirped. "Mom is wheels up from Auckland back to the states! That means she will get to see some of our games." As much as Teagan loved me, the time we spent together, and the relationship we had, the long trips Becca took back to New Zealand put a strain on the mother/daughter relationship.

Teagan hated leaving me, but she loved her mom very much and wanted to spend time with her as well. Becca had been able to take a bit of time off and was going to land in Los Angeles, fly on to Denver, rent a car and come watch some of Teagan's games. It would also allow them to leave together when the tournament was over. The opportunity to spend some quality time together as mother and daughter was something neither of them could pass up.

I figured Teagan and I had about 24 hours left to spend together before we would essentially be apart for most of a month. "That is cool." I said trying to not throw cold water on Teagan's excitement. "I haven't seen your mom in what…maybe two months?" "Yes…that's about right. I miss her. It will be nice to have her here." Teagan said thoughtfully. She paused, looked at me, smiled and said, "I think you will be getting a visit tonight…last one for a while; how will you survive without my pussy?" She giggled playfully.

"It will be tough, but somehow I'll manage. I'll just have to live with the knowledge that you will be back in my bed eventually. Not to mention that we can probably steal a long afternoon or two while your mom is back here in the states." "It just isn't the same." Teagan pouted softly.

"No baby, you're right, it's not. It's just not." Several other cars and Travis' truck were coming up the driveway. Teagan and I looked at each other and started to get up to go inside. There were dinner decisions to be made with the group.

"Hey baby?" I asked. Teagan glanced over at me as I said, "Based on what you said last night, you know, about you loving being with Courtney?" Teagan looked down and nodded her head.

"If you come up tonight, I'm OK with you bringing Courtney if you want to. I mean, I'm not going to say you can't be with her, so if you need her, bring her." Teagan took a deep breath, paused for a moment and said, "Thanks babe, I will think about it." She looked at me and had an odd, sort of pained look on her face, as she squeezed my hand hard.

It was hard to sleep. It was a warmer than usual night and the house did not have central air conditioning, only heat.

The screen on the patio balcony door was open to let in some breeze. I drifted into and out of sleep, knowing full well Teagan would come up eventually.

I wondered if she would be alone… "Mike? Hey babe…" Teagan whispered softly. "Hi baby" I responded sleepily; I reached over and wrapped my arms around the body that had slipped between the sheets. I may have been sleepy, but almost instantly I realized that I was the victim of a practical joke. The voice that woke me was Teagan, but it was not Teagan I had wrapped up in my arms. "OK baby, who do I have in my arms?" I said with a bit of uncertainty.

"Guess." Teagan said in a hushed giggle; her voice coming from the foot of the bed. My choices were limited. I immediately assumed it was Courtney, but it only took a couple of more seconds to realize that the girl in bed with me was too tall to have been Courtney.

There was only one other logical choice. "Skye?" I asked quizzically. "Bingo! You get to play with the new girl!" Skye chirped happily. "Surprised?" Teagan asked as she bounced up onto the bed. "Yeah." I said. "This is going to need some sort of explanation." "Another time perhaps." Teagan said firmly. "Tonight, we play." I let go of Skye; she rolled over and out of the bed.

She flipped on the small bedside lamp and walked into the bathroom; leaving Teagan and myself alone in the room. "Baby… Skye? Really? Teagan what's up with all this? I don't get it." This whole game was not what I was expecting. Courtney I could understand, but Skye's appearance was totally unexpected. "Please don't be disappointed babe. She's here for both of us. I brought her as much for you as for me.

I'll explain more later. She won't stay long; just long enough for us to play with her without all the stress of yesterday and then she will leave us alone.

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She promised." I was reasonably sure that Teagan was unaware of the conversation Skye and I had in the shower the night before. Deep inside, I really hoped Skye wasn't lighting the fuse on a bomb designed to blow up in Teagan's face. Skye returned to the bedroom; completely nude and with her thick, wavy hair pulled back in a short ponytail. She crawled up on the foot of the bed and sat on her knees next to Teagan. Teagan pulled the sheet off me and leaned forward taking hold of my cock and playing with it gently.

"Like this Skye." She said as she took as much of me as she could into her mouth. Skye watched intently as Teagan worked me into and out of her mouth; my cock quickly hardening as she worked her incredible mix of hand, suction and throat work. Teagan knew all of the right tricks to get me up; and it didn't take long before I was rock hard.

"Here Skye, you try." Teagan handed me off to Skye. "Just think popsicle, and no teeth!" "Oh god!" Skye said mostly under her breath, as she took hold of the base of my now painfully hard cock.

She licked around the head softly and then gently sucked the tip into her mouth; softly running her tongue along the underside. She popped the head out of her mouth and stroked me gently as she licked me from the base of my cock to the tip several times. Once again wet warmth enveloped me as she took me into her mouth once again. Deeper this time, and more aggressive. Alternating, stroking me with her hands and sucking me deeply into her mouth was getting me seriously horny.

This girl learned her lessons fast. Skye moaned deeply without releasing me from her oral vacuum. I opened my eyes to see that Teagan had moved around behind Skye and was eating her, and, it appeared, rimming her as well. Skye's eyes were shut tight as she tried to concentrate on my cock. Teagan however, was winning the contest. Skye had stopped sucking on me and was just holding me in her mouth as she moaned in time with Teagan's licking.

"Skye, sweetie, be easy" She had been unconsciously increasing the force with she was holding my cock in her hand, and it had gotten almost painful. "I'm sorry!" Skye breathed heavily as Teagan continued to feast on her pussy. "It's Ok, just enjoy everything." Skye sucked me deep in her mouth again as Teagan paused and came up for air, looked at me and grinned. I sat up and moved out of the way as Teagan and Skye lay down beside each other. Skye on her back and Teagan on her side next to Skye.

Teagan softly began kissing Skye; moving from her pouty lips to her neck, down to her soft squeezable boobs. It was erotic as hell to watch Teagan suck on Skye's large puffy nipples. It was also cool to watch Skye begin to explore her bi side. Teagan continued to shower Skye with small soft kisses as she moved down toward Skye's tummy.

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I kneeled between Skye's widely spread legs, giving her clit a rub with the head of my cock, as Teagan spread Skye's labia, exposing her slick wet pinkness.

Teagan gave me a couple of quick deep sucks, looked up at me and nodded. Skye reacted to my cock's slow push into her pussy.

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"Oooooo Oh my god!" She moaned, tensing her body somewhat, seemingly expecting it to hurt, but relaxing when it didn't. I paused once I was fully inside her, giving her a moment to get comfortable.

Her pussy was pulsing gently around me; almost as if her body was exploring the invader buried deep inside her. Slowly and carefully she began to rock her hips against me, timing her movements to the slow, steady screwing she was getting from me. Teagan was busy too. She was on her knees beside Skye, kissing Skye's neck and sending wave after wave of chill bumps rushing down her body.

Skye reacted by stretching her arms up and grabbing the headboard. "Unghh, unghhhh, oh god, Teagan it's too good, oh god, ungghhh." Skye was babbling again and getting louder by the second.

"Teagan. Baby, don't let her scream. This is going to be really hard to explain if she does…" Teagan looked back at me, nodded quickly, sat up and gently straddled Skye's hips, with her back to me. Teagan put her fingers on Skye's lips, momentarily quieting her. I was now looking at an incredibly beautiful sight. Not only was Skye's pussy there, with me inside her; but now Teagan's pussy, as well as her sexy ass, were just inches above Skye's. The contrast between Skye's pale pink pussy and Teagan's light olive brown skin, surrounding her own glistening wet pinkness was amazingly erotic.

I pulled out of Skye and nestled the head of my cock up against Teagan's slightly gapped pussy and paused. Teagan immediately twisted around and reached back, grabbing the side of my hip with her arm, trying to pull me inside her. One thrust and my cock disappeared into her wonderfully familiar pussy; Teagan simultaneously pushing back towards me as I sunk deep into her. "Babe, yessss!" Teagan cooed through clenched teeth.

"You feel so good in me, oooo yeah…" I continued to pump into and out of Teagan for a few moments before switching back to Skye. "Oh yeah, oh fuck, oh my god." Teagan leaned forward and cradled Skye's face in her hand as she guided a firm boob toward Skye's lips. Skye immediately went silent, save for soft moaning, as she sucked Teagan's boob as I continued to pump into her.

Several moments passed before I switched back to Teagan. "Mike, babe, ooooo…it's so good. Unghhh, unghhh, unghhh…more babe, give me more." Teagan whispered tensely. Her pussy was already starting to clench my cock, pulsing and squeezing me as I thrust in her. I could feel Skye's hand bumping off my balls as she rubbed her clit, pushing herself closer to an orgasm.

Teagan wiggled her ass, and whimpered in frustration as I pulled out of her and shoved my cock back into Skye. "Ooooo, oooooo, Yeah! O that's it, oh fuuuuuck." I continued to pound my cock into Skye's pussy. Teagan reached behind her back and rubbed Skye's clit in time with my thrusting. Skye bit her lip and began shaking her head from side to side as her pussy clenched down hard on me. Teagan clamped her hand over her friend's mouth just as Skye cried out in response to the powerful orgasm that ripped through her.

It was fun to see how easily Skye was able to cum. She had not yet learned to make sex last. I was getting close to cumming myself. As Skye relaxed, I pulled out of her pussy. I smiled at her reaction; it was easy to recognize. Skye didn't like me pulling out of her any more than Teagan did.

Teagan grabbed the base of my cock and guided me back inside her. She was so familiar and felt so right to me. She pushed back against my thrusting, ensuring that I was as deep in her as I could get. I continued pumping her as she and Skye squeezed, kneaded, kissed and sucked each other's lips and tits.

I could feel Teagan's body tense as she neared her release. "Oh my god, O my god, babe, Miiiike!" Teagan grabbed the pillow and buried her face.

"Ahhhhhoooooogod. Yeeesssss!" Teagan shook hard, as she came; trying to stay reasonably quiet as muscle spasms and chill bumps raced down her back. I was now dangerously close to cumming myself. I thrust hard and deep into Teagan. It only took a moment or two before I filled her tight pussy with jet after jet of hot cum.

I leaned against Teagan lightly before pulling out. A mix of my cum and Teagan's prolific wetness oozed out of her and dripped onto Skye's tummy. Skye spread the cum around, and then licked the salty mix off her fingers.

"Mmmmmm" Skye moaned as she and Teagan giggled simultaneously. "That tastes good!" I was leaning up against the headboard, nodding off occasionally as I waited for Teagan. We had finished playing with Skye; or rather Skye had finished with us. We all had cuddled, kissed and hung out for a while. Skye had since returned to her room and had left Teagan and me alone.

Teagan was in the bathroom and had the shower running. I had no idea what she had in mind, but she made a point of not having me join her in the bathroom. This was odd, as we always took the opportunity to shower together as often as we could. There's just something hot and erotic about soaping up your lover and washing/massaging her tight, toned body. I was awakened by Teagan crawling up on the bed and curling up next to me. She smiled and looked up at me as I stretched and woke up fully.

"Hey baby." I said softly as I caressed the side of her face. Teagan started to say something, paused for a moment, and then said "Baby, I want us to have anal sex." This was different. "Baby, we've never even tried that before. Anal can hurt like a mofo sometimes, and I do not want to hurt you, even accidentally." Teagan sat up, crawled up on my lap and straddled me, as she took my face in her hands.

"Mike, I have thought about this a lot, and I want you to. I love you so much and I trust you with my life; this is something I want us to share as a couple…please?" Besides, I do not want you to have done something with Courtney you have not also done with me." Teagan snuggled closer to me and kissed me softly.

"Please babe, for me?" She begged gently. "Ok, if you're sure you really want to…" I nodded. "Let's try." Teagan kissed me again as we lay down side by side, wrapped in each other's arms. We continued to kiss and hold each other gently for several minutes. I softly caressed her back and firm ass. Not soft enough to tickle, but not hard enough to cause any tension. For this to work the way she was hoping, Teagan was going to have to be totally relaxed.

Teagan had brought in a small bottle of massage oil and a small packet of a silicone based lube. No doubt she got them from Courtney. I sat up and told Teagan to roll over on her tummy.

She did so, resting her head on a pillow with her right arm up and around her head and her left arm under the pillow. She also pulled her left knee up toward her chest exposing her pussy and anal starfish. I poured some of the oil on my hands and rubbed it around.

Slowly and gently I massaged it into her back and glute muscles; working methodically and carefully, not neglecting any muscle groups, and trying my best not to tickle her. Teagan cooed and moaned contentedly as I worked slowly down toward her ass crack.

I paused for a second, leaned down and kissed her cheek and whispered "I love you baby, does that feel good?" Teagan didn't open her eyes, but smiled and whispered "Oh hell yeah, more please!" I returned to massaging her; momentarily bypassing her pussy and moving down to her hamstring and calf muscles.

Her feet were next. Teagan had pedicure nails and wore a small toe ring on her left middle toe. I carefully lifted her leg and began massaging the bottom of her sexy feet with the oil.

She giggled softly as I kissed her toes; she gasped slightly as I gently used my teeth to "bite" on her instep, finishing with a kiss. I rubbed some more oil onto my hands and made my way slowly back up her legs to her pussy. She was already wet; her pussy lips already glistening with her natural lube. Carefully I spread Teagan's ass cheeks and slipped my finger into her pussy just deep enough to arouse the nerves at the entrance.

"Mmmmmmmm, oooohhh god, like that…" She cooed. I spread her sopping wetness around with my finger, and continued to push my finger onto and out of her for a moment. Teagan began to wiggle her butt a little and clamp down on my finger; it was time for the next level. I wiped my hands on the towel and bent down to lick her softly.

She was still curled up, but I had full access to her pussy. Ever so gently, I pushed my tongue into her, mixing my saliva with her wetness. Teagan tasted fresh and clean. I continued to spread her wetness around her pussy and up on to her tight little asshole.

Teagan moaned softly as I rimmed her asshole gently. Sitting up, I reached over and picked up the small packet of lube Teagan had gotten from Courtney. I tore the corner of the packet and squeezed some on my finger; it was incredibly slick and sort of a pearly white color. "Hehe, that's cold!" Teagan giggled as I carefully spread the super slick goo into and around her asshole.

Sliding my finger deep in her, I waited for a couple of minutes until her sphincter muscle began to relax. When it did, I carefully and only a tiny bit at a time, worked my finger into and out of her.

Teagan had bitten her lower lip when I first pushed into her, but now, she was completely relaxed and had a slight smile on her face. After a minute or two I slipped a second finger into her.

Teagan inhaled sharply but did not move. It was surprising how easily her ass adapted to the extra stretching. Teagan rolled onto her tummy and raised her ass in the air slightly, as soon as I slipped my fingers out of her. Her sphincter was still mostly relaxed. I quickly slipped on a condom and lubed it. Teagan and I were fluid bonded and we never used one. I decided to make tonight an exception since I had screwed Skye twice in the last 24 hours without one. Besides, I figured the lube would work better with a condom anyway.

I straddled Teagan and softly began sliding my cock gently between her ass cheeks, pushing down slightly, applying pressure to her asshole. I slid my cock back and forth teasing her asshole, and steadily increasing the pressure on her ass.

"Babe, please don't tease me anymore." Teagan pleaded. "I need you to fuck me." Who was I to argue with her? I pushed down with my hand, and shoved the head of my cock into her willing asshole.

Even in the condom I could feel the head of my cock pop past her sphincter muscle. "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, Babe don't move! Oh God that really hurts!" Teagan hissed.

Her ass was no longer relaxed. I froze, not wanting to hurt her. It was amazing how tight she was. Her ass was going to have to relax or there was going to be no fucking.

She was just too tight and clenched up. "Baby, I'll stop if you want me too&hellip.I love you." I said as I gently stroked her back. "NO! Don't come out, it will be OK in a minute…I think." Teagan was clearly in pain. I decided to just hold still and see what happened next. "Owww& feels so big…oh god…it hurts&hellip." "Breathe baby, deep and slow." "OK, OK, just give me a minute." Teagan took several deep breaths, and as quickly as she clenched up, I felt the first twitch of her ass relaxing.

In little more than an instant, there was no more tension or pain. "Ooooohhhhh…HELL YEAH! That is sooooo much better." Teagan grinned and breathed deep again. "OK baby, fuck my ass good!" Teagan wiggled her butt a little as I slowly pushed deeper into her. The lube made it easy. "Babe, that feels so amazing; it's so different from having you in my pussy." I began slowly pumping her ass.

She did feel amazing, so tight and hot. She reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit as I pumped her. "Ooooo god babe, that feels so strange but it is starting to feel nice." Teagan pushed herself up and back until she was kneeling between my legs with her back toward me.

She reached back over her head; grabbed the top of my shoulders and pulled her upper body back against me, stretching the skin across her abs and tits tight.

I reached around her and held her firmly as I continued working my hips and thrusting into her. I slid one hand down and began working her clit and pussy, hoping to increase her chance of actually cumming. "Oh Babe!

Oh yeah like that…yeah like that…oooooofuck my ass babe, yeah…" Whatever pain she had been in, was now obviously gone. I could feel her begin to tighten her abs and butt muscles as her body adapted to the new sensations. I continued to rub her clit while deeply pumping my cock in her ass.

I reached up and rubbed the palm of my hand over her now rock hard nipples. Teagan gasped, moaned and shook her head from side to side. "Ungh, Uungh, babe…don't stop, more, fuck, give me more…I'm gonna cum. Babe I'm gonna cum so hard…more, More, MORE!" Teagan let go of my shoulders, dropped down on her elbows, buried her face in a pillow and let out a primal scream that came from somewhere deep in her soul.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" She shook violently as she came, squirting some of her hot, pussy juices back on my balls, as I continued to fuck her ass, now alternating between clenching and relaxing. Teagan was covered in chill bumps; I needed to cum. "Baby, I need to cum! I need to cum now." Teagan didn't say anything but nodded her head and reached back in a feeble attempt to pull me deeper into her. There was nothing left. I jack hammered her ass for another few moments before exploding in a powerful orgasm.

I paused as my cum filled the condom, hoping it would hold. I slipped out of Teagan and sat back, as she slumped forward and collapsed on her tummy. There was a large wet spot on the bed where she had squirted when she came. I used a towel to remove the condom and dry off Teagan's ass. She shuddered as I gently wiped the lube, and wetness off her. "Wow. Just wow." Teagan mewed softly, rolling over on her back. "Babe that was awesome. We're going to have to work on that and do it some more." Teagan sat up and looked dejectedly at the clock.

It was just before 3:00 am. "Babe, I'm sorry, I gotta go. We need to get some sleep before the game tomorrow." "I know baby, I just don't want you to. I miss you so much when you're with your mom. Someday…" I replied.

Teagan scooted up next to me and hugged me tightly. She leaned back, smiled, and kissed me deeply. Her soft, wet, kiss lingering for several moments. She managed a smile as a tear rolled down her cheek. We were going to take a forced break from each other that would last nearly a month. We held each other for another half an hour, kissing and touching with a mix of lust and love. "Baby, you have to go.

We can't risk anyone catching you here, especially with your mom coming in tomorrow evening." Teagan looked at me; it was obvious she heard my words but saw right through the lack of conviction.

In reality, I no longer cared who knew about us. Teagan knew it; and I was pretty sure she felt the same way. "Come on baby out of bed." Reluctantly, and teasingly slowly, Teagan crawled out of bed and got dressed. She walked over to the door, wiggled her ass sexily, smiled, blew me a kiss, and disappeared down the stairs. Becca arrived right on schedule. It was strange to have Teagan so close and to have to treat her like any of the other girls.

I had been sitting outside with Mitch, Sundee and her mom and Skye. Empty bottles of wine and Coke were a signal for Mitch and Nikki to go get refills.

Skye went to the bathroom and I found myself alone on the deck with Sundee. "So." Sundee said with an arrogant tone in her voice. "I bet it really sucks when Teagan has to go with her mom and you two can't be together." I looked at her innocently.

"What are you talking about, Sundee?" "It's OK Coach, I know all about you and Teagan. It's pretty obvious if you just pay attention." I got one of those how-the-hell-did-you-find-out looks on my face but didn't answer her. I wanted to see where she was going with this line of questioning.

"See I think you are taking every opportunity you can to fuck the shit out of that juicy little kiwi fruit pussy of hers.and I think she likes the whole idea of being a trophy girlfriend; maybe even more than you like fucking teenagers.

Don't worry though. I'm totally cool with it. I'm trying to wreck a home myself…" "So why are you telling me this now; especially the part about you trying to wreck somebody's home? I really don't need to know that." I replied, not exactly admitting that her analysis of the situation was one hundred percent accurate.

"I need you to know. I needed to tell someone before we get back, and I can't tell my mom. I hope we can keep all of this just between us. Ok, actually, I need someone to cover my back when the shit hits the fan and I figure you are in about as deep as I am. I know you of all people will understand and not hate on me." Sundee looked down and played with the ring on her left thumb.

"That's a hell of a calculated risk." I said bluntly. "What if I had freaked out and gone off on you? Then where would you be?" "You wouldn't. You're not like that. Just promise me you will back me when the time comes…please." I paused and looked at her for a second. I didn't like the open-endedness of the promise I was about to make. "Nothing illegal coach, I swear." Sundee said with an impish grin. "No…just immoral." I said testing her resolve.

"Yeah…kind of like you and Teagan." She smiled sarcastically and stuck out her hand. We shook on it. Sundee sat back in her chair, took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Thanks Coach." The rest of the week flew by with little drama. We won three games and lost two before the double elimination tournament format forced us out. We finished in 14th place overall tied with three other teams with identical three and two records in championship play. Teagan and I did the best we could to spend time together, but it was just not realistic with her mom by her side almost every waking minute. However, I was cool with it; at least in the overall scheme of things.

Teagan and I had about ten months until she turned eighteen and we would officially end the sneaking around, and out ourselves to everyone as a May/December couple. No doubt about it, some shit was going to hit at least a fan or two. I figured the better the relationship between Becca and Teagan, the easier it was going to be to hear the truth.

Most everyone left the compound on Friday, including Teagan and Becca. A couple of families hung out one more day. I had planned to be the last one to leave and lock everything up, collect the keys etc. Courtney and Skye were going to ride home with me. As we pulled into Idaho Springs I took the highway ramp "I-70 West Grand Junction." "Hey coach Mike", Courtney asked quizzically.

"Shouldn't we be going east, toward Denver?" "We will, but I've got to do something first." "What? Where are we going? Skye chirped from the back seat. "We're going to Vail. I've got a little business to take care of before we leave Colorado…"